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  1. Scoutmaster Teddy

    EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY Brotherhood Time Requirement Change

    Yes, the Founder's Award 2018 was a typo... It was January 2019.
  2. Scoutmaster Teddy

    EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY Brotherhood Time Requirement Change

    I'm one of the Scoutmasters "allowed in." I fumed out as a youth and missed summer camp and what would have been my tapout. I joined Scouting with my son when he became a Tiger. Attended with him all the way to the troop. I had my 15 nights camping (more like 30) and was nominated by my committee. That was Summer 2017. Got Brotherhood. I'm still very active, having advised for a Winter Dinner (Jan 2018) and still serving as a Chapter Adviser since May 2018. No freebies here. Founder's Award Jan. 2018. Haven't missed a work project or Fellowship/Conclave. Not bragging... Just trying to set a good example. We offer Brotherhood at the May Fellowship, Thursdays during Summer Camp (five to six opportunities), and at the August Fellowship. Plenty of opportunities. As much as I try to live the Scout Oath and Law and provide cheerful service and a good example I still fail to convince some of my own Scouts to reach for Brotherhood. They get their pocket flap and sash and dash. Some don't even pay dues after year one. The dynamic has shifted.
  3. Scoutmaster Teddy

    Thoughts on this float setup?

    This photo of a rig to teach children rowing skills, and just have fun on water, has gone viral on FaceBook. There is talk of a local camp building one, but I wonder how the rules committee will see it.
  4. I served in the USMC. I always chuckle at "Class A." For us, the tan shirt and green pants were Class C's, or what we lovingly referred to as "Charlies." It wouldn't be a Class A unless we had the green jacket and tan tie. Class B would be a shirt with the tan tie.
  5. Scoutmaster Teddy

    Per WSJ -BSA may declare bankruptcy

    Bummer. Can't read the article. Anyone see one on a free site?
  6. Scoutmaster Teddy

    Juvenile Offenses and Ethics

    I am the original Scoutmaster. Thank you for the comments. It's a tough row to hoe for sure. Scoutmaster Teddy
  7. Scoutmaster Teddy

    Juvenile Offenses and Ethics

    The weed was only the latest. Selling weed INSIDE of a school is not good. He has plenty of other offenses, including a profanity-laced tirade against a ASM. Poor kid has affluenza since Daddy is a bigshot. He will get his conference. I will not sign his Eagle paperwork. I have two Eagle Scouts threatening to return their badges.
  8. Scoutmaster Teddy

    Juvenile Offenses and Ethics

    This isn't the first time he was busted though. He's been in legal trouble before and we had a situation with him a few years ago when he verbally abused an ASM. He left he troop for a year but never seemed to learn the lesson.
  9. Scoutmaster Teddy

    Juvenile Offenses and Ethics

    I've found myself in quite a predicament. One of my Life Scouts, the CC's son no less, was busted for having an illegal substance (weed) in the High School. I have no legal experience and this was treated as a juvenile offense. Actually, I have no access to any record that shows me "proof" that an arrest actually occurred. I'm going to stand my ground and refuse a Scoutmaster's Conference for Eagle. I may end up losing my job but that's okay. Hope your holiday season is better than mine!
  10. Scoutmaster Teddy

    Veterans in Scouting

    I follow the BSA guidelines and hold my hand over my heart if I'm out of uniform. As a veteran I could hand salute, but if I'm around scouts I follow the guideline. As a Marine, I find some scout flag ceremonies to be confusing. At summer camp one year we were asked to remove our head gear, outside, to salute the flag. I dunno. Mot scouts still recite the Pledge of Allegiance wrong. it's "One Nation Under God" not 'One Nation (pause) under God." It's peeve of mine. About indoor ceremonies... scouts pivoting as the flag goes by from the rear of an auditorium to the front is odd.
  11. Scoutmaster Teddy

    NLS/DYLC October 26-29

    Anyone else going to the NLS/DYLC in Parkville, MO, this weekend?
  12. Scoutmaster Teddy

    Council Merger

    The Greater Saint Louis Area Council and Lincoln Trails Council are merging. https://stlbsa.org/blog/2018/09/27/st-louis-and-decatur-illinois-boy-scout-councils-approve-merger/
  13. Scoutmaster Teddy

    I used to be...

  14. Scoutmaster Teddy

    Who is headed to NOAC 2018?

    I was there. Super busy though. It was my first NOAC so I attended as many seminars and events as I could. I was especially intrigued to join the LodgeMaster developer group to see what I can contribute after spending the last 20+ years in enterprise applications. I met a lot of devoted Scouts & Scouters throughout my travels at NOAC. We took a charter bus from the Illowa Council. The ride there was uneventful. The ride back was very warm at first with the AC being out on the bus. The AC was eventually repaired. "NOAC" on the way home was referred to as "NO AC."
  15. Scoutmaster Teddy

    OA member as youth

    I skipped Summer Camp the year I was to be tapped. I fumed-out at 16, too much perfume and gas fumes. I did the Ordeal as an adult last August and just completed my Brotherhood. That is one of the mistakes I tell Scouts about - I should have stayed and completed my Eagle rather than buy a fast car and *try* to find a fast girl.