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If anyone ever asks you what it takes to be a good Patrol Leader, you should show them this page from Green Bar Bill's 1929 Handbook for Patrol Leaders.  

Ok, boys and girls...Here's Part 2 of Green Bar Bill's "Patrol Ideas" for your viewing pleasure.  Good Scouting to you! Patrol_Ideas_by_Green_Bar_Bill_pt2.pdf

I thought it might be a good idea to post some resources on here that might help us inform our fellow Scouters how best to let the Patrol Method/System run rather than trying to run the Patrol Method/

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In 1975, a program called "All Out For Scouting" was announced and the idea was to get Scouts camping and doing Scouting...by Patrols!  For an article about it, and a good description of what many of us on the Forum would like to see, check out this link from Boys' Life.

As part of this initiative, there was a training program designed for Senior Patrol Leaders to go back and help their Troops succeed in the Patrol Method.  A special thanks goes out to @Eagle94-A1 for providing the Brownsea Double-Two syllabus in attachment below.


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Dealing with the well-oiled machine issue

Heard at a council meeting in 1962 or 63

Bill: "Never do for a Scout what he can do for himself."

Scouter in audience: "But 'do' to what standard?"

Bill (after a brief pause): "Why to a boy's standard, of course."

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5 minutes ago, TAHAWK said:

Check above link to history of leader training.

Thanks for posting that link, but I found no mention of <anything>22. I am sure I took the precursor of some JLT variant and it was definitely not White Stag , but it was long, long ago.

I do remember it was an intense weekend course, at scout camp in tents. :D

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4 hours ago, RememberSchiff said:

Thanks for posting that link, but I found no mention of <anything>22. I am sure I took the precursor of some JLT variant and it was definitely not White Stag , but it was long, long ago.

I do remember it was an intense weekend course, at scout camp in tents. :D

It says:

"Brownsea II focuses on Scoutcraft

In 1976, the Boy Scouts introduced Brownsea II (Brownsea Double Two) to supplement Troop Leadership Development. It was developed in reaction to the changes to Scouting, including the advancement rules that no longer required Scouts to take a hike before obtaining the first class rank. The week-long course, unlike the Troop Leadership Program, was a "back-to-basics" program for Senior Patrol Leaders that was "program- and action-oriented."[25] It emphasized teaching and practicing Scout skills, the purposes of Scouting, and the role of the patrol method within the troop program.[26] Its goals were to develop leadership by giving Scouts opportunities to lead games that they could take back to the home troop, and by exposing the Scout to a leadership development project called "The Brownsea Pioneering Project".[27]

Modifications implemented

In 1979, the next iteration of junior leader training was introduced in the Troop Leader Training Conference. It was published "to eventually replace Troop Leader Development (#6544) and also provide the Scoutcraft skills experiences of Brownsea Double Two."[28] This paralleled a roll-back of an urban emphasis in Scouting which had removed mention of the word "campfire" from the 8th edition of the Boy Scout Handbook.[29] Effective Teaching, formerly named Manager of Learning, was renamed to sound less academic.[13]"

This BA22  is new to me.  It was "Brownsea Double Two" here in NE Ohio.

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My understanding is GBB wrote the syllabus for BA22 ( that's how we abbreviated Brownsea Double Two in my council)  I do not know when the program officially ended, but the New Orleans Area Council, now the Southeast Louisiana Council, conducted their last BA22 weeklong camp in 1988.

Why double two, I've hear different stories. One I was told orignally was to honor the original 22 Scouts at the 1907 Brownsea camp. One later is that it was suppose to be the second  attempt at Brownsea getting Scouting back on track.

As for variations, yes there were. My council had 4 patrols divided essentially into 2 troops. One troop did thing in one order, and the other the reverse. Also  we did a service project, building a bridge, at the camp. Another thing was building survival shelters one night.

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Here is another installment of Green Bar Bill's ideas for successful Patrol meetings. Enjoy! 

(I'm scanning these at the public library and, while I am allowed 30 minutes with the scanner, I get dirty looks when people see me with enormous stacks of papers.  Please be patient as I do these little by little.  On the plus side, it gives you time to digest these before the next ones come along!)




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