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  1. Thats kind of my point. They dont know about WOSM, and they don't care. All they will hear is "Scouts" and then just move along. A lot of PR repair if anything continues.
  2. Yeah, but those outside of all this that arent already really involved dont know or care about the difference. When you go and read comments on news stories we (registered adult leaders) are thrown in the generalization of pedophiles. I fear that ship has already sailed. I am not saying its right, just that how it looks out there.
  3. But... After its all said and done, does the general population care about WOSM? Or is it going to be perceived as same people different name.... No thanks. How far can Scouting go if its tainted in public opinion?
  4. I am not sure how it is other places, but local sports are doing their signups right now. When official Scout recruiting doesnt happen till late August or September all the youth have already decided what they are going to be involved in the Spring. That doest help increase membership.
  5. Is the BSA Travel Agency the new way to pay the bills? You and your family can stay at Philmont, Summit, or Sea Base. Dont even have to be in Scouts. Tents, bunkhouses, hotel style rooms. https://www.scouting.org/outdoor-programs/family-adventure-camp/
  6. I am not a typical parent and I don't know the registration fee won't be shielded from the settlement. In fact I am sure they will use whatever revenue stream they can.
  7. I kinda of skimmed that document, because I lack the patience to read too much "attorney" I did ask my wife who deals with legal documents and on occasion mediation if the BSA is just stupid or are they running out the clock. She thinks running out the clock. I don't think the BSA is stupid and I don't believe the attorneys are stupid. So, why does it seem the BSA is throwing up roadblocks at every opportunity to impede the process? Do they see no way out that BSA survives so they are just going to spend it all till Chap 7 is the only option and no one get anything?
  8. But this is 100% about BSA. Volunteers under the BSA program took advantage of youth in horrible deviant ways. Those volunteers failed and the youth paid the price. There is do doubt there is sexual abuse in all of our society, but that doesnt excuse the BSA in this particular matter. For now this is about the claims against BSA.
  9. Seatbelt? I didnt have a seat at all. They sat me in the floor. In once instance in that tiny space between the last bench seat and the rear doors in a van. And I am talking 1985.
  10. I see problems with YPT training and I am unsure how to solve it. 1) Its not taken seriously. Too many adults see it as something they have to do, and after they do it there are too many things they just disregard. 2) Certification of Completion is meaningless. There is nothing in place to prevent a person just sitting there and clicking next while doing something else and answering a couple of questions at the end. Even more problematic... there is nothing in place to make sure the person on the certificate is the person that actually took the training. So. How do yo
  11. Doesnt make it any less stupid. And regardless of the decade, putting a kid on the floor and not even in a seat was irresponsible.
  12. I pretty much trust our leaders in my town, Pack and Troop. I know everyone pretty well. That being said, once my kid leaves town to another camp someplace be it in Council or maybe somewhere else. No, I can't say even with YPT that I trust those adults. My kid won't be going anywhere that I am not there. Now... I was never sexually abused as a Scout. The few trips I did go on with the Troop were less than safe though. Since I was one of the new kids in the Troop, the adults in their infinite wisdom apparently thought it was ok I didn't have a seat in the van. On at least tw
  13. TCC meeting on Thursday, correct? Any big news anticipated or expectations?
  14. I was looking at our local 4H organization last year for my son. Might be time to revisit that. I don't know...
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