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  1. Yeah loss/damage of a book happens. Our SPL announces "Everyone, take pictures of your book tonight" at the first meeting of every month for this exact reason. The adv chair also snaps photos at every BOR and attaches them to the note in SB for the BOR so they are preserved. It's better than nothing and avoids a full rebuild.
  2. Also an advocate for paper book. In our unit that's the official record. Today SB is updated by our adv chair after a successful BOR but does not include the individual requirement dates - only the BOR is updated. We have a handful of newer Scouts and families entering progress directly. You need to set expectations with them. As many are coming in from Cubs, their belief is they are "signing off" on the requirement by doing that. They get frustrated to find out later it's really just a "heads up" the Scout is ready to test on those. They still need to meet with someone in the
  3. I don't feel like transparency and pragmatic measures are mutually exclusive. In fact, to borrow your phrase the only acceptable position these days is that Youth Protection comes first. If you as a parent feel obligated to observe and are unwilling to take the most basic Youth Protection steps - then I am sorry. The protection of all the other youth is as important as your youth and I must decline your attendance, and therefor your Scout's. I will not let anyone who has not minimally taken YPT attend an outing with our Troop. If that person intends to attend regularly, I require the
  4. Maybe a bit more back on topic... how have your units handled this scenario: New scout joins, often via crossover from cubs but sometimes as they move into town from away. Parents want to join us on a few outings. On the one hand as a parent - I get this. I don't really care how much training and YPT a bunch of adult volunteers have had... I'm going to find it very difficult if not impossible to get comfortable with the idea of sending my child off into the outdoors with a bunch of people I don't know at all. On the flip side, my established leadership is not wild on the idea of unreg
  5. Late to the party but plaques and gifts for AOLs in my unit was always covered by the parents. Some parent groups wanted to drop hundreds on mega trophies, my group bought arrows and learned how to crest arrows so we could keep cost down and give something hand-made. For "decorations" our crossovers are always outdoors and if there's any "decorating" it's done by the Troop and usually is some form of lashed together furniture/bridges from our already-owned ropes and poles inventory. Not much to spend on for decorating and doing it outside with a campfire makes it night IMO. Our Pack us
  6. What's your takes on MB counselors? My understanding is G2SS does not say the registered adult leaders have to be leaders in your unit. So for example, a Den Leader from the Pack or a MB Counselor are both registered leaders with BSA. As long as they were YPT and did not present a concern to me about having enough qualified supervision - I would be able to leverage either should I ever need to fill 2-up for our Troop. FWIW, I am generally happy to allow any interested adult to come camping. Camping is fun, they should get to enjoy it - with the adult Patrol. My ask as SM is that any
  7. In our Troop there is always a succession plan. If you're a Scout, and there are other adult leaders, I'd start by asking them if they know of his succession plan.
  8. Thanks all, good ideas and options to consider. We're looking mainly at 55gallon plastic drums and 5 gallon buckets as options. Concern on the drums is safety. Even if "emptied" ... they can't be dried like a bucket, we worry what would "cook" in them between use. And it's hard to get inside them to REALLY clean them if something happens. As shower water or source for KP water - maybe. I think we're leaning towards 5 gallon buckets. I think we can probably reach out to some food places (firehouse?) locally and score a deal on the quantity we need. Google seems to say they
  9. We have a largeish troop and are in a hot area. This adds up to needing quite a bit of water on outings. I don't know a good "formula" but I think the conventional wisdom is 2 gallons per scout per outing for drinking and I would venture 5 gallons per patrol for cleanup. Give or take. We do like to go some places without a water supply. So this means carting in water. For a large outing we'll have 30-40 souls in 3-5 patrols. Which by my previous math means we need to cart in over 100 gallons of water OR be prepared to filter. Or a little of each. One approach we've used for a
  10. I have 4 ASMs who are showing as "not trained". They all took IOLS at an out of council summer camp, I have scans of their signed training cards. Assuming that'll clear that up. But they all show as needing S24, but every one of them has completed the online SM/ASM position specific training. Should I just not worry about what the report is saying? Or should I try to get it updated?
  11. Is the online position-specific training for ASM/SM not sufficient for the "trained" designation? online reports seem to imply "S24" is required and that maps to position specific training in the current training codes doc (https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/training/pdf/currentandpasttrainingcodes.pdf ) which just says position specific training but then the actual Trained Leader Status report seems to indicate classroom training is mandatory for this vs. the online?
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