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  1. I tried for a year to start a new Troop for girls. There is no support in the marketing from National. People in the District thought it was great but the DE told me the best recruiting was word of mouth. Which is useless info when you are starting from scratch. I needed the DE to get us in the schools to talk and get some interest going. What I was able to do via FB in town (less than 10,000) people generated no interest. Just before the Covid thing I threw in the towel and gave up on the endeavor.
  2. New Lenin statue. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-53123947
  3. I just filled out a school survey last week asking what grades my kids are in, what school they attend and if I would be comfortable sending my kids to school. Texas
  4. Got email from the SE today. The big thing missing from this latest communication is the line about the Council being a separate entity and immune to the impacts of the bankruptcy.
  5. Our Leadership: CC - previously Cubmaster and was fairly involved. After getting WB beads is really seems like the Pack is an afterthough. Secretary - my wife doing it because no one else would do it. YPT and Online Committee Specific Treasurer - my wife, training per above plus guidance from previous treasurer. Membership / Quatermaster. 1st year parent. Has YPT but still does not have an app turned in to process. (January) Fundraising - 1 st year parent with YPT, no application turned in. Outdoor Activities - Me. Advancement - Den Leader who has failed to get awards to Pack meeting on a few occasion and doesnt show up to any committee meetings. 1 Committee member no position who is wife of CC 2 Committee members who have been with Scouting in town for 20 years and they are an asset. Cubmaster - Me. YPT. In person and online specific training for DL and CM. Also online specific training for Pack and Troop Committee, Online specific for SM/ASM. University of Scouting last two years. Attend Roundtable almost every month. Direct communication with other leaders in the area as well as DE and Troop leadership. BALOO/IOLS Assistant Cubmaster: We dont have that. Den Leaders. All have YPT, some have completed position specific, one or two have completed hazardous weather. When I leave, the above is what the Pack is going to be left with.
  6. Yes, our Council is pushing that very thing.
  7. I am sick of dealing with him honestly. I don't normally toot my own horn, in fact I am usually very self critically. I am good at what I do with Pack operations and program. There is no one else in the Pack that has taken the training and learned outside of normal training about how the program is supposed to work and try to implement that. That being said, I am going to be a parent now. It really hurts me in the heart to quit because I really enjoy my positions, but I simply won't work with him any more.
  8. Its just pennies a day,, other activities cost more, just sell more popcorn, have a carwash... Thats all the pig lipstick I can think of right now to rationalize the increases.
  9. Anything your council adds is above that $66
  10. The official BSA announcement. https://scoutingwire.org/bsa-membership-fee-increase-details-and-faq/?fbclid=IwAR031h4euL7CN0IYIlGaCM9z5gxobE10AfpMa52Sno3Gc6rAq3_1a_PNoe0
  11. Purple. Because reindeer dont eat hammers.
  12. I posted in a private committee channel about the increase and was told by the CC it wasn't real if it didnt come from Council, so whatever...
  13. I sent my DE the graphic and he called me today asking where I got it. Council is ready to release tomorrow. Going to be a huge shock to everyone that doesn't tune into the social media.
  14. CC finally updated YPT a couple of days ago. I am not sure if it was my posting to all leaders to check their training or if it was independent of that. No matter. the fact still remains he lacks follow through and almost never shows results. I have grown tired of it. Unlike most of the other leaders, I know what is supposed to be happening and what isn't getting done. I don't need the stress of it all anymore. I asked the DE if there are any District positions or projects I might be able to help out with, but I am done working at any level with our CC.
  15. Facebook - BSA Family Packs/Girl Troops Page I think. Its being discussed on several pages, but I am pretty sure it was on that one. I did the screen shot myself, didnt just find the image.
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