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  1. Sounds like this may be something that happened quite some time ago, as Randall Stephenson has not been President of BSA since 2018. Without details, it is impossible to know whether this is something that rises to the level that would get a response from either your District, Council, or ultimately National. They are not likely to step in and get involved if it looks like internal Pack squabbles. If indeed you have been legitimately threatened, I would listen to MattR and let the police handle it.
  2. When did you staff at Boxwell? I attended as a youth from approx. '67 - 71; and staffed at Camp Stahlman in 72, 73, & 74. Did my Ordeal, Brotherhood, & Vigil there, along with Wood Badge.
  3. Not sure what the area is like now, but back when I attended Boxwell as a scout, and when I staffed in the early 70's, there were no high schools near enough to the camp to make that practical. My current council opened a similar facility a few years ago, which is extremely popular with scouts. I can easily see some of them going home after their first exposure to some of the trade MBs and deciding that is something they want to get more involved with, perhaps even leading to a good career. (and isn't that what the MB program should be all about)
  4. Since Cub Scouts is family scouting, I doubt that there is anywhere that would easy to find that explicitly gives the ok for parents to drop off and leave, although the fact that only Lion and Tiger require an adult with them at all activities and meeting seems to imply to parents that once they hit Wolf it is ok.
  5. We do the Scout Oath, then the Scout Law, and then the Outdoor Code. The sign is up for all three, as they are done consecutively.
  6. The 72 hour rule applies to any and all persons over the age of 18 who want to camp with a unit. I can see the application with Cubs, as other than the occasional Webelos Resident Camp, they are typically on one or two nights, so no need for that rule to hinder anyone there. Also, Cubs usually are required to have a parent/guardian when the camp. Where the 72 hour rule needs to be reinforced, and IMO made stricter, is at the troop level. I am all for any parent who wishes to accompany a troop camping to be welcome. However, I would really like to see the be required to register,
  7. What visible assets do you think the average pack/troop has, that they would 'hide in an instant'? Our pack assets really only consist of a pack flag and an American flag. The troop has the same by way of flags, along with 8 or 9 tents and several patrol boxes filled with yard sale cooking gear. Most of what we camp with is provided by the individual scouts. While I know that there are troops with a lot of high end gear, I feel safe in the thought that the average pack or troop could not raise more than a few hundred dollars, if that, even if they liquidated everything they own.
  8. Unless I misunderstood something, we (UMC units) must still file the re-charter paperwork as we normally do, and must pay the registration fees for each Scout and adult leader. What we do not do is pay the $75 Charter Org fee until at least March 31, provided UMC continues as a Charter Org, in which case we would have to do so through what ever CO we may be able to find. In that case we would not see a surge of payments in April 2022.
  9. I did the adult training module as soon as it was released, and saw nothing (at least to me) objectionable. As for the MB, I would support taking the various parts of it and integrating them into the existing Citizenship MBs rather than creating a stand alone Eagle required badge. Other than the MB counselors, most people would probably not even notice the changes. I could easily image it becoming something like the annual Cyber Chip renewals, where the scouts would watch and discuss a video once a year or once every other year.
  10. This part seems to have gone out verbatim to every Methodist Conference. We got the same information in a letter last week, however, there are churches in our district and council who have looked at the wording "strongly recommend" and have said 'nope, this does not change anything for us'. Hoping that something gets worked out to allow the relationship between the church and BSA to continue.
  11. Interesting how many times he faults the 'mass tort' lawyers, as he calls them (can't say what I would like to call them) "because the will take a piece of your payment which under the current $1.854 billion settlement fund will total more than $425 million." He only once mentions his cut: "Under your engagement letter with AIS, your payment will be reduced by 40% to pay for the attorneys' share of the payment". Not any different than what he is faulting the 'mass tort' lawyers for, other than to whom those $$ are going.
  12. I would be both amazed and appalled at the same time if there was any regular poster here that did not agree that there should be zero tolerance for any and all CSA.
  13. Some will try, few will succeed. No shower Friday night, momma better be driving to camp to pick you up - not getting back in my car!
  14. I have known many a scout for whom 72 hours would be no barrier to eating something that the racoon would turn it's nose up at. There are times that I think many scouts think the 72 hour rule is the minimum time between showers when at summer camp. 😏
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