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  1. I wish there was a question mark at the end of this thread title.
  2. @christinevfarrer welcome to scouter dot com!
  3. Absolutely! Buffs are extremely popular in my area.
  4. Hopefully someone here can be Helpful! @Scouter_Chris when is your Blue & Gold?
  5. Didn't think to mention it at the time of my initial post, but I've always found it lovely that we can go out of our Central Georgia Council into the Northeast Georgia Council for summer camp and get an in-council rate. Close enough counts in horseshoes, hand grenades, and peach-state camps apparently.
  6. Older (experienced) Scouts teach younger (inexperienced) Scouts. Experienced adults teach inexperienced adults. Easy peasy. If a Troop doesn't work that way, there's a problem. The lack of shared knowledge and experience need not be part of that problem.
  7. @MattRI have scouter . com bookmarked on my desktop and phone. Both bookmarks gave me the "this site is unavailable" message. Samsung internet browser on my android phone. Windows 10 PC using Chrome.
  8. Welcome to Scouter . com, @Dis-fan12! I applaud your Scout's ambition!
  9. Same here, @T2Eagle. I thought it was just me. This wasn't the first time it has happened either. 😕
  10. $25.00 per unit, regardless of whether in-council or not.
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