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  1. Chadamus

    Hello Everyone

    @Setonfan, welcome to the forum! What's your role in Scouting?
  2. Chadamus


    Simply tell your son you'll be eager to hear all about his Ordeal once it's over. 😉
  3. Chadamus

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the forum, @JohnyWalter! Kudos to you for stepping up and helping out your son's Troop!
  4. Chadamus

    BSA National and Change Management

    I think you hit on the difference there, NJ. Managing change isn't so much a focus of a profession (lawyer, astronaut, shoemaker, etc) per-se, but a company i.e. BSA.
  5. Chadamus

    Badge Magic is THE DEVIL!!!

    So true. A Scout who has held multiple POR can have a rough looking left sleeve.
  6. Chadamus

    Badge Magic is THE DEVIL!!!

    Depending on the severity of the residue, it may take multiple applications, but https://googone.com/products/original/ has yet to fail me. Give it a shot.
  7. Chadamus

    Hello, everyone!

    ScouterMother, welcome to the forum!
  8. Chadamus

    I finished my last meritbadge!

    Brian, congratulations! I have enjoyed reading about your journey to Eagle. For me it's been a refreshing antidote to the gloom and doom on the forum. Keep up the good work!
  9. Chadamus

    Last Meeting As SPL

    Congratulations on a job well done, Brian. Your Troop is fortunate to have a Scout with so much dedication and enthusiasm. I suspect the younger Scouts will be infected with the same great traits you've shown.
  10. Chadamus

    Virtual Dutch oven contest

    @mashmaster, great thread topic! Once I have access to them, I'll share some pics as well.
  11. Mods it matter be time to lock this one up. We're not being very Scout-like.
  12. @cjmarti welcome to the forum, and thank you for all you do (and will do!) for Scouting!
  13. @Eagle1993 true that, the dollars do seem to indicate as such. I guess since Disney owns Marvel Studios they win anyway?
  14. @SSF you are absolutely right. I have no argument. I have no dog in this fight. I have not seen the Solo movie. I am simply an observer who has noticed and is pointing out your ongoing attempt to compare the Star Wars movies and the BSA. The best indicator one's future behavior is . . . previous behavior. No offense was intended. Awaiting the next thread, Chadamus with two As
  15. I'm gonna go ahead and start the promotions: SSF's Episode IX/BSA thread: opening December, 2019! 😉