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  1. This might encourage them to bring those ideas to the PLC - part of their job.

    Parents not getting it

    Tell the voters about how the PL has to be able to convince his peers to schedule what his patrols wants and the SPL has to convince the adults on the TC so support the PLC's program - need people who will be taken seriously.
  3. Wilderness Survival, including SAR. Many skills involved in broad sense, running to 10s of MB topics.
  4. Practice Practice with the "right" committee members and other sensitive, informed adults is good Counseling the Committee on their proper role as supporters of the Patrol Method, inclusive of youth leadership/responsibility is also good.
  5. I posted about this, contacted people then at National, and the page was removed some time ago. The idotic 😢 that the Patrol Method is "part of what we call the boy-led troop" is still there. 😢
  6. Accortding to BSA (for now): "Age Guidekines" All Cubs may camp at a council-organized family camp, Otherwise, Tiger, Bear & Wolf can not camp except at Pack campouts, and Webelos can do Den camping and can camp with a troop as a guest, but the troop has to invite and welcome them. "If a well-meaning leader brings along a child who does not meet these age guidelines, disservice is done to the unit because of distractions often caused by younger children. A disservice is also done to the child, who is not trained to participate in such an activity and who, as a nonmember of the group, may be ignored by the older campers."
  7. Muddy the waters" BSA? Say it isn't so.😃
  8. That is what it once meant. As BSA's rep here likes to say, it's not 1954 anymore. Once, Boy Scouting was the iconic program for boys. Now it reaches lress than 5$ of eligible youth in our area. For the new pursuit of membership see https://www.scouting.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Family-Scouting_Infographic_v10-1.pdf
  9. Nor I. But that's not the requirement. Background check or not, they can only stay 72 hours if not registered..
  10. They had planned on certain parents - unregistered - staying at camp all "week."" as their "two-deep leadership." Under the 72 hour rule they were supposed to leave. Like a full moon with 'da Wolf-man, that 4321st minute turns the unregistered parent into enhanced risks to Scouts. 🐯 So the units adults began calling around to find other adults available during the work week. That's right; as we "hive mind" types know, adults are less available during the day Mon-Fri - esp on short notice.. Having no luck, they decided to ignore the silly rule.
  11. No harm so long as the rule is not enforced. If it were, that troop would have gone home Wednesday night. Our troop's trek in Canada had me (registered) and four parents (not), two of whom were cops and one a county social worker. My experience in different from yours. My experience supports your dichotomy as false. Usually, in my experience, when they register nothing useful is found out.
  12. The parents are the same people the first 72 hours of a given activity as they are in hour 73. If they cannot be trusted for 72 hours, why are they there? Having them registered Scouters does not make them more reliable in any way that has been measured. Really stupid rule.
  13. One local troop I know about - confronted by the 72 Hour rule already imposed by the Safety Bubble - simply did a couple of days at Summer Camp without complying. That is, parents stayed over 72 hours, registered or not, and the camp staff knew, agreeing it was a "stupid" rule. Silly rules create disrespect for rules generally and for rule-makers. Sociology 101.
  14. Richard, if your idea of required "safety" results as is is doing, in destroying BSA Boy Scouting, there will be nothing for parents to "look" at. "Your attitude is beyond unhelpful. It is your rule that says the presence of one or more parents is not good enough to insure the safety of their children at a Scouting activity - must have registered Scouters, who unlike parents, have no legal status ipso facto vis-a-vis the child. Wow, just wow! 😵
  15. How I wish it were not so. 😭 Scouting, primarily the BSA variant, was a big part of my life since 1954.