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  1. 5thGenTexan

    Advice for a new wood badger

    I was looking over the 20 questions tonight. HA HA HA. Nevermind. Woodbadge is obviously designed for individuals who have high self worth and are optimists. I'd just like some additional training.. not a way to further beat myself up.
  2. 5thGenTexan

    Advice for a new wood badger

    In case anyone is interested.. I go Jan 26 for the first weekend.
  3. We have a Den Leader who I have witnessed vaping in camp 3 or 4 times. If I am seeing it the Scouts are seeing and its unacceptable as far as I am concerned. Just recently a Girl Scout in our community as part of her Gold Award created an anti-vaping campaign aimed at middle school and high school students. More than ever there shouldn't be leaders vaping where any Scout may see the behavior. Just a few days ago another parent/leader told me the Den Leader also vapes outside our meeting place regularly. I need to find a polite way to bring this up in committee meetings aside from shaking my finger in his face and telling him to knock that crap off.
  4. 5thGenTexan

    Burnout - Its Hit Me

    I went to Roundtable tonight so I was able to speak to people in person. Always better than email of FB Messenger. This is my third year, but I have made enough of an impact that District level people know who I am. I talked to the District Membership Chair tonight and she really encouraged me to reconsider. I think all I have to do is ask and I will have a Unit Commission at my beck and call to help out. We also have people on our Committee that have been involved locally in Scouting for a long time. One really wants me to reconsider because she thinks that unlike many, I do have the heart to be a good leader. I am supposed to have a Den Leader Meeting after Den Meetings this week to go over Scoutbook and things. I am thinking it might be a better use of time to set expectations and explain what I need to happen. I can't have DLs not showing up at all or letting me know an hour before meetings that they are not going to make it because its their birthday.
  5. 5thGenTexan

    Burnout - Its Hit Me

    Got criticized by the "CC" that hasnt turned in an app yet and has been no help the last few months over me helping Den Leaders. Most of em are new or really inexperienced with Scoutbook so I have been contacting parents and trying to help the DLs out till I can sit down and show them how to navigate SB. I don't know how helping could be a bad thing. It was the straw... I am finished. I am going to fill out a new adult app as Unit Scouter Reserve. I will take my kid to Den Meetings and sit there and watch from here on out.
  6. 5thGenTexan

    New Sex Abuse Arrest

    I am not sure if people don't pay attention to their YPT training or don't think it applies if another adults is "nice". Two weeks ago we were at a District level Cub Scout campout. I was just letting one of my new leaders/parent know I was taking my own son up to the restroom. He straight up asked if I could take his kid too.
  7. 5thGenTexan

    Burnout - Its Hit Me

    We had a committee meeting today after Den Meetings. I am going to be Cubmaster and Bear Den Leader. I am not going to be... Fundraising Event Planning and Execution Advancement Substitute Den Leader Membership ANYMORE!!! I also reached to two of our new parents who are very enthusiastic about being Assistant Cub Masters so I am not having to run meeting openings AND answer parent questions AND wrangle Scouts.
  8. 5thGenTexan

    Burnout - Its Hit Me

    I am supposed to go to Woodbadge in January. Today I sent an inquiry to my course head honcho about the refund policy since I see no point in going if I am not going to be on the recharter. Within a couple of hours I got a call from the DE asking if I had second thoughts about WB, so I told him about I was ready to quit. I think he was a little taken back a little bit by that. I am supposed to cal him back tomorrow after our committee meeting.
  9. 5thGenTexan

    New Sex Abuse Arrest

    Not one from the files, but apparently a brand new case. An assistant scoutmaster on Long Island has been charged with sexually abusing a 12-year-old boy at Boy Scout retreats and meetings over an 11-month period last year. Jonathan Spohrer, 26, was arrested by Nassau County police at his North Bellmore home on Thursday. He pleaded not guilty on Friday to a charge of second-degree sexual conduct against a child. Spohrer's lawyer, Joseph Carbone Jr., said his client denies the allegations. https://www.foxnews.com/us/assistant-scoutmaster-arrested-sexually-abusing-12-year-old-boy?fbclid=IwAR2FOJ5MwxJCsa2_t00_rjA8jZ1g-ibjv0J1HeNrdB5Jmp9aQZmrcRh8Tjs
  10. 5thGenTexan

    Fee increase - observations

    @PACAN you forgot the suggestion to just get in gear and sell more popcorn to make up the difference.
  11. 5thGenTexan

    Burnout - Its Hit Me

    I was a Tiger DL, I was a Wolf DL, and this year and I am Bear DL + CM. Last year we had one Tiger, so he sat in on my Wolf Den Meetings most of the time, I also had our one Tiger and his dad DL sitting in as well as tagalongs. I was also sending out most pack emails and communicating with all parents. Also, last year our CC mentioned he was ready to cut back and be less involved. (He has been with the Pack for years, so I understand). So... our CM last year was going to move up to CC, and I was moving up to CM. All well and good. Transitions were supposed to happen in August. Back up just a bit more... We had Blue and Gold in May. It was planned by a parent and the CM last year went along with everything she wanted. It was costly.... ended up charging parents to come see thier Scouts advance, etc. Rank advancement was not special, rank badges were just placed in goodie bags, cards not signed. It was in my opinion a disaster. I told him as much and he pretty much ignored my concerns. We had one DL and ACM leave over the Summer in part due to this. The DL didnt even show up to B&G because it was such a crappy plan. CM (last year) was program director for Resident Camp over the Summer, so from June 1 I was the sole leader trying to make sure the Pack was active enough for Summertime Pack Award. We made it, almost 100% of Scouts. CM wouldnt communicate at all with me and kept saying things like it doesnt matter, his opinion doesnt matter anyway to the entire committee when he did talk to us. Anyway, its now November. Remember, our transitions were supposed to happen in August. He still has not turned in an application so he can change over to CC. When I submitted my CM app and it was approved he was bumped down to ACM / Webleos DL. We had a campout a couple of weekends ago, he did not show up and I suspect it was because he didnt like the location. (It was a District level event so new Scouts could get a good feel for things). We had a Halloween Party / Pack Meeting last weekend that he didnt show up for. I found out his wife wanted to come but he didn't want to so, they didnt come. The Lion DL this year is the one I have mentioned before with the no respect for the uniform and vapes in camp. He has signed off on 4 Lion Adventures since Sept 26 and he has had one Den Meeting. I know in the past he just likes to sign off on stuff so they Scout gets something. The Wolf DL is a police officer and has a weird schedule so he doesnt always make it to meetings. The Webelos DL is the guy above that doesnt want to talk to me or participate in our events. I also have NO ACM at the moment. Additionally I have been trying to form a Scouts BSA Troop for girls since August and its not going well. I am leaning towards just not paying and dropping off the charter for next year. I am tired and really dont want to do it anymore. We are rural so just going to another Pack means going to a different city entirely. And, since we are rural I can take my kids out to shoot in the back, we can fish at my dads for free, we can do a lot of "Scouty" things without being in Scouts. He will just miss out on being with other kids.
  12. 5thGenTexan

    BREAKING - Fee Increase Numbers

    I hate to be a "how it used to be" thinker... When I was a Cub Scout in the 80s we still had arrow points and the plastic beads on a plastic string. It served fine as recognition. I think the metal belt loops we have now was a solution to a non existent problem, aside from the Scout Shop gets more money. Furthermore, our handbooks were smaller, printed in mostly black and white with some spot color illustrations, Is the program better today because there is more bling and the books are prettier??? Can I take a Field Book from the 40s and adjust some of the material to Cub Scout level? Can I take my handbooks from the 80s and use it it my meetings? As long as I find a way to make sure what I am doing will apply to the requirements in Scoutbook?
  13. 5thGenTexan

    BREAKING - Fee Increase Numbers

    We get the car for them and part of that is for rewards, part is for maintenance, etc. Last year we had to buy new braking strips for the end of the track. As for awards... belt loops are $1.50 Webelos pins are $2 a pop. Outdoor Activity patch, Whittlin Chip, etc It can all add up
  14. 5thGenTexan

    BREAKING - Fee Increase Numbers

    We had Join Scout Night on Sept 26 this year. Because of that we didn't discuss the National Fee until we knew what it was. That is what I told parents in parent orientation. "Its $33 now, but its going up and we dont know how much" This is the letter I sent out to parents last Friday. Parents, During our parent orientation at the end of September we mentioned that a portion of our dues was scheduled to increase pending a decision by the National Executive Board. On Wednesday they voted to increase the fee for a Youth in Cub Scouting to $60 from the previous fee of $33. Adult Leaders will increase from $33 to $36. This fee to National covers things such as liability insurance, program resources, and training development. The Pack Dues are $65. This fee that will go directly to our Pack covers…• $12 for the Pinewood Derby Car• $15 for Events paid for by the Pack• $30 for Awards (Adventure Belt Loops, patches, etc.)• $8 for Den Materials (Allows Den Leaders to purchase supplies) National Fee - $60 + Pack Fee - $65 = $125 We understand this is a substantial increase, but please keep in mind that Scouting is still one of the more affordable activities that youth can be involved in. In addition to the fun that we have during our meetings, fishing days, or camping trips, we also strive to help the community through our park clean-up and our participation in Scouting for Food in February. Through our efforts we are able to contribute a substantial amount of food for those in need in (CITY). Recharter is the process where a Scout unit renews its charter as an official part of the Boy Scouts of America. This involves: updating your unit's roster (including adding/subtracting members, updating contact information for individuals or your unit's chartering organization). The Unit, Pack #, must submit this information by December 5th per Council guidelines. At the point we turn in all Scouts, parents, leaders that are planning on participating next year with payment. In order to meet this deadline we request that you submit your dues for 2020 by November 24 so we have plenty of time to compile and submit. If you need financial assistance in any way please let us know as soon you are able. We do not want money to be a barrier to Scouting. The Pack # Committee has voted and agreed on the following options for payment.• The $60 fee for Scouts and $36 fee for Leaders that goes to National will need to be paid in full by November 24th• The $65 fee per Scout that goes to the Pack may be split into $20 payments, the first payment due at the beginning of December.• Of course, you may pay the full amount in one sum if you desire.
  15. 5thGenTexan

    BREAKING - Fee Increase Numbers

    Circle 10's offer for assistance to cover the fee increase... The Circle Ten Council understands the hardship the new membership fee increase may be causing many of our families. We know the timing is not ideal for budgeting, planning and fundraising opportunities that exist for our Scouts. The most immediate thing we could do was to extend the popcorn sale, allowing final orders to be placed on December 2nd. While this option works for some of our families, we know it doesn't work for everyone. We are very blessed in Circle Ten Council to have many donors - from foundations, community businesses, individuals, and our Scouting families - who all believe that Scouting should be available to all youth who want to be involved. Thanks to these donors and the Circle Ten Council Foundation, I am happy to announce that we have developed a way to assist our families and strengthen our units. This one-time assistance with the 2020 membership fee is available to help with our Cub Scout, Scouts BSA, Venturing and Sea Scouting youth. Any family can fill out this application (Spanish version). You may request up to $20 in assistance. Priority will be given to those with family income of $60,000 or below and those in units who participate in the popcorn and camp card sales. Please note that while a request is submitted, it may not be granted or granted in full. We will do our best to assist every family who needs it. The application must be filled out in its entirety and submitted by noon on November 15th. Please email the signed form to C10Support@scouting.org. By December 9th, upon approval of assistance, you and your unit leader will be notified. The approval must be printed out and attached to the unit recharter paperwork. The recharter paperwork and unit payment must then be submitted to either of our council offices. If anyone in the unit is receiving financial assistance, you cannot submit payment via the online recharter system. Thank you for your patience through this process. My attention is focused on the many youth of our council and helping their families through this transition. I am proud to say that Scouting works, Scouting matters and Scouting lasts ... a lifetime. Sam Thompson Scout Executive, Circle Ten Council app.myscoutlink.com/v.pl?aa7bc2dee1392bbfd701619315793924a6970de90c6005b0