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  1. "BSA doesn't have a mechanism for enforcing quality standards in units. For all of its hand-wringing about membership numbers, BSA seems to ignore the direct relationship between unit quality on the one hand and member recruitment and retention on the other. All recruitment is by local units. All retention is by local units. Membership numbers could be improved substantially if the vast majority of those units met quality standards of the kind found in the Commissioner Helps book." 👍
  2. Objective is to develop Scouts as leaders and have Scouts experience democracy. We also do not have school teachers take the tests with the students. So not at all "odd." Sadly, BSA fails to train the adults properly, for example omitting explanation of Patrol Method even as they abandon it de facto for the adult-led troop method.

    Patrol Method - Best Practices

    "A patrol is a team in the game of Scouting. " Good. And what is a "troop"? BSA used to know.

    Per WSJ -BSA may declare bankruptcy

    B.S.A official records used to say that I completed Scoutmaster Training (at least 21)years old) in 1910. Now they say 1912. Imaginary units with imaginary members. Imaginary advancement B.S.A. records should be up for a Nebula Award.

    Per WSJ -BSA may declare bankruptcy

    And that's not to mention potential environmental liability to restore the strip-mined areas. What were they .... Woops, I almost said "thinking." ☢️

    "Train Them, Trust Them, Let Them Lead"

    Until BSA largely killed it off as inconsistent with WB 21st Cent, there was a good district-level Saturday or 1.5 day basic course ("JLOW") that lent itself to troop presentation. Weaker/newer units could partner with other units to put it on. Some iconoclastic Scouting councils keep putting it on., recognizing that week-long revenue-producers are beyond the reach of most Scouts. https://scoutingevent.com/441-JLOW2018 http://www.trcbsa.org/Event.aspx?id=915 This useful training is also out of step with BSA since based on the Patrol Method and Leadership Development, whereas BSA now requires that at least two registered Scouters supervise every single Scout activity. I suppose all the material about the Patrol Method, Scouts leading and all that, could be edited out to get in step with the latest changes. 😐

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    Can you even imagine "adventure" other than in a revenue-generating context? How about adventure in the natural social group - the patrol? In real Scouting, a Scout was to spend "his" time primarily in a patrol context. "Boy Scouting" is patrol scouting.This still pops up in BSA literature here and there. There is no "troop method," but it's hard to tell that since the 1970's when the BSA model Troop Meeting Plan" came out, allocating five minutes to the patrol - to be used in business , for Bill's sake - and the balance to a group that is supposed to exist solely for the administrative convenience of the patrols that make up a troop. You have to be old now to have had much chance to experience "Scouting." BSA dumped it overboard generations ago - with the last coherent formal training on what it meant in 1972. And now the inhabitants of the odious Safety Bubble want two - TWO - registered Scouters "supervising" even patrol meetings - should they occur. Let's try something "new" Let's try Scouting. It worked well, but is so secondary now to BSA's primary goal - raising money for payroll - that what is left has little attraction to the vast majority of kids. Whereas, nationally, 2/3 of all boys were registered at some time with a BSA units, we are under 5% in NE Ohio.

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    Trademark law aims to protect "customers" from being misled as to whom they are "doing business" with. BSA used "Scouts" for boys and girls youth programs since 1969, with co-ed Exploring ("Explorer Scouts"). If that was an infringement, GSA had to promptly act to enforce their claimed rights. But it didn't for almost fifty years. GSA should lose, big time. Anti trust law aims to foster competition on the theory that competition benefits consumers.

    Boy Scouting in WW2

    I had three uncles in WWII. They didn't want to talk about it. All gone now. The uncle in the Merchant Marine was killed in January, 1941 on the Russian run. Many first-person accounts remain.
  10. TAHAWK

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    Adventure Scouts BSA But, then BSA would need to live up to it.
  11. TAHAWK

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    BSA has used "Scouts" and "Scouting" since 1913. A tad late to sue over merely using those words. This is the last gasp of a zombie organization. Scouting BSA cookies! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Win the culture war and leave only devastation. "Free stuff"
  12. TAHAWK

    Scout led - to trust or to over ride?

    Speaking only of Boy Scouting, such a PL might benefit from training on the role of adults in program. Being a resource is not inconsistent with youth leadership. BSA is an entirely other issue, with registered adult "supervision" every minute being mandated.
  13. TAHAWK


    So long Patrol Method. So long Boy Scouting. We tried top-down dictatorship before and have never recovered. Participation is voluntary. So long.
  14. This might encourage them to bring those ideas to the PLC - part of their job.
  15. TAHAWK

    Parents not getting it

    Tell the voters about how the PL has to be able to convince his peers to schedule what his patrols wants and the SPL has to convince the adults on the TC so support the PLC's program - need people who will be taken seriously.