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  1. Job opening at National

    Hanlon's Razor again.
  2. Job opening at National

    They probably meant to say that maintaining confidences is a job requirement.
  3. Job opening at National

    Hanlon's razor
  4. Job opening at National

    B.S.A. is somewhat famous for its IT travails.
  5. Position: Associate Organizational and Leadership Development Compensation: Exempt Level position Department: Human Resources Position location: Irving, TX 75038 Job Overview: Supports the strategic priorities of Organizational and Leadership Development through close partnership and guidance from the Team Leader, Organizational and Leadership Development. Serves as an integral member of the business unit’s team with responsibility for supporting all key functions, to include: Organizational Culture, Succession Management, Change Management, facilitation and other needs, as requested. Primary Responsibilities: Provides daily support (e.g. communications, scheduling, facilitating partnerships, managing administrative aspects, initiating processes, etc.) within scope of authority, to all the business unit’s areas of responsibility through close partnership and guidance of the Team Leader, Organizational and Leadership Development Works closely with Team Leader, Organizational and Leadership Development and team members to ensure that all reports, schedules, and other deliverables are accurate and complete. Supports communications to varied stakeholders. Schedules work sessions, meetings, and events in accordance with functional needs and related timelines. Supports the success of scheduled events. Communicates with varied stakeholders pre, post, and during all scheduled events. Serves as primary person responsible for and coordinates projects in support of key strategic initiatives as identified and/ or requested, may be self-initiated. Makes recommendations to improve or develop processes, programs, tools, and interventions to support the work and goals of organizational development. Coordinates and supports implementation of approved changes. Assists in the preparation of bi-annual budget and monitors expenses with Team Leader, Organizational and Leadership Development. Orders supplies, approves and/or processes invoices for payment (within scope of authority). Supports financial accounting for all OD cost centers to include monthly report generation, account validation. Creates, validates, and generates monthly reports. Initiates and implements processes (within scope of authority). Creates companion reporting to measure impact, effectiveness, and Return on Investment (ROI) of goals and initiatives. Other job-related duties as assigned. Qualifications/ Experience: Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, Organizational Development or related field from an accredited college or university is required. Master’s Degree preferred. Two or more years of work within Organizational Development, Leadership Development and/or Human Resources required, with an emphasis on Organizational Development related tasks. Expert level proficiency using Adobe Creative Suite. Ideal candidate will possess the ability to maintain confidence with sensitive and private information. Exceptional written and verbal communication skills. Compensation: The National Council, Boy Scouts of America is an equal opportunity employer. In addition to offering a competitive annual salary; the BSA offers benefits to include major medical, prescription coverage, dental, vision, life-insurance, short and long-term disability, accidental death, and a defined benefit retirement plan. We also offer a generous PTO policy and 11 holiday observances. How to apply: Qualified candidates must email a resume and cover letter to: Resume.Exempt@Scouting.org . The subject line of the email should state Associate Organizational & Leadership Dev. . (Internal applicants should also include the word Internal in the subject line.)
  6. Sunday Morning segment on the BSA

    Who is represented by these numbers? Youth only, perhaps? In terms of total membership, the level in the last year before the full implementation of the "Improved Scouting" program (1972 - 6.5 million - the actual peak) have never been reached since by B.S.A.'s own account in the Annual Report. Chart seems to be an illustration of Disraeli's Razor. Everyone from bowling leagues to the PTA have seen serious drops in membership - even in absolute numbers. The market share numbers are far more awful.
  7. Patrol Method/System Resources

    AIDS to SCOUTMASTERSHIP - original 1920 pamphlet. Can use zoom to easily read it even with my old eyes. Can be printed. https://issuu.com/scoutingireland/docs/aidstoscoutmaster "SCOUTING IS A GAME for boys, under the leadership of boys, in which elder brothers can give their younger brothers healthy environment and encourage them to healthy activities such as will help them to develop CITIZENSHIP [emphasis in original].”
  8. "Here, then, is Scouting in a nutshell: A game for boys under the leadership of boys with the wise guidance and counsel of a grown-up who has still the enthusiasm of youth in him. A purposeful game, but a game just the same, a game that develops character by practice, that trains for citizenship--through experience in the out-of-doors [emphasis in the original]." William Hillcourt, Handbook for Scoutmasters, 3rd Ed (1936)[two volumes] This was Bill's evocation of B-P's statement in Aids to Scoutmastership (1945 ed): "SCOUTING IS A GAME for boys, under the leadership of boys, in which elder brothers can give their younger brothers healthy environment and encourage them to healthy activities such as will help them to develop CITIZENSHIP [emphasis in the original]." These wise words have been edited by BSA into: "“Scouting is a game for boys under the leadership of boys under the direction of a man.” And from this, much flows. We could still try Boy Scouting.
  9. Our Venturers on staff in 2008, 2009, and 2017 absolutely stunned the participants. We didn't have to raise a finger. The best lesson they ever saw about the youth leadership aspect of the Patrol Method.
  10. The typical Scouter is put off by being taught by Scouts. BSA appropriately added junior staff to Wood Badge, an experiment tried in 1959. See it; believe it.
  11. Don' hasta' be live music.
  12. 1. Scoutcraft through First Class - eight continuous, full days. 2. 1 Leadership Skills in the context of outdoor program, with learners tenting out over eight, continuous full days. (Modified to "weekend" course of six days 3. More abstract leadership course with five minutes of Scoutcraft (how to light a backpacking stove), often by staff who don't know how to light the stove. 5 days. "Since its inception, Boy Scouting has relied heavily on an outdoor program to achieve its objectives. This program meets more of the purposes of Scouting than any other single feature." B.S.A., Guide to Safe Scouting (2018) at p. 47.
  13. Every Scout deserves his moment in the sun - alone. It may be brief, but it's not a cattle call. Efficiency is not a goal when we are doing recognition. Mom and Dad should be able, at a minimum, to snap a picture or two. Yes? Limit the time for announcements. Enforce the time limits, politely, to be sure. Music? . Suggest handouts; you can cite the need to be sure everyone gets the dates/times/details accurately. Slides sounds great!. Either handout or slides forces them to think about their message in advance vs. rambling on.
  14. The is no process in place to "pull" Wood Badge staff "from those Scoutmasters that really understand the program." So it does nor happen. There should be.
  15. Boy-led is one aspects of the Patrol Method. It is not, in itself, a method, although some at BSA clearly do not get it. Hence: "Patrols are one component of what we call youth-run, or youth-led, troop." Scouting.org, "Orientation for New Scout Parents," by Clueless ["we"] (2018). With the time allocated these days, there is no time to get from abstract to concrete - barely time to read the abstractions.