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I pointed no fingers Terry, I was being criticized for not having posted to the thread, so I posted that I have said nothing but positive things about OGE in the past, and have no intention of changing my opinion now.


I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss this with you offline at any time.

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OGE, in the short time I have been a member of these forums you have stood out in my mind as a fair and honorable moderator, a knowledgeable scouter, and an all-round great guy. I can only hope that your successors (never replacements) do as good a job.

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One thing Scouting has taught me is too have thick skin. OGE, because of the quasi-anonymity of the forum, trying to moderate some of our rather prideful posters can be a chore.


Please continue to post in your now "regular" role. And Scouter Terry, thanks for providing all of us with this venue.

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I'm sorry to learn of your decision, but understand. Your cheerful service has been helpful and much appreciated. Our forums are a better place because of you. Please accept my sincere thanks for your constant vigilance and assistance.

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Thanks, OGE!


Now you've got more time for to sit around and take a lint brush to that beret collection!!!


If I were you I'd leave the lint brush alone and head over to Roadside America for some of that good ol', good ol'!!!!!!



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I did send OGE a PM, expressing my gratitude for all he has done and is doing.

I do however feel that we can't dwell in a negative past and should move on toward a positive future.

I know last week I allowed myself to become a little upset with a forum member and the material he was posting.

When I look at what I just wrote I see:

I know

I allowed


It does kinda look like this was my problem and I was at the heart of the problem.

To make matters worse I wasn't happy to just allow myself to be upset, I had to take the next step and fire off a smart-Alec reply. This didn't go any further, but at times as we have seen this starts a cycle of trying to prove that "I am right and you are wrong".

I feel sure that there a lot of other voluntary organizations that wish they had volunteers who have the passion and love of their organization that we have in Scouting.

While there are times when we allow someone to get on our last nerve, we do need to remember that we are on the same team, doing what we can to serve and support the VIP's or maybe that should be VIPS Very Important People Scouts.


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I didn't see this before.


OGE, thank you for your service to the forum and for assisting Terry in providing this service which, obviously, can be a bit trying at times.


I do have a question, and I guess this is for Terry. OGE's "title" (appearing below his account name) has reverted to "Senior Forum Member" but now it has an * next to it. (An asterisk, that is.) Does that signify Moderator Emeritus? Star of the Show? The little-known Order of the Shifted Eight? Or what?

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