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  1. I am in the Longhouse Council in Syracuse, NY. We have had a Commissioner College for as long as I can remember. Over the last few years this has evolved to an area event covering NE region area 3 and the councils take turns as the chancellor and finding staff. It has been held at a school hear is Syracuse for a number of years. We must be doing things right as they have had attendees in the past as far away as Cleveland, OH I only got as far as a bachelors degree but taught classes at this in the past. I have plans to attend his year as they are offering the Powder Horn Course directors conference which our council has been trying to hold for a few years
  2. CNYScouter

    Best Webelos Camp?

    Camp Yawgoog in Rockville, Rhode Island has an excellent WEBELOS summer camp program. Some things I liked about the program was the time given to the Scouts. Most days they ate lunch early at the camp site and not in the dinning hall. While everyone else was eating lunch they had archery and Shooting range (BB guns) to themselves I also liked that they put them WEBELOS first. They were put up front marching into any campfires/nighttime shows....and sat in the front row at these They had their own cheer. Staffers had to cheer with them when they did it at meal time. The staff was good. There was always at least 5 staff in camp to supervise the scouts
  3. CNYScouter

    Denied a court of honor.

    A Troop/District/Council can not really deny an ECOH. They can choose not to participate but can not stop you from holding a ECOH for your son. I fins it strange that both the SM and Troop Committee had no problem signing off the paperwork for Eagle and know have an issue with holding a COH After being at the District level I can say that Council/National will stay out of this as it is a dispute at the unit level. I think your son should contact your Troop Committee Chair and Charter Organizational Rep and the Head of your Charting Organization asking for the reason they are denying the COH. Keep it short, respectful and to the point I would also send a separate email to your Unit Commissioner, your District Commissioner and your Council Commissioner explaining the situation. This is the kind of situation they are there for. You might want to copy your DE on this but I have found most DE's are clueless on how to handle this kind of stuff At this point I would just plan to hold an ECOH on your own - I am sure there are plenty of Scouters out there that would help with the COH
  4. CNYScouter

    Cost of Being a Scout

    Longhouse Council (Syracuse, NY) runs a Boy Scout Day Camp at Camp Woodland (Constantia, N.Y). It is $175 for the week Aug. 20-24 This is the second year it has been offered and was pretty popular last year with most of the sessions full Badges Offered: Canoeing Swimming Archery Kayaking Lifesaving Shotgun Rifle Emergency Preparedness Welding Woodworking Automotive Maintenance Metal Working First Aid Environmental Science Communications I think the Seneca Waterways Council, just to the west of us in Rochester, NY, does something like this also
  5. CNYScouter

    Deciding which troop to join

    From my personal experience staying with their friends has too much emphasis put on it. Both of my son's dens' all crossed over into the same troop (different Troops for each). With my older son after 2 years in the troop he was the only one of his den left. He was also the only one left from the all the boys (9 or 10 total) that came into the Troop at the same time. My younger son is turning just 16 and there is only one other boy left from his den that crossed over. I found that if you want to know about a Troop (or any unit) ask to attend a committee meeting. I found that you can really tell more about what a unit is like by attending a committe meeting Pay attention to what the committee is discussing. Is the committee planning the camping trips? Are they planning what Merit Badges to offer at Troop meetings? These are Red flags that the troop is adult run. The committe should be discussing how to support the events coming up. Ask about Training - Does the Troop hold Leadership training for the Scouts? Are they sending Scouts to NYLT? Are the Adult's trained in their positions? Do the adults attend Woodbadge? For me some other red flags to pass on joining a Troop. No active committee or No committee meetings No allowed to attend a committee meeting ( I had a Troop tell me parents were not allowed to come to committee meetings)
  6. CNYScouter

    Low Start up cost Fundraiser

    OK. We have them in the USA but we call them "Trivia" Night. They are pretty popular where I live (Upstate NY) I never thought about doing this for a fundraiser but it sounds like a great idea.
  7. CNYScouter

    Low Start up cost Fundraiser

    What is a quiz night?
  8. In my District we have 4 Venturing Crews and 1 Sea Scout Ship One of the crews was an Explorer Post (EMT training) that switched to a Venturing Crew a few years ago and pretty much does its own thing. The Sea Scout Ship is pretty healthy and active The two other crews will combining into one crew and are wondering if my son’s crew might what to also combine with them into one crew. The 2 crews combining have only 3 or 4 youth each and neither have enough adults to recharter as a separate crew. My son’s crew has 5 or 6 youth on paper but only 2 or 3 active. We have enough adults to recharter as a crew but realize we need more youth members. The CC of one of the old crews has said that they would be the CC of the combined crew. They are a DE for another district in our council. If we do combine we know we would have to switch meeting nights but no decision has been made where the combined crews will meet. Our Crew Advisor is reaching out to the youth members of the crew to see what their thoughts are on combining. What would be your concerns if you were to combine the 3 crews? Or would you stay as a separate crew and put a big push into a recruitment drive?
  9. CNYScouter

    Longest Family Line of Eagle Scouts

    My family has 3 generations of Eagles - My Dad, myself and twin brother and one of my sons. I don't have any grandkids yet but my brother has a granddaughter so maybe she will the 4th generation.
  10. CNYScouter

    Same CO...multiple CORs

    Thanks for confirming my understanding that there is only one COR for each CO. Without going into details it seems that the Pack and crew had issues with the COR and asked for the COR to be replaced. The troop didnt want to switch CORs. Our councils compromise was to have each ubit have thier own COR. They asked that the key 3 from each unit take COR training and this us where they were told it was ok to have multiple CORs.
  11. I am at a scout youth training training event. I was discussing COR's with an adult leader from another unit who said that their Pack, Troop and Crew had the same CO but each had a different COR. When I said that each CO should have only one COR the person responded that they had just gone through an issue with having to replace the COR and the BSA has changed the rules and allows a CO to have multiple COR's. A few years ago I ran COR training and it wasn't like this. Did this change? If so when?
  12. CNYScouter

    Why Can't Adults Trust the Scouts

    My experience has seen the opposite. The adults who weren’t involved in Scouts as a youth have most issues with following the BSA program (and the boy-lead concept). Most have the attitude that they know how Scouting works and don’t need training. I lost count with how many adults I have run into with this type of attitude. In response to the OP “Why Can't Adults Trust the Scouts?” Here is some insight on what I have experienced. It took me almost 10 years before I found a troop that even came close to being boy-led and used the patrol method. This is the Troop my youngest son joined. After looking at a lot of the troops in my area and then being a UC and then DC I got a lot of exposure to the different ways troops do things. My older son’s first troop – no patrols, POR’s were in name only. This troop had 2 ASM’s who were in the troop as youth (both at the same time) and stayed with the troop once they became adults. They made it well known it was their troop and they ran it their way. One acted as if he was still the SPL any time he was around. These 2 ASM's, the SM and CC made all the Troop decisions, from where to camp, to who was held POR's and even the weekly troop meeting agenda. One troop I visited said that the adults do everything because the Scouts voted to be adult led and since the scouts make all the decisions that is what they were doing. Another troop never went camping. When I inquired why, I was told that the adults decided that the Scouts were too young to camp and they had never camped before. This troop had been restarted and was made up of all first year scouts and the adults felt they were not ready. Adults were making all the other decisions in this troop also Even in the Troop that was boy-led and did pretty good job with the patrol method had its issues. When the time came to get new tents (Troop tripled in size in less than 2 years) 2 or 3 older youth from the PLC were recruiting to do research on tents. At the next committee meeting one of the ASM’s presented his idea on what new tents the troop should bet. This ASM and the CC, which was his wife, decided that there was too much money involved for the Scouts to make this decision. The SM didn’t speak up and sat quite during this conversation. I was expecting him to stick up to let the Scouts to make the decision but I don’t think he thought this was that big of a deal (or it might have that he didn’t care) who made the decision.
  13. CNYScouter

    3D printed Pinewood Derby cars?

    I actually 3D printed a car. One of our local libraries has 6 or 7 3D printers to use (you pay by weight of what you make). I ran it in the Packs "open class". I preferred using the wood block. The car looked cool but trying to keep the wheels on and straight were way easier with wood than the plastic the 3D printer uses.
  14. CNYScouter

    Low Start up cost Fundraiser

    The Venturing Crew I work with needs to fundraise as it's account is low in funds. At last weeks meeting they were discussing fundraising ideas but most required startup funds that the crew just doesn't have. The youth really like to sell Gertrude Hawk chocolate bars but they don't have enough funds to cover what is needed to do this. The only low cost idea they came up with is a Can and Bottle Drive. They have enough funds to get flyers to go door to door to pass out but are looking to do something else. Anyone have any other little or no start up cost fundraising ideas I can suggest to the youth?
  15. Last year my Council added a "resource" fee to all registrations, both youth and adult, of $26 per person. With the national Increase to $33 for registration in December and another $10 insurance fee it will bring the registration fee to almost $70 per. Add Boys Life to a youth registration and it's over $80 to register.