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  1. How does being COR affect this leader's ability to serve as an ASM? I understand an adult can only be registered in one position. However, the training and experience of being an ASM didn't evaporate with the change in primary position. I see no reason why he can't attend meetings and events with a COR patch and still help and assist Scouts.
  2. I know adding more requirements to an adult volunteer is not ideal, but maybe a Webelos / AOL Den Leader should be required to take BALOO/IOLS so they have an understanding of the skills needed. Maybe it doesn't need to be a Den Leader at all but an ASM + Den Chief from a Troop who responsibility it is to help with the transfer from Pack life to a Troop.
  3. I offer the Scout Handshake at the end of each BOR I am a part of and it takes Scouts and adults off guard every single time.
  4. Its my understand since recharter is through Internet Advancement now, everything should refresh pretty quickly. Council office is still reviewing everything manually. Just give them a few days.
  5. Some days the SM needs adult supervision. Last year, we were running stations for Webelos Woods and we needed a trash bag. Back to the campsite I headed to get a bag from the trailer. Got there and there were three or four Scouts washing dishes. The "clean" dishes were still caked with raw pancake batter and sausage. There were two adults shooting the bull around the fire and not paying attention. When I was able to get back to where the ASM and SM were with the Troop and also shooting the bull, I told em one of needed to get back and supervise Scouts. I have little faith in our S
  6. I am a 47 year old Gen Xer and I think that's ridiculous. Kids were born in 2008 and 2010. My wife had a better job with benefits. I became a stay at home dad. I am the one that gets up early, gets the kids ready, fix lunches, take them to school, go to the school meetings during the day. Do laundry, take care of the dishes, mow, fix plumbing, etc. Neither of us makes all the decisions about anything. I am the CC for two Troops, been a DL, a CM, several committee positions. In my 6 years of doing this across two programs and three Units, I have not run into the marriage dynamic y
  7. My kid won't go camp if I don't go and I am the CC for his Troop and my daughters. They expect this committee member to be in two places.
  8. I think your numbers are off. I was a Cub Scout/Boy Scout in the mid 80s. I graduated from high school in 1992. My generation began having kids about that time. My kids were born in 2008 and 2010, which is about the time my generations kids were grown and getting out on their own. My wife and I had kids really late. Anyway, the parents right now that are the pool of leaders are kids that were born into a world where the internet was already going strong and part of every day life. Adults that were Scouts in the 70s either have no kids in the program or maybe grandkids. Heck, people
  9. Cub Scouts.... A lot of parents attend a Join Scout Night and listen to the spiel and sign up their kid. Many of these parents never had an experience in Scouting, but it sounds like "something to do". Of course you get a lot that show up to that first meeting and tap out right then and there. The ones that stay fall into two groups of kids that actually want to be there and the other set of kids that don't care from the get go and are there because they are being told they have to. Those kids that are being told they have to will leave soon because the parents get tired of fighting i
  10. We moved two troops and a pack to a local American Legion Post, New COR is an Eagle from the Troop. Aside from getting the right people to sign the right place and get all the paper work straight x 3 it was a pretty seamless endeavor. We own our meeting place, so the facilities use agreement with the Methodist Church is to use their sanctuary for COH a couple of times a year and they have a big gym with a kitchen we use sometimes.
  11. I was told by the DE that the general liability policy from BSA was going to cover us for the facilities use agreement,.
  12. I am CC for boy troop and girl troop. So, as Key 3 I guess I got email from the OA Advisor that elections will be happening at the end of March. I dont know the process and I want to make sure I know what's going on. Eligibility requirements I was sent are... 1st Class 20 days camping with one long term in the last 2 years. I am good with making sure Scouts are eligible as far as that is concerned. How are the Scouts who meet the requirement chosen for the elections or do we submit everyone with the above requirements met to the OA folks? As far as the adults
  13. I think I will probably reset my password by random keystrokes, so I dont even know what it is preventing me from signing back in and posting.
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