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  1. Yes, I know who he is. And 15 months ago he apparently had a dispute about the reasons for his firing from a part time gig as a talking head.
  2. Can you explain the relevance of this post to this topic, --- or any scouting topic?
  3. What i would like to see is some evidence that either not having this policy today is the reason for abuse today, or evidence with some analysis that when implemented and taking into account things like what Qasze mentioned that it would make scouting safer overall. I posted earlier how this works in practice, and remain skeptical that a background check for every parent who accompanies a unit would actually turn up any significant number of already arrested and convicted abusers while at the same time having both a large monetary cost and a chilling effect o the supervision of units by n
  4. Am I reading this right: you don't formally recharter, but you do renew the membership for scouts and adults? Paying the renewal fee but not the council specific fee?
  5. We need to be very very careful about questioning the veracity of someone putting themselves forward as a survivor. We wouldn't tolerate anyone questioning the credibility of the posters who have come forward on these forums as survivors. We shouldn't --- and won't --- accept it about others. There are tens of thousands of survivors, that certainly means there are just as many divergent and honestly held opinions on what the best course of action should be.
  6. The distinction between guardian and legal guardian drawn by the G2SS seems to be about whether the child is being given over to another adult (legal guardian) or whether they're attending with an adult (guardian). Especially if mom is attending I don't think you have any issue.
  7. For those not currently in the program, here is some sense of how the 72 hour rule works. Our Pack and Troop have a joint weekend each year. About 40+ Cubs. This is a cabin campout, all YPT rules are followed: kids in one room adults in the other. We have one cabin for scouts with dads and a smaller cabin, scouts with moms. Most folks arrive Friday night and leave after campfire on Saturday. On the ScoutsBSA side, on weekend campouts we will sometimes have an unregistered parent camp with us. This is always in addition to at least two and usually three or or four registered
  8. I inherited an Air Scouts handbook circa 1943, it is really cool.
  9. The first part of your statement is correct, the latter is sadly not. Think of excuses like "what was she (he) wearing" "how were they behaving" "why didn't they say no, fight harder, scream more" etc. "Why did they lore an otherwise good man to do this" Imagine if the victim happened to be gay. The amount and ubiquitousness of victim blaming in the not even distant past was incredible, and sadly still can exist today.
  10. He genuinely cares, he thinks he was right and BSA should have agreed with him; he either reached out to the folks presenting him or they reached out to him, and they found kindred beliefs and a desire to act on them. There's no reason to think there are any ill motives here. And at the same time the lack of ill or ulterior motives doesn't make his views or his interpretation of his experience the only accurate or legitimate ones.
  11. When I hear stats that not only don't comport with my own experience but that also seem really high even if I credit that my experience may be sheltered I start to wonder about definitions. Earlier there was a discussion about folks' personal knowledge of YPT violation cases. The only two I've known of personally were not in my unit but came from my involvement in summer camp and Jambo. One was a case of a group text chat the was explicit and then also involved "sexting" pictures. The other was a slapping of genitals that a group of scouts was doing. Both these incidents were bad beha
  12. Scoutreach units are treated as a district because they operate differently then, and need different services and resources than a traditional units. They use paid leaders to provide the program, and at least in my council are always a part of council events, and are certainly welcome at other district's events.
  13. To be clear, what I said and what I say is that to my knowledge it has not happened in our unit. Even today none of the cases in my council involve my CO. I don't say I've never heard about it. If you're conversing with someone about it it's obvious they've heard about it. I'm curious, how many, as a percentage of units, do you think this has occurred in? Even if the victims and BSA was advertising about it, which parenthetically they actually have been doing, how many scouts and scouters do you think would be able to say that they were within one degree of separation from an abuse
  14. First, virtually no one asks about the former. But if they did what I would say is that it's a mess, it doesn't really have anything to do with us, and my belief is that in the end, after long and arduous negotiations, some deal will be worked out that compensates the victims and allows BSA, our council, and our troop and pack, to continue. Ultimately, like all large bankruptcies and huge complex lawsuits, there will be a settlement. No one will really like it, but there's actually no way for one side or the other to "win" it as a matter of law. As to the latter. Past abuse doesn't re
  15. Not all inoculations "convert" that is they don't always trigger enough of a response to confer immunity, and immunizations can wain over time. I was inoculated for pertussis as a kid, but ended up with it in my forties, almost undoubtedly because one of the kids in my son's preschool was not vaccinated. My wife recently had to prove all her immunizations for a new job in health care. There was no practical way to get her childhood vaccination records so she got blood work done to show her titres. Turns out she did not have immunity to mumps and had to get a new MMR shot.
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