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  1. Have you ever done this before successfully? When we upload from Troopmaster, we upload to Council's Internet Advancement 2.0. A day or two later everything shows up in Scoutbook. I didn't think you could go directly from Troopmaster to Scoutbook. If you've done this before, and it just doesn't seem to be working this time, I would try taking that scout out completely and see if it will upload. If it just seems like Scoutbook is hanging up because of size, I would try a few scouts at a time. Good luck!
  2. I'm a COR, what the verbiage in my previous post means in practice is that I attend the annual Council meeting. At that meeting various proposals concerning the By Laws, Officer Appointments, council and board membership, etc. are voted on. The real action however happens in the monthly Executive Board meetings. So, I attended the annual meeting at the beginning of the year, where I was briefed on the then state of the bankruptcy, LC Ad Hoc Committee, etc. Since that time the executive board has met monthly, but I and the other CORs are not part of that meeting; so I've received no
  3. Council Body The governing body is called the “council.” Because it carries the same name as the territory it serves, it will be referred to within the text as the “council body.” The council body is made up of chartered organization representatives who represent each organization chartered to operate units. Also serving on the council body are “members at large” elected by the council body. The council meets once a year, but special meetings may be called to handle special business. Council Executive Board The council body, in addition to electing officers, elects the “council
  4. I know a kid who gets up at 5 o'clock every morning and goes to the rink to practice hockey. Most days of the week he also goes after school or in the evening for more practices and games. His parents are then willing to have the family, or some part of the family, travel just about every weekend to tournaments, camps, etc. Keep in mind there is actually a team of kids, probably about 20 souls, who are doing this with him. Insert merit badges for hockey, or swimming, or gymnastics, or spelling bee, in terms of time commitment, and it doesn't seem that hard to get to all of them.
  5. My understanding is that National may have specified a number, but that isn't necessarily a take it or leave it number. There's certainly at least some negotiation, because if one LC opts out, the rest of the LCs have to make up the number to get to the promised $600 million. Plus, just in the vagaries of how much a camp or other property is worth there is going to be some movement before it's all settled.
  6. I think binding is a pretty loosely used term here. At the end of the day, just like with BSA and the LCs, this is going to be a negotiated settlement with the insurers without many issues being actually, fully, litigated. The legal questions are multiplicitous and varied. With many of them having little or no direct precedent. So litigation would look like full a trial type procedure in Bankruptcy court, followed by the loser appealing and another trial in Federal District Court, followed by the loser appealing in Federal Circuit Court. That's a decade plus of thousand dollar an hour
  7. I had a similar challenge with one of my scouts having an outside the box challenge. I would ask the Advancement Chair exactly what criteria he thinks it doesn't meet, and then see if the scout an come up with something. In my scout's case it was showing that the benefit was "lasting". So he arranged with another organization, not the primary beneficiary, to be able to do some recruiting to find volunteers (and donations) for a local soup kitchen. Your scout might find a similar organization that could maybe use some tech friendly young people as volunteers. I know one of the fi
  8. that's an interesting view, and I think you might be right, that it's more important to have a camp that hooks Cubs than one that hooks older scouts. I suspect that is not the most common thinking. Emotionally, most adults have their fondest memories and closest associations with scouting being their summer camp, and so folks fight hardest to keep those. But you don't get to make those memories if you don't get through Cubs and make it to Scouts BSA. Yeah, probably best to keep the closer in, most developed, Cub friendly camps, even if it means having to go a distance later for summer
  9. Would that mean that the amount a claimant receives is a function of the wealth/contribution of his LC? So maybe a Greater Hudson claimant receives $69,000 while someone with the same injury receives much more or much less depending on the wealth of the LC? I would have expected a more equalizing distribution.
  10. Does #7 "An individual paid or unpaid, who, on the basis of the individual’s role as an integral part of a regularly scheduled program, activity or service, is a person responsible for the child’s welfare or has direct contact with children" mean scout leaders? .
  11. I'm curious, what state that is. It seems hard to force anyone to report a crime if that person isn't also dependent on the state for some sort of licensing, professional protection, etc. No other crime is subject to that, up to and including murder. In my state clergy are not mandatory reporters.
  12. That's not at all what the Charter Agreements say. The model, but not universal, language which talks about LC assets reverting to BSA in the event of a loss of Charter has been quoted here many times. LCs are non-profit corporations, incorporated in and governed by the laws of their individual states. BSA cannot dissolve those corporations, they're not owned by BSA. And the Charter agreement, essentially a contract between two corporations, does not specify that BSA can renew or withhold a charter simply at its own discretion, it's silent about that issue. What the limits of the con
  13. I'm part of a successful troop and pack, in a pretty successful district in a pretty successful council. I've only ever known two unit level commissioners in my life, one was also a member of our troop, one was a friend wh had like 5 different COs he was commissioner for. They're nice ideas, but I've never really seen them.
  14. Something I still don't understand is how a TCC plan would handle the LCs. What incentive would it provide that would lead them to contribute substantially more than is now being proposed?
  15. There is, I think, an abnormal amount of this type of accusation in this case, and it has its counterparts in this forum. Any party that is not acting the way another party wants them to act can only have nefarious reasons for doing so. My bet is still on a settlement rather than extensive litigation because how all the different questions in a full blown trial/trials will be answered is not at all clear, and no one wants to roll the dice that blindly. But the constant questioning of the veracity of all sides makes the smart outcome less likely than the stupid outcome because of the e
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