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  1. MikeS72

    YPT required one year out to recharter?

    This may be a local council thing. Some councils have everyone retake YPT annually. National only cares that your YPT is current when your charter is processed, which is why we recommend that anyone who is expiring close to the start of the calendar year (Jan - March) renew now, to avoid any issues should their charter not make it through processing before their YPT expires.
  2. I have stayed on the sidelines for this one, as this is a topic that is going to stir more passion than many we see here. I has been debated on multiple scouting forums, and there is very little middle ground. People either think he should be burned at the stake, or that this one (hopefully) lapse in judgement should not have lasting consequences. I agree that every situation deserves an objective look, but this quote jumped out at me. In the case of scouts clowning around and smacking each other on the rear, yes, we discuss what is appropriate and hopefully it can be a teaching moment. I deal with elementary school children all day, five days a week, and it is not unusual to have someone brought to me for putting hands on another child. Even my kindergarten and first graders understand that there are limits and consequences for passing those limits. This was not a case of a child who does not know touching someone you do not know, (or even if you do know them, not without permission) is unacceptable. Other than reading the first article, I have not followed this, so I do not know if there are any criminal charges pending. If so, I would expect them to be pleaded down. Regardless of anything that may or may not happen in the judicial system, I have to agree with BSA revoking membership. Caught up in the moment or not, this showed a distinct lack of judgement. I can only imagine the headlines if he were not removed should he get caught up in the moment and touch a scout, male or female, in the same manner.
  3. MikeS72

    Committee voting

    Used those may a time when I first started teaching middle school. It was a big deal to the kids to be trusted with advancing that puppy frame by frame.
  4. I know of new girl units that were allowed to start up with less than 5, so it can be done. Just a matter of pushing the issue with the local council.
  5. A nice set of lightweight (carbon fiber) trekking poles would go great with those boots. Unlike the boots, you can adjust the trekking poles, so they will not outgrow them in 6 months.😃
  6. I use cast iron on mine regularly, and have had no issues with scratching.
  7. MikeS72


    Typically, our treasurer gives a list to each den leader prior to re-charter, and the den leaders contact the family. This year, I sent out multiple messages to each family who had not paid dues notifying them that we could not process them for re-charter without some payment and/or arrangements being made. We only had one family that made no effort to either set up a payment plan or request a pack scholarship.
  8. MikeS72

    Changing BSA's Image

    Just be sure not to wear a red shirt! 😂
  9. MikeS72

    Three Sisters Pottage

    I should probably give a few of those recipes a try, since one of the folks on my mother's side of the family was a moderately known member of the Plimouth Colony. ⛵
  10. MikeS72

    Interesting lesson I taught

    time to move further south😁
  11. MikeS72

    Bikes in Camp?

    Our council camp allows bikes, helmets are required. We do have several program areas that would take quite a while to get to from the waterfront or pool areas, so it can be a big help. I saw a troop this past summer that brought in a whole trailer of bike, and their scouts rode pretty much every where during program hours.
  12. MikeS72

    What happened to meritbadge.org?

    I has been down for a while now. I just changed a bunch of the links on the leader resources page of our pack website from meritbadge.org to point to usscouts.org
  13. MikeS72

    Scouter.com Slogan Contest

    My first thought as a fan of both Fred MacMurray and Kurt Russell was "Follow Me Boys!"; but it would now be "Follow Me Scouts!".
  14. MikeS72

    Winter Camping Quick Tip

    Not sure I could handle shorts in your part of the country at this time of the year, or in the spring. Barely wear them in FL.
  15. MikeS72

    Winter Camping Quick Tip

    I did many a cold weather camp as a scout and in earlier years as a leader. It was not unusual to clear snow before building a fire, or chip ice in the morning. We were a military troop, and all used army down mummy bags year round. My very first scout camping trip was in December of '64 in Massachusetts. Lots of snow on the ground. Now that I have been in Florida for 30 years, I layer up at pretty much anything below 50. Coldest we have done was a couple of years ago on an OA ordeal weekend when it dropped down to 27 on Friday night. We are camping next weekend, and as my great-nephew was talking on the way home from the troop meeting last night, he asked if it was going to be cold. My reply: no, it will only get down to around 67 at night. His reply: that is cold!! We have two sleeping bags, one is a 40 degree bag that we use most of the time, the other a 10 degree for those rare cold FL winter nights.