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  1. In normal times our council also has a deadline for refund requests, after which there are no refunds. These are not normal times, and that policy has been suspended since we were able to return to limited in person activity. If a scout registered for summer camp and got sick the day before, his/her money was refunded. Same with our OA lodge activities. University of Scouting is coming up shortly, and is being offered at no cost this year. Any district events we offer, such as Webelos Woods or camporee are also at no cost, due to the new council activity fee. While I was not thrilled
  2. The portion of the registration fee that actually goes to the Red Cross is $24. Depending on how the course is set up, some of the balance goes to cost of the student manual (both full size and pocket guide), which is $17. The rest may go to your council if it is a council sponsored course, or to the instructor. When I teach First Aid/CPR/AED for our council, I do not collect anything above the cost of the card.
  3. I like that. Those do not really need to be pricey options though, depending on the instructor. I am a Red Cross instructor for First Aid/CPR/AED and Wilderness First Aid, so I know what instructors pay Red Cross for those certification cards, and would wager that in many cases it is nothing close to what they are charging the student.
  4. In honor of Fred McMurray, one of those knots ought to be a sheepshank.
  5. Don't see anything on it that indicates a particular manufacturer, just that as with previous uniform parts it is made in Bangladesh.
  6. As someone who attended WB back in the day when you had to be invited to attend, I can tell you unequivocally that I know a great many outstanding leaders who are not WB'ers. I also know leaders who wear 2, 3, or in a couple of cases 4 beads who have no idea how to relate to a Scout on their level or to successfully plan and conduct a quality event. Before you posted your concerns about attending and the issues you had on that first day, based on prior posts I saw you a leader who cares about his unit and his Scouts. That opinion has not changed. As for those people denigrating you on
  7. Could that be because many of those claims are nothing more than a response to lawyers hawking the idea of a big payday? I know for a fact that abuse did occur, and have first hand knowledge from more than 50 years ago. I also cannot believe, based on the few real cases I have first hand knowledge of, that the true numbers are anywhere near what the lawyers want the public to think. We had a discussion at a council leadership event almost a year ago on this topic, and what was likely to come in regards to bankruptcy. We were given the example of someone who filed a claim, but cou
  8. Interesting. I have to wonder how and why what sounds like a beading ceremony at a CoH would cause someone to pull their scout out of your unit. Was it particularly obnoxious, and if so, how bad could it have been to make someone say they no longer wanted their child to be involved in scouting??? I will agree that many times beading ceremonies can be a little off putting to those who have to sit through them. I have seen several done at roundtables that seemed to go on for ever (mostly due to presenters who assume no one in the room has any idea of the history of scouting and WB and ne
  9. When you bring up Scoutbook you should see 2 log in options (if you are a Den Leader). Choose Den Leader Experience to plan an organize your den meetings. It will populate the calendar based on the information you give and on the required activities for your den. You can then move them around and put them in the order you choose. You can also add in any electives you want to work on, and drag and drop them to the dates you would prefer. When an activity has been completed it moves into 'history', at which time you can mark attendance and it will automatically give credit to those scouts f
  10. Unless Circle Ten is deciding to walk back the council fee, that pricing is right in line with what we will pay here in Central Florida Council. I would hope that other councils will do as ours has, in that when they announced back in January that this fee would be coming, (only thing we were not aware of was the new $25 joining fee, which I think is a mistake by national) they also announced that beginning in 2021 there would no longer be any charge for district level events. Families that have been used to paying $35 per person for Cub Family Camp or district camporee will no longer pa
  11. Ninety eight years maintaining our original council borders here, must be doing something right.
  12. The 6th edition is the one I used when I was a new 11 year old scout. I have had and used every version since. I also have several older versions, the oldest originals in my collection being the 1924 handbook for boys and the 1929 handbook for scoutmasters.
  13. I guess that means my younger brother was also a sister when he was one of my niece's GS leaders.🤣
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