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Announcement of Moderator Policy

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We members of scouter.com, guided by the Scout Oath and Law,  generally enjoy an informative, robust , diverse discussion of scout topics.  But perhaps because of the times, technology, or personalties some specific policies need to be explicitly stated.

Failure to follow the Scout Oath and Law, will result in a warning,  post moderation, or suspension.

Posted videos, images, and links must pertain to the original post and respectfully move the discussion forwardFailure to do so may result in deletion or editing of the post, and in egregious or repeated instances, may result in a warning to the member.

Members are expected to read and acknowledge moderator messages. If moderator messages are unread after 72 hours, the member's account will be locked until they [the member] acknowledges receipt and understanding.  Repeat violations will result in account suspension. 

An Original Poster (OP) can  state in that first post "Only on-topic responses, please." Off-topic responses will then be moved or deleted by moderators. 

Members are reminded that topics are discussions to inform, reflect and not arguments to be won.  

When a discussion deteriorates into a stagnant endurance contest, a moderator may interject that both sides "Agree to Disagree" and instruct that discussion move on or  the moderator may lock the topic pending review.

Members can "report" a topic or response which does not follow the Scout Oath and Law, by using the  "Report Post" feature in the upper right corner of the response.

Posts which advertise products, services, or fund solicitations will be deleted and the member asked to  pm Terry-Scouter regarding paid advertising. 

Members can report concerns about moderators by PMing SCOUTER-Terry. 

These policies are in addition to the existing Terms of Service  below:



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