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  1. I've been honored to work with our present Council Exec (Jonathan Cartner) and their predecessor (Jeff Doty). The DE's that stay for a while have been excellent. I can't say enough for the council board and leadership. As a DC I've been invited to quite a few council board meetings and I've contributed to the council SWOT analyses, Dean
  2. That would be the end of "All Scouting is local." It's enough now that I have to make a 4-hour roundtrip for a Commissioner Cabinet or Lodge meeting if no Zoom option is available. And that isn't the worst I know of. An acquaintance of mine in GSLAC travels almost 6 hours round trip from Edgar County, IL. Scouting would become a big city program in my area, where the big cities are not so big.
  3. I have several UMC units in my district. As District Commissioner I had to tell them that having the Council as a charter partner was a "no." Anyone else have this issue?
  4. I'm a virtual attendee this time. Got my swag box from Alps Mountaineering and my patch. I wanted to go in person but a pulmonary fungal infection has slowed me down. Plus I didn't apply for staff on time.
  5. A late "Thanks" for all of the replies! So far, so good. Knock on wood. So much to do.
  6. Hello, I've been a Den Leader, Webelos Leader, Asst. Scoutmaster, Scoutmaster, Wood Badge Staffer and a Unit Commissioner. On January 1st, I'll be a District Commissioner. I would appreciate any tips or advice (too late for me to run...). Thanks!
  7. I used to be an Owl, and a good old Owl too! C3-133-11-1 I used to be a Staffer, and a good old Staffer too! C3-133-14 Troop Guide C3-133-16 Scribe C3-133-19 Chaplain (Gosh... I slid down pretty far...) JK!
  8. After working in information technology for more than 25 years I can say I'm not surprised. I've seen the guards being lowered due to wide-spread budget concerns, lax management, and lack of oversight. I will be monitoring my information. Just because a corporation says not to worry doesn't mean you should let your guard down.
  9. That's a doozy of a question. My first impression would be to "go for it." But the Scoutmaster in me says to have the troop in the same color so I could spot them at large events. If I were asked I would say "sure," but wear the troop color at large events. Wearing a different hat during a troop campout or such as a show of patrol spirit would be acceptable.
  10. Yes, the Founder's Award 2018 was a typo... It was January 2019.
  11. I'm one of the Scoutmasters "allowed in." I fumed out as a youth and missed summer camp and what would have been my tapout. I joined Scouting with my son when he became a Tiger. Attended with him all the way to the troop. I had my 15 nights camping (more like 30) and was nominated by my committee. That was Summer 2017. Got Brotherhood. I'm still very active, having advised for a Winter Dinner (Jan 2018) and still serving as a Chapter Adviser since May 2018. No freebies here. Founder's Award Jan. 2018. Haven't missed a work project or Fellowship/Conclave. Not bragging... Just trying to set a
  12. This photo of a rig to teach children rowing skills, and just have fun on water, has gone viral on FaceBook. There is talk of a local camp building one, but I wonder how the rules committee will see it.
  13. I served in the USMC. I always chuckle at "Class A." For us, the tan shirt and green pants were Class C's, or what we lovingly referred to as "Charlies." It wouldn't be a Class A unless we had the green jacket and tan tie. Class B would be a shirt with the tan tie.
  14. Bummer. Can't read the article. Anyone see one on a free site?
  15. I am the original Scoutmaster. Thank you for the comments. It's a tough row to hoe for sure. Scoutmaster Teddy
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