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  1. Our 2021 UoS was this past Saturday. They wanted $18 to participate virtually. In lieu of my previous "donations" I decided to sit this year out and my Webelos Den worked on Cast Iron Chef Saturday morning.
  2. My Council is making bank on cancellations... In October I had to bail on Webelos Woods with my own kid because my uncle died due to Covid and the service was that weekend. Since I didnt request a refund 14 days in advance I had to eat the paid fees. In December we had a Pack campout planned and a couple of days before I got sick and couldnt go. It was just a cold. I was the only BALOO trained leader going so since I couldnt go, neither could the Pack. I made the reservation for the campsite (we have to pay to use Council camps now). Since the cancellation was less than 1
  3. Thats good I guess. My kid doesnt give a rat's.... when it comes in the mail so I didnt renew for another year
  4. I have 46 Scouts on our Pack roster. 12 are not returning. Some of those just never showed up after Join Scout Night, and that kind of thing is not abnormal. We picked up a new Scout that I will take the app in when Jan comes. I am not unhappy with that. I dont know how anyone else is doing because I am not talking to any other leaders in the district or any RT any more.
  5. I have one of those. I do like it. I have this for hot weather. Its been to the jungles of Belize and Mexico as well as Scout adventures.
  6. I know... "Its Wikipedia" but there is a bit of a timeline of how things have progressed.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boy_Scouts_of_America_sex_abuse_cases
  7. I am not an attorney, I dont even play one on TV and I dont stay in Holiday Inn Express. Does the "Proof of Claim" that the COs filed to protect themselves also protect those "Scout Accounts"? At least the money would stay with the CO and not go to the lawyers?
  8. Assuming that worse case scenario happens, Does that mean one day we get an email saying cease all Unit operations immediately.? IF the local council were to survive, would we cease all operation until that Council restructures? Honestly, I am worried about our Camp Rangers... they live on Council property. This would be a huge blow to them
  9. Once again, overestimating how long ago the 80s were. I was in Cub Scouts 1981-1984 or so. My dad was CM and he is only 69 this year. Not 80s.
  10. I wasn't suggesting BSA training to help with my issues. Just that, if without those issues I think Wood Badge would have been a better experience for me.
  11. I would have benefited from not have such a low self worth and anxiety that I could have stayed. Only thing that would have helped me unfortunately.
  12. A fair number on "Talk About Scouting!" on Facebook telling me I suck and should move on. They are probably right...
  13. Not finishing Wood Badge shows I have problems working with others. That's a self esteem problem that sticking it out and "having fun" isnt going to fix. From a strictly Scout perspective... No Wood Badge = Not Worth a Damn Leader The WB cheerleaders have made it quite clear what they think of me. I know I shouldnt be concerned about people from the internet, but I have heard the message loud and clear. I had a good ass chewing from a local District volunteer as well. One thing they are right about, Wood Badge was a life changing experience. I fell back into a depressed sel
  14. I have decided when my son finishes AOL, I will not be crossing over with him in a Troop leadership position. I have zero interest in continuing in any leadership role.
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