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  1. If you're not buying the content, then someone is buying you.
  2. Everyone in the world is going to wish that they did everything they did three weeks earlier than they did it. NY is somewhere around 1 week away from running out of hospital beds. If you don't live somewhere that is in lock down, put yourself in lockdown now, and maybe you'll escape the nightmare worst. In Ohio, we're on lockdown, we're going to hold our first troop meeting via Zoom this Wednesday. Our goal is to have everyone in uniform, at home. This week will be about troop elections plus ideas for future meetings. Our goal is to meet every week at the same time as our regular meeting.
  3. yeah, it's a rare year that goes by that I don't recharter a kid --- or two --- that I never see again.
  4. Mine was in the nicer part of the basement of our CO's church, meaning the part nice enough to serve food on occasion. Gerald R. Ford was President. Our EBORs today are identical to qwazse's. Well, at least they were, I suspect the next one in our district will be done via Skype.
  5. Here's an interesting question I just received. A scout who's Eagle project was scheduled for a couple weeks from now, and then turns 18 a few weeks later. Where does he stand. My best guess is that all sorts of rules are going to be waived everywhere as a result of this crisis, and this is going to be one of them. But we just won't know right away.
  6. I'm seeing ads for printer and desk I already purchased.
  7. We cancelled a campout this weekend. Schools are closed here in Ohio, including our Catholic parish school. We've received guidance from our parish CO that any meeting approaching 100 people is cancelled, which could mean our COH in a few weeks. Our regular meetings are allowed to go forward because they're smaller than that, BUT the other restriction is that we should maintain social distancing if we do hold a meeting. They defined that as keeping a distance of three feet, although I have seen some recommendations of six feet. So we're not sure yet what we're going to do about meetings. I know the three feet doesn't mean never get near each other, but it's still a tough thing to picture. Without having talked to any of the leaders, my guess is we'll probably cancel this week and next and see where we are after that.
  8. We received this from our council earlier this evening. "Scouting continues, and we encourage each family to use time together for work already found in your Scouting Handbook – earn Cub Scout electives, learn now and prepare for your next Scouts BSA or Venturing rank advancement, and plan to finish or start new merit badges. We recommend Public Health merit badge and the associated belt loops – there are lots of ways to use this time to better yourself and those around you. Meetings for your unit (Pack, Troop, Crew, Post) will continue at the discretion of your unit leaders and chartering organization. Use guidance from the CDC as you consider any possible meetings. Explore the technology available via telephones and computers to meet digitally."
  9. Red is the old language, green is the new language. I don't see any substantive difference between the two. It looks like they just moved it around a bit. If he wants a new blue card just get a new card. if he wants him to do a new 13 week budget have him talk through with the counselor why. If they can't come to a meeting of the minds have him seek out a new counselor. It's worth noting that most scouters don't even know that rules like the Guide to Advancement exists, let alone what it says. It might be helpful for your son to include the relevant wording from that when communicating with the counselor. Do the following: Prepare a budget reflecting your expected income (allowance, gifts, wages), expenses, and savings. Track and record your actual income, expenses, and savings for 13 consecutive weeks. (You may use the forms provided in the merit badge pamphlet, devise your own, or use a computer generated version.) When complete, present the records showing the results to your merit badge counselor. for a period of 13 consecutive weeks. Compare expected income with expected expenses. If expenses exceed budget income, determine steps to balance your budget. If income exceeds budget expenses, state how you would use the excess money (new goal, savings). Track and record your actual income, expenses, and savings for 13 consecutive weeks (the same 13-week period for which you budgeted). (You may use the forms provided in this pamphlet, devise your own, or use a computer-generated version.) When complete, present the records showing the results to your merit badge counselor. Compare your budget with your actual income and expenses to under- stand when your budget worked and when it did not work. With your merit badge counselor, discuss what you might do differently the next time.
  10. I am unclear what problem your committee perceives it has. You had a male SPL who was nominally the SPL for both your male and female troops. You now have a female SPL fulfilling that role. What question are you needing to answer now that you didn't need to answer before? My understanding of the linked troop model was that a CO would have two separate troops that might or might not operate in close parallel with each other. Under that model you would have two SPLs, or if you decide one troop is too small to need an SPL you would have one patrol size troop led by a PL. From your brief description it sounds like your CC foolishly assumed that the SPL would just naturally be male, and now doesn't understand why that is. Does the CC think that every high school in the country elects only males as student body president. If the idea of a female SPL has some people freaked out your best bet is to say well the scouts chose this let's go along with it for six months and then elect two separate SPLs. I remain amazed that your people didn't see this coming. Did they really not think a girl would ever be elected.
  11. One more note, there is no registering with the council. Once you complete the national registration process the council then "approves" your registration and you are part of their contingent. Also, there is almost certainly a committee formed or forming to steer all the preparation for your council's contingent. If you want to have a say in how things happen, or at a minimum really understand the process, volunteer to be on the committee. One of the professional scouters in the council is assigned to the committee, call your council, find out who that is and tell them you want to volunteer.
  12. I had trouble for about 12 hours. I never saw any notice, and thought the site was just down. But when I got back in there were lots of posts during the time I couldn't.
  13. Interesting that in 1922, just four years after the Spanish Flu epidemic, its prevention was not a part of the merit badge. Most likely because its cause and preventive measures weren't yet widely understood.
  14. I'll get to my rant in a few lines, but I think the answer to your question is first, as Latin Scot said, those cards for ranks are optional certificates not records in the way that blue cards are records. So it is much less likely that not having one of them is going to cause consternation in comparison to not having a blue card. A 17 year old Life scout getting his paperwork together for Eagle is not going to be challenged as to whether or not he was Tenderfoot or Second Class along the way, but during that same time and circumstance there does need to be some record somewhere that they earned Swimming and Leatherworking six years earlier at their first summer camp. So putting some effort into saving the blue cards is in the scout's best interest. Here's the rant: I am a big fan of recording achievements in a scout's handbook, and in getting blue cards signed and then holding on to them, AND also in promptly recording all those things in electronic databases. But, we get a lot of these types of questions on this forum, and I think as an institution we tend to think too legalistically about them. Handbooks, blue cards, Troopmaster, Scoutnet, these are all just recordings about facts. They are one, but only one among many, possible pieces of evidence of the facts, not the facts themselves. If a scout completes a merit badge, than the fact is he has completed the merit badge. If his blue card is in his pocket when his clothes are washed and all he now has is wad of blue pulp, that doesn't change the fact that he completed the merit badge. We can ask him to make some reasonable efforts to try reproduce that record, but if he can't that doesn't change the fact that he EARNED the merit badge. Similarly, if a scout has completed half the requirements for 1st Class and then his handbook gets sucked in to the monstrous maw that hunts all things owned by twelve year olds, we can again ask him to take reasonable steps to try to recreate the records of completing those requirements, but the important fact is that he has COMPLETED those requirements. Blue cards, handbooks, electronic records, those are good evidence, but equally good evidence is a scout or scouter's attestation, on their Honor as a Scout, that a merit badge or requirement or rank was earned. These aren't legal documents, they're bits and pieces recording that a kid had some fun and learned something while having it.
  15. I was making reservations today for a weekend campout at a neighboring council's camp, and I was surprised at the cost. The camp has virtually no amenities or facilities, so we're really just getting a flat spot, plus a latrine and water somewhere on the property. The cost for us as an out of council unit was $40 a night. In comparison, our council's camp charges $20 for a weekend regardless of in or out of council. I'm not complaining, but given the disparity I'm curious what other councils are charging.
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