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  1. After discussing with me I allow Star and higher to sign off on First Class and lower. I also allow Troop Guides after training. I find that youth-youth for those ranks has benefit. We have a largeish troop, so it avoid bottlenecks getting progress recorded. It also provide repeat chances for the older Scout to revisit material and concepts and to show leadership by testing. I keep an eye on signatures, etc. and if I see a particularly "prolific" scout signoff, I make a point to check in with them more often to maintain my comfort level they are adequately testing. Have been doin
  2. The Scout Is Tested The unit leader authorizes those who may test and pass the Scout on rank requirements. They might include the patrol leader, the senior patrol leader, the unit leader, an assistant unit leader, or another Scout Pretty clear. If you, as unit leader, wish to authorize the PLC to test and pass the Scout on that requirement - I can see no reason you can't. You have a responsibility to ensure those you authorize to do the testing and passing are qualified to do so and that the unit clearly understands who can do what. If you have full faith in your PLC to be hon
  3. It's a good point. I am guessing the POV of my exec today will change after Mar 4 rolls around. Will they be square on paperwork by then? Maybe! This is a prudent change, but if they can't rise to the challenge of timely processing it's going to hurt the units and the program.
  4. FWIW my exec replied that council policy is as long as the paper app has hit their desk and YPT is confirmed we're good to go. The lag in council processing the paperwork should not concern us if the paperwork is in as the act of submitting a valid and accepted application is what gets that person covered as a registered leader, insurance, etc. I do worry about the "what if they lose it". Two years ago, our entire recharter was lost and it took 9 months to sort it out. The interim between paperwork and online status is killing us for using otherwise great tools like internet advanceme
  5. Ugh. If the councils were able to process paperwork quickly, this would all be fine. Our recharter was due Nov 16, 2023 and district/council practically flogged the volunteers in units to get in on time. They even sent out an email calling out units who had not submitted on time by name! Yet recharter is still in process two months later by council. In fact, we recently hand-delivered a new adult application to council as we need this adult at a campout this month and they need to be registered to do that. We were told then they are only about 25% through recharter processing! It
  6. My take on how to get adults to do things hinges on viewing life through the lens of three virtual bank balances: Time, Money, and Social currencies. You may have to draw down the balance of all three accounts for certain activities. Everyone has different balances in these accounts. Some may have more Money but less Time, enabling them to financially support others. Those with more Time but less Money invest their time to help without incurring costs. Social currency is spent when actions create hardships for those close to you. Balances in these accounts can only be changed or restored
  7. We had sort of a blow up over this. Scouts BSA unit. Scout turned 18 in Nov/Dec. Friends would not turn 18 until sometime the next year. Wanted to stay in the unit, but in a way where they could still participate with their buddies. Cited "Unit College Scouter Reserve" as being for this purpose but on my own review and review with District and Council - no. The purpose of that role is to forgive the unit of the training requirements for adult leaders for people in that role. The training status of people in that role are not assessed a penalty for the unit in processes like JTE. But it
  8. "I had walked places all my life. So how hard could it be?" Love it.
  9. I was amazed recently when reading about Emma Gatewood who thru-hiked the AT at 67 years old in 1955 (and then again two more times from what I understand) with a main piece of equipment being a shower curtain as a tarp. I thought that sounded so unusual but based on this additional source, maybe it was a common "hack" of that time in history. Nifty.
  10. Good advice. I have this challenge not only in direct comm "Hey, I sent you an email - did you get it?" but also clearly set expectations. For example, it had become the practice to sign up for a campout ONLY if you were going. Our tool for that supports an "RSVP" model where you can explicitly say "I'm not coming." I started asking everyone to RSVP "no" if they are not coming. This allowed us to start confirming that people were seeing the calendar entries, and not planning to come. This has been really helpful in our planning.
  11. Main thing we did that would be a no-no today was cramming EVERYONE into a single shelter when winter camping. It was a great way to stay warm, but having done it for many years as a youth I thoroughly understand the logic behind the "within 2 years" rule of YPT. The information sharing was unfiltered.
  12. this is what I was going to suggest. Make it an agenda item of your next PLC. Let the Scouts sort it out. They use methods and means you'll never get into anyway. And... they don't want you there. Be direct and make sure your SPL can reach their ASPLs and PLs somehow. That's up to them to figure out and may entail a number of methods. I doubt a one size fits all will work anyway. I know my own son almost never checks emails. I know some scouts don't even have a phone, some until they are in their teens. Others are not permitted on discord. So I think your youth leaders are goi
  13. Coleman 6 person domes are $85 right now on Amazon. They are tanks in my experience. But... when the waterproofing fails, it does so in spectacular fashion. Our Scouts like buying their own tents, so we have allowed "at your risk" use of personal tents. It's been pretty cool. Scouts love it. They get to see a wide variety of tents and styles. Takes some cost pressure off the troop as our inventory is for "fallout" cases and new scouts who haven't invested yet. But at $85 on sale... coleman 6 man domes are unbeatable IMO. They can withstand a literal flood and the rigors of r
  14. our troop is only 20 years old. I tasked our historian with this and was surprised that one phone call to council got him a list of the SMs from the past 20 years. So... our council had that much. Beyond that you will probably be challenged because people disperse to the wind. Our first two SMs are sadly no longer with us. Would definitely call council, they should have some amount of history for you.
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