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  1. One might wonder what the correct numbers are.
  2. Change enough of the "format" and what's the point?

    Vigil Nominee

    Transfer your Good Turn coin from your left pocket to your right pocket.

    Rumblings of Time Ahead

    When your organizational leadership acts as if the "customer's" desires are wrong, you get Sears.

    United Methodist Church Schism

    That solution is intolerable to those wanting a change in policy, according to their writing on the subject.

    Headline news again...

    Journalism, in the sense of energetic investigation and a drive for accuracy, died decades ago with few exceptions. Now it's "He said"/"She said" and "If it bleeds, it leads." CNN initially reported in its on-line version that the attack in Baghdad that killed Soleimani was by "three Katyusha rockets." I contacted them and pointed out that those rockets are WW II-era ballistic rockets - unguided area weapons - very inaccurate and that the U.S. doesn't use them. The story then changed to "drone attack." This was a big deal story and a hash was made of it right out of the gate. The claim of Katyushas suggested an attack by ISIS or some other group opposed to Iran, and, given that it was CNN, anything was possible. Our local remaining, dying newspaper, reported a few years ago that Jews and Muslims are offended by the public display of the Ten Commandments because "They are from the Christian Bible." The story was by their "Chief foreign news editor, who supposedly has a BA in "liberal arts" from Smith. All that education set to naught by the failure to see The Ten Commandments. My old Honda had a bumper sticker given to me by the Troop SM, a cantor; "Moses says take 10." Muslims feel they have a better version but are emphatically not offended at what they regard as an older revelation from Allah, since updated by the revelations accorded to the Prophet Muhammad centuries later. Most of the material in the Cleveland Plain Dealer for several years is days-old cut-and-paste from AP, NY Time, Washington Post, and LA Times. It employs a fraction of it's former staff. It mourned the death of the Cleveland Press. TV will mourn the death of the "PD" when life support is discontinued.


    My troop had uniformed female leaders nine years before BSA caught on that disqualifying over half the adult population wasn't helping with the critical shortage of adult volunteers. (Including a retired USMC First Sgt.) Forty years after recognizing the issue, what is the BSA "plan" to address the problem of getting more adult volunteers? Crickets. And if there is an issue of violence from a cheating adult, what is council doing? This guy should not be around for YPT reasons alone. Adult Association is supposed to be with adults of integrity. The son is stuck with him. (And the same issues arise with Merit Badge mills. Horrible examples tolerated by councils and BSA for venal reasons.)

    Who Me Game

    Sorry. Right: boards. Have access to color copying pros? We had the graphics department of a local company copy a board and mounted the copy on poster board. (Coffee spill casualty at the last moment.)

    Headline news again...

    Taken as given that anything said can be twisted, the safest course would be to say nothing - or close down. Even "no comment" is used by the MSM as an admission of quilt. At the extremes, mere accusation = guilt. Advertising is a normal business expense, so long as the work is hired out at arm's length. Sacrificing the core supporters to attempt to mollify enemies is remarkably incompetent. Those who hate Scouting will never stop attacking until it is destroyed. The target should be the committed supporters and the uncommitted - those already persuaded or persuadable. In classic liberalism, " I disagree with everything you say but defend to the death your right to say it." We have few liberals around today, especially among those calling themselves "liberals."
  10. TAHAWK

    Who Me Game

    P 32 of the Syllabus Appendix: NATIONAL YOUTH LEADERSHIP TRAINING Appendix-32 Who, Me? Game Cards Easier Category Make these game cards by copying this page on blue paper and cutting along the dotted lines. https://scoutingevent.com/attachment/BSA358/58960_1449594194_1802.pdf
  11. Several years ago, one of our districts overwhelmingly elected a long-service volunteer as DC. The SE vetoed the election, with no reason given. Consensus is that elected DC was regarded as insufficiently servile. The vetoed guy was and is much liked and respected. Every year, there he is every day of Summer Camp, running the Health Lodge (ER RN). Does really well with kids and adults. Supernaturally calm in emergencies. Another election. Same guy elected - unanimously this time. Vetoed again. No reason given. Another election. No one elected DC - no votes for any candidate on slate presented by Council, but guy elected DC twice is unanimously elected ADC on motion from floor District returns to function under leadership of ADC - leads Council in fund-raising. SE retired. New SE eliminates districts in favor of geographic "service teams" run by "professionals." Already poor roundtable attendance and fund-raising both crash, council-wide. Council listed for consolidation out of existence less than three years after doubling in size. Defy the First Law of Holes to your peril. Ignorance can be cured. Stupidity, not so much.
  12. It is not enough that they preside over steady failure? OK 1. I believe that good unit-level program, and nothing else, attracts youth customers for BSA and for Scouting. BSA seems to focus on everything else, including to the detriment of program. The first question before anything new is adopted or anything is discontinued should be, "How will this impact sales?" We need BSA leader who focus on program or we need Scouting to leave BSA. 2. BSA seems to believe that easily obtained "bling" is the key to membership growth, even as making bling easier to obtain tracks declining membership. 5-7 times as many "Eagles"; summer camp merit badge mills; merit badge "colleges"; OA for ALL. It may not be causing membership decline, but it is not correcting it. It is, rather, the pursuit of illusion. We need sane and honest leadership at BSA or we need to leave BSA, 3. BSA focuses on $$ to meet payroll, and risks to that $$$ $$ $, to the near total exclusion of concern for any other factor. So, in the four Ohio councils that I have studied since 1981, volunteer positions in the district and council within the gift of the paid Scouters increasingly go to the sources of the biggest donations (See "Good Volunteer") without consideration of performance. Staff payroll is important, but the obsession is short-sighted. No customers is the end of the jobs as surely as lack of revenue from begging. Our Museum account, for which I was Treasurer, went short $2,000 donated to support the Museum. There was no inquiry. I was told, "Not to worry. " (I did not worry. I resigned.) Gifts to the museum of Scout memorabilia have been sold off to fund payroll. What was that "Trustworthy" thing? We need leadership at BSA and councils that is trustworthy or we need to leave BSA, lest we be as tainted as they already are. 4. For years, lack of adult volunteers has crippled program. I see no effort to correct this shortage. Instead, BSA absolutely discourages direct recruiting of adults who do not have youth in the program, even though adults with children no longer in the program are disproportionately volunteers beyond Cubbing. This is not explained; simply decreed. (I am told enforcement is uneven.) Some YPT theory? My friends in Canada, India, Australia, and the Philippines find this policy bizarre. It is, and it needs to change. We need more adults. (Donors are, of course, aggressively recruited. I do get monthly appeals for $$$, including "estate planning opportunities." 💀 ) 5. Most of the officials at BSA are unfamiliar with the substance of BSA program "methods." I have officially asked three times for guidance on what BSA wants me to teach about the Patrol Method at the district, council, and area levels, because the training syllabii do not approach covering the topic. They have not done so for over thirty years - closer to forty-five. BSA is unable to define the Patrol Method since Marc Griffin left Information Delivery several years ago ( and he ran out of time to correct the problem before being transferred, eventually to Salt Lake City to try and save LDS membership). BSA is too busy with things other than Scouting - things less important to BSA survival, much less important to Scouting. I tried to discuss with our SE why Leadership, formerly though to be an aspect of citizenship, was a separate "Goal" now. He was totally confused. He could not distinguish methods from goals and did not understand the methods. Leading a "business" that you do not understand produces Sears. It too peddled off assets before the end. 6. Membership figures in BSA are often false. Our just-previous SE, an honorable man, had to take a 30% membership hit his first year when he closed down numerous fake units. My home council's first "Executive" was fired over this issue decades ago when 25% of the membership is fake. The FBI has formally investigated phony membership figures from other councils. Membership numbers once drove United Way contributions, motivating lying about membership. It's called "Digging deep for Scouting" because the liar pays the registration fees to improve his performance metrics. When I tried to recognize the SMs of my district's two oldest troops some years ago, I found they, and their troops, had been dead for years. I could not get the crooked DE fired but I got a new DE. We now have units in one suburb for sure that have not had advancement in many years - none, but they re-register with exactly five youth and three adults every year. I am assured they do not meet. I went to there "meting place" one "meeting night" and found only the janitor, who knew nothing about Scouits. Competent, honest leaders demand that the "numbers" be reliable so they can make rational decisions. The recognition of that need motivated our immediately-past, and honorable, SE to chop heads when the fraudulent numbers did not immediately stop as he had demanded. Good for him! Accurate performance numbers are NOT essentia for "pretend" leadership.
  13. TAHAWK

    Global Climate Change (AGW)

    I quoted predictions. I assume the Green Machine currently trims it's sails to match the present wind, but it still makes dire predictions. The issue for me is damage to the credibility of what I think of as "conservation" - rationally preserving finite resources against waste. Keep making wildly inaccurate dire predictions, and even the unmistakable truth gets lost. Neo-Luddites provide noise the profligate can and do use to drown out reasonable concerns. Then we have the politicians like AOC demanding the outlawing of meat-eating, no more use of fossil-fuel, and, generally, TEOTWAWKI - all to gain power. See, it is not enough for the Green Machine that one agrees there is climate change - even "global warming" - or agrees that we can make it worse - or better. The Green Machine demands total obeisance to every aspect of their religion, even if it means ignoring science: "Sun energy output cycles are meaningless!" 👽
  14. Is it possible that your list is a list of problems we need to solve? In the business world, a string of losing seasons seldom produces continued tenure, much less raises, for the top management. (I live east of Cleveland, and few seem to want to be Mayor of Cleveland. The "opposition" to the incumbent Mayor last election consisted of two convicted criminals - a grafter who served his prison sentence for taking bribes and a chronic drunk driver. The incumbent easily "won." "Victory," a "New Beginning," etc. is proclaimed every 2-3 years as the population, physical safety, and average standard of living falls. ) In wilderness survival, the consensus is that admitting there is a problem is a precondition for doing anything to improve odds of survival.
  15. TAHAWK

    Global Climate Change (AGW)

    Depends on what really happens and, then, where you are. Could Greenland be green again? Wheat grown in Canada? By 2020, "millions will die" from climate change Reuters newswire ran this headline in 1997: "'Millions will die' unless climate policies change." The report said 8 million people would die by 2020, citing a prediction in the Lancet medical journal. The mass death prediction was clearly way off. “None of these predictions came true, and aren't even close to coming true,” said Roy Spencer, a climatologist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. “It's amazing that the public can continue to believe apocalyptic predictions despite a 95 percent decline in weather-related deaths in the last 100 years.” Some modern studies claim to find mass deaths; the Daily Beast covered a “shock report” that “Climate Change Kills 400,000 a Year,” but Human Progress' Marian Tupy said such estimates are grossly inflated."