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  1. WOW, I would never have guessed this would still be rolling along two years after I posted it. I hope it's been good, Maybe the forum works. I hope everyone can see each other's personal dilemmas'. This is typical of the may "grey areas" created by the BSA. As the OA handbook says. "Non-members should not attend..." We have an obligation to be able to articulate the BSA & OA position to parents that inquire about this. I still stand behind my comments early on in the thread: Thanks again for all the input and opinions! ----------------------------------------------------------
  2. I totally agree with John. The DC is really new to his position, ie. after the district elections and nominations took place. He was relatively unknown among most of the district when he was nominated. I and probably others were unaware he was not in the order, until the ordeals. Not sure we would have had time to correct this. I'm also unsure as to him having met the requirements, we should all really hope he does, but... Again thanks
  3. Thanks for everyone's input. I am familiar with the rules set forth in the GSS as well as Youth Protection. Now two days later, here is my take and position. As a parent I can appreciate the BSA's position that NO part of scouting is secret and off limits to anyone especially parents, nor should it be. In today's world we are under the liberal microscope and the last thing we need to do is add fuel to the comparisons that have already been made between the OA the Free & Accepted Masons and Skull and Bones. If this was an all adult order that would be one thing, but it's not, it's fo
  4. Does anyone have any thoughts or opinions on parents attending their son's Ordeal ceremony? We recently had an UGLY experience in which a non-member parent (the district commissioner none-the-less) was turned away from his sons Ordeal ceremony. As a parent and long time brother (Vigil) I have very strong opinions. I have the 1972 member opinion and then again the 2009 parent opinion, that really conflict. I need to come up with a way to marry the two, that protects the traditions I love and embrace so much and at the same time, respects a parents right to know what their sons are
  5. I have one and have had it for years. When I wear my long sleeve shirt it or my Woodbadge neckerchief will be worn. Not an issue for the "Uniform Police", it was sold and approved as an official part of the uniform and shall always be such. I wish it was still offered.
  6. ScoutMomSD says: Gold - "sez" me. Okay here goes my non PC side again. I think its kind of creepy to have men whose kids have long left who spend their spare time "hanging around" scouts. In fact that kind of creeped me out at the Roundtable I went to also. There have been so many "issues" and I believe a whole patch (bobcat) about that subject that I would never be in favor of folks who dont have kids in the pack/troop involved. My mom used to say, "avoid the appearance of evil". ________________________________________ I started this thread with a simple question about a tax I
  7. You need to cut your losses with this "organizational terrorist". As Scoutmaster, I have had the very un-pleasant task of having to ask two separate Assistant Scoutmasters to leave and not return. There is nothing to sue about, BUT, you must involve the COR and IH in the process and get their bye-in and support. I realize that this person may have their sons involved, as was the case of my ASM's. But as unit leader I had to look at what was in the best interest of the troop as a whole. I can assure there would have been more damage and loss of more families and morale had we allowed the
  8. Eamonn, Brother, I couldn't agree with you more. Absolutely nothing wrong with admitting it. What do our guys learn if we adults are ALWAYS stepping in and solving their problems OUR WAY? The 2nd summer camp I went too as a Scoutmaster of the ripe old age of 36, I ran into my old Scoutmaster from 20 year prior. I ask for a little piece of advice on how to resolve conflicts and how to deal with a bully. He put his arms around my shoulder as we walked and said "sometime you just have to have a talk with the SPL, and tell him you're going to be taking a long walk in the woods away from cam
  9. I've had this question put to me. What do units do when they are ask for a tax Id number, such as when opening a checking or savings account? I know BSA or Councils don't have a number for individual units to use. What have some other units done? Options I have heard are: 1. Use the charger organizations (CO) ID number. (Problem, the CO is a business & not a non-profit such as a church)OR is this still an option? 2. Apply for your own ID in the units name. 3. Use a leaders SSN to open accounts. (Which I have done in the past, but not really excited about it.) Any help would
  10. Eamonn says: The first Troop OJ joined had a change of leadership. The Guy who replaced the SM held the opinion that every Scout in the Troop should be an Eagle Scout. The idea that Advancement was a method of Scouting was cast aside and replaced with the idea that Advancement was Scouting... I have to say Amen: Being the Scoutmaster of a small, young troop, I was struggling with trying to get the troop (adults/parents) to accept the concept of "youth run". As part of the troop meeting program the boys insisted on working on Merit Badges (albeit with influence of a parent/commi
  11. Wow!! Do people get up tight over the simplest things or what. TRANSITIONAL (weather the word exists or not), I will be wearing my old style shirt with red loops, and red numbers until I need to go buy a new one, then I will buy the new style shirt with the green loops and green numbers. The rest of my troop shall do the same. MIX & MATCH (weather the words exists or not), I will need a new shirt before I need a new pair of pants (my pants are the old style from around 2001). I will then buy the new Centennial Shirt (with the new insignia) to wear with my old style pants. As troop
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