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  1. Ive receieved an email from the professional organization to which i belong asking for volunteers to go to Jackson and be part of one of two groups. the 1st ais to use GIS to map data from Katrina, the 2nd is a group with personal laptops and GPS with GIS integration to go out with SAR people to map out sites and gather data. Volunteers will be provided food and tent shelters and will be reimbursed for travel costs.
  2. Why do so many people believe the Civil War was about slavery. It was a cause and factor of the war but not the purpose of the war. Lee was a great man, loved by all of his Army. Stonewall Jackson was a man of undying devotion to God and his family. These men were fighting for their homes and because war is their job. How is the Old Covenent not a means to salvation? I would highly suggest not telling our Jewish friends that the Old Testament and the Old Covenant has become null and void.
  3. Thanks Ed, We gave our CD and SPL two wooden cantalopes on the last day with our course number and names. Our other yells include: CHEETAH! RUN!!!! (at which we all bolt in different directions) and "We Are the Antelopes" sung to We are the Champions: We are the antelopes...my friends, we'll keeep on grazing till the ennnnnnd.... we are the antelopes x2 No time for cheetahs cause we are the antlopes...... Of Gilwelllllllllllll
  4. Well this type of discussion always stinks, but I have a question. Jknhy you said that single male in a troop is a red flag. I myself am a bachelor scouter and have been an adult leader since my college years. Some of the parents were wary at first but soon warmed up when they see that the boys have someone they can look up to, and talk to as almost all of them have a mom or pop in the troop as committe or sm or and asm. In fact I've become a mentor to several of the boys. We have another bachelor scouter, also an eagle whos kids have long grown up and he has returned to scouting to help t
  5. No memorial to Texas Ribs or BBQ? For shame! That is very ilksome.
  6. Tis funny, they can't be on a courthouse, but they can be placed ona Capital/Capitol Building. What ever happened to Jefferson and the Doctrine for Religious Freedom and Seperation of Church and State? Looks like the Supreme Court is contradicting itself.
  7. I would support the bill. Why? Because I believe in everyone should have a voice and that protest is a good thing. Burning a flag doesn't necassarily mean you hate the US but you are not happy with what their doing. My mother and her friends protested the Vietnam War, marched Washington and burned flags. They did this to protest and unjust war (like whats going on now imo). Its expression and a person should not be censored on his or her expression. Sides the flag is abused already. Just look at car dealerships, fast food joints and the like. Flags there are 3, 4, 5x the size of your s
  8. Let this be a lesson, Dont buy American Cars. Stick with Toyota or Honda.
  9. Hmm my Eagle BOR was an little more than an hour long. It seems that your troop committee may be showing favoritism. Isn't there some kind of rule that sates a parent cannot be part of his or her son's BOR? Everyone on our committee except for our Activities Chair has a kid(s) in the troop. He sits in on almost every BOR and many times I have been called upon to sit on the Review being a "bachelor scouter" myself. You mentioned that your son wasn't quite up to snuff to be Life, so perhaps you could explaine in so many words that the other scouts shouldn't be freaked out. Training the
  10. I'm from the school of "theres no such thing as too much training" When I became a Committee member back in 99 I underwent the old Fundamentals training and the older YPT. I did this again as a Ventuering Associate Advisor 2 years later. After college graduation I joined up with my current troop as an ASM and I took the updated basic training and OLS. I'm also working my ticket. One of my goals is to serve on training staff. Some BSA traing is good only for a specific time period: Safety Afloat, Safe Swim, BSA Lifeguard. These are good for 2 years and need to be retaken after the
  11. Geeze, can it you two. Yes the BSA makes mistakes, Yes the ACLU makes mistakes, yes the Feds make mistakes. We all make mistakes. If we all realize the the world is not perfect, not everyone is going to be happy and that we all screw up every now and then, we'll all get along better. Can we please stop talking like 2nd year law students and really bad High School Debate teams and have some decent quality debates without flames and putdowns every other post? Thanks.
  12. We didn't have any Venturer youth at our woodbadge or leaders for that matter. With the exception on two instructors and an DE nobody except me had a clue about Vent. or Sea Scouting. We did however have a Tiger Cub, Junior Girl Scout, Webelos, a Tenderfoot and 1st Class scouts, and a kid wearing a Lil' Scout shirt (pre tiger age) do the Scouts Own service.
  13. The uniform mean different things to people. Some like it because it shows they are a member of a group, others hate it for that same reason. Some don't wear it due to the pants, shirt or what have you. A Uniform was created to unify people. Individualism (sp sorry) is a great thing, and can still be expressed when wearing the uniform. The BSA is funny with its uniforms, it doesnt demand uniform wear but its pretty darn hard to advance without one. Yes the uniform is overprices, I can buy sea scout whites for about 35 bucks. National does need to do something about the price, but hey that
  14. http://jim-diana-hart.home.att.net/ballista.html All ballistas must appear to be stock, you have 7 days, on the 1st day you plan, on the 7th day you fling. Bonus point for hitting unannounced targets, the ref, spectators. Enjoy!
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