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  1. Regarding specific advice and needing more details, here is an overview of how my troop is structured and what meetings look like. Every six months we elect a new ASPL, and the current ASPL moves up to SPL. At the new SPL's first PLC (we have a PLC at the first meeting of every month, every scout is expected to attend and as a group we plan out the meetings and outings for that month) they appoint scouts of their choice to the following positions: Quartermaster, Scribe, Historian, Game Master, Troop Guide, Chaplain Aide, and Webmaster. Next, as a group, we plan a monthly theme for
  2. I am a 16 year-old Life Scout, working on my Eagle, and I am currently the Senior Patrol Leader for my troop. About 10 or so years ago my troop was quite large, with about 5 or 6 active patrols at all times. I was a Cub Scout at this time. Then, a whole bunch of drama happened and most of the families left the troop, diminishing the size. About 5 years later, when I became old enough to be a Boy Scout, I joined the troop. I had done Cub Scouts but not Webelos, my parents pulled me and my brother out of scouting for a few years to focus on our youth group, and partly because my dad wa
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