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  1. Same CO...multiple CORs

    Thanks for confirming my understanding that there is only one COR for each CO. Without going into details it seems that the Pack and crew had issues with the COR and asked for the COR to be replaced. The troop didnt want to switch CORs. Our councils compromise was to have each ubit have thier own COR. They asked that the key 3 from each unit take COR training and this us where they were told it was ok to have multiple CORs.
  2. I am at a scout youth training training event. I was discussing COR's with an adult leader from another unit who said that their Pack, Troop and Crew had the same CO but each had a different COR. When I said that each CO should have only one COR the person responded that they had just gone through an issue with having to replace the COR and the BSA has changed the rules and allows a CO to have multiple COR's. A few years ago I ran COR training and it wasn't like this. Did this change? If so when?
  3. Why Can't Adults Trust the Scouts

    My experience has seen the opposite. The adults who weren’t involved in Scouts as a youth have most issues with following the BSA program (and the boy-lead concept). Most have the attitude that they know how Scouting works and don’t need training. I lost count with how many adults I have run into with this type of attitude. In response to the OP “Why Can't Adults Trust the Scouts?” Here is some insight on what I have experienced. It took me almost 10 years before I found a troop that even came close to being boy-led and used the patrol method. This is the Troop my youngest son joined. After looking at a lot of the troops in my area and then being a UC and then DC I got a lot of exposure to the different ways troops do things. My older son’s first troop – no patrols, POR’s were in name only. This troop had 2 ASM’s who were in the troop as youth (both at the same time) and stayed with the troop once they became adults. They made it well known it was their troop and they ran it their way. One acted as if he was still the SPL any time he was around. These 2 ASM's, the SM and CC made all the Troop decisions, from where to camp, to who was held POR's and even the weekly troop meeting agenda. One troop I visited said that the adults do everything because the Scouts voted to be adult led and since the scouts make all the decisions that is what they were doing. Another troop never went camping. When I inquired why, I was told that the adults decided that the Scouts were too young to camp and they had never camped before. This troop had been restarted and was made up of all first year scouts and the adults felt they were not ready. Adults were making all the other decisions in this troop also Even in the Troop that was boy-led and did pretty good job with the patrol method had its issues. When the time came to get new tents (Troop tripled in size in less than 2 years) 2 or 3 older youth from the PLC were recruiting to do research on tents. At the next committee meeting one of the ASM’s presented his idea on what new tents the troop should bet. This ASM and the CC, which was his wife, decided that there was too much money involved for the Scouts to make this decision. The SM didn’t speak up and sat quite during this conversation. I was expecting him to stick up to let the Scouts to make the decision but I don’t think he thought this was that big of a deal (or it might have that he didn’t care) who made the decision.
  4. 3D printed Pinewood Derby cars?

    I actually 3D printed a car. One of our local libraries has 6 or 7 3D printers to use (you pay by weight of what you make). I ran it in the Packs "open class". I preferred using the wood block. The car looked cool but trying to keep the wheels on and straight were way easier with wood than the plastic the 3D printer uses.
  5. Low Start up cost Fundraiser

    The Venturing Crew I work with needs to fundraise as it's account is low in funds. At last weeks meeting they were discussing fundraising ideas but most required startup funds that the crew just doesn't have. The youth really like to sell Gertrude Hawk chocolate bars but they don't have enough funds to cover what is needed to do this. The only low cost idea they came up with is a Can and Bottle Drive. They have enough funds to get flyers to go door to door to pass out but are looking to do something else. Anyone have any other little or no start up cost fundraising ideas I can suggest to the youth?
  6. Last year my Council added a "resource" fee to all registrations, both youth and adult, of $26 per person. With the national Increase to $33 for registration in December and another $10 insurance fee it will bring the registration fee to almost $70 per. Add Boys Life to a youth registration and it's over $80 to register.
  7. Old Scouter hoping to learn new stuff

    A few years back when I was the District Commish I had a pack that was ready to fold. it was down to 4 second year Webelos and was ready to fold. The SM of the Troop that was chartered by the same CO (and ex Cubmaster of the Pack) came to me about what to do. He knew that the future of the Troop was tied directly to the pack as many of the Cubs in this pack crossed over into the troop. Mu suggestion was for the Troop to take over the pack until it got restarted. Do a shared committee and see if one of the Troop adults would be willing to take over as Cubmaster They found an ASM willing to be CM and one of the Troop Committee members to take over as CC. There are a couple of more adults from the Troop who signed on as Pack Committee members who help as needed. It took a few years but the Pack is back up to 30 to 40 Cubs. The CM is still there (he really like working with the Cubs) and the rest As for building the troop this is what the SM for the troop did. He concentrated on keeping the scouts he had and was happy to grow the unit 1 scout at a time. I see too many Troops who want to grow all at once and get frustrated when they aren't getting a lot of boys joining all at once. The year my son crossed into the Troop (and I became an ASM) 13 boys crossed into the Troop in the spring since then the Troop still gets a single scout joining now and then but most recruitment/crossovers bring in 4 to 6 scouts at a time
  8. District Event Staff Food Service

    Around here I never seen dining-hall style meals for participants at a Boy Scout camp-o-ree. Cooking is done by each Troop (we hope they would be doing the Patrol Method for this but have seen many Troop method cookng units) I have seen this at Cub Scout and most Venturing events. Food for the Camp-o-ree staff is always done as a group with someone at the district level taking the lead and putting together a cooking staff. Staff also can eat with a Troop if they wish I like the way Back Pack's district does things. The family style where staff can grab something and go is a great idea.
  9. Council Records Screw ups

    In the past record keeping has been poor at best in my council. I took Wood badge in another council. After sending in a copy of the certificate 4 times I gave up trying to get it listed in my training record Due to budget cuts my council no longer has a registrar. It is paying National to enter all registrations. All training and advancement record updates are now the units responsibility. The Unit Leader and Committee Chair both have the ability to enter records Maybe I now I can get Wood badge entered in my training record. I took Wood Badge 12 or 13 years ago and of course I have no idea where my certificate for it is.
  10. Recruitment Night Woes

    I haven't seen "Boy Talks" around here in a long time - I don't know even if the schools allow them any more Our scout district is made up of 2 large school districts. In both of these it's up to the Principle of each school to decide who gets to send flyers and be at their open house. One of the biggest things I have seen to improve recruitment is to get names and contact information of anyone who expresses interest in the program at a recruiting event. I save seen packs do recruiting events at school open houses, community events and other events that Cub Scout age boys. You then need to call and remind them the night before your unit "Open House". Any that do not come you need to call them again and let them know that they can still join. Many parents think that if they miss the open house they can't sign up.
  11. We had a discussion about this event with our council and BSA National To our council this a considered a Pack campout. Packs can get together and do activities together. Around here it happens all the time The only thing not being a council/district event is we can not do shooting sports As the Drive-In asked for a liability insurance amount above what our council has, we had to apply to BSA national for the additional amount. The person who handles the paperwork side of things on our committee had a talk with National about details of the event for this additional insurance BSA National has no problem with what we are doing and give us the additional insurance (and have issued this for the past 6 years) There is not a fee to us for this coverage There is a long list of reasons why we don't want to run this as a council/district event. Having shooting sports isn't worth the hassle having our council involved. ...and in the beginning we went to council/district(s) about having this event and they weren't interested So we decided to do this on our own
  12. Just for fun - Monopoly run night

    This sounds like a great event. Can you share the list of what they look for?
  13. as of last night our count is up to 60 The person who did registration put together some numbers last year 13 Packs registered as a group - all of these came the last 10 days before the event 6 of these had 10 or less - of the others, only 3 had over 20 this accounted for about 25% of the registrations I have been asking around to see what is going on - a lot haven't even starting meeting yet. School here doesn't start until after Labor Day One pack said their first meeting isn't until the 9/19, another starts 9/28 and a 3rd doesn't start meeting until after the event We hear a lot of complaints that the event is too early in the year. But it's gets chilly here at night in Oct. and going much later isn't going to work (The Drive-In is usually open thru Halloween) I also found out that many school moved their open house dates where most packs do their recruiting at In the past most schools did open house during the second week of Sept. This year many aren't doing them until the last week of September/First week of October No Theme for the event - what we do is have 15 to 20 activities from 1pm to 5pm on Saturday - allow tent setup starting at 5pm - movies start at 7pm We have a have a few activities that we do every year (Bounce house, Fishing (there is a pond in the back), cooking and knot tying We try to offer 5 or 6 new activities each year and have a list of others we rotate thru On Sunday we offer Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Fruit and Donuts for anyone who stays the night
  14. Yes a Drive-in movie theater. There are still 338 open in the USA. 4 of them are in our council boarders. The one we go to has been open with continuous operation since 1948. The person who owned the drive-in started working there in the early 60's when he was in high school and worked there thru college. He ended up as a teacher in a nearby school district and worked there every summer. Meet his wife there and bought the place in 1987. His wife and children are now running it. back to my post. looking at registrations from the past most of the early registrations where from individuals and not entire packs. Pack registration is only about a 1/3 of the total We only have a handful of pack registrations every year that are over 25 people and most come in with less than 10. our 2 or 3 largest usually come in a week or so before the event We are just stumped why we aren't seeing the numbers
  15. Our pack hosts a Cub Scout sleepover at a local drive-in. This is our 6th year hosting the event and in the past the event has had 650-950 (+ staff) sign up to attend We now about are 3 weeks away and have less than 50 registrations in. Usually we have almost 300 by this time. It seems the interest in attending is there but we are not seeing the registrations We are wondering why we are having such a low response this year. One change we made was to not have registration done by Packs this year and only have individuals register. Pack registration was a headache. A lot of people had no idea what Pack they were in or who the CM was. We had packs register 20 and have 40 show up. We asked for a pack roster when registering but half the time they didn’t send one in and we had to spend time tracking it down and sometimes were never got one. We had checks showing up with no information - just a check with a name and address on it. It just became really hard to manage this. Do you think that having the parents send in the registration instead of the pack may be hurting us? It's easy when someone else is doing it for them, but when they need to do it themselves the parents won't always put in the effort. One other change that happened is registration in our council went from $26 to $60. This doesn’t include Boy’s Life or the additional $9 increase from National for next year. We don’t think this is a factor but the owner of the Drive-In was killed in an accident while getting the Drive-In ready to open for the season. It happened about a week before opening. His son and daughter have taken on running the Drive-In but instead of opening the first week of May it didn’t open until late July So why do you think we are lagging so far behind in registrations this year? Would you go back to having Pack registrations for next year? Unless we get a lot of registrations in this weekend we may cancel the event as financially we don’t have enough to cover the upfront expenses to make this happen.