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  1. https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2023/01/30/boy-scout-duluth-sleeps-outside/ He spent night 1000 in a quinzhee!
  2. Nope, Sentinel is correct, Bishops answer only to the Pope, or higher. The USCCB can vote on recommended actions, and a whole lot of pressure would be brought to bare on any diocese dissenting. For that reason it is only really important matters that reach that kind of action. But in the end, the Bishop who heads the diocese runs the diocese as they will.
  3. For us it's been a number of years now that recharter won't go through if anyone is not YPT current, or won't be before the charter expires/renews. So many of our adults expire in December because Recharter was the final KIA to get it done. This is different. Recharter for us is January; these are folks whose expiration dates were in October, they're supposed to be suspended affective the date they expire.
  4. For the first time ever I received a notification that someone in my unit was suspended from activities because their YPT expired. Two different volunteers in two different units in the last few weeks, so I know it wasn't an individual being singled out. I was wondering if this was something new everywhere, or if it was something new just my council was doing. I know it wasn't happening in my council at least as recently as last May because I was a bit late with my own renewal back then. Has anyone else seen this type of action or notification?
  5. Every state has some provision for registering a trailer if there's paperwork missing. Either their website or a visit to the DMV where you explain the situation will get you the necessary forms or process. It's actually pretty common for trailers to have missing or no VIN, so the process for getting it right is pretty straight forward. Your Chartering Org owns the trailer, so you need to talk with them about how they want the registration to read. It is possible that they will not want to own it, in which case you need to get together with the other adults in the unit and decide do yo
  6. 10 years ago I would have thought this was nuts. Today, my son is attending college on an esports scholarship. I was talking with one of the associate deans about why and how they decided to go that route, he said more people will watch their top esport team than will ever attend one of their basketball or football games. Earlier this evening my wife and I were listening to him do live color commentary on one of his university's other esports, not the one he plays --- he was really really good. His professional goal is to be part of the live gaming industry, and that looks like a promi
  7. I haven't read the law, but given that this alleged interpretation is coming from a piece written by someone who lists no bio with their writing, on a site that lists no identifying information or publisher on its website, I am deeply skeptical that there is much if any credibility here. Here is the FAQ from the state: Q: Do the new laws affect how and where hunter education training can occur? A: No. Possession of firearms, rifles, and shotguns is lawful for hunter education training in “sensitive locations” including schools, camps, fish and game clubs, and public libraries. A
  8. Privately owned rifles could easily mean the ranger's or someone else authorized to store a rifle at the range.
  9. If I was head of a CO or potential CO I would absolutely want to see, and have evaluated independently, whatever insurance policy purported to cover me, and I would make presentation of an updated policy a condition for rechartering. For the UMC, once bitten twice shy. Once you've had that breech of trust it's really hard to rebuild
  10. Isn't that risk sort of inherent to both scouting and other youth activities? By definition, a scout troop that goes camping is meeting at some place other than the CO's location. But the same is true for all sorts of activities, sports teams are constantly playing in venues other than their homes. Church youth groups do field trips and outside ministry. FFA and 4H go to fairs, competitions, exhibitions. The most important thing for a CO to understand is their responsibilities, they reduce their risks through their actions, and then unsure against the foreseeable and unforeseeable ris
  11. Is "liability" the stated reason that UMC is changing the relationship with BSA? People throw that word around having very little understanding of what it means. Most people just seem to think it's a synonym for "danger". It's really important to be precise about these types of things. If UMC didn't say it was liability than no one should put those words into UMC's mouths. I looked briefly through this thread to see if UMC gave a definitive reason for the changing relationship with scouts. I couldn't find one, but it seemed the reason was more like BSA's bankruptcy left the U
  12. Our district gives out annual Award of Merit, SM of the year, SPL of the year, Committee member of the Year, etc. There are also of course the council awarded things like Silver Beaver. Does your council and district also already have these awards? If so I'm not sure what else a Hall of Fame would capture.
  13. They're written and put together by volunteers. One of our adults has authored two himself. They're not paying anyone for content.
  14. It's a marketing pitch pure and simple. They're not asking any questions that would give them any real insight as to how to improve the program or prioritize any part of it. At best they'll use the answers to either refine their giving pitch broadly, or they'll use your particular answers to tailor a pitch to you directly, but what it absolutely isn't is an opinion survey that would yield any useful insight about how to make a better scouting.
  15. It is, frankly, crass. There are very few times when I buy into "they're just doing it for the money", but in this instance I can't really think of a different explanation than that. The pamphlets are written by volunteers, and the value added from BSA central is just about nil. There's no good reason they couldn't make these available online for free. In answer to your question what do troops do, we keep a lending library. We have all the Eagle required and most of the more popular ones offered at summer camp. The troop budgets for those, and they get supplemented by scouts who cho
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