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  1. I have a meeting space problem. Too many Scouts and not enough days of the week.
  2. This is Pack equipment. For our purposes. I think I am going to make some of these. He suggests using a file folder. https://italianmeddiet.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Kitchen-Knife-Sheath.pdf
  3. How do you protect knives in the chuck box? I dont mean after at camp, but when moving from here to there and stuff in the box is moving around. How do you protect the edges?
  4. I have. Its not what I thought it was going to be. Information was good, execution was pretty poor
  5. I am a CC and I think this might come in handy for me. 😃
  6. By the end of the week we will be at 80 Scouts. 2 years ago going into School Night for Scouting we had 12 Scouts. Its been an interesting ride thus far.
  7. Wow, I guess we are fortunate here. Aside from Covid stuff last year when we couldnt go in the schools, our school district is very supportive and accommodating regarding Scouting.
  8. As I said above. Our DE went to each classroom and talked about 5 minutes. This is what he does in all the schools in our District. Then the kids get a flyer to take home. Then we have SNFS in the school cafeteria on a different night.
  9. Separate SM - Check Separate SPLs- Check Adult Female Leadership - Check I just want to have the committee meeting at the same time with the appropriate leaders from each Troop to save a night in the week. More and more I think we are going to have siblings in each group with adult leadership in both.
  10. Linked Troops What are the Pros and Cons to consider? We finally were able to organize and create a Troop for Girls this year. They have met weekly since the beginning of August, maybe a bit before. Anyway, they have had one outdoor activity and we two planned campouts on the calendar coming up. So, they are doing really well. Two girls already have Scout and will have Tenderfoot after the first campout for sure. We have been invited to participate in one of the Boy Troops flag program. Just trying to coordinate information is looking like a challenge. What problem
  11. 1) We have one of those old marquee side of the road sign things. I had that out on the side of the road by ou Scout Hut advertising last nights meeting. 2) The DE and another District Volunteer are going in EACH classroom in the District and talking to the kids, then they send a flyer home with the information for the Scout night meeting. There is a unique QR Code on that flyer that goes directly to online registration for the Unit, just in case they cant come to the meeting in person. 3) That flyer the kids got at school, I got an electronic version I plastered on the community
  12. Registered about 30. Our Pack is approaching 80 Scouts now. Just a few years ago we had 12 registered Scouts going into Scout Night at the school.
  13. https://www.gcumm.org/news/united-methodists-urge-churches-to-delay-renewing-charters-with-boy-scout-units?fbclid=IwAR1AidxHDq3Uv-kxUEJ0T_52av-6hTNVyZHO89dyM3gmytntdAHVPvmLAlY NASHVILLE, Tenn.––Steven Scheid, director of the Office of Scouting Ministry of the General Commission on United Methodist Men, told an August 26 meeting of the Scouting Committee of the Commission, that bishops and conference chancellors are advising local churches not to renew their charters with BSA units beyond December 31, 2021. This delay gives denominational leaders time to work out an agreement with B
  14. I think we have picked up 11 or 12 over the Summer
  15. I have been in and out all day long with no issues
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