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  1. LisaBob, You're so absolutely right on all counts!! ...with all the preaching that we've been subject to in the past few months jaded me.. lol. I don't think that bad feelings can be avoided at this point in time and yes, we've all had enough drama to last us awhile... Will post updates!
  2. Calico, Yes - we have it covered.. the CO that we are looking at had a troop before and they still have the equipment. The UC was there last night and he surprised me by pulling out a folder and citing what the issues were from prior meetings.. (didn't know he actually goes home after the meetings and types out notes!) He was trying to help our case but the CO wasn't listening.. I don't look at it as win or lose... cause to me, no one wins.. I look at it as what's right or wrong. Last night SM told 2 blatant lies and when he said one of them the CC put her hands to her he
  3. Beavah, Hmm.. I wasn't planning on doing that but that's a great idea. Thanks!
  4. Eisley, Well, we bailed last night. The CC opted to keep the Scoutmaster and let all the leaders in the pack and the two most active ASM's go... oh.. as well as the crew.. So on we go!
  5. Beavah...lol.. if you only knew... but this will all come to an end somehow tonight..
  6. Our Council decided to run it as a Family Camp as well.. I attended the NCS years ago and I thought that it would be easier as far as the checklist was concerned but it's pretty much the same... so I just did what I did in the past years.. just didn't have to worry about the certification expiration!
  7. Eagle92, Just curious - how did it go? I was the PD and the CD this year for our District's Day Camp and have been doing this for many years so I hear ya! Went through one difficult year where we had to team up with another District and that was the end of that.. lol.. but since then I have been lucky enough to have worked with some great people and have had volunteers who come back year after year to help us out. It's a hard call when people aren't "getting it" and are not cooperative or even moody and hard to work with.. yuck. we're supposed to be having fun too!
  8. Scoutnut, Someone else had notified council about this and SM called in a few people to confront them about it - after which i was called and asked if it was me who sent in the letter... and after doing some digging i found out that SM twisted the truth about some things in order to be able to accuse those who are not happy with him. I called DE to get clarifications because things are going to come to a head tonight and I wanted to make sure that I have my facts straight and not say things that are incorrect.. which is why I posted here as well - to get other opinions - and I did g
  9. Oops.. I forgot to add in that at our pack meetings - after we do our announcements and award distributions they break up into dens and do their own activities. Den leaders sometimes schedule additional den meetings/outings as they need or want to.
  10. Twocubdad, Actually, SM got a call from the head of our BSA local council and was told to inform the CC and the COR but he elected to just inform the CC...
  11. We have a fairly small pack so we have 2 things scheduled for each month. The first is a pack meeting where we present awards and inform parents of what's coming up for the next month. The second is an activity for the entire pack - whether it's hiking, camping or any other activity. There are a number of times that we do schedule other things as they come up so it will end up being 3 or 4 things during the month rather than just 2..
  12. Lisabob - Drama? lol.. ...if you only knew the other 15/16 of what's going.. yes, enuf is enuf..
  13. Eisley, LOL.. almost.. CC is/was the prior SM's wife (he passed away). Current SM is very good friends with CC and won't let him go... despite knowing about most of what is going on... Has asked in the past that the current SM be given another chance but has not bothered to ask ASM's how things are going.. Why don't we bail? We may soon.. (Pack, Crew and most of the Troop..)
  14. Woodsrunner, No - they aren't working on it EVERY DAY. I can't speak for the others but I do have my son working on it on Most days.. but like everything else if you continue to do it most days then progress should be made, which is happening. It's slow but it's there. Rest assured that I am not one to want something for nothing.. and my boys are taught that... and I don't put up with bad behavior... with boys AND parents. The pull up is only one thing in a long line up of things that they need to do in order to become an Eagle Scout and to do this either the parent has to be r
  15. I just want to say this - that I have talked to other local troops about how they handle this and some of them do have the requirement of having them do 1 full pull up.. But to get them there the older boys are teamed up with the younger ones and they do "cheer" each other on and work with each other. I think that if this were to be used then it would be good for all parties involved - the older boys and the younger boys.. Too bad current SM seems to listen but never follows through with things..
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