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  1. The reasons for a radio station would include music for people cooking, working on merit badges, and especially the Radio merit badge. The best part is that because it's a radio station, it obviously isn't related to the Internet or other online devices.
  2. I'm trying to find out what would be required to start a radio station to broadcast copyright free music at a scout camp. It wouldn't need excessive range, only around a mile or so of range maximum.
  3. The difference is the merit badge teaches water rescues a bit as well. Lifesaving goes more in depth, but Swimming still covers some. The badge isn't trying to make athletes, it's trying to make capable swimmers who can do what is necessary to save a life; it prepares the scout for the Lifesaving merit badge.
  4. Another thing is, the primary difference between the other three and CIS is the others force you to go searching for outside resources, such as a public meeting, rather than sitting around and talking about your personal opinion. A good citizen understands that unless someone's Constitutional rights are being inhibited, their opinion is just that; theirs. Others may agree with you, and you are allowed to voice that opinion, but unless a Constitutional right is being infringed, nothing needs to be done. That's another thing too; the other three merit badges, or at least community and
  5. Would be great, except the time it would take to complete would be outrageous.
  6. You have to understand; a true scout should always live by the Oath and Law. That is the true point of scouting; To prepare young boys (and now girls) for becoming adults, all while making friends and having fun along the way. If they don't actually live the scout Oath and Law, then they won't be able to advance in rank, provided the adult leaders are unbiased, and thus they will not advance in life either. That is on them, we don't need a merit badge for that. Most merit badges teach us skills, leadership and board of review/ scoutmaster conference questions teach us values. I also actually d
  7. Additionally, on the quoted topic, I do not think she should get the credit. In situations like this, you must remember that scoutmaster conferences and board of reviews are not there just to let you pass; on the contrary. They exist to make certain that the scout advances in life, not just in scouts, and not just on paper. Thus, since she isn't becoming a better leader, she does not get the credit. No effort, no rank.
  8. Alright, where to start... First of all, I agree with MattR; one patrol does not constitute an SPL. However, being NYLT trained myself, I can say that if she has not shown interest in actually leading, then she isn't actually leading, and therefore she is not in fact a quality candidate for an SPL position. I would also inquire as to the activities your troop does for both meetings and campouts. If there are no scout related games at meetings, no EDGEing happening on campouts, or perhaps, as happens in a lot of troops including mine, they're on their phones instead of scouting around
  9. @MattRYou did? Where? I haven't been able to find anything here about it.
  10. To start, from what I read of the requirements, it's almost entirely based on "diversity" and "equality." Now, while I agree that no one should say offensive terms, such as racial slurs, body shaming, poking fun at disabled people, etc., I don't think we need a merit badge on it. This sort of thing is already covered by the scout law with things such as Kind, Courteous, Reverent, Friendly, and Clean. The ENTIRE POINT of Scouting is to promote good citizenship! The three original Citizenship merit badges also account for every other aspect of the "Citizenship in Society" merit badge.
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