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  1. Our district will hold up a BOR until they have 4 letters. Letters are mailed to the BOR chair so the scout has to call to check and see if the letters are in. If not he has to call and hound the referenes to send in their letters.
  2. As an aside the Eagle Rock Loop is a great trail for a backpacking trip. http://www.ouachitamaps.com/Eagle%20Rock.html
  3. Having hiked the Eagle Rock Loop several times I would say they (and their parents) did exactly the right thing(s). That river is fine when normal but is a fast flowing killer when it rains that much in a short time. There is little to no cell coverage so they were smart and stayed put and waited to be found. Good job.
  4. We add a gas charge for each scout. With the national avg. at $3.87 per gallon we would charge each scout $0.04 (4 cents) per mile. We round to the nat'l avg. so if gas goes up we will eventually go to $.05 per mile. The money goes in the gas pot. The guy that pulls the trailer (if we take it) gets 100% reimbursed. The remaining drivers split what is left in the gas pot. Not a perfect system but it helps and whilenot close to what the IRS allows per mile for deductions it helps the same people that drive most of the time. We have talked about staying closer to home and at $6 a gallo
  5. >>>> It's not something that can change quickly, but the saying goes "Don't do anything for a scout he can do for himself".
  6. Kudu offers sound advice. Get the scouts out on the trail and away from the cars. They enjoy it and learn a good bit about probelem solving, leadership, citizenship and camping during the adventure. It is a joy to see a scout who once upon a time would tried to navigate with a map only teach a new guy "always use a map *and* a compass. They work best together. Don't use a map in isolation!" Start small and build. You can improvise a small backpaking trip until you can find the gear (Craigslist!) to tackle a 30 miler over a three day weekend or longer even. Get on the trail!
  7. Thanks for the replies! The BOR was Monday night and the scout passed. He is a good kid and a well spoken so I figured he would do well. I spoke to him briefly yesterday and he told me he was asked to tell the BOR about a local, national and world current event. Not being in the room I can't tell you too much about what happened but our ASM who attended the BOR emailed the troop leaders and said that the scout did a good job and that it was a well run BOR.
  8. A scout in our unit showed me the letter he got that told him an Eagle BOR has been scheduled for him. I'd never actually seen the letter before and one thing caught my eye. Here is the language from the letter: "You must be in full B.S.A. uniform prepared to answer questions about your scouting experiences, the scout oath and law, symbolism of the scout badge, current events and other activities. You should bring your B.S.A handbook." Just curious... is the discussion of "current events" section common in your areas?
  9. Most of the Merit Badge Colleges around here are run by a troop. They do it as a fund raiser and they make really good money in one day. 100 to 200 boys x $25 is a good payday. Troops need money and fundraisers so I understand that. I do think the teaching is less than stellar in most of these but it is no worse than summer camp or Scout Base or National Jamboree. It all depends on the teacher. Counselors that actually make sure the scout knows their stuff before signing off are few and far between.
  10. Just saw your post about the rain issue. In our area we get rained on sometimes when we camp so we just work through it. When we backpack in the rain we use the rainfly for cover as we pitch tents. When we got to Philmont it was no big deal when it rained. The scouts already knew what to do. Two boys will pitch their tent while the others hold the tarp up over their tent site for cover. Then on to the next tent until we are done. If we bring the trailer on a trip we have two of those pop up 12x12 covers we move around until all tents are pitched. Then the pop ups become the card playing and co
  11. Sounds like perhaps some or most of the adults just do not like to camp. Maybe because they do too much work or maybe they just hate sleeping on the ground. Try organizing a parol campout. You only need two adults on a patrol campout (fight the "no adults needed" on a patrol campout battle later). Let the scouts plan it but "coach them" to keep it easy since they have not camped in a while so they can plan and execute. Pretty soon maybe another patrol will want to join you. Before long the troop will be camping. Then take turns letting each patrol choose the location & be the tr
  12. I've never seen a movie at our summer camp and the PLC still does not want cell phone at summer camp. And yes they do play cards until about 11:30 each night. So maybe we are a throw back troop or something. We did joke about having the "pimp my ride" (or whatever that show is called) trick out our trailer with a flatscreen but it was just a joke. Hard to believe someone actually did it. We do allow cell phones and Ipods in the cars if the driver gives the okay. In my car they usually are talking and joking and the ipods never even come out on the way to a campout. On the way home th
  13. I don't have a problem with her putting her own style on it. She looked like she was trying and so I appreciate the effort and sincerity. Having forgotten my own cell phone number on occasion and also had a "brain freeze" reciting the Lord's Prayer in front of the congregatin I can relate to (and forgive) forgetting a line in front of that many people as long as it was just stage fright. It's not like she changed the words on purpose to make a political statement or anything (which I would have a problem with). I agree that the players and coaches could stand still and show a little
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