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23 minutes ago, numbersnerd said:

If I could downvote the original post more than once I would. It has a very "Shut up and sit down" tone to it. So Scoutlike.


It's restricting freedom of expression, plain and simple. But this is a private forum, so restricting a discussion by the owner is also a form freedom of expression. What I didn't like was the implication that the disagreements were hostile and unscout like and dangerous to youth. On the contrary, I felt most opinion were well thought out and set the example of safe discussion environment for a difficult subject. Implying that is was dangerous to youth was sad. 


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3 minutes ago, Eagledad said:

I felt most opinion were well thought out and set the example of safe discussion environment for a difficult subject.

I think most of the comments have been. But some are trying to bring in a larger culture war.

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17 minutes ago, RememberSchiff said:

Let's get back to the topic of preparing and welcoming new scouts to Scouting.



@MattR  @desertrat77  @NJCubScouter  @John-in-KC  @LeCastor

This post was a warning to all those that disagree with the change that you don't want to hear about it and NOT about best practices. (Besides wouldn't THAT be better off in Program?)

Since the original post covered avoiding upsetting sensitivities and appears to be in violation of the spirit of many points of the Scout Law, I felt it pertinent to call out the underlying tone of the post and it's impact on me. Appears that I'm not the only one. Or is that not allowed either? (Yes, that's an honest question)

If you want to be taken seriously, then be open and honest (after all, that's what some of us are doing that you don't agree with) and dispense with the biased and heavy handed moderator actions we've been subjected to in the past. Edit: Such as the deletion of some of my replies already. Way to go guys.

Not going to be surprised if hit with a suspension over this, seems to be the MO around here.

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As moderator @MattR  stated in his OP.

This argument is over. The BSA decided. It's time to be Obedient. For those that want to keep arguing there are a few options:

1) Accept the change. Be curious and see how this change plays out with an open heart. Girls are scouts and they're in the BSA to have fun with their friends in the outdoors. Change is always rough but it keeps happening.

2) Leave. Stand by your principles and realize it's time to move on and find another way to volunteer your time. BSA troops have changed and there's no going back.

2.1) Don't engage in these threads. For those that still want to be a part of the BSA but still aren't happy with girls: Understand that complaining about girls in the BSA has a negative impact on those girls, or their parents, that are reading these threads. Learn to let it go.

3) Fight it. You can PM me, the other moderators, or @SCOUTER-Terry if you don't like this decision. I'll be honest, we're tired of watching these threads. You can also just ignore this and keep complaining. Well, you can try but you're just going to make yourself bitter. And we'll remove your posts and ban you from this forum if you keep it up.


Note the last sentence. 


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