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  1. Why, thank you! Always a pleasure to observe, preserve, and interpret the traditions of the Order of the Arrow. On a side note, I would pay to see a Meteu vs. Allowat Sakima deathmatch. Do you it would be possible to arrange something like that for NOAC? Perhaps a fight to the death between the Nutikets of all the different lodge C-Teams represented? Of course, being as it would, a physical touch, we would have to incorporate therein some kind of symbolism. I recommend a bow for each Principle, with 12 arrows allotted to each (representing, obviously, the Scout Law). And for the las
  2. At the Tamegonit Lodge, we tie the kid to a post, lay a bundle of sticks at his feet, drench him in gasoline, and set the whole thing on fire. The candidate must scream the Admonition in at least 16 different Native American languages before the fire is put out. That is followed by forcing the candidate to take off his shirt and then the Principles proceed to brand on his back with a hot iron, an arrow. The candidate his then dragged to the pool where he is thrown in, then held under water for exactly 12 minutes (one for each point of the Scout Law). Then, to follow in the fashion of the noble
  3. I'm sorry, I just think that there are more effective and intelligent ways to sound/look cool on the Internet "7H@/\/ 1337 7@\_(
  4. www.troop260.com Me and and two other youth in my troop form the website commitee. Two of us did the content, and one of us did the HTML coding. I also did the forums myself. TA
  5. Keep the fires of the Scout Oath and Law alive in your heart, and there will always be those who will gather around to feel the warmth of those fires. YIS, TA
  6. Have fun, talk to you when you get back. TA
  7. Ahhh, yes, the other one of the younger regulars (although I myself am a semi-regular). TA
  8. The elite left, despite being very vocal, is actually in the minority...for now. And for now, private organizations still have the freedom to keep out whomever they want. TA
  9. Pshh...you guys think you have hard-to-understand people here...you should see some computer game forums some time. An example of a typical post on StarCraft-2.com: L0Lz0rZ@!1! I pWn3d j00 1337 8u77! That, of course, being Leet (or 1337), the primary dialect of internet speak used by illiterate idiots. At least people here use words. We should be thankful for that much. TA
  10. Fun fact: Not only paintball, but LASER TAG is not sanctioned by the BSA as an acceptable activity. Something about firing fast-moving projectiles at another person...too bad those projectiles are little reflective particles of light. TA
  11. I still think you should cut off his tongue... TA
  12. I'd fall under the young newbie category... I'm a Life Scout and SPL of Troop 260 in Kansas City. I also serve as the youth OA advisor and OATR for our troop. I'm an Ordeal member since August of last year, and I've been an OA zealot ever since. I also wear a Foxman stick, which I'm told attracts Runners like the color red attracts mad bulls. Yeah...if you have any other questions about my Scouting career, just ask in this thread. TA
  13. Interesting indeed. *marks in his handy-dandy SPL notebook about campfire songs*
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