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  1. Chadamus

    Online international Den to Den meeting

    @aolPack828, welcome to the forum!
  2. Chadamus

    Scout trailer and gear

    Find an artist! Supply the paint, brushes, some BBQ and iced tea for her or him and have the Scouts inventory and clean the contents with their Quartermaster while their trailer is being spruced up. You might find an Artist MB counselor in the process. 😉
  3. Chadamus

    Hello all

    Thanks for all you do for the Cubs @Haukehaien! Welcome to the forum.
  4. Chadamus

    Dorky Patch Placement Questions

    Ask your son what he wants to do with them. 😉
  5. Chadamus

    New to this forum

    @arronisoutside welcome to the forum!
  6. Chadamus


    Hello, @ncscouterz! Welcome to Scouter dot com!
  7. Chadamus


    Hello @MsAinGH, welcome to the forum and thanks for all you do for the Cubs!
  8. Chadamus

    SCOUTBOOK to be free as of 1 Jan 19

    Thanks for sharing, @John-in-KC.
  9. Chadamus

    Scouting Magazine - betting the farm on girls

    😕 Hmmm odd that you've gone six months without something that is included with all registration fees.
  10. Chadamus

    Hello Everyone!

    @AkelaSarah welcome to the forum, and thanks for all you do for Scouting!
  11. Chadamus


    Hello, @GrizzlyCM. Welcome to the forum!
  12. Chadamus

    Teaching Basic Compass Skills

    I was thinking I wouldn't want a non-Scouter to watch it either. Welcome to the forum, @Bowline!
  13. Chadamus

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the forum, @SamMidkiff!
  14. Chadamus

    Breaking Point

    Let's take a breath, a step back, a re-read @Zebra132's post where @Sentinel947 and @69RoadRunner are mentioned. Consider that Zebra132's use of the word "they" doesn't refer to either of you fine forum members, but instead the council referred to in his post on Friday at 12:25pm. Internet forums . . . sigh.