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  1. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/21/world/europe/netherlands-dropping-children.html?action=click&module=Top Stories&pgtype=Homepage Blindfold your scouts, drive them out to the middle of nowhere, give them a GPS (for the first half of the trek only) and wish them luck getting back to camp. Don't try this at home.
  2. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/21/world/europe/netherlands-dropping-children.html?action=click&module=Top Stories&pgtype=Homepage Blindfold your scouts, drive them out to the middle of nowhere, give them a GPS (for the first half of the trek only) and wish them luck getting back to camp. Don't try this at home.
  3. T2Eagle

    Medical Forms

    My answer would be that I don't know of any unit that does that, and, assuming this is a run of the mill service project not some overnight event, I have never heard of or seen any other organization require medical forms for this type of participation. If there's someone in your troop who is particularly fanatic it about it have them be the person who shows up at the event and hands them out and collects them.
  4. T2Eagle

    Invisible scouts

    Humans are astoundingly fallible and incompetent at almost everything we do. Assume good will on everybody's part and that not mentioning your son was an oversight. Send a polite note to the COR reminding him mashmaster jr. is also going.
  5. T2Eagle

    Rider etiquette

    We had a parent who played nothing but Grateful Dead music on a long trip. When we all met up at a rest stop the scouts in is car were desperately trying to change cars.
  6. In answer to the broad question, I would say that a troop level BOR should be suspended if there is doubt about the scout having fully completed the requirements, the BOR isn't the proper forum for other concerns like very recent misbehavior, the SM, CC and troop committee as a whole are the proper ways to hash those out. As to properly reciting the Oath and Law, those are acts that scouts should be able to perform well early on in their scouting career. A scout in their first year or so of scouting may need to put in a little more effort, or receive a little extra time and help to do that. But it's important to remember that memorization and recitation are not the same as knowledge, and an inability to memorize and/or recite is not indicative of a knowledge deficiency. There's a lot of research available about how the brain remembers things, and one of the more fascinating facets to me is how the brain rewards itself for habitual behavior, even unhelpful behavior. Once you have memorized, or maybe more accurately imprinted on your brain, something inaccurately, correcting that is very very difficult. It's the reason that once you've made a wrong turn on the way towards a place to which you regularly travel, the chances are you will make that same wrong turn even if you start off reminding yourself not to..
  7. T2Eagle

    World Jamboree Attire

    No maybe on the rain jacket, thunderstorms are common this time of year.
  8. T2Eagle

    Man Bites Dog... Den leader sues Cub Scouts

    "A surgeon would later reattach the bone holding his nose to his skull, using four plates and some 20 screws that remain in place" that ain't no bloody nose; he also missed two months plus of work. That's a pretty big financial hit, possibly devastating to he and his family, especially if he has anything but first class medical coverage. As DavidCO said this might have been driven by an insurance company, or it might have been driven by desperation. I'll withhold judgment without a whole lot more information.
  9. T2Eagle

    Tent set up question

    I'm always a fan of scouts thinking ahead and thinking outside the box. I like it.
  10. T2Eagle

    Quick: Are Crocs closed toe enough for camp?

    For our camp and our troop those would be fine. My crocs, which I wear around the campsite but not really for trucking all over summer camp, are they type which have a heel strap and so would, I think, satisfy Treflienne's concerns.
  11. Camps can have their own sets of rules, some internal, some dictated by the state because they're camps. In addition to whatever forms your camp requires for summer camp your troop should require the BSA Annual Health and Medical Record (AHMR) for everybody in the troop and anybody going on an outing with you. "For any and all Scouting activities, all participants must complete Part A and Part B." https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/HealthSafety/pdf/680-001_AB.pdf The two authorizations are not necessarily in conflict with each other. The camp has an authorization to administer OTC and the troop has authorization to administer OTC. Given what the camp form says you could check with them for their opinion of whether you refer everything to them while at camp. Our camp has us send everything above band aid level to them.
  12. T2Eagle

    How do camps accommodate girl troops?

    Our council camp's shower/bath facilities are all individually doored with no common areas. They added some changing rooms at the pools, but I believe that had already been on a list of planned improvements to accommodate the increasing number of female leaders at camp. There were no restrictions on weeks or campsites. I haven't had a chance yet to ask how many female only troops we were expecting.
  13. BSA Med Form Part B Has a yes/no question authorizing non prescription medications and and any exceptions to that permission. One more reason why leaders need to be sure they've read and understood the med forms for everyone on a trip.
  14. This is why National has to keep adding rules to the GTSS. Coming soon, a rule against homemade boats on scout outings --- why, not because it's inherently unsafe or a fun idea to do as J76 does, but because somewhere out there is another group like this
  15. T2Eagle

    Cub Scout bank account

    Do you have reason to believe there's money in the account? If so your best bet is find out from the bank who is listed as an authorized signatory and try to track that person down and have him transfer access to you. If there's no money it's probably easiest to just start from scratch. If you can't get good information from the bank, or if you can't find who last had access, than you'll need to get your Chartering Organization involved, the bank account should be under their tax ID number and they'll have to claim the funds from the bank.