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  1. Does anyone know anything about this, are they nat level positions? https://oa-bsa.org/volunteer
  2. Hello, I am staffing a very well known council camp in Southern California. Would it be appropriate to wear silver shoulder loops because I am registered with the council as a volunteer employee?
  3. jscouter1

    New Hats?

    What does everyone think about the new hats, personally I don't love them but I think it is an interesting addition.
  4. Does anyone know where to find printable Sea Scout advancement resources? I cant seem to find any printable advancement sheets that I can bring to meetings. I would make my own copy but I rather just use a pre-existing one.
  5. Hello, I apologize if this is not in the right category. Yesterday my troops Scoutmaster passed, he was the second scoutmaster our troop has ever had. The last time our troop had to find a new scoutmaster (1987) it took them months. I am sorry if this is commonly known information but what happens now, who's job is it to find a new scoutmaster?
  6. Hello forum! It’s been a while since I have posted on here but a lot has happened since then and I am again faced with a dilemma that I can not figure out myself. As a preface for this you should know my troop does things a little differently and (among other things) runs their own high adventure programs, this means we will never use a BSA high adventure like Philmont or Northern Tier. It has come to my realization that I would like to visit Philmont in the short amount of time I have left as a scout ( 4-6 years depending on how you look at it). Now the reason I am posting on here is that whe
  7. This post doesn't really ask any questions but is more of an update (feel free to leave any advice) Im back. Hey guys most of you probably remember me as the kid who could not join the OA whatsoever. Last in this adventure, I was fresh out of options and pretty sure this was the end of it for me. But then I went to NYLT (first scout in my troops 75 years to do so). On top of the awesome times I had at NYLT and the valuable leadership skills I did bring a few things back. One of the first was actually getting to talk my OA troubles out in person with my TG who is a Brotherhood membe
  8. Hello, some of you may now know me as the kid who really wants to join the OA. Well I am here to tell you guys that my journey has come to a sad end. I have tried all chances to join but none of them have turned out. My SM denied an election, surrounding troops wouldnt do dual enrollment, and even the lodge in the council neighboring has "ghosted' me. So I wish you all the best of luck with your journeys and you are truly all lucky to be involved in such a great organization and brotherhood. - A friend in scouting,
  9. my troop also requires a leadership camp for all scouts getting First Class. Most of our troops scouts get first class in their 8th grade year, they are then PL for their 9th grade year completing the Star req, after the PL year the scout is inducted into our troops "staff" which completes the Life leadership req.
  10. My troop does things a little differently, patrol leaders are limited to one year. We have a semi training program which generally lasts 1 month. The program teaches new scouts some of the most basic skills ie... knot tying, flag folding, basic knife safety. Basic skills for any scouts. After that one patrol leader gets all of the newest scouts in their patrol, generally the most responsible PL. This is how my troop has done it for 80 years and it worked great.
  11. Thank you so much for your input, as of right now I couldnt leave my current troop it just means to much to me. Its not unheard of in my troop for scouts to switch troops because of disagreements with our SM. If I did dual membership and spent time getting to know the scouts, camp, going to meetings, and service projects I feel I might have a chance at election, but wouldnt it be odd if I had no rank advancment in my newer troop?
  12. This might be slightly off topic for this, but if I am considering option #3 right no. Does anyone think that another troop would take offense if I do a dual membership thing just to join the OA?
  13. Any words you would use to explain to your SM why the OA is good? I think my SM is ok with me joining but doesnt want to introduce the rest of the troop to it, which would make it very hard to have an election.
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