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  1. >>>> My great fear is that you might voice this balderdash near some poor little fellow who looks to you as an example of what it's like to be a good citizen.
  2. The patch is made from all recycled materials by child slave labor in a Chinese re-education center outside of Shanghai. If only I were joking...
  3. >>> The system actually works quite well to respond to child prostitution IF the mandated reporters do their effin' jobs (including Planned Parenthood, which has its own agenda that prevents helping kids) and IF people have enough of a backbone to help a child who is being regularly physically and sexually abused.
  4. >>> What is so hard for you to understand about this? If a child is being raped, you REMOVE THAT CHILD FROM DANGER. NOW.
  5. BadenP, BSA sees scouting as church in the outdoors. There goal is to moralize to youth by any means necessary. I see scouting as outdoor, survival, first aid training and experience with a code of honor for the organization. I think those two diverging views are the key to BSA's apparent self-destructive behavior on all counts. It's why they are under political attack, it is why the program has a chess merit badge, and etc. If you read the old handbooks from the 40's and earlier, you read about an organization with a code of honor which teaches a man to be rugged, self-r
  6. Horizon, I'm probably a lot older than you, so I'm not surprised that many on here would give me a 21st Century lecture on how all violence is wrong. I was raised in the 1960's when kids still got into fist fights and the teacher broke it up and no one was punished. Teachers in school spanked children with wood fraternity paddles. Going to the principal's office meant a paddling was coming. Your teacher could slap your smart mouth right off your face in the middle of class and then send you up to the office for more paddling. I think we were better back then than we are today. P
  7. Extra scout socks Extra uniform shirt Nice leather belt http://www.newcreationleathercraft.com/boy_scouts.htm A campaign hat Some really nice hiking boots A nice backpack A top of the line thermarest pad A top of the line down sleeping bag A leatherman wave multitool 1000' of paracord A red wool scout jack-shirt (ebay has them all the time) Make him a really nice hiking stick. A sterling silver eagle medal from yonder days on ebay for him to receive one day in the future (do this anyway and stash it)
  8. There is a lot of black and white thinking going on in this thread - an attempt to reduce complex situations down to easily solvable moralisms of right and wrong. But real people are complex, and real problems are not quickly solvable. Planned Parenthood, facing the prostituted 13 year old, is not going to report it, because then prostitution rings would no longer use their services. Instead, pregnant 13 year old prostitutes would receive "home abortions" from their pimps, and die. The lesser of two evils is what real decision making often looks like. Take a black and white moral st
  9. Who is a posthumous award supposed to make happy? The guy is dead? I guess for those of you who believe our consciousness continues after death and we could attend our own funeral as a ghost, maybe you think this is a good idea. I don't personally believe that and find the concept creepy as heck. Anyone ever see Patrick Swayze on SNL doing the ghost skit? He watches his wife pick her nose, scratch her butt, and perform other gross private-time actions because no one is around and is disgusted. It's pretty hilarious and highlights just how silly it is to believe that invisible people are
  10. SPL did the right thing. Troop leader did the wrong thing in teaching the SPL to focus on denying the positions instead of problem solving WIN-WIN for everyone's benefit. Should have directed the boy to a local cub scout pack to serve as a den chief. That position can be used all the way through eagle. And it is highly needed since most cub scout leaders are not old boy scouts.
  11. Once you see a beautiful woman wearing a scout uniform, then and only then will you realize just what a really terribly ugly uniform BSA is selling us. The fact that so many scout leaders are fat sort of hides the fact since everything a really heavy person wears will hang from them like a tent. But get someone who is in excellent shape in a uniform and you'll realize the uniform is making them look worse than they would in just about anything else. Look at any US Marine in any of their uniforms and compare. Get yourself a US Marine khaki shirt and put it on. You'll be shocked at the fit
  12. Actions speak louder than words. Whatever people do - that is what the thing in question is about. People shop, buy things, give presents, travel, and decorate their homes. They do more of that than anything else. The people have voted with their actions. That's what Christmas is about. It doesn't matter what you think it ***should*** be about or ***is supposed*** to be about. That's just your preference. Apparently the country prefers otherwise. Game over.
  13. > I doubt that BSA authorizes anyone to change the design of a knot or badge or medal or whatever and sell it. The more I read this forum the more disgusted with BSA I become. Is there anyone in Irving, TX that can pass an IQ test?
  14. > needing your leader apps and rechartering paperwork signed by the old district DE. That's not correct. Anyone in the council exec's staff can sign these. It varies from council to council how they are organized. The DE has a boss. He can sign it. The people at the council office can usually sign it. The CE can sign it. As for eagle projects, the council can approve them without you even speaking to the district. I've turned in completed eagle work without even notifying the district. Council takes it, stamps it, and it is approved and sent to national with no district involvem
  15. > Both liberals and conservatives have abused the power of the courts No they haven't. It is not possible to abuse the power of the courts. The courts exist to interpret the law. They simply function like machines doing their work. It is what they were intended for. There is no abuse or activist court problem in this country. Never has been. It is a make-believe problem that political pundits point to in order to scare people. The people serving on courts are smarter than most Americans, certainly better educated, and are exercising their jobs within a legal framework of checks
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