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  1. Amazed at times how many scouters do not fully understand the concept of 2 deep leadership. We had a parent show up at 10pm last month during our chapter ordeal (one of 3 chapters at the camp that weekend) because the SM had told him that they only had one adult there from the troop and had to have 2 deep leadership. Between the 3 chapters, along with lodge advisors, there were easily 20 or more adults, not to mention the adults going through ordeal. Imagine how unwieldy things like ordeals and such would become if every scout had to have 2 adults from his troop present.
  2. MikeS72

    Snow Days?

    Not sure how it goes in Iowa, but here in FL it is not just the number of days we are in session, but the number of hours of instructional time. Thankfully, we did not miss any days this year (in my district at least) due to hurricanes. We have had several times in the past few years that we have missed a week at a time.
  3. Not here in Florida. Hiking is a little easier here at this time of year, when it can still be relatively cool. Much of the Florida Trail tends to be fairly level, although trekking through water, mud and sugar sand can slow you down a bit.
  4. Times do change. When I was a scout, there were no alternate MBs. We had to have camping, Citizenship in the Community & Nation, Conservation of Natural Resources, Cooking, First Aid, Lifesaving, Nature, Personal Fitness, Safety, and Swimming. The following year the requirements changed, 24 were required for Eagle rather than 21, but Camping, Cooking, and Nature were no longer required, and several alternates were introduced.
  5. Don't forget the killer one - 20 miles in a single day. We just had a couple of scouts for whom the 20 was the last thing they had to do to be complete; we did that with them while we were out of school on Monday. At the end of the day, both remarked that they were pleased with earning the MB, but that they would not be doing another 20 again any time soon.
  6. MikeS72


    I put okra in gumbo, not sure I have ever used it in jambalaya.
  7. MikeS72


    SM may have asked (I assume from your description that he asked in front of the scouts) thinking that if it came from more than one scouter it would be accepted without being questioned as much as if he had just said no himself. That has happened to me several times with both pack and troop, where I know that the person asking knows the rule, whether it is YPT or something else, but knows that the scout (or other scouter) will be less likely to question the decision if they hear it from both of us.
  8. MikeS72

    Proud of our ceremonies team

    This June will be my 50th year as an Arrowman. When I was elected there was a formula based on the number of active scouts in a troop. If you had 5 scouts you could potentially elect 1 person; 6 - 14 could elect 2; 15 - 24 would allow up to 3 to be elected; 25 - 34 meant up to 4, and so on. This meant that a troop with 40 active scouts and 10 of those scouts met the requirement for election could only elect a maximum of 5 scouts. Those who met the requirements, including SM approval, would be listed alphabetically, and each scout would number his ballot 1 - 5 and list up to 5 names in order of preference. The election team would then tally the ballots, giving scouts 5 points for each ballot they were listed number one on, 4 for second, and on down the line. The 5 scouts with the highest point totals were elected, the other 5 on the ballot were not. Fifty years ago the First Class requirement also had just a little bit of flex to it, in that a scout could be Second Class at the time of election, but must achieve First Class rank within 6 months and prior to Ordeal. There was also a method for electing Eagle Scouts without it affecting the unit quota. I would have no issue at all seeing the Order reinstitute a quota system, rather than everyone who is eligible and gets at least half the votes is elected. I think we would see more interest at the troop level in becoming a member if it was tougher to be elected. Yes, we do frequently see OA members working; service is a core part of our identity after all. We all need to do a better job of letting scouts know about all the fun things that take place at conclaves, NOAC, and yes, even on service weekends.
  9. MikeS72

    "Pencil Whipping" Requirements

    That is how we approach it with AOL crossover Scouts. They should have already attended one or more meetings while completing the Scouting Adventure. They would have already completed the Cyberchip for their grade level as well. Very easy to complete everything needed for the Scout rank in one night, particularly for a female troop that is linked and has been working closely with that linked troop to hit the ground running.
  10. MikeS72

    Help clarify a position question!

    It is indeed a "real" position.
  11. MikeS72

    BACKPACKING: Breakfast

    Despite spending all but the first 8 months of my scouting tenure below the Mason Dixon Line, I have yet to find anything that will make grits edible. The name alone is enough to make my stomach roil.
  12. Our Council Scout Shop had the new ScoutsBSA girl handbook at last weekend's University of Scouting. In addition to changing the cover (kind of glittery) and the pictures/pronouns used, there are a few things added in specific to female hygiene.
  13. MikeS72

    Candle Lanterns

    Our council camp forbids them in tents, and while I have not had a scout bring one on a troop outing, we would also forbid them in a tent. I have seen on more than one occasion how quickly a tent can become engulfed in flames; thankfully never with a scout inside the tent.
  14. MikeS72

    Cookie time!

    Tie between Caramel Delights and S'Mores
  15. MikeS72

    Updated uniforms?

    The red beret was always cool, it took just the right amount of swagger to pull it off!