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  1. Will you poach our crew's women?

    I think that building up the feeding pool from cubs to scouts to venturing will help add numbers to all programs. It's easier to enroll them when they are young and retain them as they move along. Think about how many scouts are in your troop who never went through cubs. Same for venturing.
  2. Will you poach our crew's women?

    So here goes another stereotype... I think girls are going to put their nose to the grindstone and get through to Eagle way faster than the average boy. As a general rule girls mature at a younger age than boys. I think we will see a bump in 13-14 year old Eagles and screams from people saying they are taking shortcuts or not ready to Eagle so young.
  3. Troopwebhost vs Scoutbook

    Out of curiosity, where did you get the information about their disaster recovery model. I would think that because of HIPAA and PCI compliance most small service providers would outsource their hosting to companies that have redundancy and meet the security requirements whether they need to meet them or not. I know you can't read tone into typed word. My tone is curiosity and not snark
  4. Wayback machine... 1983-ish

    1983? Weren't Cubs wearing beanies back then?
  5. Philmont 2019 Rollcall

    We gave up trying to get a spot a couple of years ago. I have heard about troops that do an annual rotation between all the HA bases and wonder how they manage to get spots year in and year out.
  6. What would B-P think?

    Without being pedantic , I think BPs views were ensconced in the 19th century. He was born in 1857, after all.
  7. What would B-P think?

    I think it would be difficult. Like our UK friends have said, we are projecting modern values upon historical figures. It's a dangerous territory to go into. Next thing we know, we will be asking to tear down his statues and change the whole world movement. Would he be ok with the Secretary General of the WSOM being a 33 year old Jordanian and the headquarters being in Malaysia? Yeah, I think he would.
  8. Scouters With Anxiety?

    Having a child diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, I can certainly empathize. I have watched him have panic attacks to the point of melting into a puddle of tears. I have also seen him overcome most of it and push through to become quite a community leader. I think that recognizing the problem and wanting to overcome it is a great first step. As others have mentioned, talking with a therapist is a great idea. You might even need medication at first. My son did but he eventually weaned himself off of it. I think the most important thing to do is to keep trying. Thank you for opening up about your challenges to us.
  9. Order of the Arrow for Females?

    Stosh, Do you let the scouts make up their own minds about OA in your troop without inserting your own bias? Do you schedule elections? I'm just wondering because I often see troops not holding elections because the scoutmaster had a poor experience as a youth in the OA, doesn't know what the OA is, or is afraid the OA will "take" his/her best scouts. In my lodge, the youth run everything. Some years they are great, some others not so great but it's because of the youth leadership that gets elected each year. Advisers sit back and let the youth thrive or fail.
  10. Order of the Arrow for Females?

    I look forward to integrating girls into the program. There are some venturing girls who are exceptional scouts and they deserve th honor.
  11. New Troop/Pack Flags from Supply

    That's so "Betsy Ross!"
  12. Spring break trip to New Orleans

    How far is swamp base? Might that be an option?
  13. When does your PLC meet?

    How many patrols/scouts does your troop have?
  14. I am wondering when and how often your PLC meets. Our troop's meets once a month an hour before the troop meeting starts. I am thinking of suggesting to the scouts to meet every week for 15 minutes before the meeting. I think that this would give them a better opportunity to tighten up plans for the next meeting and discuss thorns and roses of the previous meeting. I think after the meeting would be best but usually people are trying to get home to do homework or dinner, or there are parents lingering waiting to talk to the SM, CC, etc. and their scouts are socializing.
  15. My son is a Boy Scout now!