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  1. le Voyageur

    Under Staffed.....again

    16 for junior staff...have need for an NRA certified Muzzle Loading Instructor/RSO, and a person skilled in leather working.....
  2. le Voyageur

    Under Staffed.....again

    Been volunteered to Booshway the Mountain Man program at our Reservation... so, we got room for one or two more souls on the staff. If interested, google Blue Ridge Mountains Council, and put in an app... thanks
  3. Hopefully by now, your session has been a success........ If I may, For the past month or so, been working on an inclement weather program for our outpost climbing program which includes a lot of thinking outside of the box. The reason being, is that the Climbing Merit badge offers nothing in the way of self rescue, as well as a number of critical climbing skills. I'll toss out a scenario for folks to ponder on for a while.... here's the problem ...your solution? - Five man team consisting of four novice climbers with limited experience - Last pitch of a multi abseil retreat requiring 80 percent of the rope's length (60 meters) to complete - Vertical face rated at A3.5. - Injured Climber - Damaged rope (crampon cut into core) that won't hold a climber's weight.
  4. Maine High Adventure Base
  5. le Voyageur

    Paperwork Chase Just Before Camp...

    Just completed the BSA Health Form, DoT Medical Card, and YPT. The problem with the YPT was, is that our library limits internet time to 15 minutes. Was able to get it done in under 8...thus, do understand the frustration ... and the cost in time, money and those unforseen road blocks. Hang in there, and keep their feet to the fire....
  6. le Voyageur

    Thing the Knot

    Suggest the bride and groom tie the knot six feet off the deck on a rock face with each belaying the other with a top rope belay ....
  7. le Voyageur

    Summer Camp Paint Ball Programs

  8. I've a collection of hardback Merit Badge booklets from the 1950's liberally stamped on the insides with "**** County Negro Library". They serve for me as a reminder of how far we've come, but still how far we've yet to go to be more open and inclusive ....so no,as I've been with the program starting as a Bobcat in 57, and plan to stay the course as a provocateur, and burr under BSA's saddle to drag them out of the 19th century.
  9. le Voyageur

    Summer Camp Paint Ball Programs

    For the past few weeks been working on infusing more dynamics into our Camp's paint ball program... per BSA rules "Pointing any type of firearm or simulated firearm at any individual is unauthorized. Scout units may plan or participate in paintball, laser tag or similar events where participants shoot at targets that are neither living nor human representations...." Therefore, following these rules, I'm considering three ranges to cycle participants through. Here's where I'm at... Range 1 will be a static range. Will be used to cover the fundamentals along with some basic firing practice. Range 2 will be based on an 18th century long hunt. An inverted U course with each leg being around 500 to 800 meters long. Targets will be a mix of steel plate animal silhouettes, and plastic round target. Will require scouts to use trail signs, and basic stalking techniques to move from target to target. Range 3 will be a tactical range teaching mid 18th century forest warfare. Scouts will function as a militia unit on the frontier, and be presented with a problem that they'll have to solve and execute as a team. Thoughts and suggestions will be welcomed
  10. Well Pack.... I gotta bail out from this thread. It's allowed me to to ponder one of the Council's summer camp programs that needed an infusion of new thought in my own obtuse way, and now I've got to get it on paper... more then likely it'll be another program that National will "steal". Well, keep the kiddies in line, and en roulant
  11. Mike, if I may - I'll have to disagree as you're comparing an established religion with over 350 million followers, one that is older then Christianity with a UFO cult that has a membership of less then 60 000! Other then Tom Cruise, can you cite anything of merit that Scientology has contributed on the world state? Pack - sorry, I've always been a rule breaker. Maybe I should report to the Hokey Pokey Center and turn myself around, hey....
  12. Theological and historical nonsense ??? Well, the clues are in plain sight.....some being more obvious then other...
  13. As Buddhists we don't pray to any god or gods. Buddhism is unique amongst the religions of the world because it does not have any place for God in its soteriology. Indeed most Asian religions (with the possible exception of some extremely devotional forms of Hinduism) are essentially non-theistic, in that God does not occupy the central place that is accorded to him in monotheistic religious traditions. But Buddhism goes beyond most of these other religions in that it is positively anti-theistic because the very notion of God conflicts with some principles which are fundamental to the Buddhist view of the world and the role of humans in it. However Buddhism is not atheistic in the sense that modern secularism, rationalism, humanism, etc. could be regarded to be atheistic (although it has much in common with them). Buddhism is not concerned primarily with refuting the notion of God. It is principally concerned with developing a method of transcending from the worldly ills. This involves undertaking a method of mental discipline and a code of conduct which is sufficient to satisfy the most demanding of spiritual requirements. Indeed only very little of the Buddha's voluminous discourses deal directly with the question of God. He was more interested in expounding a way to personal salvation, and to improve the weal of mankind both in this world and in the worlds to come. Consider also that Jesus was teaching a variation of Buddhism, not Judaism. As such, Buddhism dovetails very well with pre Pauline Christianity. Agree - however, it seems BSA is intent on taking the program down this rabbit hole.
  14. No, sadly it's reality ... BSA has played the game of religious openness very well, and it's unofficial religion has always been and will always remain conservative christianity. Those of us who are outside of this box are forced to breathe this second hand smoke of religious indifference at nearly every BSA function we attend... Round Tables, District Committee meetings, Summer Camps, NCS, Council Dinners...in short, we get no choice. It's forced on us.....
  15. So far .... I'll have to say your "experiment" has failed. I've yet to see atheists posting (could it be that they're shut out of the program) to explain their positions. Same goes for the Agnostic, Jews and the Buddhists. All I seen here is how Christians have figured out a way to massage their religion into faux religious programs to prove that they are open minded, and accepting of others beliefs. It's a pointless thread ......