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    • I didn't realize it was no longer available. I thought it was still an earnable award for all. I know it replaced the International Activity and Youth Exchange Award. 
    • This topic greatly interests me, and I've spent a bit of time trying to perfect my backpacking cpap setup. I have a system that I'm testing now which works pretty well:   CPAP: Resmed air mini, pressure level 5 - Weight: 299g for unit, 113g for tube+mask = 412g total Battery: INIU Power bank with USB-C PD output. Capacity is 25000mah, which equates to 92.5 Wh - Weight: 489 g Battery to CPAP Cable: 20V PD USB-C Power Supply for ResMed AirSense 11 Air 11 Airmini 65W 20W ResMed CPAP Charger DC Coverter Cable This cable is amazing.... it does all of the DC step up conversion so I can run directly from battery without having to use an AC adapter. Note that your battery MUST have USB PD 20v output. - Weight: 81g Solar Panel: Flex Solar 20 watt - When testing this at home, I do NOT get 20 watts output... more realistically it is 12 watts/hour - Weight: 664 g   I have measured my battery usage around 5-6 watts per hour when using the above equipment. So 8 hours of sleep is at most 48 watts... So I can get about 15 hours of sleep on one battery, which is most of two nights. With the solar panel pushing 12 watts/hour, I need 4 hours of good sun/charging for every night of sleep. This isn't possible while hiking, but is completely possible if you can set it up somewhere at camp and leave it.  The solar panel weight is more than an extra battery.... So if you are going on a shorter trek (4 days or less), I would consider carrying an extra battery rather than a solar panel. However... having the panel also allows me to charge up other devices like headlamps, Apple Watch, cell phone etc... without worry of ever running out.   Renogy makes a 266 Wh battery which looks really great.  This would give over 5 days of sleep...however it is NOT approved for travel on airlines due to the capacity. I am considering buying one of these just to test out at home as it looks really cool.   Total weight of the battery and solar panel is 1153g or 2.5lbs.  Total weight of CPAP, Mask, Power Adapter is 493g or 1.1lbs Total weight for Sleep System: 1646g or 3.62lbs  
    • That's a great idea, @OaklandAndy. I'm mourning the loss of the International Spirit Award more and more, as we go through it as a pack. I see the scouts understanding scouts in the bigger picture for every activity we do, and it makes me sad that we can't do it again. But who says? When the scout shop runs out of badges we can make our own 😄
    • No, they weren’t. The bigger climbing area wasn’t open, some zip lines weren’t, and the tree top canopy tour were not opened. Very sad. The other Jamborees were great. This one? Meh!
    • I bet the loss is greater than that. I just checked my Charter last night, and one of my Scouts who aged out last year is still listed, despite us dropping him and not paying for him. He has already stated he will not stay on as an ASM because he refuses to give up his friends, and he is in college.
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