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  1. Does anyone know if, besides the Cycling Merit Badge if there is a BSA Cycling Award? Something similar to the 50 miler Afoot or Afloat Award?
  2. Didn't know an OA election team was made up of Adult Advisors.
  3. Skeptic, Thanks for posting. Some really positive press.
  4. To all the Dads out there "Happy Fathers Day"! God bless you all and keep on Scouting.
  5. Be a better husband. Be a better SM. Be a little thinner. Best wishes to everyone for a Happy and Healthy New Year! Bryan
  6. Got a copy of an old handbook? The Seventh Edition and earlier have tracking and stalking techniques. You can download a copy of the Stalking Merit Badge book as well. Make a whifflepoof. I started with a group of my scouts today on this same merit badge. Good luck!
  7. You have to hold the Board of Review because you didn't have one. The scouts had not met the requirements for the next rank therefore they were not eligible for a BOR. If these two scouts get to the point where they are going up for Eagle Scout and dates for Merit Badges and Ranks don't jive they could be told no before that BOR. Need 4 Eagle required Merit Badges for Star and 1 is after the date of Rank guess what boy would not have a leg to stand on and it would be the SM and Committees Fault, period. I think your Adult leader's need training. If they don't know the requirements then rea
  8. A Toby tree is known as a Catalpa. It is also known as the Catawba or Indian Bean. Some call it the Cigartree because of the fruit. Spring also brings out Morel Mushrooms.
  9. Get yourself a copy of the Boy Scout Handbook. On the inside front and back covers are guides for the placement of patches on the scout uniform. If you you follow these you should be good to go. A uniform inspection sheet has the placement as well. Your Ballo patch from the sounds of it is a tempoary patch and would be worn on the right pocket as you said. So to save yourself some time get a "Hook on your button thingy", you can use it for other event patches as well. Wear your patch with pride. You will earn it over and over again.
  10. Eagle92. Great Peeve, its mine too. When I was young,(back in the 70's) I was asked to be a Webelos Den Leader. (There were two webelos dens in the Pack at the time) I thought no problem. I went to the SM, got a Den Chief and went to work. I was 20 and very naive. There were 10 scouts in the den. Each month we worked on 3 Activity Badges, and an Arrow of Light requirement or two. Each month the whole den received some award at the Pack Meeting. When the PWD approached we built the cars at one dad's house as a group. When the racing was done 3 out of 4 positions went to the scouts in my den.
  11. Isn't National forgetting the Scout Oath? Shouldn't a scout have to come up 3 or 4 ways of showing that they are Mentally Awake, Morally Straight or helping other people at all times. Do we need to see their report card to judge if he is Mentally awake? Does he have healthy eating habits and exercise daily? They also forgot Leadership. Will these be added to Star, Life and Eagle? Does the scout take charge of a team he is on or in the school band? They must demonstrate leadership on their service project for Eagle, so does he need to to tell me how he did it and what styles of leadership
  12. When we go camping or hiking we have the scouts point out what can be seen ie identify. Sound comes into play with chirps, croaks, and other calls made by animals. Lastly visual evidence; nests, tracks, feathers, fur or shed skin. 10 animals or sign on a 5 mile hike is very easy. With each sign we have the scout to tell us what the animal is or what animal made the sign. We also ask questions such as; Is the animal an omnivore, herbivore or predator? Is the animal one that hibernates? or Is it migratory? As the troop hikes we also do plant identification. Types of oak, pines and other pla
  13. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. Peace Love and Joy to all my fellow scouters. To the BSA 100 years young, here's to 100 more!
  14. The reason I posted this question was our council is offering DC training at our upcoming University if Scouting. The flyer I received stated that participants must be a 1st Class scout.
  15. I have not been able to find any reference that requires a Scout to be a certain rank (ie: First Class) to become a Den Chief. Is there such a requirement in place?
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