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  1. 5thGenTexan

    I Was Against Girls in Scouts.... But

    They controlled the whole thing at the district level. They schedule the JSN night. This year then went to so far as to have plastic bins made up for each unit containing apps, little boys life mags, pens, etc. Its my understanding (I was sent to the gym with the youth to play games during the actual meeting) that the rep from the District took the girl apps we had and WOULD NOT take their money and told em we would call when there were enough girls. So... we are having our own event before school even starts where people can come out and see what we do. I also want to hit up the preschool that is physically at our CO to let those kids know they can be Lions when they start Kindergarten.
  2. 5thGenTexan

    I Was Against Girls in Scouts.... But

    The only tag along siblings I have are other leaders kids. I kinda have to deal with it I guess. One sibling is a Lion. Two others are not even old enough for that. Our recruiting sucked this year. The DE went to some Join Scout Nights, and another district committee member went to other. We (the Pack) we not allowed to speak, just smile and wave. District representative did all the talking. They took their $11 for national. So, the next week we lost a lot when they finally got to hear about our program and oh there are dues. This year we are going to have an event for the community before JSN to pretty much show off and let people see what we do.
  3. I was a Cub Scout earning AOL and a Boy Scout briefly in the early to mid 80s. We didnt have siblings tagging along nor did we have sisters doing the same stuff we were but not getting credit. So the girls have always been there reasoning has not been a convincing factor for me. I was against girls in Cub Scouts and Boy... Uhhh Scouts BSA. What's the logically next step for someone with my views on the subject?? Yep, I had a lenghtly discussion with my CM about laying groundwork for a female Troop in our area. My daughter is a 5th grader this year and a member in another national scouting organization. The have been working on their drawing badge. <eye roll> My daughter and one other girl want to camp and do outdoor things but no one else in the Troop wants to do those activities. So, they make posters and stuff at their meetings. With my training and experience I almost feel obligated to create the opportunity for my daughter and what I assume are other interested girls to have the scout experience they want.
  4. 5thGenTexan

    Wood Badge and Part C

    I don't have a normal PCP. I see a specialist once a year to get weighed, poked, and drain a quart for testing. So I will probably go to a local CNP for a physical and tetanus booster. The BSA says what they want BP to be and seem to indicate if its above their number you can't play. As for WB itself... I have CM, ACM, CC, COR, Troop leadership asking when I'm going. I feel compelled to find a way.
  5. 5thGenTexan

    Wood Badge and Part C

    They dont specify Philmont or High Adventure. Just what should be. Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) Scouts and Scouters should have a normal blood pressure (less than 140/90). Persons with significant hypertension should be under treatment and their condition should be under control. If participating in a Scouting event that is physically demanding, it is recommended that hypertension be under control in the six months prior to the date of the event. The goal of the treatment should be to lower blood pressure to normal levels. Those already on antihypertensive therapy with normal blood pressures should continue treatment and should not choose the time they are at any Scouting event to experiment with or change medications. https://www.scouting.org/health-and-safety/risk-factors/
  6. Should I forget about Wood Badge and ultimately being part of my units leadership? I recently had my annual visit with my endocrinologist to check thyroid. My BP was 150/80. I get particularly nervous in the doctors office. I know that is not going to cut it to pass the physical for Part C of the health form. It sounds like to me they are going to let me attend WB anyway so should I continue in my pack duties? Not going to be able to to do any camping more than a weekend either without Part C.
  7. 5thGenTexan

    Archery Lawsuit Against BSA

    They arent saying what the event was. We recently had a Council event where vendors were present, units were allowed to set up booths, etc. Maybe this event was the same sort of thing and there was no range of any kind set up. In that case a Scout bought something and used it where he knew that he shouldnt have
  8. 5thGenTexan

    Adult Recongnition

    i went to school to have lunch with my son one day. The boys not in his class came by the table and smiled and talked then went to thiei table. The boys in his class sat we us and talked the entire lunch. As long as they are going out of their way to be happy to see me and not avoid me in situations like that I know I am doing the right thing. That is my recognition. Not something I can sew on my uniform or other item that gets stuck in a drawer or cabinet.
  9. 5thGenTexan

    Archery Lawsuit Against BSA

    Any other info on this? I am not sure how its the fault of the BSA that a Scout did something stupid with something he bought at an event. I understand the BSA has deeper pockets than an individual Scout. https://www.apnews.com/3ea0abd816fd439fbdfa0be7afc79484
  10. 5thGenTexan

    Last Read Message

    Is there a setting to enable so I can go to my last read message when opening a thread? As it is, I come back to see if there are new messages, I click the thread, and it takes me back to message 1, page 1. I would like to be able to go to the page where I left off.
  11. 5thGenTexan

    Per WSJ -BSA may declare bankruptcy

    Here is the response from Circle 10 Council. I know its been a few days since this was posted, but I didnt know about "123 Not It" before I volunteered to organize our Christmas Lock-In so I have been busy the past several days. Yesterday afternoon, the Wall Street Journal published an article stating that National BSA has hired a bankruptcy attorney in light of the costs of defending sexual abuse lawsuits. I wanted to share with you some information to help you with any questions you have so you can continue to do what you do for Circle Ten Council and the nearly 59,000 youth we serve. In a communication released yesterday, National BSA reaffirmed its focus on keeping children safe and delivering our nation’s foremost program of character development and values-based leadership training. BSA stated its commitment to the social and moral responsibility to fairly compensate victims who suffered abuse during their time in Scouting, and the deep care and concern for all victims of child sex abuse and the proactive steps to help victims heal and prevent future abuse. BSA stresses that at no time in BSA history has the organization knowingly allowed a sexual predator to work with youth, and will always seek to act swiftly when alerted to abuse allegations. BSA is committed to communicate transparently and stated there are no imminent actions or immediate decisions expected by BSA in light of the WSJ news story. They are in an exploratory phase of a possible financial restructure. We have assembled a few items of information from a Dallas perspective that may be helpful considering the news story. The strength of Scouting for over 100 years has been its local domain. Each troop is owned by its charter partner which is typically a place of worship, service club or educational institution. Each council is locally incorporated in the specific state where it operates. The Circle Ten Council is a 501(c)(3) entity incorporated in Texas. Our camps, our Scouting Centers, our bank funds and investments are owned and controlled by the Circle Ten Council. The Circle Ten Council does have an investment in the BSAAM Endowment Fund managed by the National Council. All Circle Ten Council dollars invested in that fund belong to Circle Ten Council and are not a part of the National Council. The nature of the relationship for a council with the national BSA organization is that our council is the holder of a charter to conduct the Boy Scouts of America programs in our defined territory. Councils receive no funding from the national organization; in fact, we pay fees to National BSA as a part of our charter agreement and for specific services. We receive value back from the national organization, but we operate as a significantly financially independent not-for-profit organization. All local donations to the Circle Ten Council stay local to support the nearly 59,000 youth served in our 24 counties and do not go to the National office. Areas where we partner with National BSA, for business purposes, include several insurance programs, services for IT and expertise related to camping, Youth Protection and so on. Also important to note is employee benefits such as healthcare and retirement are funded by each council but through programs controlled and operated by National BSA. The Circle Ten Council is one of the strongest councils in the BSA from perspectives of fiscal health, program quality, board and volunteer dedication and staff commitment and talent. It is our hope that the national organization can navigate the difficult waters that many organizations face over a century of existence. Locally, we will stand ready to help - and we will continue our primary focus on bringing high-quality Boy Scouts of America programs for nearly 59,000 Scouts in each neighborhood we serve
  12. 5thGenTexan

    Per WSJ -BSA may declare bankruptcy

    Weird question assuming a worst case scenario. Could Councils exist and operate IF National went away as a result of this? Maybe under the umbrella of a central State office? Would there be different brands of Scouting across the country due to regional political and cultural differences?
  13. 5thGenTexan

    Pack leader dues

    Of the 4 people in my family, my daughter is the only one not paying anything to BSA. I pay my $36, my wife pays her $36, and my boy pays $115.
  14. I keep going back and forth on attending. In fact my current line of thought is that I'm not going to attend and even leaning in the direction of finishing out and after my Den completed and is awarded Wolf I am going to be finished myself. I have it seems bought into the notion everyone has to go through WB to be a good leader. If i can't do it I might as well quit now.
  15. 5thGenTexan

    What are the best ways to recruit new Boy Scouts

    Earlier this week there was a picture posted on the town middle school FB page showing a class of 8th grade boys and girls cooking outside. I emailed the teacher and this is what I found out. I KNOW there is the interest with the kids now for sure I just want to get to them to talk about Scouts. I asked if he thought there might be interest with those girls in starting a Troop since we have nothing anywhere close. They are for sure not doing Girl Scout stuff. Anyway they teach is a coach and asked that I let him finish football for this year and he wants to meet to talk about possibilities.