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  1. shortridge

    OTC First Aid Permission

    I’ve become more leery of OTC meds since I discovered that aspirin triggers my asthma. Not a fun way to find out! Agree that parents should approve a list rather than just give blanket OTC approval.
  2. shortridge

    Cub Scout Outdoor Award

    @Liz, I just want to say that it’s a great feeling to read the words “My Cub” and “she” in the same sentence. I hope she keeps on inventing and creating and having a great time in Scouting!
  3. shortridge

    Where's the new stuff?

    According to Texas Trails Council (http://www.texastrailsbsa.com/openrosters/ViewOrgPageLink.aspx?orgkey=2998&itemkey=14780), the new neckers are indeed going to be on a rolling basis, but yellow will still be OK for Wolves. So there’s going to be some mismatchery over the next year or so. I did see a local Cub day camp photo with a girl wearing the red necker, so I assume some are available somewhere. It also states new incoming Webelos will all wear tan, leading to a phaseout of the blue uniform for Webs over the next few years.
  4. shortridge

    Denied a court of honor.

    If you need advice on how to write a letter, you can find that any number of places online. There is no official Scout letter template. Is it a ceremony? A party? It can be either, whatever the Scout wants. I apologized in advance if my questions seemed aggressive. I’m pretty close to walking that back. What you describe sounds like a toxic troop situation, but your language and approach are not helping things. Consider the way you have presented things here; if someone brought these complaints to you in this manner, claiming discrimination and insulting various people you volunteer with, would you be sympathetic? You have been given plenty of guidance in this thread. If you don’t like what you have been told, that’s on you. Plan the CoH, run it, and move on. I fail to see the purpose behind the huge amount of emotional energy that you are expending on this, especially since neither you nor your son are continuing in Scouting.
  5. shortridge

    Denied a court of honor.

    So I have to ask this. Apologies in advance if it comes across as overly aggressive. Is this your CoH? Or is it your son’s? What does your son want? Why is your son not taking the lead in organizing it, if a CoH is what he wants? What is your motivation in pursuing this and seeking to force the troop to do something? Are you driven by what your son truly wants, or by your own desire to avenge a perceived insult to your child and family by the troop? Why does your son not reach out to his friends and former patrolmates for their addresses and contacts for the invitations? If he’s living at home, why did your son wait nine months to reach out again about a CoH? You seem intent to pursue a scorched-Earth approach with this. The claims of possible discrimination and the immediate backing off when questioned also raise a lot of issues. What do you see as the real endgame? What does your son want to be the endgame? It might be best for your family to cook up some hot dogs and burgers for your son and his friends, do a brief informal ceremony, and move on with your lives.
  6. shortridge

    Sloooooow advancement

    Can you tell if this is typical for his cohort or patrol? Perhaps the troop just doesn’t put a huge emphasis on advancement in the first year. And that’s OK. I wouldn’t worry about it too much, nor would I be pushing him. As he matures, conversations with adults will become easier. He’ll also see his fellow Scouts advancing, and that perhaps will spur him to get his stuff together so he’s not left behind. If he’s mastering his skills and having fun in the outdoors with his friends, let him be a Scout for a while!
  7. shortridge

    OA and the aboriginal cultures

    What’s the source of the rumblings?
  8. shortridge

    Looking for some insight

    If OP had spoken with a counselor - and it seems he did not - the counselor should have known to immediately buck it up to the next level. That’s all a counselor would have to do to “handle” this situation or anything similar. Really simple.
  9. shortridge

    Sea Scouts

    🚢 🚢 🚢 not 🚣 🚣 🚣
  10. shortridge

    New den leader

    It’s not at all pretentious! Be proud of your achievements and accomplishments. As a curious Scout, I had many conversations with leaders asking what their knots represented. If you spark the interest of even one Scout to continue past Cubs so she or he can earn Silver, for example, then that’s a great accomplishment. If you don’t have kids of your own in the program, knots are another way of quickly establishing to the parents in your den that you know what you’re doing and have experience. Congratulations, thanks for volunteering, and welcome to the forums!
  11. shortridge

    Looking for some insight

    How is an ordinary parent supposed to know who the Scout Executive is, let alone what they do? OP did the right thing working through proper channels by telling a camp staff member on the first day. The staffer should have immediately escalated to the camp director, who should have followed the written protocols to handle the situation. Youth-serving professionals in all fields have to deal with these situations all the time.
  12. shortridge

    Looking for some insight

    Welcome to the forums! You need to call, not email, the person on this list (http://www.narragansettbsa.org/about-us/contact-us/staff/66599) identified as the director of camping, and explain the situation, asking what policies are in place for such circumstances. Email him a copy of the court order. Explain calmly that you are upset because of the two conversations you had with the camp’s staff that were not followed up on, and ask what procedures will be put in place for the future. It is your son’s mother’s responsibility to abide by the court order, but it is also the camp’s responsibility to keep your son safe. If that does not work, escalate to the Scout Executive. With respect, @ItsBrian, this is an issue that the camp director should be fully equipped to handle and deal with. It would not have impacted anyone else’s program experience in the least. Many parents aren’t able to take a week off work and stay with their kids at camp, and to suggest that the father is to blame in this instance is simply wrong. It is not a family’s “personal problem,” not a parent’s “request,” but a court-governed custody matter. Edited to add: Under the national BSA camp standards, camps are required to have written procedures on “Release of campers who are minors to a parent or guardian or to a person other than the legal parent or guardian,” “Methods for discouraging and/or distinguishing possible unauthorized persons,” and “Steps to be taken in the event of a possible intruder; unauthorized person seeking release of a minor; or other circumstance as identified by the camp.” A parent who only has visitation authorized by the courts during certain time periods certainly seems to me to be an “unauthorized person” during other periods, regardless of whether they are seeking to remove a camper from the camp. See 804 at https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/outdoor program/pdf/430-056.pdf.
  13. This article from the New York Times documents some sharp declines in American youth soccer participation. Some interesting observations and lessons noted in the article that might be applicable to Scouting: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/14/sports/world-cup/soccer-youth-decline.html
  14. shortridge


    Was this at a certain Scout camp on the Chesapeake that’s really worth your while?
  15. My dream is for a statewide Outdoor School program like Oregon’s. So cool. https://democratherald.com/news/local/education/life-lessons-outdoor-school-opportunities-expand-with-funding/article_f922931c-3853-51aa-88c1-b7ac112ca55e.html