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  1. Here is an interesting article from the May 1992 issue of Scouting where experienced Scouters were being trained how to instruct reluctant Scouters in camping skills. Maybe worth revisiting??
  2. OA to end AoL ceremonies?

    Given that this change from OA regalia to no OA regalia is likely a done deal, what suggestions do you all have for making an impressive AoL ceremony for the Webelos crossing over?
  3. OA to end AoL ceremonies?

    Our Lodge Advisor attended an event at Philmont Training Center last fall and it was mentioned that, henceforth, OA chapters are NOT to conduct Arrow of Light ceremonies in Native American regalia. (As a member of the ceremonies team in my youth Lodge, I was always encouraged to call it "regalia" and never a "costume." Not knocking anyone on the Forum--just an FYI from my Chapter Advisor.) This doesn't mean that Arrowmen cannot conduct an AoL ceremony out of regalia. No, it wouldn't have the same effect but would still be impressive to the Webelos in that they see older Boy Scouts in uniform with bright white sashes welcoming them to Boy Scouting. Over the years, I have kept somewhat close tabs on how the Order of the Arrow is viewed by various Native American nations. Some support the OA and others don't. There have been lawsuits filed against the BSA by various nations, so moving forward the OA will have to be cautious about how ceremonies in NA regalia are depicted in various media. My understanding is that there shouldn't be any published photographs of Arrowmen in regalia whatsoever. (In theory, no Ordeal, Brotherhood, or Vigil ceremonies should be videotaped or photographed anyway...)
  4. Patrol Method/System Resources

    Here is another installment of Green Bar Bill's ideas for successful Patrol meetings. Enjoy! (I'm scanning these at the public library and, while I am allowed 30 minutes with the scanner, I get dirty looks when people see me with enormous stacks of papers. Please be patient as I do these little by little. On the plus side, it gives you time to digest these before the next ones come along!) Campfire_of_Green_Bar_Bill.pdf
  5. I don't think that's necessarily the point RS is trying to make. Personally loving the outdoors and being enthusiastic about the Outdoor Program (as a method of Scouting for the youth) are not totally the same thing.
  6. Perhaps this is another situation where training--and training by doing--would be necessary. All active parents would be encouraged to go camping as a group, free of charge of course, to learn about the Outdoor Method in the out-of-doors. No Scouts, necessarily, but rather a retreat of sorts where instruction would be provided by experienced Scouters wise in the ways of the Force, uh, I mean Patrol Method.
  7. Interesting discussion last night

    When in doubt ask Bill! From the Handbook for Scoutmasters, 3rd edition, 1938, Vol. 2.
  8. Interesting discussion last night

    According to that Troop Meeting Plan worksheet that we have access to in many BSA publications, there is a time set aside for "Skills Instruction" which could arguably be considered "Advancement". I don't think anyone is really saying "Advancement" doesn't belong in a Troop meeting. However, what might hurt many Troops is when the "Skills Instruction" portion of the Troop Meeting lasts 89 minutes with the remaining portion reserved for a flag ceremony and Scoutmaster's Minute. Sometimes Scouts DO want to have time set aside to work on a Merit Badge and that's fine if they want to do that. I think it's wise, though, for a Scoutmaster to coach to SPL to consider keeping a balance of advancement with all the other elements of a Troop meeting, as outlined in the Troop Meeting Plan. There should be time for Patrols to meet and conduct "business" as they see fit. That could also be a time when a Patrol works on a MB together for 15-20 minutes over the course of a month.
  9. Patrol Method/System Resources

    I hope it was also "in tents". Sorry, I had to do it...
  10. Patrol Method - Best Practices

    Here's a sneak-peak of some of the GBB documents I plan to scan and post in the resources topic.
  11. Patrol Method/System Resources

    In 1975, a program called "All Out For Scouting" was announced and the idea was to get Scouts camping and doing Scouting...by Patrols! For an article about it, and a good description of what many of us on the Forum would like to see, check out this link from Boys' Life. As part of this initiative, there was a training program designed for Senior Patrol Leaders to go back and help their Troops succeed in the Patrol Method. A special thanks goes out to @Eagle94-A1 for providing the Brownsea Double-Two syllabus in attachment below. Brownsea_22.pdf
  12. Interesting discussion last night

    When I was about a year into Boy Scouts, I attended a Merit Badge day sponsored by the local NESA chapter. I remember it fondly, actually, because I earned the Engineering MB with some professors from Georgia Tech. Though, I also remember having those Andy Capp's hot fries for the first time and reading the lyrics to Whitney Houston's hot jam..."I believe that children are our future..." on the wall of the gymnasium where the event was held. I guess like anything, MB clinics/colleges/fairs are what you make of them.
  13. Advancement + Grade Level

    Here is another BSA link: https://www.scouting.org/Home/CubScouts/CubScouts/BeingACubScout/scouting.aspx My reading of this is, based on his age, he would move forward to Wolf with his buddies. No sense making this Cubbie redo Tiger when his mates are moving onward and upward...Maybe your Pack leadership would be sympathetic to this request?
  14. I thought it might be a good idea to post some resources on here that might help us inform our fellow Scouters how best to let the Patrol Method/System run rather than trying to run the Patrol Method/System. This one is from our Canadian friends at The Dump. Patrol System.pdf