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  1. Chadamus

    Good morning/New to the Forum.....

    @logistician24, welcome to scouter . com !
  2. Chadamus

    ECOH Complete!

    Congratulations, Brian!
  3. Chadamus


    That's thrifty!
  4. Chadamus


    @ArmyScout welcome to the forum!
  5. Chadamus

    Polish or Patina?

    A Scout is Clean.
  6. Chadamus

    Who's got these Boy Scout Movies?

    Yeah, almost 30 years ago: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Cry_in_the_Wild Great book, btw.
  7. Great stocking stuffers, those tick keys...
  8. Definitely helps to be sure when the tick is tiny. Too tiny for fingers, often.
  9. Agreed, Fred. I've seen it. This is one of the main reasons I try to avoid signing anything for my son.
  10. Chadamus

    ASMs at PLCs

    Best thing I've read all day, Barry. Thank you for this sentence, it will be part of my next Scoutmaster minute.
  11. Saw one at a CoH this past weekend.
  12. Chadamus


    @Samuelwelcome to the forum! @MikeS72you did reply. There are two threads on the same topic. @RememberSchiff
  13. Chadamus

    What color is your Class B ?

    Same color as the Class A: tan.
  14. Chadamus

    Trailer Recommendation

    I cannot recommend a specific trailer, but I can vouch for the effectiveness of an old school bus modified for Scouting.
  15. Chadamus

    Hello From North Cackalacky

    @Onslow, welcome to scouter dot com!