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  1. Ok, SPL or not, any ideas on focusing her into guiding the younger Scouts with less stretching the rules (hat tip MattR) or should I let that go also? Just don’t want her example to set the culture that you go to NYLT for your college resume and skip the part about giving back by raising up the younger part of the troop.
  2. Thanks. Her Scoutmaster has set guidelines for her, which she continues to ignore, so I’ll be having a conversation with the Scoutmaster about the situation and how she would like to approach it. Thanks for the advice, y’all.
  3. Thanks, MattR. That’s a great suggestion for the rest of the girls and getting things going for them. I think my question in regard to the Scout is, does this qualify as leadership for rank if she’s in the position but performs no actual leadership? Is that something the Scoutmaster can bring up in Scoutmaster conference and deny her credit for that position toward her next rank until she actually shows some leadership? I ask because she’s Life and closing in on Eagle. Does she get a rubber stamp on the requirement because she held the position? That doesn’t seem right to me. She’s 15
  4. Context up front: • (SMALL) linked girl troop grown out of an existing boy troop. • adult leadership vacuum; Scoutmaster was attending classes the prior year and was seldom around - few ASMs, one of which is primarily Cubmaster The Youth in question - • VERY trained; trained through NYLT and staffed summer camp. *LOVES* Scouting and all the things she can do in Scouting. • has *zero* interest in new/young Scouts, and spends all energy linking up with former camp staff mates and older youths in nearby troops. She’s current SPL because other qualifi
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