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    • If you think I'm posting one of those gigantic trophies... No, not happening! At the end, you'll get a certificate emailed to you with the position your team came in overall. And if you win, eternal pride and glory, obviously. Which you'll obviously accept with suitable humility.
    • I like to tell my scouts the story of the only time I've put someone in the recovery position for real, the moral of the story being don't make any assumptions. It was about 15 years ago now. It was late  in the evening and myself and Mrs Cambridge Skip wrere walking home when we came a cross a man slumped on his hands and knees in the gutter. It was a busy road so we helped him onto the pavement. He was very unsteady on his feet and sluring his speach to the point that he was incomprehensible. We were also right outside a pub. Our assumption (and we all know what that is the mother of!) was that he was drunk. We sat him down and were debating whether to call him a taxi or the police when he slumped forward unconscious on the ground. We put him in the recovery position and called an ambulance. The emergency operator also called the police (I believe that's standard if the patient is believed to be drunk) and they arrived first. One of the police took a look in the man's pockets and what did he find? Insulin! It looks like he was in some kind of diabetic shock. They bundled him in the back of the car and took him straight to hospital. The moral of course being don't make any assumptions, especially if you didn't witness what actually happened to the patient!
    • @Onslow, my guess is you're getting a response you didn't expect. Hang in there, you're at least trying. It sounds like this culture you're seeing is new to you. Don't be so quick to judge. Keep listening and watching. There is goodness everywhere. If there's anyone that needs scouts it's these kids in the town you're describing. Nobody else is trying. So it would be great if you would. To those that see this as the usual tribalism in our country at the moment, all I can say is never waste a problem.  
    • Flying?  When I was maybe 6(?) dad and I went on a 'guy" day out to the Frederick County Fair.   I saw a helicopter land in the big field, and being crazy about airplanes, we went over to see it.  I found out later it was a Bell H47G, with the big plexi glass cover for the pilot.  For a price, you could go for a ride !  Dad and I strapped in, and man, I still remember that ride !  Unfortunately, my poor eyesight kept me away from a pilot's license, but aviation still became important to me...…  Help that young aviatrix learn to fly the REAL way....   Lift, Thrust, Drag,,,,  Gravity she already knows. 
    • At cub scout camp this year they had the First Aid station right next to the fire making station. I happened to know that they had an open packet of burn gel sitting on the table because someone earlier had needed it. They showed it to the kids as they were talking about burn first aid.  After my daughter finished up her first aid session, we went over to try our hand at making a fire on a sand table. We were only allowed one match, and mine broke, and since it's been a long time since I've used a regular match I have forgotten how easy it is to burn one's self on it and without thinking I tried to strike the broken match (honestly thinking I wouldn't get it to strike anyway) when it flared up and burned my finger which was too close to the match head.  I asked my daughter to go over and ask one of the Boy Scouts at the first aid table for some burn gel. Which she did, but was completely ignored. She came back empty handed. So I called over to the Scout and said "Hey, I burned my finger, can I get some burn gel?" And he looked at me and proceeded to completely ignore me.  I then walked over to him, held out my finger, and said "I KNOW you have burn gel over here. I saw it like 5 minutes ago. And it's already open. Please give me some, and while you're at it, may I please have a band-aid?" He stared at me blankly but eventually pulled out the open pouch, put some on my finger, and reluctantly handed me a band-aid. 

      Seriously. The burn was small but it HURT and it shouldn't be that hard to get a Scout with a first aid kit to help you out. Yes, I was being stupid, but still.  SSScout - You'd better hope my littlest one is never in your unit. LOL. She's going to turn any Scout leader's hair grey overnight. Yesterday after she landed flat on her face on the living room floor I had to tell her, "You cannot fly. Please stop trying." She answered. "Oh yeah. I forgotted. I was just trying to fly like SuperGirl." This is not the first time I've had to remind her that she cannot fly. She is almost 5. 🤦‍♀️
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