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  1. Forum Updated - Feedback/Bugs/Errors?

    I was denied logging in with my oft-used name and password. I had to reset my password twice to get in. Hopefully that was just a glitch with my account.
  2. Does your Troop have dues?

    It is fun! And it's also a learning experience. We make 55 to 60 gallons of beef chili and 10 gallons for the vegetarians (bad hunters). The boys sell tickets door-to-door. During the event they take shifts washing dishes, greeting customers, making cold cut sandwiches, and stocking the serving line. We usually have 350 or more customers that one evening. Most of the ingredients are donated, leaving us with a good amount of money.
  3. Does your Troop have dues?

    We charge the Scouts and Adults the usual yearly registration fee. We have scholarships available for yearly registration and summer camp for boys who need assistance.The COR picks up any other fees. Fundraising: Annual Chili Supper- big hit! We hold the event every early November. The Farm King Corporation gives us a large yearly donation. The Scouts get a 30% commission on the Chili Supper ticket sales for their camp and scouting-related expenses.
  4. Does your Troop have dues?

    Dues are $12 per year. I prefer the boys to pay out of money they earn, but a check from the parents is okay. We use it to defray the cost of rank badges, merit badges, POR patches. If i had my way, I would have the SPL collect $1 cash from each Scout the first meeting of the month. "A Scout is thrifty and pays his own way."
  5. Would you wear unique council patches?

    I have quite a few FOS and special event CSPs. I even have one from Wood Badge. I only use the standard CSP on my uniforms. The others are in a collection. I agree with @RememberSchiff - let's use community strips.
  6. Order of the Arrow for Females?

    My intent was to gather information on the OA equivalent for females. The topic was mentioned in the video sent to councils and the recent town hall by the CSE. Chapter, Lodge, Section, Regional and National Chief positions and their staffs are male. Following the Native American tradition, all Chiefs are male. I'm curious as to what the female equivalents will be. As well as how the two groups would interact by Section, Region, etc. I would hate to see the OA be abandoned for a new organization. Scoutmaster Teddy
  7. Order of the Arrow for Females?

    Any scuttlebutt on the OA equivalent for girls? Will there be a separate OA-type organization for them or will the current system be altered, as in female Chiefs? Kichkinet? Nutiket? Meteu? Allowat Sakima? Just curious. Scoutmaster Teddy
  8. POR review

    Exactly! Let the boys deal with it. Scoutmaster Teddy
  9. POR review

    Perhaps the committee members can't "stay in their own lane." Enough with the paperwork and multiple "checklists" that take time away from being scouts. The SPL/ASPL and Scoutmaster should be aware of any issues with POR's and act accordingly. Scoutmaster Teddy
  10. POR review

    What ValleyBoy said. I don't see POR's as a Troop Committee item. That is for the Scoutmaster and SPL/ASPL. I have mentioned POR items at committee meetings, general things such as how well a scout is doing or what issues the SPL and I see throughout the year. But I'll never allow them to oversee POR's. Scoutmaster Teddy
  11. When does your PLC meet?

    Once a month. We try for the first Tuesday of the month. The PLC takes about half of our meeting time of 90 minutes. The meeting starts with the patrols getting together for a bit, which is followed by the PLC meeting. While the PLC is meeting some leaders and scouts not in a POR are doing a scout skill. Scoutmaster Teddy
  12. We had a Camporee on the campus of a community college. Under the street lights no less. Even though we camped, I'm pretty sure the Camporee was a "get to know XXX Community College." In a way, a promo for that college. Scoutmaster Teddy
  13. What to do

    Deleted double post. Scoutmaster Teddy
  14. What to do

    mashmaster - I feel your pain. My son is a scout and a soccer nut. They can play and practice all year. After the high school season is over they join club teams. Even in the snow - Quincy U has an indoor field an hour away. Soccer never ends. I *was* his Scoutmaster. Was? Yes. Our Troop meets on Tuesdays which is bad for high school athletes. Wednesdays work better for athletes around here. Out of 19 scouts, he is the only athlete. I transferred him to a neighboring Troop who meets on Wednesdays, the only night athletes don't practice. I know the scoutmaster so it was okay. NOT okay with my CC though... we'll see about that. My troop is sponsored by a Methodist Church - my son went to a Catholic Troop. He too was discouraged by obnoxious behavior. My troop gets all of the kids from broken homes and those who lack attention at home. The Catholic Troop has it far easier. A Scoutmaster with a son in a different troop. It may become the end of my tenure, but it's about him - not me. Scoutmaster Teddy
  15. Boy Dens - Girl Dens

    I will agree rfd536. Good luck enforcing the separate dens. The BSA is liable to change their minds many times before the 2018 cub year. Scoutmaster Teddy