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  1. I don’t get ScoutingWire, but I do get Bryan on Scouting, who didn’t mention it. Great communications coordination!
  2. shortridge

    New troop. New opportunity. Advice?

    To clarify: We have no existing traditions, no old guard, no ingrained practices. This is effectively a clean slate to start from, posing a unique and interesting opportunity.
  3. I’m the CC of a brand-new Scouts BSA troop starting up. The SM and ASM are new to their roles, as am I. We have a founding group of about 5-6 Scouts to start, but as we’re the only girls’ troop serving a three-county district, we have the potential for very rapid growth over the next 2-3 years. —> What advice would you give to the SM to start off on the right foot and emphasize the patrol method? —> What can the troop committee do to support and encourage the patrol method? —> What practices can we put in place from the start that will help guide us to keep the patrol method at the forefront as we grow? Thanks!
  4. To clarify the thread title: National did not amend that requirement. They appear to have waived in this case due to the specific circumstances involved. That’s not the same as a blanket change across the board.
  5. In fairness, that’s a trend across all print media. Instead of a skills article we get a how-to list. In place of an essay on nature we get a giant photo. Long-form adventure stories and profiles get trimmed down to one page. Try comparing old and new issues of Backpacker magazine if you REALLY want to see the difference! The ‘90s to now is like night and day.
  6. No, she met Scouts and rafted with fourth-graders, according to the story. As a former journalist, it’s irritating that the AP can’t get the term right and calls them “Boy Scouts.” Doubly irritating because photos show there were members of Scouts BSA plus Cub Scouts, with girls among the latter group.
  7. shortridge

    Messenger of Peace

    The whole thing strikes me as largely a joke. I fail to see the point of yet another doo-dad for a service project.
  8. shortridge

    divvying up costs for meals

    I’m frankly a little surprised to see troops having Scouts (and parents) front the cost and then get reimbursed. That would have been impossible in my day - some Scouts barely had the $10 food fee, let alone affording $80 for the whole patrol. We were a fairly rural area with some lower-income youth. We just brought cash to that week’s meeting, gave it to the shopper, and doublechecked receipts on Friday to make sure he hadn’t pocketed any cash. That almost never happened - leftover money usually went toward picking up an extra box of Pop-Tarts or hot chocolate mix.
  9. shortridge

    Advice for a new CC

    What advice would you give to a new committee chair of a brand-new troop? If you have a limited number of committee members, what are the priority positions to fill? What best practices do you suggest on unit financial accountability and transparency? By way of background, this would be a new girls’ troop with an established CO, unlinked to the boys’ troop.
  10. shortridge

    First Class 1a - Troop Activities

    Ooooooof. That’s bad. What happens if the software crashes? If a disgruntled volunteer decides to wipe everyone’s accounts? If the Scout has a disagreement with the adults and the troop won’t give him/her their records? Scouts should ALWAYS record advancement in their book. For one, it teaches that they are responsible for their own advancement, not an adult on a computer.
  11. To further clarify, the books are correct in the rank requirements section. They are incorrect in the various chapters covering those topics.
  12. shortridge

    Pioneering Campout

    Regarding the six-feet-high rule, National Camp Standards governing summer camps say: ”Pioneering projects where participants are elevated more than 6 feet above the ground are permitted only after review by the council enterprise risk management committee.” Perhaps these other items mentioned here had gone through some sort of review.
  13. shortridge

    Best comfort items & traditions for summer camp

    That’s a great game! The imploding kittens expansion pack doubles the fun.
  14. I’m in search of a good pair of grey shorts suitable for a young woman for the Venturing uniform. She hates the switchbacks, FWIW. Something durable with good pockets that’s quick-dry would be ideal. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  15. shortridge

    2018 Membership numbers are in

    Support for Venturing varies widely. In my entire council, I count around five Venturing crews - and two are for camp staff registration. Aside from keeping 18-20 youth involved, there’s not much of an obvious rationale for the program. And with girls able to join Scouts BSA now, I’m not sure it’s much longer for this world. My council *is* heavily promoting Explorer Posts, by contrast.