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  1. I know this was posted forever ago, but... This is what I use camping If you cook bacon or sausage there is going to be grease, but this griddle does come with a metal shield shown here... The other thing is the grease that drains off the griddle. That is the big mess. It comes with a "bracket" to hold a canned vegetable can to catch the grease, but there is also better grease catch you can buy. I LOVE cooking on my griddle. I either use this and a dutch over for cobbler. Thats about it.
  2. My crossover campout.... it was cold to start with. Then during the night the army tent I was sharing with 2 other Scouts let the thunderstorm in and we got wet. Then frost the next morning. I think adults went to sleep in cars that night and we got a different tent.
  3. It was 70 degrees yesterday. When the front blew in around midnight with 50 mph winds the temp dropped quickly. I am not sure its going to get about 35 all day with at least 20 - 30 mph winds all day long. I am not sorry it was cancelled.
  4. So,,.. that campout was cancelled. It supposed to be in the upper 30 to low 40s all day Saturday with 30 mph winds and maybe getting down in the teens at night. The Troop has decided to make a trip to a local indoor city pool instead, I have also made the decision to skip UoS and go with my kid.
  5. How are they going to raise $30 million? Carnivals and bake sales arent going to cut it.
  6. In October 2017 I picked my son up at school. He informed me he wanted to join Cub Scouts. So, we got him signed and then they got me signed up. 🤣 This weekend he is going alone on his first Troop campus. How did that happen??
  7. Example.... Nature MB. I am not a Biologist, but I volunteered at a Natural Science museum after HS. Also have a B.S. degree. Is just having some knowledge good enough or is a specific degree and/or career in the subject matter required?
  8. Since I don't get to be a Den Leader any longer I am considering taking the MBC training. What level of proof of competency is required for a particular MB to be a counselor?
  9. The choices were this camp. (Camp Alexander) or camp in Minnesota. I think it's a matter of adults who have no trouble affording "whatever" and don't ever think it might be hard for some people.
  10. This is 757 miles away. Sending my kids to Scout camp and see ya next week won't work. I don't trust anyone well enough to not go. That's where it really gets pricey and hits hard.
  11. The planned camp is not a Council camp, so I dont think there is anything free for FOS. Our Council camp is $345 per Scout.
  12. My two Scouts are not going to raise that much in the next few months. Just not enough time or opportunity. And no, the Troop isnt going to pay for our fee to go to camp. That's out of my pocket.
  13. How does one afford to go to Summer Camp, especially when its gonna be the family? Troop has picked a summer camp in Colorado that is gonna be $400 per Scout, plus getting there and back. (To and from Texas). $400 for camp. Whatever MB cost once there. Travel - Food - Lodging to get there and home. I am seeing $600 per Scout. I have my son and daughter. Boy is 11 and just crossing over. Daughter is 2nd Class. So, they are both going. Need female leadership, so she has to go. I might as well go as well because you know because I am a Leader. Camp fee for adult is le
  14. I got my DL in 1991 and I am unsure if they fingerprinted me then or not. (State of Texas) I do know I had to get fingerprints when I got my Real Estate License. I was on the Board of Directors for my kids preschool (working around youth) I got my CHL. That one was Texas Dept of Public Safety and the FBI. I'd like for some of that to be used rather than having to go in again/.
  15. Maybe not as "dirty" as some of the jobs, but I would like to see him do a show on the PWD car process https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2017/02/01/from-idaho-to-indiana-this-is-how-pinewood-derby-car-kits-get-made/
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