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  1. 5thGenTexan

    Book recommend; adults

    If you have Amazon Prime, its free on Kindle
  2. 5thGenTexan

    Hand Washing _ Winter

    When I was a Cub Scout long ago we used a milk jug or something with a golf tee in the hole at the bottom with soap hanging in a kneehigh nylon. Just was wondering if there was something better I wasnt thinking of. Sounds like that may still be the go to.
  3. 5thGenTexan

    Hand Washing _ Winter

    Its Texas so its not a "real winter" However the camp water has been turned off since December save for a few frostless faucets around camp. What are some hand washing strategies at the campsite? This is Cub Scouts, so they are nasty anyway on a good day when water is plentiful. Campout will be Feb 28 - March 1. As it is Texas I have no idea of the weather, could be 45 for highs or could be 75.
  4. 5thGenTexan

    Terry Fossum

    Terry Fossum was the featured guest speaker at my recent University of Scouting. It is a bit heave on the "attaboys", but I guess that is normal for these type of presentations. I did enjoy hearing him speak. Sorry, the audio is not great. https://vimeo.com/user101358636/review/383386043/9475492692
  5. 5thGenTexan

    Den Leader Meeting

    I am going to have a Den Leader meeting next weekend. I have a few topics in mind to discuss... like making sure everyone is fully trained. I want to walk through a few things in Scoutbook so they can see HOW to do things other enter a requirement. I also want them to bring information about where their Den currently sits as far as completed requirements. (I can get that myself, but I want them to do it). What other topics would be appropriate for a DL meeting?
  6. 5thGenTexan

    Burnout - Its Hit Me

    UPDATE: Before Christmas there was a meeting between the former CC, the incoming CC, and myself. We talked for an hour, aired complaints, and left the meeting able to at least work together on a friendly basis. In yesterday's Committee meeting we pretty much told the Den Leaders they had to be there and encouraged parents to attend. We got all the committee positions filled by people that are not me and it was explained I am not doing everything anymore. Also, I have been trying to do a better job of telling the Den Leaders what I need for them to do and pass on to their parents. We had a Christmas party before school let out in mid December and I gathered them before we started and told em the station plans and it was on them to run it, I had other things to do. I am making a significant effort at delegating rather than just doing it myself to make sure it gets done like in the past.
  7. 5thGenTexan

    Cooking Contest

    Yeah, after thinking about it a bit I decided not to worry too much about the requirements. After we talked about it yesterday with all the leaders it was decided to do this on a campout next month as an afternoon activity. And to clarify... this oven works with charcoal and not solar.
  8. 5thGenTexan

    Cooking Contest

    This project is going to be 96% lining the box with foil and taping the outside of the box with foil tape. As far as the pizza goes, the most dangerous part will be opening the biscuit can that the pizza crust comes in . After that its just spreading the sauce, putting on the pepperoni slices or whatever they want and then sprinkling with cheese. I am not even sure a knife will be necessary. In all seriousness, the DL will place the charcoal in the oven and place the pizza pan for it to cook. And that step I think would be appropriate for all dens up to Bear anyway.
  9. 5thGenTexan

    Cooking Contest

    Today was University of Scouting in my Council. I took two outdoor cooking classes and one of those talked a good bit about their box oven. We then had a sample of the goods. I know Tigers and especially Lions do not have any sort of cooking requirement, but... A Pack contest where each den builds a box oven. (covers the inside with foil, tapes the cracks up, figures out how to work their racks inside), then each den assembles a pizza to cook in their oven. Is there any reason why the Lions and Tigers can not participate in this?
  10. 5thGenTexan

    National Leadership, Surbaugh Leave of Absense

    So, who is Roger Mosby? Dear BSA Volunteers and Scouting Ambassadors,I am happy to let you know that earlier this evening, the National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America named Roger C. Mosby as the organization’s CEO and President after a focused search, which was initiated when former CEO and President Michael B. Surbaugh retired after a tenure of more than four years.As the BSA moves through an extraordinary time of both change and opportunity, we believe Roger’s experience as a seasoned executive, adept at guiding transformation and driving growth, will bring the right combination of strength and focus needed to steer our organization toward a promising future.Roger Mosby most recently ran his own consulting firm focused on executive coaching, following his retirement from leading energy infrastructure company Kinder Morgan in 2015. During nearly two decades with the company, he served as HR lead and was one of the original six officers. During his tenure, Kinder Morgan grew from 175 to more than 11,000 employees, with Mosby leading extensive change management and cultural transformation efforts.Roger was a Scout as a youth and served for more than 33 years as a volunteer in the Mid-America and Sam Houston Area councils, in addition to positions with the Southern Region and National Committees of the Boy Scouts of America, as well as the World Organization of the Scout Movement. He has received the Silver Antelope Award and the Silver Beaver Award and is a Vigil Honor member of the Order of the Arrow.We thank Michael Surbaugh for his years of service and leadership to the Boy Scouts of America.Now, as we enter the next stage, we welcome Roger and his well-suited expertise to guide us toward even more opportunities to bring the benefits of Scouting to more youth, families and communities.Yours in Scouting,Jim TurleyNational Chair, Boy Scouts of America
  11. 5thGenTexan

    Giving Tree

    This is a Scout Shop thing, the requests are on a form they provided. In fact, the Scout Shop itself pulled the items and received payment. They just called me today to let me know that it was fulfilled and should come pick it up. As mentioned about to qwazse... I took care of the sibling myself since I was there.
  12. 5thGenTexan

    Giving Tree

    Well... I took care of the siblings stuff myself. I wasnt going to let one get their stuff and not the other.
  13. 5thGenTexan

    Giving Tree

    I received a call today from our local Scout Shop that there was a gift request fulfilled for one of our Scouts. I was surprised because I knew nothing about it really, but my name was on the form as the leader. So, I went down to find out what was going on. Sure enough I know the Scout, and there was an unfulfilled request for a sibling. As far as I can tell, it was not the parent I am familiar with that filled out the request form and I do not know who it was. Do I just give the items to the parent in the bag or should I wrap things up in nice wrapping paper and get them to the family???
  14. 5thGenTexan

    Tried Something New

    Den Leader for my son Tiger, Wolf, and now halfway through Bear. Over this past Summer our CM went to Resident Camp to serve as Program Director and the ACM was in the process of moving on to another Pack anyway. So, although I didn't fill out a CM application till Aug 1, I was also Cubmaster starting about June 1. Our CC planned to step down at the end of this year, but it was decided over the Summer we would go and all switch at the beginning of Aug. I did what I was supposed to. CM who went to Resident Camp Program director was supposed to be CC. As of today he still has not filled out an application for CC. Lots of other stuff going on there that I wont get into here. We also had two parents (married) who took on Secretary, Outdoor Activities, Fundraising, PWD, Public Relations back in May and they did NOTHING despite us asking if "insert task" was getting taken care of. Sometime in August they said they were dropping all those positions because it was too hard and they couldnt commit the time. My wife is Sec/Treasury right now. CC that was hoping to step down is still CC. So, I am.... Bear Den Leader (no assistant) Cub Master Outdoor Activities Membership Fundraising And currently I don't have an ACM I also have Den Leaders that show up 5 minutes before meeting time and take off as soon as they can. I finally said something and that has improved somewhat. Straight out of high school I went to work in a small owner operated print shop. It was me and the owner. I learned how to do everything and when I saw something that needed to be done I did or figured it out. Eventually he would go on week long vacations and leave it to me to run. I have problems delegating because I assume people can see what needs to be done and they do it. Hard for me to think any other way. It causes me a lot of frustration. Scouting in our town also has a major fundraiser that supports our meeting place. We own the Scout Hut and have to pay insurance, utilities, maintenance, etc. We have a major BBQ dinner that is this coming weekend as well a Car Show in July. I am in the process of learning how the BBQ dinner works because I am up and coming to running that in the future. Just last week the Troop asked if I wanted to fill out an application to be on their Committee. Once again, I will be there soon and a lot of the committee members have boys that are getting close to Eagle. So, I am kinda in the process of learning how the Troop runs now too. I have A LOT of irons in the fire. Oh, I also make sure the trash in the Scout Hut is outside for trash pick up day.
  15. 5thGenTexan

    Tried Something New

    Today was out Christmas Pack Meeting. I really needed to talk to parents today that still haven't paid fees so we can turn in recharter this week. I had all the activities for the meeting planned and took the Den Leaders to the side this afternoon and told em they had this today. I then moseyed around doing what I needed to today. I kinda liked it.