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  1. Why do you need 50% of troop there for an election??

    I apologize, you sir are correct. I even found the 1996 memo that canceled this policy. It appears this rule was enacted sometime after 1980 and done away with in 1996, so I still fail to see how it is responsible, in whole or part, to any perceived downfall of the OA.
  2. Sad sign of the times

    @.40AET, please do not leave the board or even the discussion. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, as is @CalicoPenn In my opinion, one of the major problems with our society is the urgency with which we settle into a position, and how entrenched we become, during (or even prior to) a discussion. Too often we weaponize debate and there is no real chance to have a discussion that might help solve a problem. If you are for gun control legislation you are for tyranny and against individual rights if you are against gun control legislation you are for murdering children and against public safety. We are all to blame for where we are. The politicians stake out hardline partisan positions and hold on to them doggedly in order to get reelected because not solving a problem gives them something to rail against, but nothing to be accountable for. The media promotes the partisan conflict and 30 second sound bites because conflict sells and they want to gain viewers/readers.subscribers. Or worse, depending on the media outlet, they have staked out their own positions and rather than report, they lobby. And "we the people" reward them by continuing to send the same buffoons back to DC, even though 80+ percent of us disapprove of the job they are doing.
  3. Why do you need 50% of troop there for an election??

    Mediocracy isn't about grades, ranking or competition. Mediocracy occurs because people settle for something less than what is capable. In Scouting, that bar is the oath and law. Not merit badges, or rank, or OA. There are those Scouts that exemplify the oath and law and there are those that do not. There are Scouts that do not earn a sash full of merit badges or achieve Eagle or get into the OA, who absolutely exemplify the oath and law in their lives. And Eagles that do not. But if an adult leader does not expect a Scout to live the oath and law, and lets him slide by when he is not, then the SM is settling for mediocrity and not doing that young man any favors.
  4. Why do you need 50% of troop there for an election??

    Perhaps I am remembering the wrong poster, if so I apologize. But the level of negativity on this board by so many toward Scouting is astounding. I lost both of my parents when I was a teenager. Had my Scout leaders been as negative as many on this board, I wouldn't have stuck with scouting and no telling where I would have ended up. Scouting isn't perfect, but what is.
  5. Why do you need 50% of troop there for an election??

    The is a very good approach. Last year I was to oversee 2 different elections in one night, with different elections teams. We scheduled one for the first half of the meeting and the other for the second half. When I arrived, the adult OA member who had brought several of the team, talked the troop onto go ahead and holding the election. Initially, I was fine with that. But after the meeting, as I was talking to the Scoutmaster, he told me the adult leader insisted that everyone turn in a ballot because they only had a little over 50% of their troop there, otherwise they couldn't hold the election. Although the adult OA member was wrong, the SM had no idea. So all of his brand new crossovers turned in blank ballots. Out of 7 Scouts on the ballot, 2 were elected, 2 more would have been had the election been run properly. The SM was not happy. There were proposed bylaws changes to prevent this in the future.
  6. Why do you need 50% of troop there for an election??

    I do not agree that what OA represent is dead. I do agree with what you say about today's adults. But that is, in fact, an opportunity for strong SM's to lead. I make no bones that I believe Eagle Scout is NOT a participation Trophy and that I do not expect every Scout, or even very many, to achieve that distinction. I preach the same about OA, it is where hard work and service is not just the expectation, it is an obligation. And if you want to be part of it you better work your hardest to prove you are a first-rate Scout. I get some dirty looks from adults, and the occasional objection/argument, which always falls flat because there is no real argument against it. The youth buy in almost universally to the concept. Regardless of where you serve in Scouting, you have the opportunity to strengthen the whole. Hold the standard and others will eventually follow. Som will follow because they see the effects, some will follow out of embarrassment. But most follow or give up and get out. We have a Scoutmaster in this area like that, he sets such a good example I have even heard the SE say we need to get this right because we don't want to get the stare from the SM.
  7. Why do you need 50% of troop there for an election??

    From 1980 Handbook, pg. 49 under Unit Election Procedure "There is no fixed quota. All eligible boys who receive votes from at least 50% of those who turn in ballots are elected." I have never read anything that differed from that, from prior material or in the interim. I have never even heard anything materially different stated before.
  8. Why do you need 50% of troop there for an election??

    That is not the rule. A Scout can vote for everyone/anyone on the ballot. It has always been so. You need 50% of the Troop present in order to hold a vote, and you need 50% of the ballots cast to be elected. Honestly, I cannot remember reading a single post of yours that is not negative towards Scouting.
  9. I subscription to GTAYOP principle of advancement.
  10. Why do you need 50% of troop there for an election??

    You are indeed correct sir!
  11. Why do you need 50% of troop there for an election??

    In the true spirit of political correc........ I mean safety, it is now called Call Out, and no contact is allowed.
  12. Why do you need 50% of troop there for an election??

    Announcing immediately, doing their own Call out or waiting for a district/council Call Out ceremony is at the discretion of the Scoutmaster. As is who he informs. Most SM's share the info with their OA Rep and his Adviser, but it is his call. The OA Rep and Adviser often assist the election team, but may or may not be involved in counting the vote.
  13. Why do you need 50% of troop there for an election??

    The 50% rule is a national rule. It is designed for fairness. Believe it or not, not all Scouts are trustworthy. Is it an arbitrary percentage? Probably, but the idea is that if you have half the troop you will get a somewhat representative vote. It is also to prevent small groups from dominating the process in order to ensure certain Scouts get elected and certain Scouts don't. The is no national rule against emailing troops to remind/urge them to request an election. In fact, National encourages those emails go out. The OA are invited to conduct elections, we are guest and do not show up uninvited, not to mention we want to show up when the troop is prepared.
  14. Are Scouts Really Experiencing the Patrol Method?

    We have a nice solution for maintaining that knowledge/history/esprit de corp etc. Our "Committee" is made up of a large number former course directors. They are not official staff, but they are part of our Wood Badge family and add so much to our courses. They are great as resources for participants, but even more so for the staff. They are our wise sages, advisers, storytellers, song-masters and cheerleaders.