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  1. NYLT strip?

    Yup, like WB beads.
  2. NYLT strip?

    BSA is confused. "The National Youth Trained Leader [That would be NYTL.] emblem [NYLT emblem shown.] is available for all leaders who have completed the Leader Training program appropriate to their positions. The emblem is worn on the left sleeve pocket flap. Den chiefs who have completed the den chief training conference may wear the Trained Leader emblem beneath their badge of office. " This garble while the "Trained" strip for Scouters who have completed basic training for their position is still the prescribed insignia. Trained strip with green lettering, No. 18064; [or] Trained strip with red lettering, No. 280. https://www.scouting.org/home/awards_central/trainedstrip.aspx [12/11/2017] https://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/33066_Section3.pdf In fact, the "NYLT" strip is prescribed for Scouts and Venturers only. They may also wear Trained Strip w/ green lettering, No. 280. https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2015/11/05/nylt-patch-offers-new-way-scouts-venturers-show-theyre-trained/ UNLESS I have convinced BSA to use "leader" to refer exclusively to youth and Scouter to Scouters. That seems unlikely.
  3. Scouts and Fixed Blades; New viewpoint

    You do make a good point. However, the rule might be, for example, "No student shall bring a knife onto school property" - excepting other actors and excepting the school's knives. Cleveland's absolute prohibition of any knife 2.5" blade or longer was not enforced against restaurant patrons. However, it was found to violate the State constitution not for erratic enforcement but as contrary to an Ohio statute criminalizing only concealed carry of "weapons." The Cleveland ordinance did not allow consideration of whether the knife was a "weapon" vs. a tool. LEO's tell me the primary use of the ordinance historically was to pile another charge on a juvenile arrested for some other crime(s) in order to encouraged "pleading out." Uneven application of a zero tolerance rule was raised as a defense on behalf of a student in an actual case. Faculty had violated the rule and not been punished. The defense was disallowed and the student punished as provided in the rule. Our recent history has many examples of those in authority refusing to enforce the laws they are supposed to enforce. Such misfeasance does not decriminalize conduct violating the law. Try telling the judge that not all speeders are ticketed. She will not be amused, and your argument will fail. Now if you can make and support an Equal Protection argument (e.g., only Hispanic students arrested), then the law may be stricken as unconstitutional as applied. (Children per se are not a constitutionally protected class.) I am confident that BP could write a reasonable rule. But zero tolerance rules are not about reasonableness, and they get written and enforced, evenhandedly or not. That is simply reality. To be other than "zero tolerance," all persons would have their cases considered in light of the circumstances - not just one or more favored classes of persons and not erratically.
  4. Scouts and Fixed Blades; New viewpoint

    BP, your statement is correct; however, a law allowing an exercise of judgment as to whether possessing a knife on school property is a crime would not be a "zero tolerance" knife law. The whole point of such laws is that, if the triggering event of possessing a "knife" on the premises takes place, the school official can say, "I have no choice." All infractions of the rule, regardless of circumstances, especially regardless of intent, are punished - even the punishment is often not subject to adjustment to the circumstances. We do not allow a minor of 17 to enter into a contract to buy a disk player, but we expel a child of 8 for not understanding that a pastry might look like a "weapon"," triggering a zero tolerance rule. Watch pointing that finger.
  5. Snow - good or bad

    SNOW!!!! Cleveland, 68.1"/yr. (2d among 50 largest cities) edges out Minneapolis, 54"/yr., 'cause Minnie is on the wrong side of the lake. Now Buffalo is just ridiculous - 94.7"/yr. Boston 43.8"/yr. So yes, "Snow Day; what's that?" So what do we do with our Geauga county seat, Chardon, Ohio, at 107"/yr? (Or 108.23" according to the city records; max 161.45" 1959-1960) "With an average annual snowfall of 107 inches (272 cm), Chardon is notable for being the snowiest city in Ohio. This is mainly due to its location on a 730-foot (223 m) ridge approximately 10 miles (16 km) inland from Lake Erie, creating the perfect conditions for orographic lift and its associated heavy snowfall when winter winds blow across the lake. In 1996, from November 9 through November 13, a storm dropped over 70 inches (178 cm) of lake-effect snow in the city over a period of six days. Governor George Voinovich declared a state of emergency as a result, and the Ohio National Guard was brought in to assist with the cleanup."
  6. Snow - good or bad

    I have a picture of me sitting on the snow on the hood of the family car in Garden Grove. Tustin had 3" Silverado 6"
  7. Scouts and Fixed Blades; New viewpoint

    EmberMike, a good question. BSA never prevented use or carrying of any knife whatsoever. A couple of yeasr ago it made that point explicit rather than implicit. It was a matter of local option, so you had to ask each of the units or Councils what they meant by their variously-worded restrictive rules. I can tell you that a couple years ago, Camp Frontier assertedly prohibited fixed-blade knives "on the camp property." When I pointed out to the Camp Director that his store sold 8"-bladed fixed-blade knives (in sheaths, but not he carrying kind) and that fixed-blade knives were use in the handicraft area, he said the rule predated him and he didn't know it's reason or its purpose. He asked that we not have our Scouts "walking around with big honking knives on their belts." The PLC thought that was reasonable as it had enacted a 4" blade rule years before. Thus, 4" was neither "big" nor "honking." Very few Scouts ever carried anything other than a pocket knife as a matter of choice. Those that did always carried in a small pack with books, food, and other "possibles." Until five years ago, our council camp prohibited "sheath knives" "at camp." The author of that, and many other ZT rules was sacked. Now we have the Scout Law.
  8. Scouts and Fixed Blades; New viewpoint

    Broward County, Florida honor roll student cut a peach in half with what even the school called a "butter knife." “This is a set of a spoon, fork and knife for toddlers — one year old,” the girl’s mother, Andrea Souto, added. “It is made for children to learn how to eat properly. She’s used it since she was baby.” "11-year-old suspended for violation of school’s ‘weapons policy’ after sharing fruit with a friend." Her "case" was turned over to the State's Attorney for further criminal proceedings. PHILADELPHIA – A 10-year-old girl was placed in handcuffs and taken to a police station because she took a pair of scissors to her elementary school. School district officials said the fourth-grade student did not threaten anyone with the 8-inch shears, but violated a rule that considers scissors to be potential weapons. Administrators said they were following state law when they called police Thursday, and police said they were following department rules when they handcuffed Porsche Brown (search) and took her away in a patrol wagon. "My daughter cried and cried," said her mother, Rose Jackson. "She had no idea what she did was wrong. I think that was way too harsh." Police officers [that is, adults] decided the girl hadn't committed a crime and let her go. However, school officials suspended her for five days. Administrators will decide at a hearing whether she may return to class, or be expelled to a special disciplinary school. The scissors were discovered while students' belongings were being searched for property missing from a teacher's desk. School district officials have promised a crackdown on unruly students this year, and new policies give administrators the power to expel students for infractions as minor as violating the dress code, chronic tardiness or habitual swearing. Administrators say the steps are needed to regain control over a notoriously unruly school system, but some parents have complained that discipline has been overly harsh and that school officials have been too quick to call police about minor problems." "Josh Welch, a second-grader at Park Elementary School in Baltimore, Maryland, was suspended for two days because his teacher thought he shaped the strawberry, pre-baked toaster pastry into something resembling a gun. WBFF, the FOX affiliate in Baltimore, broke the story. Welch, an arty kid who has reportedly been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, said his goal was to turn it into a mountain, but that didn’t really materialize." We put our precious children into the power of these pathetic excuses for "teachers," a title that should be one of honor. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "There is a no more stupid, or more dangerous way of making decisions, than to put those decisions in the hands of those who pay no price for being wrong."Thomas Sowell
  9. Explorers Canoe Derby Down the Mississippi?

    1957: https://www.newspapers.com/newspage/41247438/ 1962: https://www.newspapers.com/newspage/43701007/ 1964: https://www.newspapers.com/newspage/41258518/
  10. BSA Hammock Rules

    https://www.scouting.org/Home/HealthandSafety/Safety_Moments.aspx Links to: https://www.scouting.org/filestore/HealthSafety/pdf/680-055_SafetyHammocks_WEB.pdf
  11. It was a Tenderfoot test to give the Scout Handclasp in the B.S.A., Boy Scout Handbook, 7th Ed. at p. 34 (1969). It was Joining Requirement to know the Scout Handclasp. B.S.A., Official Boy Scout Handbook, 9th (Bill Hillcourt) Ed., at pp. 11 and 47 (1980). As the "Scout Handshake," knowing how to give it s now a Scout rank requirement, B.S.A., Boy Scout Handbook, 13th Ed., at p. 10 (2015).
  12. Scouts and Fixed Blades; New viewpoint

    If knives cause violence, do spoons cause obesity? Student expelled by Superintendent Hutchings for using electronic device at High School contraary to "zer9 tolerance" rule banning them unless authorized by staff. Expulsion reversed when victim got lawyer. "Todd Kotler cited two studies (one from the American Psychological Association and one from a family law journal) that argue persuasively that zero-tolerance policies like Hutchings' aren't effective methods to rehabilitate and reform misbehaving children. Kotler, along with Trumbo, felt that punishments should be commensurate with the infraction.
  13. I advise soaking in a bath tub with Woolite or similar product. Slosh (not Stosh) up and down gently. Drain in place. Fill tub and slosh. Repeat. Drain in place well before trying to pick up to hang and damp. When damp dry, use the tennis ball in dryer trick. The danger is stressing the stitching when the bag is heavy with water. I have seen a number of down bags tear apart internally from such stress. I advisew against washing any sleeping bag in a dasher washer. I even am worried by front loaders. Some companies say their bags are good to go on "gentle" in any machine, but their business is to sell more sleeping bags. The old Coleman company (pre takeover by conglomerate) training course advised against machine washing of sleeping bags or similar, quilted garments. A sleeping bag liner lengthens the period between washing. I have a 1958 issue USMC bag. Still fine. Feathers in the mix smell off when wet.
  14. I would start by asking the Scout in question who he is friendly with in his patrol. If the answer is no one, I would ask if anyone in another patrol is someone he is friendly with. If such a person exists, I would ask the PL of the patrol with the friend, if his patrol would accept another member, explain why I think that would be important, and ask him to make smooth the way for the transfer. Boys don't join to be educated, learn to be responsible, or develop better values. That was B-P's insight and Bill's. It is my observation in nearly fifty years of unit-level Scouting. I joined, for example, because my neighbor was someone I buddied with and he asked me to join his patrol.