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  1. Well..... After the Troop Committee Meeting where I was yelled at for an hour and half telling me how bad of a leader I was I did cut ties cold turkey. The next day I woke up in the middle of the night throwing up most of the night and began to experience abdominal pain. This lasted for the better part of the next month and I kinda developed a "screw it" attitude because I was still very angry and hurt. Probably lost 40 - 45 pounds since December. I went to the ER last week because I wasnt getting better. They thought I had a small bowel obstruction. Stayed in the hospital two days. I
  2. Committee ganged up on me in person at this week's Committee Meeting. I found out our previous CO, a Methodist Church didn't want the Pack playing on the preschool playground any more because they were tearing stuff up AND a neighbor reported everything Scouts were there they were destructive. I thought it best the Troop stay off as well since they have no business on preschool playground and we just needed to take step to avoid issues with the Church. I did make the decision myself and reported it to them. They apparently think I was wrong. After a popcorn kickoff meeting I came back
  3. To be clear... this isn't taking out the trash. None of do that, not even leadership. I always make sure it's taken care of for cleanliness. Iam talking about a police line on camp before leaving.
  4. The COR is being wishy washy not wanting to make a decision at the risk of losing volunteers. So, no help.
  5. I want to ask here. Is demanding Scouts do one thing OR do push-ups considered corporal punishment in 2023 in the barriers to abuse? Yelling loudly, not to be heard but angry... pick up trash or do push ups. I haven't slept all night worrying I'm putting Scouts in danger if I quit and dont stand up for thier safety.
  6. I need to talk to him I think. I'm not really sure if he been going to Troop Meetings because he wants to or because I want him to go. He has said before he feels like he is letting me down if he doesn't go.
  7. Told the Troop I was done with em tonight. Now, I gotta find a new place for my son.
  8. Just interested to see how its working out for those having to deal that closely with their Council.
  9. Did anyone end up going the Council Owned Unit route after the Methodist Church stopped chartering?
  10. He seemed fine. He was ready to go back out and do whatever they were doing in the meeting. <shrug>
  11. I think I am ready to bail. Not sure if I want to find a new Troop, start a new Troop (Ive formed a GT with little to no help), or see if my kid even wants to continue. But I am done with this group of adults.
  12. Recently, I can assure you there are Scouts that need a refresher in not being jerks. Citizenship in Society is exactly what they need. After the way some of their parents have behaved this week, I kinda see where they get it though,.
  13. So,,, the Scout told a different story than he told his parents. If nothing else we have some bad behavior issues.
  14. Personally, I dont really care about a person's uhhh affiliation... if that is the right word. People are who they are. I make my judgements based on one's character. I will fight for them though when others decide to cause harm because of who they are.
  15. My first step is to find out from the Scout what happened. One of the leaders at summer camp was the SM. The SM who I heard from4 feet away tell Scouts they either help do dishes OR start doing pushups. The same SM that told Scouts last week to work on boring MBs during meetings and finish in the next 2 weeks OR else just continue doing boring classroom meetings till they finish. I do not trust the judgement of the adults that were there. I NEED to know what happened first hand from the Scout at this point. IF I find out this was indeed a serious bullying / hazing thing and the a
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