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  1. HelpfulTracks

    Oct 1, 2018 - GSS ends Patrol Method?

    Uhh, can we the LDS Church’s help getting that adopted by BSA before y’all leave?!?
  2. HelpfulTracks

    Who is headed to NOAC 2018?

    I am struggling to remember who was wearing black robes in the Shows. But there was definitely 4 in robes, so at the time I assumed it was the principles, though I don't remember them doing in portion of any ceremony. It may have been the principles or may not. I do know that this discussion that is being had is if to allow black robes as an option to the induction ceremonies. Nothing official on that front yet. Principles may currently wear regalia (area specific by next NOAC) or they may wear Field uniform for all ceremonies.
  3. HelpfulTracks

    Scouting Magazine - betting the farm on girls

    I guess it depends on what you mean when you say program. If you mean the AIMs and Methods (camping, advancement, leadership et. al) I don't think it will change much. If you mean moving to coed troops rather than single gender, I doubt that will change either. But it appears people who are much better at seeing into the future than me, already know that coed is a done deal. So if they are right, then that is a radical change. What I cannot understand is this, if someone is a supporter of keeping troops single gender, as I am, then why not stick around and work to keep it that way. Leaving Scouting to those that want coed, because you fear it will go coed, seems to be a self fulfilling prophecy.
  4. HelpfulTracks

    Adult led and youth led

    As a side note, I cannot reconcile how some of the same people who vehemently support/defend the Patrol Method will disregard/trash Wood Badge. Both of which are basically Bill Hillcourt creations. The Patrol Method is an evolution of Scouting introduced by Hillcourt in the 1920's. Wood Badge was started by Baden-Powell in England, but had fits and starts here in the U.S. until Hillcourt got involved and just would not let it die. He ran through several iterations before it stuck. It continued evolve during his time in Scouting. So if BSA training and Wood Badge are a detriment to Scouting and the Patrol method and are negatively impacting your individual unit, as some have said, why not get involved on the training side rather than dismissing it or talking it down?
  5. HelpfulTracks

    Only six months till girls in Scouts BSA.

    An interesting note. I have spoken with 2 different districts about round up in the last 24 hours. The Year over Year (unit to unit) numbers of new Cubs is up significantly. Not really surprising, since this is the first Roundup to include girls. What is mildly surprising is that if you take the girls out of the registration, the numbers of boy Cubs is also up significantly. Now, it is still early in Roundup and things could change, but it is encouraging. EDIT: We also have several ScoutsBSA female troops organizing, a couple with 20+ youth "signed-up" and 6+ NEW adults, along with 3-4 Adults with BSA experience.
  6. HelpfulTracks

    Adult led and youth led

    No I am not kidding. As for training, I am a training chair and have and still staff many BSA courses. I always emphasize (some would say to the point of annoyance) youth-led, youth -run and patrol method. Never do for a Scout what a Scout can do for himself does not absolve adults from their leadership responsibilities, which includes training, mentoring, guiding, safety, YP and policy. I am not sure how that equates to Weeb3 or AOL2, but both Baden-Powell and Hillcourt referenced adult leadership, so I am comfortable that I am what they had in mind. As for my former troop, when I left the Scouts planned every outing, meeting and event. They ran everything from start to end. Other than things like Scoutmasters minute, securing, contracting and paying for the locations they selected for outings, making sure that we had enough transportation and that we were in compliance with the YPT and driving issues, the adults did not have much at all to do with the program. The SM and ASM's would give guidance with issues the Scouts brought to us, or maybe occasional whisper some question or advice into the ear of the SPL and PLs, but that is about it.
  7. HelpfulTracks

    Adult led and youth led

    Because leading isn't synonymous to commanding. But even in command structures there are leaders besides those in command. When I was in the infantry, the Captain was the company commander, he sets the direction (based on higher orders). But the 1st Sgt was also a leader, as was the platoon Sgt and Section/Squad Sgt. At each level NCO's were autonomous and were the leaders of the troops. The President as C-in-C is not the only leader in the military, there are literally thousands of leaders. In Scouting adults lead by training, mentoring, and guiding, not commanding. Although, ultimately they are in "command" because they are responsible and will face consequences if they do not lead appropriately. Boys run the program. They plan and carry out the program. The lead others during that process. “Training boy leaders to run their troop is the Scoutmaster’s most important job. Train Scouts to do a job, then let them do it. Never do anything a boy can do.” Sir Robert Baden-Powell (also quoted on page one of Troop Leaders Training, 2010 printing) “Your Scoutmaster and other adult leaders will help Scouts become good leaders, then will step back and allow the troop’s youth leaders to take charge of planning and carrying out activities.” “An important goal of boy scouting is that troops are scout-planned and scout-led.”
  8. I would find a new troop. You can attempt to change this one, but with the time it would take you might well hate Scouting before it’s done. good luck
  9. HelpfulTracks

    Adult led and youth led

    “Adult led, youth run” is absolutely consistent with “Train ‘em, Trust ‘em, Let Lead”
  10. HelpfulTracks

    Adult led and youth led

    I can believe that.
  11. HelpfulTracks

    Adult led and youth led

    Exploring differences and methods to effectively communicate with youth of this generation. I
  12. HelpfulTracks

    SCOUTBOOK to be free as of 1 Jan 19

    Scout net is not local. The tables maybe localized, which has nothing to do with were it is physically located. But Scout net is certainly not local, unless you happen to live near the BSA server farm, which I think is in the Dallas area. (A pity they haven’t figured out the cloud yet) Not too long ago, external apps could hit Scoutnets API, but that practice was ended or severely restricted. If there were 300+ Scoutnets out there it would be nearly impossible to sync with external apps, including Scoutbook.
  13. HelpfulTracks

    Business Insider interview - Sylvia Acevedo, CEO GUSA

    Nice cover. Nice article. And she did it without bashing BSA. Nice lesson.
  14. HelpfulTracks

    Scouting Magazine - betting the farm on girls

    I will take it from your post that you haven’t taken Wood Badge, let alone staffefed it, and don’t have a clue what that section is about, beyond reading from a syllabus.
  15. HelpfulTracks

    Scouting Magazine - betting the farm on girls

    Yes, that is a very good presentation in Wood Badge. What were your thoughts when you took it/taught it @cocomax