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  1. Hey, I am a chapter chief and I wanted to have OA Jeopardy at a meeting...However I cannot find a copy to use, does anyone have a copy that they could send me? If at all posible I would like the one that is done at NLS... YIB
  2. OldGreyEagle, I am from Anthracite. Thanks for the advice!
  3. May I ask what you put down for the letter? How does someone go about answering the question, "how does reverent apply to you" What are they asking for? Can someone give an example of an answer?
  4. On the eagle scout application it asks for 6 references, now my council, MinsiTrails, requires that I get 3 letters as reference, should those letters be from 3 of the 6 references on the application? Now for the religous reference, I dont regularly go to chuch but I do believe in god, go to chuch on the holidays and always attend the services at camp... Do you think I would have a problem with the Eagle Scout Board? Thanks
  5. Sorry if I am being a pain, but is there any possible way that we could get free hosting and just build a site. We have a web designer but just need to get a site. The website will allow us to get information out to the troops and packs and inturn will allow us to help the troops or packs alot easier. I would appreciate it because we are not a troop, we are a chapter, and the templates do not fit our organization. If you would need any other information about the Order of the Arrow and would like to know more information about how we help the troops and packs I would love to give anyth
  6. I agree, when I go to do my merit badges I met alot of good people!!
  7. From my experience with spider webs is that they are all different sizes, just make sure you have a big one that someone that is a little heavier can get through. Good luck!
  8. Hi, I am a new chapter chief. I am trying to improve the communication between our members to rebuild the chapter and improve the attendence. I am interested in using this but can I use HTML to design it. Thanks, Quekolis Chief
  9. My chapter use to be a big time very active chapter. In the last few years before I became chapter chief it went downhill. Now there is a new advisor who hasn't been around scouting or the OA in about 15 years. Their are about 2 other youth besides me that is active just that they are busy with work so cannot devote all their time. I am struggling to rebuild this chapter and get the committee's running again along with getting activity from members. I have tried several things, but it seems that one of the problems is that scoutmasters don't lead by example to support us. I wou
  10. I would have to say that this is a matter for the PLC, Scoutmaster, and the Assistant Scoutmasters. I think it is important for the scouts to learn that what they did was wrong, BUT if you go to HARSH such as kicking them out they might just keep that mentality up. Isn't scouts suppose to develop good characteristics in the scouts, I know that every scout matures and gets better at following the scout oath and law, some faster then others. Just make sure that you talk to the scouts about what is happening. I had a similer case were I was camping with another troop and one of thier kids
  11. So, who fits the profile of Chartered Organization Represenative, and wouldn't the Chapter/Lodge Advisor already fit that possition?
  12. Hey, I want to get an official CC patch that I can wear on my uniform as a POR patch. I searched google and ebay, but could not find one. Does anyone know where I can purchase one that I can put on my uniform and wear? Thanks!!
  13. Hello, Where are scouts going to find meritbadge councelers since this is going to be a 1 year thing. I would bet money that no one in my district ever heard of these merit badges coming back, so if I wanted to do it, where would I go to have the blue card signed? Also, I cant find any official publications that give the requirements, so can someone help me out? Thanks!
  14. Now, I know in the By-Laws that I am a member of the Committee. Now I do have a temporary patch that goes on my right button that the Lodge gave out. Now I was wondering if I had a uniform without Troop Numbers that I could put silver shoulder loops on. The other thing is, where do I find a committee emblem at, I do not see them on our District Committee members uniforms. YIB!
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