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  1. Thanks! So my argument would not be that they CAN'T be CC and ASM, but rather, that they AREN'T CC and ASM (as I never appointed them ASM, nor are they registered as such). Semantics I guess at that point, but my guess is they won't care. We will be going the cake route.
  2. You are correct (and they were untruthful). They are NOT registered as both in my.scouting.org. Thanks!
  3. COR was engaged yesterday and he has asked me who I propose to replace the CC. ALL parents and scouters agree this is a problem. I've personally spoken to at least eight. All agree this is a problem. I am unaware of any parent that does NOT agree. It's painful. This person isn't a bad person, they're just unlike anyone I've encountered before. I'm not afraid of confrontation, but even confrontation doesn't seem to resolve it. I'm hoping the COR is able to facilitate a change, because yes, I cannot properly lead the SPLs (and therefore the troop) in these circumstances and will depart
  4. If they were to JUST be Committee Chair, that would be just fine. They are incapable of staying in their lane though. Imagine an extremely dominating helicopter parent, coming into a troop and doing everything for the scouts, telling everyone where and when you will camp, straining noodles for kids, carrying gear for kids, rolling sleeping bags for kids...taking scoutmaster info packets at camporees and assuming the default leadership role, getting angry when asked to give said info to the scoutmaster, being extremely loud constantly. Babying the scouts (following them around handing out
  5. OK, thanks for the clarification. But maybe I shouldn't have mentioned scoutbook at all. The point of my inquiry was whether or not a Scouter was allowed to hold all those positions. I'm much less interested in the technical workings of Scoutbook in this context.
  6. Probably my fault, but people are focusing too much on the actual online tools. So let me back up. The person BELIEVES they are and WANTS TO ACT AS Committee Chair, Assistant Scoutmaster, Advancement Chair, and Unit Training Chair. They do it ALL...and when I offer to get help and have someone else take some of the responsibility, that response is "Don't take this from me, I love it!" So we are stuck with this person BEING the Troop...and it's driving people (members and leaders) away. So it seems my question about whether or not the are allowed to hold all those positions is that
  7. I guess I’m not following. In my scouting.org. The key three are all labeled as key three and when that is done, they all show up as key three delegates in scout book. I don’t believe there is any problem with the key three thing.
  8. Mine has this: Key 3 Delegate, Scoutmaster I think Key 3 delegate just means I am a key three. Most likely it’s for communication and notification purposes. It’s redundant, not a separate role.
  9. Hello all. We have a Scouter who is, in my opinion, FAR to involved in each and every facet of leadership in our troop. This person is a good person at heart, but with a very strong personality, very very loud, and also very unable to step back and let the kids do their thing. Just a helicopter parent who has made the entire troop THEIR show. Kind of like a Cubmaster on stimulants, but in a BSA troop! Again, good person, and helpful at times, but has already been the main reason why some people have left the troop. This scouter is so overbearing and willful, but is absolutely unable to take an
  10. Makes sense!!! I've created a Troop Google account for document storage and we have an email address as well. I think the kids are going to try Discord, but I also know not all kids have phones, so the jury is still out on the best option.
  11. Yes, I am 100% let him choose and he chose to create this text group. However, none of the other scouts like it or use it so I’m trying to give him more guidance and new ideas that he might be able to decide to implement.
  12. We have Scoutbook which also allows troop emails, but kids don't really check email habitually like we old folks do, I find....so for emails I think Scoutbook works well enough (as long as the troop keeps the info up to date). Did you find a deficiency in scoutbook that caused you to use google, or do you just not use Scoutbook because you never have? I asked our SPL and he doesn't use Discord, but perhaps he'd be willing to learn it. I tasked him with figuring out a way to communicate, and he ended up setting up a text message group...which isn't working well because unless you
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