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  1. If my interpretation of the last two lines is correct, it would not cover abuse of a scout, as that is both intentional and criminal. While it may be argued that it could not have been expected, it was certainly intended (at least by the perpetrator).
  2. We are no different than many of the districts we see discussed here, in that we do not have enough of us, but our core group of commissioners and district committee members are extremely active, and are right there in the trenches along with unit leaders. I consider myself to be lucky to be a part of what many look at as the best district in a well run council. Just an example of how our council leadership is looking at the big picture: when it was announced that councils could charge a program fee up to, but no more than the national membership fee, they institued that fee with a cave
  3. In my district most of those instructors are either members of the District Committee or are Commissioners.
  4. What kind of device are you using to try to open the PDF with? On a PC, clicking on the links CynicalScouter provided above should open the file in another browser window. You should then have a 'save' icon in the top right of that browser that will allow you to save a copy to your computer, which you can then attach to an e-mail. When on my phone (Android, so not 100% sure for iPhone users) clicking the link also opens the PDF, and by using the 3 dots in the upper right, I again have the option to save a copy of the file, which I can attach to an e-mail.
  5. I have seen flames run right up to the spout when I scout added just a bit to an already lit fire. Not a fun sight to see.
  6. Originally with Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge. I was elected and did my ordeal at Boxwell Reservation in 1969, and received the Vigil Honor there in 1972. I am currently a member of Tipisa Lodge, Central Florida Council. I still have many memories of OA events at Boxwell, and as a member of Anawaha Chapter in Cogioba District. I hope you and your son enjoy your time with Wa-Hi-Nasa as much as I did.
  7. The tn in tnmule20 would not happen to refer to Tennessee would it, and if so, would you now be a newly minted member of Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge #111?
  8. National Service Territory Maps | Boy Scouts of America (scouting.org)
  9. Nothing. Replaced by 16 National Service Territories
  10. Our local OA Lodge does this every year, and presents a James E. West award in the name of a member selected by the general lodge membership at the same time that new officers are elected.
  11. A large percentage of packs base there program year on the school year. Many have a few events during the summer, so scouts can earn the summertime pack award. As long as my cubs and families want to continue meeting, we will continue to meet during the summer.
  12. We were told about 15 or 16 months ago that the fees would increase 3 years in a row. Since last year's increase came after we set council fees for 2021, our council chose to eat that $6 increase rather than pass it on to the families. My hope is that cooler heads will prevail, and there will be no national increase for quite some time.
  13. My scout has shredded more than one set of Frogg Toggs, the upside to them is that they are relatively inexpensive, so not a big deal when they need to be replaced due to either being destroyed or out grown. I will wait until he is a bit older and is not likely to out grow it too quickly to spend the money on a quality piece of gear. The biggest downside of the cheaper version of Frogg Toggs in my mind is that wearing them in FL is just like wearing the rubber suit I wore 50 years ago as a high school wrestler trying to loose weight. Sauna City! I did recently pick up a new ultra ligh
  14. There is a reason that AOL dens are encouraged to visit multiple troops. No CO has the authority to mandate where those AOLs go once their Cub days come to an end. Some years we have had all of the scouts from the Pack that our CO charters choose to join our troop, in other years we have had them cross over to 3 different troops, always their choice. I sympathize with the treasury situation. As hard as it is to walk away from those funds that your scouts raised, it sounds like removing them from the toxic situation they are in is the best thing to do at this point. Good luck!
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