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  1. This is the really critical part to understand: the money is never the scout's, it belongs to the unit. The scout isn't entitled to it, the unit can decide to spend money on a scout that a scout helped raise, but it can also decide not to, even after the money has been raised. It's not for the scout or the family to decide what happens to money that be in a "scout account", that's a decision for the unit. The scout or family can express an opinion, but it's critical to understand that it's not their decision.
  2. I would add some nuance to that. My troop may have higher standards than council or BSA. The CC and COR are the people who recruit, select, and are responsible for troop leadership. Something that might not be full stop grounds for ending scouting membership might still be grounds for a change or even an ending of the individual's role in the troop. Additionally, I would really want to understand in depth any incident that was concerning enough for one of our parents to believe it worthy of reporting to council. This is the type of thing that make it really important to remember how
  3. Councils in open states like California are going to pay, whether through BSA bankruptcy or through their own. It's probably prudent to get that liquidity lined up.
  4. Everybody in the troop is allowed a "chaos" bucket: generally a five gallon bucket and lid. Any personal food, especially all the junk they buy from the trading post, is kept there. They're stored in the trailer at night so there's no temptation to have food in the tents. In addition to food storage, scouts tend to keep in them stuff they're working on like their handbooks, mb paperwork, projects, etc. That way they're not going in and out of a hot tent as often. They also make great seats for sitting around the campfire As SM I used a plastic toter rather than a bucket, but for all
  5. That is just gross on oh so many levels. I always made sure to have my own jar of peanut butter and box of crackers at camp, plus various other packaged semi healthy snacks, for nights like that. At our camp breakfast was always the best meal, and I made the most of it. Lunch and dinner were more hit or miss. Dinner always included a salad bar and I could usually do pretty well there. My consistent feedback on our camp's food was that they could do better providing healthier versions of what they served. Not everything has to be prepackaged, highly processed frozen stuff from GFS
  6. This is a really big misunderstanding about the relationship between BSA's legal troubles and the IV files. The files aren't the reason that BSA is in trouble. BSA is in trouble because tens of thousands of boys and young men were sexually assaulted and brutalized while and because they participated in Boy Scouts. Most of the attackers were not in the files, most of them were not found out at the time. You don't need any kind of files when you have living witnesses who can testify about what was done to them and by whom. The absence or presence of files doesn't change the facts of t
  7. For years I pretended I didn't know they existed, two years ago I was getting frantic calls from my DE begging me to finally fill one out. We have two troop fundraisers a year, I fill out an application for one of them.
  8. Zero is the answer from my unit, and I've never heard of a unit giving any. I've been doing this for a long time, and have had several council board members who are also adult leaders in our unit. We do allow/invite a council rep to do an FOS ask at our spring COH, and our troop families give. We support popcorn sales, but we don't push hard for it as it's not a primary fundraiser for us. Broadly we're very supportive of our council and have good relations with them, so I'm not saying this as someone with an antagonistic relationship with council. A couple additional thoughts and ques
  9. That isn't the most common format for a meeting, but I suspect what you were expecting is also not what a common format for a meeting should be. ScoutsBSA is very different from Cubs when it comes to what the focus and purpose of meetings are. The meetings are not and should not be focused on rank advancement. The idea you have that there should be "work towards progress" is just not the focus. At this age advancement is individual not group oriented. A group of scouts can decide they want to work together or at the same time on a particular advancement skill, but the Cub way of ever
  10. As I understand the restriction, you're most specifically not supposed to go out and simply ask for money for the troop for things like equipment or to cover the cost of outings.. If the grant your SPL has applied for is conservation projects than that's not really benefitting the troop so you're probably okay. I would however make sure your CO is okay with it since they're actually the beneficiary.
  11. We had this situation once. We just left the scout registered as a Webelo II but had him crossover to the troop with his den mates. We like to have crossover by March so that the newest scouts get a couple of weekend campouts under their belts before summer camp. First year summer camp can be hard enough because it's usually such a big change for the youngest scouts; when it's their first ever camp where they're really responsible for themselves it can be overwhelming.
  12. Our patrol duty rosters look like whatever the patrols wat them to look like, it's not an adult function. For the most part they slot in two cooks, two scouts for clean-up, maybe somebody on water if we have to haul it from somewhere. I'm not sure about twiddling thumbs, but there's no reason for everybody to be busy for the sake of being busy. The rest of the patrol can be kicking a ball, playing cards, just goofing off, or maybe even the dreaded "working on requirements."
  13. What about the Facilities Use/Chartered by Council option?
  14. There may be others from your diocese reading the forum, maybe they have ideas, maybe they're looking for help.
  15. there are lots of questions and answers needed specific to an individual situation, but the whole point of corporations is that they separate the owners of the corporation from individual liability. When GM gets sued the shareholders of GM can't be held liable. More analogous to this situation, three guys want to start a business, say a canoe livery service, so they form a corporation. They hire an employee, that employee does something stupid and someone gets hurt, the corporation gets sued, but the only assets at risk are the assets owned by the corporation. The assets of the indiv
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