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  1. Yes, as soon as it was available. I posted somewhere earlier that before we condemn the D, E, & I training or the MB (whatever it ends up being called) we should spend a few minutes to do the training. I saw absolutely nothing in that presentation that I found objectionable.
  2. Not in my council. When the council program fee was instituted a couple of years ago, it meant an end to fees for district events such as Cub Family Camp, District Shooting Sports days, District Camporee, BALOO/IOLS training, etc. Council also lowered the costs for much of the Council level adult training.
  3. Directly from the Barriers to Abuse FAQ: There are careers that may require one-on-one contact with youth, however aside from those roles, volunteers must abide by the youth protection policies of the BSA even outside of Scouting activities.
  4. So how did at least 2 abusers get into my troop? - Did either have family in your troop? Were either former youth members of the troop? Not knowing the time frame, could also have been due to not having the background check system now in place; or could also have been due to having no prior record to show in a background check. Could also have been a case of a CoR just signing off on them without checking references. (although they would have to have been exceptionally stupid to list someone as a reference who would have incriminating information on them) How was one of them able to g
  5. Not to be argumentative, but it is hard to say "The BSA had no safeguards in place for prevention period." While also saying "Anyone could be a volunteer unless the name you were using was in the files". The IVF may not have been the best system in the world, but it was an attempt to keep people out of the program. Fifty years ago we could not do the kind of background checks we can now. While I am sure that there were people who found a way around being in the IVF, there was no fool proof method back then of insuring it would never happen. I will not try to say that things were alway
  6. The adult application currently has a box asking for "signature of chartered organization head or representative".
  7. Not sure if this is someone who has not bothered to fully educate themselves on where things truly stand with the bankruptcy court; or as the last two sections imply, they are giving the impression that people in NJ can still file claims and join in the proceeding - particularly with the solicitation in the last paragraph not making it clear if they are referring to general claims or claims against BSA.
  8. https://www.froggtoggs.com/xtreme-lite-jacket?quantity=1&custcol_item_color=17 Very light, comfortable, breathable.
  9. I recall seeing this information a while back. At that time, part of the notice stated that while a Scout (or adult) could still earn the award the pin and certificates were limited in supply, and once your local Scout Shop sold out of them they would not be able to restock them.
  10. Some interesting things brought up in the FAQ's. As a long time Arrowman (in excess of 50 years) I have seen a lot of things change over that time, some for the better, some not so much. Change is a part of life. Hopefully what ever comes out of Project Magellan will only serve to strengthen the OA and reinforce the positive impact it has on BSA.
  11. Are you currently active and able to look at the new training course on my.scouting? If so, I would hope that doing so would mitigate any concerns you or others may have about the BSA approach to this subject. One of the examples used when discussing equity is that of how we can provide additional resources and support to a Scout who may be confined to a wheelchair, in order to allow them some of the same opportunites as their fellow Scouts. While that Scout may will not be able to do everything that his/her fellow Scouts can do, we should, whenever possible, give them the chance to do what
  12. While I have not seen anything specific about a Citizenship in Society MB, or the original proposed requirements for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, I know there has been a great deal of discussion concerning the topic. Much of the discussion has been visceral rather than logical, and dependent on emotion rather than fact. I just completed the newly released Diversity, Equity and Inclusion adult training on my.scouting.org, and fail to see anything that I would consider controversial or contrary to the way any Scout or Scouter should already be conducting themselves. I would strongly u
  13. Examples of grooming behavior have been a part of YPT for at least the past 2 1/2 years or more.
  14. I read the entire article. It does have a link to an article in the New York Daily News, from December of 2019. It appears that he started out as one of Kosnoff's early cases, however, a footnote at the end of the article said he is now represented by a different firm; one that pretty much everyone in FL is familiar with - won't say anything else about that particular law firm. Based on that 2019 article, this took place in New Jersey, sometime in the early to mid 1970's. I fully support the many people who have posted here who are a part of the bankruptcy case, and know that for many
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