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  1. Pretty sure the fundraising guidelines apply nation wide. No idea other than imposing their will on a Scout as to why they do not allow them to submit their own proposal. In our district the Scout usually works with a mentor, sometimes someone in the same unit, sometimes someone they are comfortable with from outside the unit. Once they are confident everything is ready to go with the proposal the Scout contacts the DAC to set up a meeting (in our case this meeting is frequently just before or during Roundtable) to go over everything and get approval. Once the project is complete it is
  2. This was part of a presentation by Anthony Berger, who is the National Director of Cub Scout programs. I do not recall anyone asking about the Scouts BSA rates. This is the overall rate nationwide, which I am sure varies depending on district or council. Here we see a lot of Cub earn the shooting sports awards at the many Cub camping events our council hosts. My district also offers 5 -6 free shooting sports days each year.
  3. Yes. This was a part of the presentation at our council leadership summit yesterday.
  4. I would be extremely surprised if any council would be able to ignore the new requirement that a completed background check must come back before anyone has contact with scouts or serves in any capacity. How will your council exec explain the sudden absence of said volunteer if and when that background check shows that they should not have been accepted due to abuse being uncovered? If I am not mistaken this is one of the YPT conditions of the bankruptcy settlement. (and something that should have been in place all along, just like ending the 72 hour rule that should never have been
  5. I don't know about the Apple ecosystem, but on my Android phone texts show phone numbers rather than names only if it comes from someone not in my contacts. Contacts show names.
  6. Rogue Pack?? I joined Cub Scouts in 1961, when the joining age was 8. It was not long ago (relatively speaking) that Cubs went with the Tiger Cub program and even more recently that the Lion Dens were added. As for things we can no longer do, you only have to look at certain aspects of OA ceremonies that have been changed over the years due to risk factors or to Wood Badge where I remember my patrol being given rope, a canvas tarp, and a pile of brush and we had to figure out how to get everyone to the other side of the pond in the area of our council camp where the course was hel
  7. Sounds like a net positive for both councils. I am sure the newly formed Natural State Council will do just fine under Shanna's leadership. (Shanna was our DE here in CFC a while back - great person to work with)
  8. All depends on when that scout turned 10. The last requirement for AoL is "Be active in your Webelos Den for 6 months or Be 10 and a half years old." While some Webelos may have turned 10 early in the 4th grade and are 10 1/2 by the end of the school year, some are still only a couple of months into their 10th year.
  9. Not quite without restrictions. (bold underlined italics added by me) Cub Scout Programs – Overnight Exception: Cub Scout parents or legal guardians taking part in an overnight Cub Scout program with their own child or legal ward are not required to register as leaders. All adults must review the “How to Protect your Children from Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide” that can be found in the front of each Cub Scout Handbook. In addition, the parent or legal guardian must be accompanied by a registered leader at any time they are with youth members other than their own child/ward. All other
  10. Scoutbook - BSA web-based program to track a scouts career, I use it primarily to record advancement .
  11. OP stated that this is the second time that this individual has done this. He was caught on camera committing a criminal act. It was also mentioned that drugs were found on him at school. As a juvenile you may not likely be aware of any law enforcement involvement, but I find it hard to believe that there has been none, particularly when involving drugs at school. The youth leaders of the troop have expressed their concern that the boy will have a negative effect on new and current members. It all comes down to whether you are willing to take the risk of losing members who eithe
  12. The choice there is to complete either swimming OR hiking OR cycling; one of those three. None of those replace camping. I agree. The requirement is to take a bike trip of at least 15 miles or 4 hours; that is a bike and should be allowed if the scout can complete the requirements using that bike but could not physically do so on a 2-wheel bike. It may be possible for the scout to look at something on that chart, however, they should be aware of the fact that they do not just choose one of those possible options but must fill out the Application for Alternative
  13. Except for the fact that it is Eagle required.
  14. Part of the new (9/1/23) Cub requirements for supervision deals with just such a situation as part of the GTSS Youth Protection / Scouting's Barriers to Abuse section: In addition, the parent or legal guardian must be accompanied by a registered leader at any time they are with youth members other than their own child/ward.
  15. Unless this is a requirement of your specific council OR your charter organization the answer is no, vendors or guest speakers do not need to be registered or YPT trained. Here is a cut and paste from the current YPT FAQ on scouting.org: ♦ Q: Do the September 1, 2023, changes mean that third party vendors must be registered with the BSA? A. No. Youth Protection and supervision remains the responsibility of the unit and Scout leaders. Vendors and other third parties must be licensed businesses that carry proper liability insurance, units should be sure that they use reputable
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