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  1. @David CO You're absolutely right that some will never be swayed. It not for them as much as those that are "on the fence." Sometimes a gentle nudge is all that is needed.
  2. Consider involving the Scouts. The Quartermaster can give a "tour" of the Troop trailer and chuck-boxes. Scouts can explain and demonstrate how the lanterns/stoves/etc work. Have different types and styles of tents, backpacks and sleeping bags on-hand. The parents will pick up on the passion and enthusiasm of the boys. Excitement is contagious!
  3. Am I the only one?

    While that's not my personal experience as a volunteer, you've summed up this forum fairly well of late, IMO.
  4. Troop launches 11 Eagle scouts in one year

    I initially read that as 11 year old Eagles. Glad I re-read it! Thanks for sharing.
  5. Family Scouting

    Yes. His parents? Doubtful.
  6. RememberSchiff, to your point about pictures - maybe an album the parents can peruse on the Troop's website. Images of smiling, dirty faces so they can see how fun it can be. Calling all Webmasters... edited for spelling
  7. If adults aren't interesinterested in doing, then maybe hearing about it could be the approach. Passionate stories from Scouts filled with tales of adventure with friends might convince the parents that their sons are benefitting from an outdoor program. My .02¢
  8. Howdy

    What's your specialty?
  9. Virtual Campfire

    Reminds me of the old moonshine-as-fuel Mythbusters episode. Great stuff, that show.
  10. Let's talk about the Eagle Scout journey

    I'm thinking the answer to your question about the Military is more than we'd like, unfortunately. Same with the rank of Eagle.
  11. Let's talk about the Eagle Scout journey

    Is that their ambition when they join? Should it be? Is Eagle a Scout's ambition? Should it be?
  12. Virtual Campfire

    +1 Agreed. If I had someone listening over my shoulder in real life telling me to stay on topic, I wouldn't react in a very Scout-like manner.
  13. Jobs For Those Under 16

    I interview, hire, and occasionally train employees for the company I work for. Many of the best hires have been young people with no prior work experience. When a person has no preconceived notions and is not already tainted or jaded from a prior employment, they are like a untouched piece of clay that can be easily molded into what we need.
  14. * $18 for the last ITOLS/ASM course I took. * Only the "Trained" patch. (I valued the meals ) * My son's Troop pays for the training because, well, they want trained leaders. I didn't ask anyone else so I can't speak for other Troops. * Apparently not, as there were many in attendance.
  15. @T2Eagle, If you feel uncomfortable enough to ask the question, you probably already know the answer. @SSF, let's please avoid assuming any intentions on the part of the Scouter in question.