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  1. Welcome to Scouter dot com! Thanks for all you do for your youth!
  2. Thanks MattR, but we might as well let it go. 🤷‍♂️
  3. No worries, fred8033. Discussion is always good. As InquisitiveScouter pointed out, perhaps a thread of it's own would be a more appropriate place.
  4. But Scoutbook will! 😄 Thank for the response, InquisitiveScouter. 👍
  5. This is not why I asked the initial question, but you bring up a good point, yknot. I know of several Units in my area where the lack of registered leaders results in some wearing multiple hats. Do they deliver the Scouting program the best they can or not at all? They do their best with what they have. And I'm Trustworthy of them while they do it.
  6. Nope, bad idea. But I would say if the Treasurer isn't getting prior approval from the Committee, there's another problem altogether.
  7. Page 15 of the Registration guidebook clearly states: "In addition to registered unit positions, the following functional duties or roles can also be assigned to registered adult leaders." This quote reads that a functional role (Advancement Chair) can also be held by a registered leader (SM, CC, etc.). There's no misreading that. Please don't misunderstand that I'm not trying to convince, but instead seeking clarification. Surely based on the the above one can see how there is clearly room for interpretation.
  8. I appreciate that link, CynicalScouter. Thank you. Would you say that the Troop Committee Guidebook supersedes the Registration Guidebook?
  9. Unless I'm grossly misinterpreting page 15 of the Registration Guidebook of the Boy Scouts of America, it appears that the following functional roles can be assigned to registered leaders, aka ASMs, MC, etc.
  10. I appreciate the link CynicalScouter. I suspect the term "position" is what I'm hung up on. Again, if a Committee Member is also the Treasurer, is that not two "positions?"
  11. Thanks, CynicalScouter. I read that article, but it doesn't convince me. It would be just as easy to argue that a Committee Member cannot be the Advancement Chair as that's two different positions. I completely understand that an Assistant Scoutmaster cannot be a Committee Member. Could a Committee Member be a Unit's Treasurer? Absolutely. Could the Unit's Treasurer also be an ASM? If the Unit has limited registered leaders, why not? So why not Advancement Chair?
  12. Happy New Year! A question for the experts here since I cannot find official BSA documentation: Can an Assistant Scoutmaster serve as a Unit's Advancement Chair? Why or why not? In my Unit the role of Advancement Chair has always been filled by a Committee Member. What does your Unit do? Thanks for any insight, Scouters!
  13. I wish there was a question mark at the end of this thread title.
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