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  1. I assume you mean the land (I say assume because the name Philmont is also IP, not sure about BSR). As land, both have value. I was speaking to IP only in the post you quoted. I would say it is not likely to be Disney style property with Philmont as contains some historic land marks and borders several very large private ranches as well as state (and I believe federal) protected lands. I can see it being purchased by the state or feds (at a greatly reduced price), al la Carson NF, Valle Vidal and Cimerron SP. Some billionaire pseudo rancher could buy it, like Ted Turner
  2. I don't think they would get anywhere near $100m from it. But that was not the question, it was WHAT IS their IP. And that IP would be sold off for whatever value could be realized. At that point how or if it was used would be up to the new owners. Severed from BSA, I doubt it has much value at all.
  3. I did not see this as I was making my last post. Delete, hide or do whatever you feel is best. I'll drop the subject.
  4. I know who my lawyers are and what their job is. When needed, I hire good ones, but I am under no illusion they are doing it because they like me or believe in my position, nor do I care. I hire them because they win, they represent me because they can make money. Just because I don't like them does not mean I don't see a value in using them. I don't like politicians either, but I still vote.
  5. Umm. This is not directed at any specific lawyer or even this case. I don't care for lawyers, even the ones that represent me. But when any lawyer starts poking another lawyer in the eye about what he makes and also claims to be in it for the good of their client I am suspicious. Especially if he is taking the same cut, regardless of his experience or skills. If he really wants me to think about believing he is in for something other than the money, then do something like this on billable hours, or better yet at cost of his staff and filing fees or even better yet pro bono. Kosnoff
  6. No malice or sour mood intended. I was just stating a post can be named as you wish, it's just up to the mods if that name is left as initially created. ( I left out they can just rename it also) FYI - My team won convincingly. 😀
  7. I don't want to call it a dictatorship (its not), but it is not a democracy either. You can name a thread you start whatever you wish, but the Mods can close it, change it or delete it or hide it.
  8. I don't see many if any councils going with Trail Life. More likely to form some type of association. Some units may determine to go with TL but if they haven't already, then why go now. Besides. TL has its own set of issues to deal with. IP is an asset and as such can and will likely be sold off. Probably to highest bidder, which means it could go to someone that wants to shut it down or to keep it going. It is a roll of the dice. BSA's IP includes every program (including Venturing and Sea Scouts, possibly the OA), every rank, including Eagle Scout, every merit badge and every aw
  9. A “No” reply would have been easy to deal with. A “Yes”, I would ask if your state’s laws recognize him as a guardian. Since this is about tenting, I don’t envy you having to determine this one, as the Cub in question may well look at him as a father figure and might not understand why he (the Cub himself) is being treated differently.
  10. I love many of the Black Eagle flaps. Hard to find and expensive on EBay.
  11. Welcome to the forum. I have a couple of my original lodges old flaps that are in similar condition. Since I am in a different lodge I cannot wear them, so I have never considering "reviving" them. Also, they are some what rare and I don't want to risk damaging them further. However, you might try to use an iron on a low setting, maybe with some parchment paper over the patch. The old flaps did not have the plastic backing so once the threads start to shrink from washing, I am not sure anything will help. If your the idea is to wear a historical flap from your youth, tr
  12. True, I had not considered that. The current economy is likely to have an impact as well. It might be a situation where you go back, say five years, and average the cost and revenues. With so many factors, both looking back and forward, it is not an easy task to come up with financial picture that you can have a great deal of confidence in.
  13. The one critical piece of the financials I have not seen in these documents is budgets and cash flow. A balance sheet is great for telling net assets, but not very useful to tell what is needed to run a council for 2 years. Also, what is meant by they two years of finances to run a council? Does that mean they have 2 years of operating expenses on hand or does that mean two years based including two years of projected income and cashflow? Those two numbers would be very very different. And in this given situation, projected cashflow would be very difficult to project.
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