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  1. We recently had a Camporee with a "timber games" theme. Our Girl Troop was right up there with the boys throwing tomahawks, log rolling, davinci bridge building... They were not holding back. I'd post picture of their "tomahawk throwing faces" but that would be improper. Anyway... after watching our GT meeting right before the boy meetings I see no significant differences. I think co-ed troops with separate gender patrols will be the best way to go. With limited adult volunteers, meeting at the same time with the same committee would help us out A LOT. (Troop Meeting nights for m
  2. He definitely needs the instructional swim.
  3. Maybe what we did is wrong, I don't really know... My kid is signed up for Astronomy and Fishing. He is also going to take the Second Class uhhh class and First Class class. He is working through the requirements with the Troop. but I think, based on his personality, he will benefit from experiencing and learning the information from someone else. He needs things 2, sometime 3 times before it sinks in. Also going to take instructional swim. Then I think there is like 4 hours of whatever till lights out.
  4. I was looking at the summer camp menu last night and noticed one night the main entree Isa turkey corn dog. I'm not sure that will hold me. Probably great for a kid. I'm thinking throwing in the jet boil and something like this. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Mountain-House-Beef-Stroganoff-w-Noodles-Freeze-Dried-Camping-Backpacking-Food-2-Serving-Pouch/298261838?fulfillmentIntent=In-store
  5. Before I threw my hands up and stepped down as CC for the Pack (0ver stuff like this, but not limited) I had a Bear DL tell me Webelos was going to be hard because they already had adventures at the Bear level they couldn't complete in one Den Meeting. Same guy that told me it was my fault I put in as much time as I do and I shouldnt expect that from everyone.
  6. This past weekend was a District Cub Family Campout... So, the boy Troop and girl Troop helped staff. Meaning, we helped run the various activities during the day. Otherwise, it was a pretty typical weekend campout. I flew a kite on Saturday,.
  7. Check Goodwill too. Sellers on ebay as well.
  8. May not be a big deal to most people, but my kid was on bacon duty this weekend. He crossed over in March and wont hardly cook at home. We help staff a Cub Family Campout this weekend and the Boy Troop and Girl Troop were both there. I am usually helping the girls and let him go on his own with the boys. Mainly so he starts to learn to do without me always being there to help. In addition to bacon, he also scrambled eggs, and cooked two hamburgers.
  9. So... Is "In the Fifth" grade when the last day of 4th grade is held. Or is it after the summer for the first day they actually attend 5th grade classes.
  10. I just checked the scout shop online.... Handbooks for Cubs are $23.99 x 4. Scouts BSA book is $25 and MBs are $3.59 each now. I didn't check anything else.
  11. When I got my DL award the CM couldnt get it together and kept saying the Council office lost it among other excuses. I finally took it down and turned it in and explained why there was no CM signature. Said he didnt care, just give it to me. It showed up not long after that.
  12. My council office contact told us on Monday that Merit Badges are going up .88 next week or the next. So, north of $3.50 each
  13. Summer Camp is almost paid for, for my two Scouts. As I said above it was $315. Our Council offers an incentive through popcorn... if you sell $250 then you get $100 credit for a council summer camp. We did that. So, only $215 each for my kids. With the free adults, we are just going to dive the adult total out among us all and have to pay a lower amount. I think there was a $15 fee here and there for a couple of MBs.
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