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  1. If you refer to the Halle knives, the same knives can be, of course, purchased for far less on the open market, although still relatively expensive. They are not even marked as official BSA gear.
  2. https://www.scoutshop.org/camping/knives-tools/knives.html
  3. Big box stores sell bundles of microfiber towels for drying off vehicles after washing. Purchased that way, they are quite reasonable. Reviews: https://www.autoguide.com/best-car-towels https://www.motor1.com/reviews/464440/best-car-drying-towels/ https://drivedetailed.com/guide-choosing-best-car-drying-towel/
  4. Great days for buying surplus all those years ago when wool was replaced by polyester in all 1st World militaries. The Swedish wool trpusers were pretty great too. As the supply declined, the price rose. Econ 101.
  5. Might as well use a plastic bag. Below 25F, or 19F if active (activity creates more inside condensation), the little holes freeze solid. Still waterproof, but also breathing proof. Perspiration is trapped inside and may even become ice - not the sort of "layer" the Layer System requires. "(c) Wear when the average temperature is above 19º F and alternating between freezing and thawing. You will determine the base and insulation layers necessary dependent upon temperature, wind and activity level." United States Army Northern Warfare Training Center Cold Weather (CWLC, CWOC &a
  6. Gore-Tex - breaths very little when dry and not at all when wet - a very expensive rain slicker. Gore-Tex is still in the U.S. military inventory but was largely restricted to sedentary use above 19F as of seventeen years ago.
  7. Didn't Greater New York Council openly refuse to follow BSA policy when that policy excluded gay persoons?
  8. Say Allstate tells you they will pay nothing to settle a caase where you rear-ended someone. (Actual case). You are at fault for not ______________ ? What?
  9. Every year for twenty-five years, Troop 22 did Summer Camp in June, high adventure in July. Patrol campunts in August. Planned by the Scouts. Never cancelled. campouts
  10. What always interested me about the wisdom of Summit is the potential liability for the cost of remediation of the stripmining of much of the property. Our local Council has dismissed the litigation and banckruptcy as nonevents on the grounds that the LC is a "separate entity." Per their cheery emailed videos, nothing will change: "The Lake Erie Council has not filed for bankruptcy. Our Council is legally separate, distinct and financially independent from the national organization. Scouting programs will continue. This means that unit meetings and activities, service area
  11. I WISH it was a "pol." But BSA has clearly said it's a POR. 😐
  12. The overall topic " Increasing Advancement "
  13. Meeting Unit Expectations "A unit should set expectations of the Scout for positions of responsibility, and if, within reason (see the note under “Rank Requirements Overview,”, based on the Scout’s personal skill set, these expectations have been met, the Scout has fulfilled the requirement. In a note that has become a big point of discussion over the last year, the Guide to Advancement says “Regardless of a unit’s expectations or policy, if a unit takes time off, such as during the summer months, it must count that time toward service in a position of responsibi
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