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  1. I thought when a Scout received an award a congratulatory handshake went along with it. Must just be our Troop...
  2. Kahoot - Mobile Learning Game

    ItsBrian, thanks for sharing. I'll check it out.
  3. New Necker Colors

    By the time the Doctor regenerated into his 11th form he accepted that "times change, and so must I." As I currently have no skin in the game, I couldn't care less. My son's Cub uniform differed slightly from my own. Enough that I noticed, but not enough to make me forget that his Scouting experience (uniform included) doesn't (and shouldn't) have to be identical to mine.
  4. Hello!

    Mille, welcome to the forum. Thanks for all you do for Scouting!
  5. The circle behind BackPack's image is a white background, making it appear to . . . disappear.
  6. Does your Troop have dues?

    $40 annual dues. Optional subscription to Boy's Life is extra. Monthly campouts, activities, and summer camp are out of pocket. Dues cover registration and bling. Camp card and popcorn sales are the two major fundraisers.
  7. Happy to be here.

    +1 I wish I read sentences like this more often on this forum. Thank you for giving back!
  8. Wow, who knew 'okay then' was a cease and desist warning. Certainly not I. RememberSchiff, moderating tone on the forum is appropriate but the continued attempts to control the direction of the conversation can be a turn-off for potential posters. You don't do this to your Scouts, do you?
  9. CalicoPenn, I believe the article on family camping you are referring to is from Scouting magazine, not Boys Life. Not the most recent issue, but the one prior maybe. My copy isn't accessable at the moment, sorry.
  10. Will BSA need to advertise for volunteers too?

    Barry, thank you for sharing that commercial again. I hadn't seen it before. Effective? Yes.
  11. Will BSA need to advertise for volunteers too?

    To outrun those young Scout legs you'll need the head-start!
  12. Will BSA need to advertise for volunteers too?

    Unfortunate if true. Your source?
  13. Hello from Wisconsin!

    Hello, WisconsinMomma. Thank you for all you do for Scouting!
  14. My son is a Boy Scout now!

    3-year belated congrats from me as well! How has his Scouting adventure been since your original post?
  15. NBC-WSJ Poll on BSA 10/11 decision

    Nah Backpack, you're fine. Re-read what Eagle94-A1 said. 'Did just that' describes what they did. 'Just did that' describes when.