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  1. Linked Troops - What are these?

    When I asked the same questions I was told they requested and were granted a waiver.
  2. Linked Troops - What are these?

    I questioned that when I first started helping out with them as Webelos, and the fact that he would only be 10 years and a couple of months old. I was told that they had requested a waiver so he could move up to Webelos with his friends (even though he was a year behind in school), and that if he completed AOL he could cross over with them last month.
  3. Linked Troops - What are these?

    We just had a fourth grader who turned ten in early December, completed his Arrow of Light requirements, and crossed over with the rest of the AOL boys last month.
  4. Buzzfeed - CSE Surbaugh - Girls - Scouter.com

    Still have my garrison cap that the troop wore just before converting to the red beret. Unfortunately the beret has long since vanished.
  5. Buzzfeed - CSE Surbaugh - Girls - Scouter.com

    I must have been in the minority also. The collarless shirt made wearing the neckerchief so much more comfortable, rather than tucking the collar. My current unit does not opt to wear a neckerchief though, so a moot point for me.
  6. At the time I was elected (1969); there was a quota based on the number of registered boys in the troop, not the number eligible for election. The chart in the OA Handbook ranged from 1 elected for a troop of 5 or less, to 10 who could be elected by a troop with between 74 - 85 boys. There was also a provision for electing Eagle Scouts that were not member, that would not count against the troop quota. The one thing that kind of caught me by surprise, as I really did not remember this, was that you did not have to be First Class to be elected. A boy could be elected as long as he attained the First Class rank within 6 months, and prior to induction. (from the 1970 printing of the handbook) In looking at my 1975 60th anniversary copy, the requirement was by then that a Scout must be First Class to be eligible for election.
  7. New YPT Launch

    Something else I plan on asking about at tonight's Commissioner meeting, as we have BALOO training scheduled next month.
  8. New YPT Launch

    Technical glitches aside, this is a much better program than the original YPT, much more in depth. I did have to do it over the course of 2 days, as module 2 would not make it all the way to the end and kept throwing me back to the starting point. I would encourage people to take it sooner rather than later. As for that October date, who knows what may happen if someone puts it off and does not show complete by that time. I do know that YPT will be a big part of our Commissioner meeting tomorrow. I do intend to ask if there will be a penalty in that instance, other than not being included in recharter paperwork.