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  1. 😮 When I need a COR signature, if he isnt at a Pack or Troop Committee Meeting, then I send a text asking when I can run by his house and he will sign for me in his front yard. Sometimes he even lets me in the house.
  2. I just had a Den Meeting two days ago. Yes, you should meet during the summer. For June... most of our Scouts are attending Council Day Camp or Resident Camp. In July we will have other activites planned. By the time August comes around we will have a community event or two planned as recruiting opportunities. Only thing I can say is I wouldnt get too deep into requirements, at least in Cub Scouts. If you get a lot of new Scouts when school starts you will be repeating. Just have things fun to do over the Summer that keeps them involved.
  3. I wasnt there, I just saw that photo after they returned from camp. So, I am not sure what they were trying to do. When I teach fire building in my Pack, we dont even use matches. They can use matches later, but I want them to know how to do it the other ways first.
  4. Our Pack did space derby before my time and we have the stuff to set it all up,. Past leaders have told me its not worth the time and Scouts lose interest between races. So, its something that I just have to move around to get to other stuff now.
  5. What you quoted... I think I may need to clarify a bit. Experienced in dealing with brand new Scouts with little to no experience. Me for example, I am going to have to work VERY hard not to let my Cub Scout Leader come out and do it for them. Does that make sense? I was / am a Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and an Adult leader for 5 years. Another leader is a WBer as well as ASM in a boy troop. I dont think we have anyone without any Scouting experience. I don't want to do "Webelos 3" for any longer than need be. Thats my big concern here. As far as me and WB. I
  6. I just viewed a photo of camp staff demonstrating fire starting to Cub Scouts. The staff member can be seen squirting lighter fluid into a charcoal chimney. Wouldn't this fall under the GTSS where it says use of liquid fuels for starting any type of fire is prohibited?
  7. We are starting a brand new Troop. 2 of em will have AOL and 3 do not.
  8. Official fee increase notice on Scoutingwire https://scoutingwire.org/bsa-membership-fee-increase-details-and-faq-updated-6-4-2021/
  9. The different thing we have than "normal" is along with the girls, the adults are kinda new at this as well. Particularly me. And we don't have any PL yet. We do have two girls with AOL though, but I know for my daughter is been a year or so while we have been trying to get this together. What I was thinking in my mind and having them do it all like they "dont know" may be best and do things more quickly with the next crossovers after we have our ducks in a row.
  10. I am a Cub Scout leader holding many positions over the past few years. I am currently helping to get a brand new girl troop up and running. How are AOL crossovers handled? Scouting Adventure and Scout look to be the same requirements aside from the Scoutmasters conference. Generally.... do the new Scouts who earned AOL repeat and get the requirements for Scout signed off or just go straight to the Scoutmasters conference?
  11. We are getting some Scouts from a folded Pack due to Covid and other issues. More importantly though, I know of 6 Lions ready to fill out applications as soon as they can. So, its looking like a big Lion Den coming up for us.
  12. Not kidding. Back when we could actually do school talks and other in person recruiting. The "ooohhhs" and "aaahhhhs" came from talk about archery, BBs, fishing, camping. The outdoor stuff sells Cub Scouts. A yoyo thing might be something to consider if its raining and can't do anything outside, but aside from that its useless.
  13. YPT is a top notch program? I have taken it 3 or 4 times, sometimes early when the first new revision was released a couple of years ago. I don't put much faith in it at all. BIG problem I have is the method for taking the training. There is ZERO oversight on verifying the adult name on the certificate is the person who took sat through the training. Granted, this is a little bit of hyperbole, but you could get one of those toy bird things that dips its beak in water and swings back up to hit the keyboard to advance the slide for the training and then breeze through the "qu
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