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  1. I brought this very thing up several years ago and was lucky to make it out of the room in one piece! Makes no sense at all to me that you can have 3 troops/packs meeting within 1 mile of each other, all struggling to draw more than a hand full of members to a meeting.
  2. Just a few questions to help clarify things: 1. Were any of the other Scouts in the troop willing to step up and confirm what your sons told you happened, or did they all remain silent? 2. You stated earlier that the SM has been reported for similar behaviors multiple times. Did any of these incidents involve other Scouts in the troop, or were they all directed toward your son? Was there a pattern of conflict between them? 3. You also mentioned that the troop t-shirts were sold in a variety of colors. Was this event one in which each Scout wore the color they liked best, o
  3. I would highly recommend using beascout.org to find a new troop in your area. Curious as to who may have said "he is not listening to anything" when it comes to an adult treating a child like this. (no names please) Was it the Council Scout Executive or your local District Executive? If it was the District Executive I would check the council website and look at the contact information for council staff and escalate. I would be concerned about adults who feel that is appropriate behavior continuing to work with children. I can also assure you that your son was not the only one we
  4. I am pretty much in agreement with most of what I see you post, both as a moderator and in general, but this time I would have to disagree. Based on the totality of what the OP has said this instance does very much rise to bullying behavior, especially since this individual seems to have been reported for similar 'bad behavior at least three times. In addition to an imbalance of power having already been mentioned one of the other criteria to classify bullying is that it is repeated behavior. That repeated behavior does not have to involve the same target. The bully can target several indi
  5. Ideally a ticket should be directly related to your primary role in Scouting. Cub related, Scouts BSA related, District or Council related etc.
  6. My unit is awaiting a final decision on what will happen with UMC as a chartering organization. In the meantime, all Catholic Church chartered units in our council have been told that the church will no longer charter units effective 12/31/2022.
  7. As @scoutldrstated, you do not "join" OA, you are elected by the members of your troop. In order for someone to be elected, the scouts in the troop should know that person well. Were I still a youth member I would be leery of voting for someone who dual registered for no other reason than to use our troop to gain election to OA. If becoming an Arrowman means that much to you, I would either try to convince your SM that being elected to OA is not going to cause you to neglect your troop, and therefore allow an election to be held. If that cannot be accomplished you have to look at the p
  8. I think that is a reference to any appeals via District Court.
  9. Not sure when this increase went into effect, but looking at scoutshop.org now and Cub handbooks are still listed at 16.99.
  10. Are these badges you sewed on, or are they the ones that were done by the Scout Shop when you bought the shirt? After removing the world crest that was on a shirt when I bought it I found that our Scout Shop used a spray adhesive to hold it in place when the sewed it on. It left a light circle of reside which I removed with Goof Off and a toothbrush. You could also try acetone, although I would test it on the bottom of the shirt tail first.
  11. Downloaded all three ceremonies, but have not had time to read through them yet and compare them to what we have been using for the past few years. (I do still have to catch myself once in a while when reciting the obligation... I have on occasion gotten some strange looks if I have a flashback to the 60's and include words no longer a part of the current obligation)
  12. I believe this appeared in G2SS about the same time that the bit regarding all district/council short term camping events must meet certain NCS standards. Done to ensure that even when it is a weekend district/council event we are maintaining (hopefully) a reasonable level of quality and preparedness, such are sanitary facilities and the presence of trained personnel in case of emergencies. One of the reasons our council has a director of short term camping.
  13. I do believe that was meant a joke/sarcasm. 😁
  14. I have seen that cartoon multiple times. As soon as I run across it again I will save a copy and post it here.
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