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  1. When you bring up Scoutbook you should see 2 log in options (if you are a Den Leader). Choose Den Leader Experience to plan an organize your den meetings. It will populate the calendar based on the information you give and on the required activities for your den. You can then move them around and put them in the order you choose. You can also add in any electives you want to work on, and drag and drop them to the dates you would prefer. When an activity has been completed it moves into 'history', at which time you can mark attendance and it will automatically give credit to those scouts for what you did that night. Once you add in electives, if you change your mind about one, you can delete it from the schedule, but you cannot delete a required adventure, just move it to a different date. There are a whole host of resources for den leaders to use, and in particular, for new den leaders. If you click on a particular meeting, you can then click on each section of the meeting and get step by step details for that activity. Material lists, directions, etc. As for editing the calendar, I use the regular login for that, and when adding something have the option of adding it for just my den, another den (I am pack admin for Scoutbook) or the whole pack. I can put in advancement at that time as well, but if I do attendance in the den leader experience, it is already done for me. Communication tools are still a part of the regular Scoutbook login as well, and I still use them. An experienced, well organized den leader can function normally without using this feature, but for new den leaders, this is really a good resource to take advantage of. There are some features that need to be added to make it more of a one stop shop, but it is a much needed step in the direction of making life for new and inexperienced den leader better.
  2. Unless Circle Ten is deciding to walk back the council fee, that pricing is right in line with what we will pay here in Central Florida Council. I would hope that other councils will do as ours has, in that when they announced back in January that this fee would be coming, (only thing we were not aware of was the new $25 joining fee, which I think is a mistake by national) they also announced that beginning in 2021 there would no longer be any charge for district level events. Families that have been used to paying $35 per person for Cub Family Camp or district camporee will no longer pay anything for those events. Even if they only attend 2 district events like that each year, they will come out ahead.
  3. Ninety eight years maintaining our original council borders here, must be doing something right.
  4. The 6th edition is the one I used when I was a new 11 year old scout. I have had and used every version since. I also have several older versions, the oldest originals in my collection being the 1924 handbook for boys and the 1929 handbook for scoutmasters.
  5. Thank you. My thoughts exactly.
  6. I guess that means my younger brother was also a sister when he was one of my niece's GS leaders.🤣
  7. Probably not the smartest decision MTC ever made. I hope it does not come back to bite them in the posterior. I spent all but the first 7.5 months of my time as a youth in scouting in Middle Tennessee Council, and while I have not lived there in almost 50 years, I still look back on those years as among the best of my life.
  8. Sounds like some folks are 'doing their own thing' up there. As far as I am aware, there is no nationally sanctioned 'test out' option. As a matter of fact, my council was one of a couple a year or so ago that wanted to do IOLS/BALOO online rather than in person, and national was all over them when they got wind of the plans. When I moved from Webelos Den Leader to ASM, I registered for the next available IOLS course. When I arrived, our district training chair looked at me, and said 'what are you doing here'. When I replied that I was there for IOLS, he responded 'why, you probably know more about this than I do'. During my last stint as an ASM in the 80's IOLS was not around. Since it is required for SM/ASM to be position trained, I registered and attended. I never considered asking to 'test out' due to being an Eagle, being WB trained (way back in 1972), being on WB staff, or having more years than I care to count as an adult leader. I sat and listened, and when we got into practical skills, I stepped in and helped those who had never been scouts as youth (along with a couple of recent Eagles who had forgotten most of their knots). There is always value in actually taking part in IOLS, even if the value is you stepping up and helping those with less experience.
  9. By default all parents have full control over there scouts in Scoutbook. As a key 3 member, you should have full control over everyone in the pack. I would recommend clearing your cache or logging in with incognito mode, and see if that helps. If not, I would post that question on the Scoutbook forums page, one of the SAC folks may have a solution for you. Also, as far as being part of the key 3, double check your positions under my.scouting. While parents can enter things they have done with their scout at home, it must still be approved by a leader. (As a side note, we tried to turn off full control for parents at the troop level, and were unable to do so. That can then cause issues when parents are marking merit badge requirements as complete when they are not merit badge counselors. We had that happen recently, when a scout was awarded a MB that is usually only done at summer camp, yet he did not attend this summer or last summer. When I looked at him in Scoutbook, mom had marked off several requirements that were not completed 3 summers ago, and our advancement chair evidently did not look at it before awarding the MB.)
  10. That could be funny indeed! By the time that 8 foot stack burns down to 1, it will be time to do swimming merit badge.🤣
  11. That link comes directly from scouting.org. Search inspection sheets on scouting.org and it will take you to that page. You will also find the 2018 inspection sheet at the link below, also from scouting.org. https://www.scouting.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/510-75018-WebelosInspection_WEB-1.pdf
  12. If you look at my earlier response to this thread, you will note that while I am a big fan of wearing the uniform properly, I am more concerned with scouts being able to participate regardless of the ability to afford or obtain a uniform. As any uniform, regardless of time period used, is still official and can be worn, I would not be concerned at all if the Webelos in any pack decides to get a little more use out of the blue uniform. (in the packs I work with, I find that the Webelos usually look forward to changing uniforms) Several people have responded by linking out of date versions of Webelos Inspection Sheets. The link below is the current version. https://i9peu1ikn3a16vg4e45rqi17-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/510-75018-WebelosInspection_WEB-1.pdf
  13. Very true. I will admit that I like seeing a unit where everyone is properly uniformed, but if I have to choose between a scout being in uniform, or being in attendance, I will take being in attendance. I had an Assistant Cubmaster approach me at a pack event asking for me to step in as a commissioner. His opinion was that several boys should not be allowed to take part in the first pack activity of the new scouting year (rain gutter regatta) because they were not in uniform, and being in uniform should be required to participate. He was not happy to hear that BSA policy does not allow exclusion based on being in uniform. As to the inspection sheet 2008 & 2015 printing stating that Webelos choose the uniform they want to wear, that is out of date. The 2018 inspection sheet is clear that the tan shirt is the official Webelos uniform. That being said, as has been stated before, all previous uniforms are acceptable for wear, so I would not sweat it.
  14. Love it! I wonder if we can outfit our students like this when we return to class at the end of August. We were just notified yesterday that masks are mandatory when classes resume.
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