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  1. I looked for the menu at our local Mexican restaurant a few weeks ago (pre close-down), and now I get ads for vacations in Mexico 2-3 times a day. Poor software.
  2. The ad for a double toilet paper roll holder does seem timely. Bernie does want a "small favor" from me - supporting his campaign.
  3. Temporary insignia is just that -- items which were received, earned or given to a Scout, Venturer, Scouter or Venturing leader -- for participating in or service as part of a national, regional or local event or activity. It is always worn one at a time, may either be attached to or suspended from the right pocket, and the guidance is that each individual chooses which item goes there for the period he or she chooses." BSA Administration Manual, "Uniform and Insignia" (section 23 in 2005 version of manual, starting at page 23-4) I apologize for lack of clarity.in my original response. By "right side" I assumed that you meant right pocket, as contrasted to above the right pocket. Above the right pocket is reserved for jamboree participation patches, interpreter strip, a a couple of other very obscure items.
  4. They may be normal now. They are so normal generally online, that I successfully ignore them.
  5. I changed nothing - did nothing - and everything is back to normal. 😃
  6. And now the policy is it's not allowed if it's not allowed, but the language of prohibition was eliminated. Duh! Only "should" left - not mandatory.
  7. You both can and may IIRC.
  8. Cultural appropriation: Use of paper, gunpowder and noodles by non-Chinese. Leaning towers outside Italy? Pineapple, potatoes, maize, and tomatoes outside South America. pinus sylvestris in the U.S. or Canada. Rice in Mexico. Opium in the Western Hemisphere. 🐽
  9. I still do, but only trying to get here via www.scouter.com. If i get a link to a post, it works now. Yay!
  10. Roundtable As we have no districts, the employee-run meetings have been cancelled in the Cleveland area.
  11. Re square neckerchiefs: It's not the heat it's the humidity.
  12. "I like to disperse new scouts to established patrols" I too experienced the mixed-age patrol as a Scout, and that's fine so long as the Scouts decide who goes where and no one is forced away from friends against their will. Adult ideas of "balance" are irrelevant to friendship. “Again, although the Scoutmaster may often advise with the Patrol leader …concerning new recruits, the admission of a new [Scout] … to the Patrol should be with the approval of the Patrol members.” Hillcourt, William
  13. The "resource role" has meant for 90 years that adults guide leaders to knowledge as required so leaders can teach scouts needing teaching.
  14. $30 per unit for the weekend or $15 per day per unit.
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