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Lessons and questions of Scout leadership and operating troop program

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    • Aren't they really the same thing? "Atheism is in the broadest sense an absence of belief in the existence of deities." How is that any different from non-theism? As for the question: "is Buddhism an atheistic religion," you have to get into the weeds about what constitutes a belief in a deity or deities. While it is true that Buddhism doesn't have the concept of a "creator god", there is a belief in beings who's labels are often translated into English as "gods" or "demi-gods". Do those count? Buddhists don't "pray", or do they? Now you have to get down into the weeds again and define what is a "prayer". Is meditation a prayer? I once had a Buddhist tell me they don't pray because "there is no-one listening", which is assuming that a prayer must be addressed to something outside oneself. But that sure looks a lot like what a Pure Land Buddhist does when they send entreaties to Amitābha to let them in to Sukhāvatī? Or is that a fundamental misunderstanding of what a Pure Land Buddhist does? All this is just a way of saying that the BSA and us scouters should not be in the business of "judging" someone-else's faith. For an organization that endeavors to be open to people of all faiths, as soon as you say "you must acknowledge X", you quickly get lost in the weeds and are in trouble. Who are we to be judging if some kid's faith is "good enough", especially when that faith is significantly different than our own? Or even if it's purported to be the same?
    • I heard of a report 30 years ago of a bus in Philadelphia that was rear ended by a car. The driver of the bus said the bus barely moved when it was hit, so none of the 5 passengers were hurt. Yet, 36  injury reports were filed against the city within the day.    Barry
    • The vast majority of claims -- 85% -- have been filed by men aged mid forties to 50s, so many of the perpetrators as well as potential corroborating witnesses are likely still alive. An additional small percentage of claims have been filed by people younger than mid forties, so perhaps 90% may be subject to to some kind of reasonable validation. I don't know the specifics of how this assessment will be conducted, but in other situations things such as case clustering in time and or location could be considered as somewhat corroborating. My question though has been whether or how any perpetrators identified will be held individually accountable through this process. 
    • Hi @LoriT. Welcome to the forum.
    • Hi!  I found your post because we are in a similar situation.  My daughter is going for her Eagle Award and just needs to complete this badge - one of my favorites.  I am a MBC but not for this badge.  Have you gotten any other responses on any other research?  My daughter spoke to our Emergency Management team where we live and asked about any virtual drills they were doing. They sited Federal mandates postponing everything (incl online?) but did say that they are still doing individual training.  After her brief talk with us, the state Emergency worker contacted others on the team and read our badge requirements, she said they did lots of searches for us and found Virtual Drills around the country that a scout could review.  The people on our area's team felt this should be a great way of viewing a drill while under COVid restrictions.  I'd like to get an ok from higher powers that be in scouting but this sounds like a great learning experience and wholly needed and appropriate during COVid.  They also added that often drills are done virtually.  Hope this helps...  Best of luck!
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