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  1. Dual signatures but NOT husband and wife. Detailed Treasurer report (statements) at every Unit Committee meeting. (Quicken works well for this) Limit to expenditures that can be approved by the Treasurer without the vote of the whole committee (registered Scouters, NOT parents) and/or COR. Expenditures to be supported with receipts or invoices. Audit of records annually or whenever the position changes to a new person. (just thinking out loud here)
  2. Alex, just curious. How do your "register" an underage boy without falsifying paperwork? If I'm not mistaken, the Lions program for Kindergarteners has been rolled out in some Councils as a pilot program. It's been discussed on this forum before.
  3. The troop I served preferred "just camping" over District Camporees and other "planned" events. A lot of advancement happened on those campouts.
  4. Every year at recharter time, the unit leader will get an official printout of the unit roster, which includes birthdates, name, address, year in school, rank, etc. When the unit submits their recharter paperwork, the committee chair and Institutional Head (CO), sign off on it. I think it's done electronically now in some places, but the idea is the same. I think it's a shame that records are being knowingly falsified to boost the numbers. That's not what Scouting is all about. All levels of scouting are designed to be "age appropriate" and the age limits are there for a reason. The poi
  5. I don't think you need to worry about a "perp walk" in front of TV cameras, or anything like that. You haven't said (or I missed it) what your position is in the Pack? This is a contractural issue between the Chartered Organization and the Council, in that the CO agreed to deliver the BSA program as it is written (LDS units have their own "agreement" as I understand it). Your COR and DE need to get together and hammer out a solution to correct the birthdates in Scoutnet. Perhaps this can be done as the Tigers "age in". Not sure about how they will treat any advancements that were awarded
  6. Stosh is correct. But it WILL become an issue if and when they fill out their Eagle applications and the birthdates don't match the Council's records. That is one thing they do look at to determine Eagle eligibility.
  7. I would think that the name that's on the trailer title/license is the one who has the liability. They are the ones who should be insured. As I said before, BSA units are not usually legal entities which can own property or be sued...it's either the CO or an individual and/or the Council. And you can bet the Council will have it's backside covered. Caveat: I'm not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. But you should consult one.
  8. Yes, that is too many. Optimum size is 8. Follow the program as it was designed.
  9. Technically, the trailer should be titled to the CO, since the unit and all its property belong to them. Only in rare cases is the unit its own legal entity. (In which case, why would you need a CO?)
  10. Barry, et al...don't get me wrong. I am fully in favor of a parent's right to "observe" any BSA activity at which their son or daughter is participating, and in the many years I was serving a unit, we always had "nonregistered" parents along to provide transportation, adult supervision, or to teach/mentor skills. But what I heard described was a uniformed "patrol" of parents playing Boy Scout alongside the youth. Forgive me if I misunderstood.
  11. I'm having trouble with the terminology. When I think "parents", I think of parents of scouts who are not registered Scouters. If they are indeed only "parents", they have no business wearing the uniform and participating in troop activities, except when asked to in order to provide "two deep", counsel a merit badge (as a registered MBC) or to provide transportation. As stated above having one's parent along ALL the time certainly does change the dynamics of the Scouting experience. Sounds to me like an excuse to "helicopter"...thup, thup, thup, thup.
  12. If the request is via the DE, has he cleared the concept with the District/Council Advancement Committees? They are the ones who have to approve it.
  13. Yes, that is a recent clarification, I think. Any funds raised by a non-profit entity must be used for the general benefit of the program, not for any one individual, such as uniforms, camping equipment, etc. The unit must retain ownership of items purchased. As stated in the guidance, any funds raised remain the property of the CO, should the unit fold or scouts transfer or drop out. It's best just not to go there. Caveat: I am not a lawyer, CPA or IRS agent.
  14. It is analogous to the SM/SPL relationship. The Advisor's job is to mentor the youth leaders (Chapter Chief) ... not to run things for them.
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