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  1. 5thGenTexan


    I have been using two fingers, but I just wanted to check. Other DL or ADL or whatever he is 🙄 does something else and I wanted to verify I was doing the right thing
  2. 5thGenTexan


    I am a Wolf Den Leader now. I was a Cub Scout through AOL. I crossed over to the troop before circumstances i have explained in other threads. I dropped out before even earning Tenderfoot. Do I salute 3 fingers or do I salute as my Den?
  3. 5thGenTexan

    Scout Talks

    Our Council did not let the Pack talk at the Scout Talks or at our Join Scout Night. Totally thier prepared script.
  4. 5thGenTexan

    Fishing, BSA, and PETA

    Its been suggested by PETA to the BSA that fishing should be done away with. https://www.peta.org/media/news-releases/boy-scouts-told-its-time-to-scrap-cruel-fishing-badges/
  5. 5thGenTexan

    Scout Talks

    This morning was supposed to be a school wide assembly, however at the last minute it was decided to go to each classroom and give the talk. I am a DL so I didnt get to talk, but I did hear the talk 17 times and it was a good learning experience. We go to the other school this afternoon and I think it will be an assembly. I am anxious to see how many show up tomorrow night.
  6. 5thGenTexan

    BSA: The POLARIS Method

    Sunday morning I IMed my CM and asked if we needed to even be concerned about this at the unit level. After reading the FB, I could get nothing out of it. He only suggested the impact on us may be how the DE changes his approaches in order to reach his goal. I am no fan of corporate doings anyway, so I am going to worry about this at all. I have a den flag to finish up. Our pack is growing and after Tuesday night I am sure we will grow a lot more. Where we are going to physical put new dens is on my plate. In short, I am just a Wolf Den Leader and I am gonna do my little thing and not worry about what the suits are doing with their word games.
  7. 5thGenTexan

    How Many Uniforms Do You Have?

    We worked on a den flag today and afterwards I was sitting with other leaders talking and looked down to see the spot of glue I got on my uniform shirt. I mentioned and my CM took me to the uniform closet (a cardboard box in a back corner). I am the owner of two new (old) Oscar de la Renta shirts. Going to put velco on all three shirts so I can swap patches as needed. Times like today where I had a den meeting this afternoon, scout talks tomorrow and join scout night on Tuesday evening would save me a lot of washing.
  8. 5thGenTexan

    Scout Talks

    This time last year my kid had not yet heard the talk at school about Cub Scouts and being a leader wasn't even on my radar. Tomorrow I will be in full uniform with my DE and CM for Boy and Girl Scout Talks at two schools.
  9. 5thGenTexan

    New Wolf Neckerchief /hats now what?

    We are staying with yellow this year. Never gonna see that red stuff. My own kid has a recycled yellow neckerchief anyway... It was mine when I was a Wolf in the early 80s.
  10. 5thGenTexan

    Songs for Wolves

    OK, I am going to send out an email. It would probably help if they work on this at home. My boy says they know O' Christmas Tree from school, so they already know the tune, just need to learn the lyrics
  11. 5thGenTexan

    Songs for Wolves

    Next question is... do we learn the usual Scout Vespers or the Cub Scout Vespers? As the night comes to this land, On my promise I will stand, I will help the pack to go, As our pack helps me to grow. Yes, I'll always give goodwill, I'll follow my Akela still. And before I stop to rest, I will do my very best. As the night comes to this land, On my promise I will stand. I will help the Pack to go, As our Pack helps me to grow. Yes, I'll always give goodwill, I'll follow my Akela still. And before I stop to rest, I will do my very best.
  12. 5thGenTexan

    As an adult, what do you REALLY wear?

    I am entering my 2nd year as a DL. When its hot I wear some green Columbia shorts. I have pair of BSA zipoffs, but I prefer my 5.11 pants if I am wearing long pants. Dont have to pull em up as much. Have an AOL Knot. Today I attended the funeral of a former Troopmaster for our Troop. Full uniform was requested and I went out and bought a blue Cub Scout Leader neckerchief just for today so my uniform would be complete, although I did wear my 5.11 pants.
  13. 5thGenTexan

    Songs for Wolves

    Is Scout Vespers too difficult for Wolves or can they handle it? Working on my campfire program.
  14. 5thGenTexan

    Thinking I am Going to Step Down

    Do my issues flare up due to camping? My first camping trip was 1976 and all though the late 90's. Then kinda quit because of getting married and everyone in the family just didn't want to do it anymore. Even did several campouts when I was a Cub Scout /Boy Scout. Being an adult I have a whole new set of worries. One is YPT (I am not creepy or anything)… My son is a Wolf but still not as mature as the other kids and he simply wont go to the bathroom alone. When we went for Tiger Day last year at the nearby scout camp I waited for everyone to leave and went in with him and he still wouldn't go on the open latrine. So, do we just not use the showers or restroom all weekend? Also worried about eating. Not eating enough really is an anxiety trigger for me. Its not a medical problem really, I just overreact when I start feeling that "I need to eat" feeling. Now the really bad part. There are two of us in the den. We are both Den Leaders, neither is really designated as "assistant". I was at every single den meeting last year and took the lead role because at the beginning he wouldn't take part in planning so I just did what I needed to do to make things work. He /and son missed den meetings for whatever reason, missed Blue and Gold and Scout Sunday (same day). The pack made the decision to award rank in Feb if the scout was close and they were to finish up before the end of year. He was under the impression that close enough is ok and his kid never did finish Duty to God as far as I know. BUT He has taken his kid on the campout and more to the point did attend the BALOO /IOLS weekend this Spring. Our CM and ACM were both instructors so they knew he was there and completed the weekend. On the same token they know I was not. In my mind he is now a more trained leader than I am and my lack of attendance reflects poorly on me. Today they are at Cub Resident Camp and here I am at home on the internet. Didn't feel up to a 3 day event yet and my wife couldn't get off so there was no one to watch over my daughter. If I were to step down I am not sure I could serve in another capacity. The embarrassment of being labeled a quitter could prevent me from showing my face up there again. I am still going back and forth. My son has said he doesn't want to stay in if I am not a leader. But like today, I feel really guilty for not being at Resident Camp for him and the rest of the pack that is there.
  15. I was a DL for my son's Tiger Den last year but I am thinking I am done. I enjoyed last year, but I had a medical thing earlier this year that made my anxiety issues get pretty bad. I worry a lot about what might happen. What is I don't get enough to eat in camp, what are the bathrooms like in camp, what is I get too hot in camp, etc.... So, I have had to accept that I just can't go. Likewise with training. Missed Adult Leader Training this Spring that included BALOO, IOLS, etc because I didn't know what to expect and the unknown is a problem for me. Wood Badge is just about out of the question. Since I can't get the training needed I know I need to get out. I didn't have a very high opinion of myself before and this just adds another tick mark in things I fail at. So, when you are wondering about why leaders quit ( there are threads about that issue here) they may just be bad people that cant do the job.