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Linking to a Member in your replies ...

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For @@Hawkwin's benefit (but also in case someone else was afraid to ask):

Thanks qwazse (how do I link your name btw?)

I know of two ways:
1. Type the "@" sign and the name. This works well if the member's handle is a single word.
2. From a workstation, there is an icon for "Special BB Code" on the top row of the edit box. Click it then select "member". A field will appear where you can type the name. Type it, and click "OK". The text to generate the link is inserted, surrounded in square brackets.


In fact if you want to try and edit/type code freehand, there's an icon that looks like a switch that lets you "step behind the curtain" of all of the fonts and frames in a message.


Has anyone else come up with other tricks/faster ways to link to members ... especially names with blanks and special characters?


I don't know that linking a member in a post does much more than send them a little notification on their messenger icon. I guess it allows readers to navigate to that member's profile. I've found the links handy sometimes when I forget what someone has written about in the past, and feel like I need to get up to speed to avoid typing an ignorant reply.

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OR..... just to the left of the "Font" box in the upper menu, third from the left end there's a little blue box.


Click on it, a list box appears.


Scroll down to "Member", click on it.


Another box will appear where you can type in the member's name.


Hit "Okay" and the link to the member is formatted for you.  No @ is needed.


@Back Pack

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33 minutes ago, MattR said:

This doesn't seem to work with the new SW? @RememberSchiff Instead, Start with the @, start typing their login and a window with options that match will pop up

just typing @MattR  no longer automagically works.

With the new software, you type the name and make the selection from the dropdown menu of like member names to complete the link.


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