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  1. Sequoia Council (Fresno Area) ran $3500. Included the bus from Fresno to SFO, flight to Philly, 2 Days touring Philadelphia area including Valley Forge, a trip through Gettysburg on the way to DC. Three days in our nation's capitol and environs (included the amazing Marine Corps barracks Evening Parade) plus a side trip to Mt Vernon. Then there was the trip through Charlottesville and a tour of Monticello on the way to Jambo. They stayed in decent hotels and all meals were paid for. After the Jamboree they'll return to DC for another night, plus a visit to our Congressmen, before flying from
  2. My post seemed clear to me (in my own head) when I wrote it. My sincerest apologies. Yes, the Chartering Organization sent a letter to the CO rep or Committee Chair (heck, maybe to both, that wasn't disclosed) terminating the 36-year relationship with the troop. The letter was e-forwarded to committee members this afternoon, and was filled with vague non-sequitous explanations. Will we be better off with a new CO? When we find a place for an active, vibrant and well-equipped troop to meet regularly and stow our gear, I'll let you know. Is it the end of the world? No. The leaders an
  3. Yes. Actually I believe that our troop and pack are beyond the danger threshold . Without any discussion with the church/ CO, we were sent a certified letter (via the council, I understand) that our 36-year relationship was ending.
  4. After dropping my son off at school, my commute to work takes a left turn, due east for 12 straight miles as the sun exposes itself over the Sierras...right on the horizon, right over the middle of the road. That, combined with farm vehicles and big rigs, makes for a rather hazardous morning drive. It'll be a month before the sun will be high enough for the visor to be of any use, and lining up a few degrees north of the road.
  5. Just throwin' this out there for the sharks..... A gay softball association in the US can limit the number of heterosexual players on its teams, a federal judge ruled Thursday. The decision to allow the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Association (NAGAAA) to enforce a rule of two "straight" players came in a lawsuit filed by three bisexual men who claim they were kicked out of the Gay Softball World Series because they "weren't gay enough," the Courthouse News Service reported. US District Judge John Coughenour wrote in his ruling, "Plaintiffs have failed to argue that th
  6. '72 Chevy El Camino with the 350, and a fitted camper shell. It was green. My little sister was aghast that such an ugly vehicle could sit in front of our house. She called it the Green Banana. The first car I ever drove (at age 8) was a Water Truck on a runway out at Travis Air Force Base. It was a manual trans so we bucked like a bronco and my dad bounced and flailed around in the passenger seat,exaggerated for effect, of course.
  7. I don't think CA forgot, or didn't know the words to the national anthem, as many have assumed. I think she was so caught up in her vocal acrobatics, that she simply lost her place. What bugs me is we have an entire generation of young vocalists who actually believe that senseless un-melodic warbling constitutes SOUL. Seriously. Although I don't have all her recordings, I can't ever recall Aretha Franklin ever doing that crap. She sings with power, an intangible fire. THAT is soul.
  8. That would be cool.....it would probably be even more cool if his patrol leader or Troop Guide signed off on the requirement
  9. It's a nice bit of "gotcha" journalism. The public will assume that having these "perv" files is tantamount to a mass coverup. I'm betting that these files pre-date public access databases such as Megans Law files, and were used to weed out bad guys. Now a lawyer is trying to build a case based on the afforementioned assumptions. Remember, lawyers are deemed successful by winning cases (especially high profile ones) not by how honest or forthright they are. Journalists are deemed successful by how much increase in readership/viewership is garnered, not by how honest or forthr
  10. This is the one requirement standing between my son and first class. He has invited some classmates from Jr High....with some responses ranging from a polite "no, I'm too busy' to replies of ridicule. The troop guides have the expectation that he bring a potential scout to a meeting. How hard could it be? So does the scoutmaster. My son broached the subject on a backpacking with the CC, and he seemed to have a different view (I wasn't a witness, as I tend to lag behind). This is a sore spot for the boy, especially since he's been sitting on this for six months....
  11. My son and I both have PolarMax brand "underpants". These were $16 per piece. WalMart carries an athletic underwear brand Athletic Works. On our backpacking trip last month, no fewer than half a dozen of our boys were sporting the long sleeve version of these.
  12. Yeah Gern, recruiting would work best with a 3 pronged attack (like a pitchfork?) Boys: The adventure, using knives and axes, seeing bears, hearing coyotes howl, shooting shotguns & .22s etc. Moms: All that citizenship jazz... Dads: We give sons a chance to have a semblance of the childhood their dad had, maybe.
  13. There was a two day period (Mon-Tue) I couldn't even spin up this site.
  14. Melgamatic, we have the same lanterns with the same issue, flame coming from the base where the fuel supply tube is attached. I called Coleman and they suggested cleaning the tube, maybe with a pipe cleaner. Haven't tried it yet...
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