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  1. Our SM put this to the PLC, which I thought was a great approach. They did some research and looked into policies from a variety of troops. They ended up taking the approach that electronics are part of our life now, but like Knives they are tools within Scouting and there's a time and place for them and a proper way to use them. So the set up SOPs for use of electronics and required a class to gain a "cyber totin chit" just like a knife. When Scouts aren't using their tools in line with the PLC's established SOP they are warned. If it becomes habitual or there's a severe infraction, they
  2. Councils don't want to do this any more than the units do. If they did, they would have been pushing this for years. It's being done out of necessity and Scouts BSA needs this to work. If there's widespread looting of unit resources by council(s) it will torpedo this and scouting is likely to fail. I'm not worried at all about council chartering and the resources of our unit being protected if we're required to go that route. I'm more worried about having a consistent place to meet and somewhere safe to keep the trailer without having to pay through the nose for storage.
  3. Consistent with the don't overblow, but don't underestimate the risks sentiment (which is a good point) a corporation only provides so much protection. Officers of the corporation are quite often included in lawsuits, especially if there is some presumed negligence. I've run a 501c7 for many, many years and we carry officers and board liability insurance for this very reason. If you elect to explore the formal charity route, invest in professional advice from an attorney and an accountant who have good experience in these matters. They will know all the latest scuttle and they will be
  4. In the Rules and Regulations there is a section about Charters to Groups of Citizens: Establishing a 501c3 doesn't seem to be 100% mandatory then. In the past I shied away from doing 501c3's for several groups I established over the filings and compliance requirements being pretty stiff and either challenging for a "regular person" to navigate or an expense for hiring a professional to maintain. There are probably others who will say it's a piece of cake. Just sharing my experience on establishing a real charity.
  5. Yeah, that's what I was asking. If someone who administrates the forum could look to see if there is an option to enable discussion topic titles in the browser title bar. I went to the invision site to see if I could find info about the setting to suggest. I could not but while there I noticed their forums have this. See screenshots attached for what I mean. ETA: That long text "Option for homepage title..." that's the topic title I was currently viewing. On the Scouter Forum site it's always just "Scouter Forum".
  6. When you click into a topic, is there a configuration in the back end that will put the topic subject in the browser title? I usually come, open the unread messages stream, and then I'll open several in new tabs and read through. But each tab just says "Scouter Forum", so if I need a refresh I need to scroll to the top of page. Not a HUGE deal, but thought I'd file the though/request and see. Thanks in advance for anything
  7. My two cents: Assuming the idea is to help them ease into the Patrol Method, only the boys should wear the patrol emblem. You should emulate the role of a Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster in the exercise. We did this in our AOL year to prepare them for the patrol method. Have them elect a leader. When possible, rely on the Patrol leader to execute tasks and run activities during the den meetings. If you have a Den Chief, treat them like the Senior Patrol Leader and progressively start asking them to direct the Patrol leader. I found it hard after 8 years in a Pack to adjust
  8. I'm an engineer so I value STEM but I do not want to see a focus on STEM in Scouts BSA. There is no shortage of STEM programs, focus, and push in school and home. Let Scouts be about other things.
  9. I'd take the meeting with the COR at least by phone. They have the authority to replace the CC or the SM if they feel the situation demands it. I still think you should move on FWIW. Even if the COR does the right thing here, I think the well is poisoned. You will be valued elsewhere.
  10. Has anyone here done what @elitts suggests and create their OWN not for profit to serve as a charter? I have never heard of this, curious to see if it's a common and successful practice. It seems like if you find yourself suddenly charter-less and need to act fast, if the Council Unit option does not appeal the best other alternative is the "group of citizens" charter option. But then some person has to volunteer to have the finances attached to their own SSN which these days seems like it would create tax complications for that person. I know I'd be reluctant to put my own SSN on the
  11. I found this doc: https://www.bsacac.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/Fiscal-Policies-and-Procedures-for-BSA-Units_CAC_FINAL.pdf I think it answers this question:
  12. I think I'm a duty roster believer. This weekend we went to a camporee and ... well I'd like to say we "decided to try" the "everyone helps" method but in reality we just ended up there for ... reasons. I didn't love it, the boys were split. There were literally too many cooks in the kitchen in my opinion I see value in the duty roster. It sets expectations clearly, helps ensure everyone takes their turn, breaks larger tasks down into more manageable pieces, it helps those who need a turn for advancement get it, and it avoids congestion. The patrol leader can make an executive c
  13. I suspect the answer to this is going to be "you need to call your council" but I've seen a lot of Charter orgs pulling support and have seen that you can now do a "Council Unit" charter directly with your council if needed vs. a traditional nonprofit organization. For anyone who has done that, how does banking work? Can you still obtain a bank account to conduct business or do you need to do everything via reimbursement? I can't find a lot of details on how a Council Unit works. The agreement is here: https://www.scouting.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Annual-Registration-Agreemen
  14. Does seem a bit ungrateful to complain about what you get when nothing is owed. If friendly with the council peeps, I'd say so respectfully. We want to help and especially now, but that kind of response is off putting and certainly I'll think twice about doing this in the future. Not everyone will speak up and say so, if you're doing this routinely - I'd consider you're doing yourself more harm than good. An effusive "thank you" and highlighting the support in a newsletter or round table would generate a lot more benefit than dickering for an extra 10%. That said, it's easy to imagine
  15. Kudos on stepping into the role to enable the scouts to keep benefiting from the program. It's a lot of work in general, even more when you're taking over cold turkey. Hopefully you will get as much out of it as the scouts, despite the work - I hope you have a ton of fun!
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