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  1. Yet, if one were to look beyond the political myopism of the situation one would see the real problems. Sure heavy-set women can't backpack well and so can't heavy-set men. I haven't place a high premium on Eagle for many years regardless of who "earns" them. Divorced mothers are looking for good role models for their boys and helicopter mom's are only interested in getting their sons to win the bling. And yes, there are other, more important factors, than these to be upset about other than sexism. Yes, ingrained social norms have been around since day one and other societies are worse than the next one. And yes, there are going to be problems. But the problems I see have nothing to do with sexism. Having worked with co-ed groups, I see the world far differently and I have experienced DIFFERENT problems than what BSA is working on at the moment. They are seeing the tip of the iceberg and are desperately trying to avoid a Titanic moment. Well it's too late to avoid the problems because the ship's already floundering. So now the focus is in how to save as many as possible. As just one small example of what I mean. Last Sunday at the scout meeting I was teaching the boys lashings. One of the parents asked if a younger female sibling could sit in for the evening. I said sure. What I feared happened. She was 9 years old and interested in scouting. She sat quietly in the back and said nothing while the boys were being boys. I explained the lashing and then the boys were to work at doing it. I had enough equipment and invited the girl to participate. Well, the only one that was paying attention was the girl. It didn't take but a few minutes and she was teaching the boys who hadn't paid attention. This is great for a co-ed group, but a disaster for an all-male activity. I was unable to attend summer camp this past summer and at the last minute a second ASM stepped in to take my place. At the last minute she had to bring along her grandaughter and the camp allowed it. The #1 complaint from the boys was she "took over". The maturity level of girls at this age has been proven over and over in multiple studies that they are at least 2 years more mature than boys of the same age. This will in fact provide the total disappearance of Boy Scouts as we know it. I have know this for years and it's not that I'm against co-ed scouting, I'm against the last vestige of a program designed to help young men to adulthood without the unfair advantage in maturity girls hold over boys. I strongly suspect that once that advantage is mitigated in adulthood many of the resentments of younger years may be a cause of many of our sexist social concerns. I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but after 45+ years of watching kids develop, it remains a strong suspicion for me. Will gals earn the rank of Eagle legitimately? Sure, but then listen to the older generations cast aspersions on it, especially those who never were able to earn it themselves. This is unfortunate, but it's going to happen, it is already happening. The reason I downplay the glorious achievement of Eagle is not because it some sort of competition one wins, but it is supposed to be something nice to hang on the wall along with one's high school diploma, and other achievements one has marked in life. It's not the Holy Grail of scouting. Boys that have come through my program and Eagled for some reason have always referred to me as Mr. Stosh. Even if they turn 18 and are now in their 30's still call me Mr. Stosh. I even have told them they can call me now that we are peers by my first name. Inevitably they always say, "No can do, you will always be Mr. Stosh to me." Now, if that were able to be put on a certificate, I would hang that one on my wall. All in all, the sad part of it all is the end of Scouting as I have lived it for my entire life. The next generation will not feel that way, but then again, I'm not going to be around to worry about it either.
  2. Unfortunately that doesn't hold true to course. One does not need to earn the Webelos badge in order to get AOL. To be fair that means one doesn't need to earn Life to become an Eagle. Sure, Cubs receive awards, not rankings, but everyone knows that... right? The first Helicopter Parent looking to get their daughter into Yale or Harvard isn't going to let a little technicality like that get in the way.
  3. How come the forum doesn't have a pat on the butt emoji to pick from?
  4. like zero-tolerance policies that skirt around due process, justice/fairness and common sense? Blind dictatorial policies have never turned out well and we in a free nation have a Constitution to protect us from such over-zealous tyranny.
  5. Seriously, I am in a quandary right now if at my age, I want to invest that much time and energy into trying to fix BSA's agenda of being politically correct. There are plenty of other co-ed programs that have been around for many years that have gone about the process in a more honest way, like saying they are co-ed right from the beginning. Switching horses in the middle of the stream has been a historical mantra for years to avoid such negative results.
  6. Obviously you had a politically correct deprived childhood. The rest of us had to endure the parental abuse of the notorious Bobcat Ceremony of Impending Death by Dropping. And please explain the rationale behind the mother's pin being turned upside down. More than anyone in the world mothers do more good turns daily than anyone could imagine.
  7. BSA Hammock Rules

    I've never had this problem of getting out of a hammock. At my age, I haven't figured out how to get in to begin with.
  8. Is "turn"ing a new Cub upside down considered a good turn?
  9. I've worked with hundreds if not thousands of youth in co-ed program and never felt that the gals were "less" and yet I am firmly against destroying a boy's program just for PL inclusiveness issues. I would feel the same way if I was a GS/USA leader.
  10. I stand corrected, insert Historian where I put in Bugler.
  11. Okay, it was 50+ years ago when they pinned the Bobcat pin on me. I don't remember it, so it must not have traumatized me. I do know I was tipped upside down only because I remember everyone else getting tipped. On the other hand, it might have been so traumatic that my emotional preservation tactics blocked it from my memory. I might be able to get into a hypnosis therapy session to find out for sure. Otherwise I can't sue my parents or any of the offensive Scouters who are all probably dead and gone by now. Is there a statute of limitation on this or do I have a legitimate case?
  12. Hold a POR for 6 months, that's why it will take 6 months to complete. Remember Librarian is a POR. So is Bugler. A quick trip to a MB Fair should be able to double down on the 21 MB's. It just depends on how focused the Helicopter Parent is and whether the Scout will be able to handle the pressure.
  13. Like a participation trophy? maybe?
  14. Yep, that's been my experience.