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  1. First time doing Wordle. Far too easy! 😀
  2. I see the same in my district and council. When I look up a MBC in Scoutbook it is pretty much always someone who is also registered in some other position. My question would be how this will affect the new camping rules come September 1. Since MBC will now be a fee paid position will that allow them to be included in unit camping???
  3. I would expect to hear something after the NAM wraps up next week.
  4. As a long time Red Cross Instructor, I would encourage everyone to check with their local council, as BSA has an affiliation agreement with the Red Cross and many councils have ARC Instructors available to teach and certify people within the scouting community.
  5. Is the unit a Troop or a Pack? If it is a Pack the question is moot, as Cubs can only do shooting sports at district or council events. (one of the big draws at Cub Day Camp)
  6. Is this someone who was just helping out one time, or are they always there and always interacting with the youth? Is there a reason they are not registered? Have they been approached about registering and declined to do so?
  7. Wasn't your SPL by any chance, was it??? 😄
  8. We give our scouts multiple chances to sign up and make payment (if required) beginning about a month prior to the activity. Something like summer camp they start signing up about 3.5 months ahead of our camp week, which both gets a discount on the fee and also allows them to select merit badges and activities well in advance. As to your situation @5thGenTexan, I think as CC I would be having a serious conversation with your SM about prior planning. How often do you end up having to cancel an outing when transportation is an issue due to parents and leaders not knowing where the troop i
  9. It was in my inbox when I got home from Roundtable last night. Not sure if this is going out to every registered adult leader, every OA member, or just a random selection. I did see that the link is specifically for the addressee and will not let you us it a second time, as it would not let my OA member scout respond. I will have him monitor his email to see if it is being sent to any youth members.
  10. Curious as to what part of the GTSS you have to break just to have your scouts complete their advancement requirements.
  11. What is commonly referred to as an AOL Den is made up of 5th graders who are working toward earning the AOL. Many are in their 2nd year of WEBELOS, some are in their first year of Scouting. A lot of the AOL Dens work toward bridging into troops in the February/March time frame.
  12. Probably true as relates to the Episcopal church, but @T2Eaglewas referring to the USCCB, which is the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.
  13. Agreed. It is always good to find someone who has Scouting experience, but that does not necessarily mean they have to come from within the organization. I am sure there are a plethora of former Scouts who have shown that they are capable of managing an organization such as ours who have never served in a professional Scouter position.
  14. There is no way to enter anything in Scoutbook that was done prior to the registration date showing in the national system. I have had a few instances where paperwork was given to a DE who is no longer with the program and was lost and had to be filled out again. We looked at things like Scout rank requirements, knots, fire building, cooking, etc. that the scout did before the registration became official and entered those items dated after the scout became official. Don't penalize the scout for an adult's shortcomings.
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