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  1. Your credentials are impressive for sure.... however, WFA certification training is for when the EMT is days or weeks away, not a simple phonecall to 911.... it's to ensure that you stabilize the patient, make him comfortable until help comes in days, not hours.... OR get him out of the back country alive and safe if needed.... It is a different set of training skills then that of an EMT or Paramedic went through.... Although, any qualified Paramedic such as yourself, would be able to keep the patient alive.... I encourage you to take the training and then report on your honest thou
  2. thanks for the quick replies! Yes, I agree it's up to the MB counselor and not the SM.... however, how many consessions can be made before "too much is too much"... I suppose it's simply a matter of the MBC accepting the "spirit of the requirement" for the Merity Badge... as long as that is met in the eyes of the MBC, the scout has earned it... Ranks advancements are nto in question here, just MB requirements... I'll have to re-read the GTA as well...
  3. How much do you folks bend the merit badge requirements for those boys that are on the autism scale? Do you not bend them at all and hold these boys to the same exacting standard as all the other boys? If you do bend the requirements, how is that fair to those other boys that followed the "as is" requirements? Does this even matter? there are alternate rank advancements, but there aren't any alternate requirements for Merit Badges..... leaving this up to "scoutmaster discretion" isn't exactly easy or kind on the Scoutmaster... looking for input, thanks all! Mike B
  4. Huey, I'd love to chat off list with ya as you certainly have inside information about the park that would be HUGE to help plan the better routes there are... Would you mind sending me an email with your email address? Mine's exibar@thelair.com I couldnt' find a way to private message you through this site :-( thanks! Mike B
  5. fundraising was mentioned in a comment... but not intrinsic to the original question :-) Troop size is 25 active boys. I have 9 crossing over in March that will be assimilated...
  6. wow, guys.... please dont' take this the wrong way you're all a great bunch of guys.. all feedback is a gift, and I appreciate it all, really.... but honestly, many replies to me about how my troop should be more boy led, I shouldn't be planning this the boys should, etc etc... that type of feedback doesn't help nor comes close to answering my question I posed.... some posts had some useful thoughts though and for those i thank you, Resqman hit the nail right on the head though, thank you very much ;-) I see your point about the 18 training trips, which really amounts to 9 additional tr
  7. so true!!! there are limits or boundaries that have to be imposed, but nothing hard set in stone... the scouts have to learn to be accountable, they can't say they'll do something, and then not do it and expect zero consequences... some of the best trips are started and planned by the boys :-) I'll plan maybe one outing a year for my troop, helps to give the boys ideas of what's possible... the rest are on the boy's shoulders (aside from our annual Turkey cook campout... that's a given every year and all hands on deck!)
  8. wow, Reqman, thank you very much for your reply this was *very* helpful! This was exactly what I was looking for, how another troop does this type of thing and not criticism or rants or "well your troop should be more boy led and not adult led".... My troop is boy led, and it's the BOYS that are asking for help planning this trip of a lifetime. I'm helping them with the finer points so that next time they can plan completely on their own and simply present their plan to me to see if they missed anything. Afterall, my job as Scoutmaster is to help and guide the boys right? :-) Than
  9. also I'm thinking requirements such as: 14 years old First Class or higher physically able to hike 10 miles per day for 5 days Orienteering badge first aid badge camping badge wilderness survival badge only able to miss 1 of the training trips (reasons for missing more than 1 will be considered)
  10. I edited... I meant to say 2 training trips per month leading up to it.... anyone thing that's too much? We'd have at least one outing per month anyway, but I'm thinking an extra backpacking trip for the boys and adults going to Yellowstone.... the younger scouts would be optional for these treks... I also want to bestow upon some of the adults that have volunteered (read NOT currently scout leaders) that this is a serious commitment to the troop and not just a one time deal... My "core" leaders are all committed, trained, etc, and honestly that's all I really need, or ever had for b
  11. We're planning on hiking Yellowstone in 2015. I want to make sure that any adult volunteers for the trip are fully trained and registered (obviously). I also wanted to set some training criteria for the boys (and adults) as well though. I have a couple firm criteria, must be 14 yrs old or older, must be an active fundraiser for the trip, must commit to the trip first meeting of 2014, everyone is responsible wholey for their own gear in their backpack, and must attend the training backpack trips. We'll be backpacking approx 10 miles a day while in Yellowstone.... for 4 or 5 days. I want to
  12. Why is the Comm. Chair involved to this extent with Discipline and punishment of the boys? The ScoutMaster has the final say with everything pertaining to the boys, not the CC. I used to have issues within my troop when I first took it over... we had a few "bad apples" that were only interested in causing trouble... once I took over the boys realized that they'll actually have to earn what they receive, I now leave initial punishment to the SPL and ASPL... they have a heavier and more appropriate hand than I ever would. If something occurs that warrants my attention as SM, the boys bring t
  13. first this weekend we had the naked pictures of a girl on a toilet popping up, now various links are getting blocked by malwarebytes on my computer http:// hjfghj.com / r.php is one of them from today.... looks like it's the banner ad that is right below the logout link to the right that is causing pain this time.... can someone PLEASE look into this??? I'll bet there are dozens of folks that are now infected due to these malicious web banner ads :-( Mike B
  14. My expectation was that the Eagle recipient receive the Eagle kit, necker, and slide from council and perhaps a certificate to frame on the wall. It came as a shock to me that all they'd receive is a wallet card and a letter from council. I didn't have to pay for my own woodbadge class B/beads/necker/slide in addition to the course fees.... I wasn't expecting to have to pay for the Eagle kit... although we have to buy all the other rank patches so I don't know why this surprised me so much.... Great suggestions guys! I actually forgot about the necker and slide... I'll have to
  15. yes, the Centennial badge is in the kit, and I picked up an extra one as well. so it sounds like Council does give a bit, but you'd think that they'd give them the full Eagle kit instead of the troop having to buy it ;( I'm in SE Mass as well Frank! I Scott Brown's office has always been *very* accommodating for letters and such, to the point they've overnighted one that was needed in a hurry... guess my taxes actually picked that cost up, but it was great to be asked to have it overnighted. I've put in a request for him to attend the ECoH, and the local selectman always attends
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