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  1. Scoutmaster Teddy

    Council Merger

    The Greater Saint Louis Area Council and Lincoln Trails Council are merging. https://stlbsa.org/blog/2018/09/27/st-louis-and-decatur-illinois-boy-scout-councils-approve-merger/
  2. Scoutmaster Teddy

    I used to be...

  3. Scoutmaster Teddy

    Who is headed to NOAC 2018?

    I was there. Super busy though. It was my first NOAC so I attended as many seminars and events as I could. I was especially intrigued to join the LodgeMaster developer group to see what I can contribute after spending the last 20+ years in enterprise applications. I met a lot of devoted Scouts & Scouters throughout my travels at NOAC. We took a charter bus from the Illowa Council. The ride there was uneventful. The ride back was very warm at first with the AC being out on the bus. The AC was eventually repaired. "NOAC" on the way home was referred to as "NO AC."
  4. Scoutmaster Teddy

    OA member as youth

    I skipped Summer Camp the year I was to be tapped. I fumed-out at 16, too much perfume and gas fumes. I did the Ordeal as an adult last August and just completed my Brotherhood. That is one of the mistakes I tell Scouts about - I should have stayed and completed my Eagle rather than buy a fast car and *try* to find a fast girl.
  5. Scoutmaster Teddy

    New Brotherhood Member

    Whooo! I finally made Brotherhood. Missed my first chance by being hospitalized in May. It is a nice ceremony. Shhhhh... Scoutmaster Teddy
  6. Scoutmaster Teddy

    another pay check

    Awesome! Welcome to the circle.
  7. Scoutmaster Teddy

    Do Your Scouts Use The Handbook Logs?

    I've been thinking of using the logs. We track a lot - service hours, camping nights, paddling miles, hiking miles, backpacking miles, etc., on Troop Web Host. My idea to is bring to the PLC (again) is to start holding the scouts accountable for record keeping, even if it is just a duplicate record.
  8. Scoutmaster Teddy

    How Many ASMs per Troop

    I get grief from parents also. Their "beef" comes from canceling and rescheduling campouts because I have 7 ASMs for 18 Scouts and I'm often the only adult who registers. I end up begging for their help or reaching out to retired Scoutmasters and current committee members. I need ASMs who can camp. I understand people are busy, but some of them resist anything after 5 pm Friday.
  9. Scoutmaster Teddy

    How do you end your Troop meetings?

    We circle up and sing vespers, joining hands right arm over left, and end with three shakes.
  10. Scoutmaster Teddy

    Linked Troops - What are these?

    I'm still dying to know what will happen to the OA. I understand that women are allowed in - I get that. The OA's youth leaders are males. Adult advisers are mixed, of course. Female Chiefs or a separate inner organization?
  11. Scoutmaster Teddy

    New member

    @ScottishNaomi Welcome!
  12. Scoutmaster Teddy

    SM Discretion on OA Elections

    I couldn't sleep for a few days. A Scout is Trustworthy, right? That should go for adult scouts also.
  13. Scoutmaster Teddy

    SM Discretion on OA Elections

    Yep, that's the rule. An adult from the Lodge was going to be there anyway. The two Scouts from another troop had to cancel so we made do. We had the Chief's and the Election Team Adviser's blessing. My Troop is located at the far Southern end of our council. Sometimes it's hard to get people down there with us Southerners. Ya'll know that.
  14. Scoutmaster Teddy

    SM Discretion on OA Elections

    My lodge, Konepaka Ketiwa #38, instituted election team training after last year's problems. I heard there was an election that the SM required a two-thirds vote and another had an election with a lot less than half of the active scouts present. This is a mandatory training. Even though I am in the Order I had an adult member from outside of troop present for my troop's election. I even delayed my Troop's election for two weeks after I found that someone "edited" the camping nights on our Troop Web Host site for an adult and their scout.
  15. Whoa.... I was off-topic and made some generalities. Merit badges press my hot button. I was wrong to generalize all young instructors as bad. I failed to rationalize in a controlled manner. I have seen some outstanding young MB instructors in camps. What sets me off is instructing by reading thru the pamphlets an hour or two a day and calling it instruction. My problems lie mostly with the Citizenship badges. Sit, listen, fill in the blanks. For the most part I enjoy sitting in on the skills badges - aquatics, camping, pioneering, etc. It's the classroom badges that press my buttons. Apologies for any offense taken. I'll "do my best" to be more specific.