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  1. Hello All, Looking for advice. I am taking over as scoutmaster next year. We have 16 new Webelos scouts crossing over this year. My question is How successful has a new scout patrol been? Our troop has been lacking when it comes to the Patrol Method in my opinion. Ad Hoc patrols are formed whenever we go on trips, Adults and scouts do not camp far enough away from eachother to have their own identity. Sometimes it feels more like an adventure club than a scout troop. I was thinking on splitting this group up into two patrols of 8 scouts and assigning each a TG. For the next year, the
  2. My Son will be Crossing over this month and we will be attending summer camp with his new troop. I plan on joining also as an ASM. But I was wondering if it might be a good idea to sit out his first summer camp. My hope is that with my absence he will assimilate into the troop better. I'd like for him to have an experience that is his alone and not something he feels the need to do just because I may be going also. Any advice on this?
  3. Has anyone seen the new pack meeting plans for 2018-2019? the ones on the scouting.org site only go to this year.
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