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  1. In the spirit of Christmas I wanted to share something quite heart warming that I've picked up on at scouts over the last few weeks which culminated last night. It's about two girls in the troop. The first one we'll call Jane. Not her real name. Jane is a proper, grumpy, hormonal, adolescent. She is every teenage stereo type. Doesn't say much, particularly to adults. Is stubborn, mutters under her breath, can be a bit rude when she wants to be, answers back a lot. Can't remember the last time she arrived in correct uniform. Is normally burried in a hoody somewhere. Can come across as
  2. So sad. I don't know what it's like in the states but a child in the UK is orders of magntidue more likely to be abused by someone in their own household than anybody else.
  3. Can bylaws be changed? It seems so strange to me to turn away willing and useful volunteers
  4. Silly question but why not? Again I know I type from another country but whats wrong with an adult without a kid in the unit? My troop doesn't have any parent leaders at all, in fact I don't even have any kids of my own at all. Is this a specifically BSA thing not to have non parent leaders?
  5. Typing from the UK so the culture is a bit different but some things to consider. Do you really want every parent involved? Fact is some just wont be suitable. You are looking for someone who is enthusiastic, a team playing, willing to understand and follow rules, willing to get dirty, willing to allow kids to learn by doing and not just hover them. Not everyone is the right person. Decide what it is you need someone else to do. It's very easy to say "I need help", but what do you need help with? Fund raising? Driving a van full of camping gear? Running a Den or Pack evening? Teachin
  6. There's some really interesting stuff there from Barry. Here in the UK scouts is fully coed and what Barry says rings true. While of course there are exceptions as a very broad brush comment girls tend to be better at getting something right first time, boys though tend to be better at fixing it when it goes wrong. So put them on a pioneering project and the girls may well come up with a beautifully lashed contraption quicker. However watch for those projects that suddenly don't work and it tends to be the boys that figure out the work around. That is not to say coed scouts doesn't w
  7. One of the campsites my troop love going to, Phasels Wood just outside London, has a huge population of these little critters. They are properly loud at night! And to add it to it owls love eating them, so the place has a big owl population too. Doesn't make a for a peaceful nights sleep!
  8. Thought I'd share a moment from my troop here in the UK that made me smile yesterday and really made me appreciate the patrol system. Bit of background, it was only last week that we were allowed to meet face to face again since November, and even in November we'd only been back a few weeks. Not much real scouting been happening! Naturally we lost a few kids along the way including 3 of our APLs. Alas! Anyway that meant that one of the first things to do was appoint new APLs and the PLC went ahead and chose them (we tend to do that collectively here rather than each PL appoint their
  9. I haven't read the full thread (work conference call in a few minutes) but an observation from here in the UK. I run a coed troop and a few years ago we had a joint meeting with the Girl Guide troop who use our building. And sure enough some of my boys started acting up in just the way you describe. And this was inspite of them all already having girls in their patrols and the troop more widely. In addition the both in scouts and guides were girls they went to school with. My observation is the problem isn't girls as such. The problem is girls in an unfamiliar situation. Put the girl
  10. Things have certainly moved on here since December! Just after Christmas we went into a full national lockdown with only the first hints now of coming out of it. Scouts is all online, although we have had some fun getting them through their chef's badge. Attached is the winner of the cake decorating contest. We set the theme of what you love most. Got to say I was impressed with this! We're hoping for a return to face to face after Easter and hopefully camps in late summer or autumn, if I was putting money on it I couldn't see that being before September but you never know. Better not be
  11. The evening with the night shelter went really well. I certainly learned a lot! For me personally one thing was seeing how things eventually make a difference. At one time we had a problem here with people leaving the military ending up homeless. They'd become institutionalised, often living in barraks with everything provided for them from age 18, then left 20 years later with no knowledge of how to exist in the civilian world. Anyway a good friend of mine from my university days is an officer in the navy and was telling me a couple of years ago that a lot more effort is now put into dev
  12. Thank you! He;s a lot better now but still not 100%. He is nearly 80 so not entirely surprising!
  13. Evening! So it's been a while since I put my head in around these parts. Read a couple of things but not really had time to comment. As well as this covid nonsense life has also seen me move house, my business take off, my dad fall ill and generally be somewhat busy. However I thought I'd swing by and see what's happening and let those interested know what scouts is looking like this side of the pond. Back in March all face to face scouting was stopped due to covid. Some groups started meeting online via Zoom etc, some stopped meeting altogether. My lot have gone with zoom altho
  14. Interesting thread to see from this side of the Atlantic. We have no dangerous wildlife! The only advice we really have to give our scouts is don't wave you arms around wasps and in farming areas don't get between cows and their young. Other than that it's pretty safe. Quite scary to see stuff like this!
  15. Alternate promise was from around 2013 sometime. Although even before that for youth members at least there was not requirement to actually have a religious belief. You just had to make one of the (all religious based) offical versions of the promise to join.
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