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  1. Truly sad news. My prayers go out to his family and friends. He will be missed by many.
  2. I thought that Double H ranch had stopped doing BSA treks. I was reading on the RMEF website that they are still doing it through Philmont. http://www.rmef.org/Hunting/TWC/Trek.htm
  3. When I joined the Lutheran Church, I read that no flags where allowed in the Sanctuary, note it did not say Church. There is one in the sanctuary at the church, I asked the pastor about it, he just smiled.
  4. Kudu I also was talking about explaining it to adults not for recruiting. Are you saying your version of scouting does not teach youth to be leaders or to make ethical decisions? No, I did not go to your link. Better things to do.
  5. "I think there was a point in time where the majority of the people didn't need to what scouting was about, they just knew it was a good thing. But, we are now in the "Google Age", where information about anything you can imagine is available at your fingertips. It's getting very hard to hide behind your ignorance." Would we be trying to reach the people that are trying to find out about scouting or the ones that have no reason to google it? I think we would be trying to get more people to google scouting. But than again I would take most stuff I google with a BIG grain of salt.
  6. This maybe just me and my communication style but I cannot seem to explain to people who know nothing about scouting what it is about and why I do it. I have tried Scouting teaches these boys on how to be leaders... Scouting teaches these boys to make ethical decisions... camping and hiking is just the tool we use to teach with... Scouting creates men from boys. Has anyone found a good way to explain what scouting is, in a short time frame? Could this be part of the issue, it is to hard to explain what scouting is and is not so that it is understood?
  7. I guess I have a different take on what I have read here than others posters do. It sounds like this scout pushed the SM and ASM buttons and they never got over it. I have had so many scouts push my buttons over the years. Before I understood the dynamics of scouting I thought many of these scouts would and should not become Eagles. After a few years in scouting I expect them to push my buttons. As the scouts get older I am amazed how much the scouts have grown and what fine young men they have become. This has given many stories to tell at Eagle COHs. It sounds to me that the SM is still up
  8. Any father that talks about other troops "issues" during his sons Eagle Court of Honor, does not have a clue, so ignore him.
  9. What the heck is spray fake dog poop? Did it hurt the tent? stain it? destroy the waterproofing? With the info I have to go on, have him clean the tent.
  10. I am sorry to hear that but not surprised. I really enjoyed my hike there. The ranch is owned by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. I know that when the ranch was willed to RMEF that there was a clause that it must be used in some way for youth. I got the felling when I was there that most of the ranch hands did not think it was a good idea to have all of the scouts hiking there. It is a working ranch, but it is also a place to hunt, If memory serves me correctly 20,000 dollars will get you a week of hunting Elk.
  11. Many troops around here save the grommets and they are given to someone they feel are special. Most people believe getting these grommets from a scout of fellow scouter is something very special.
  12. jblake47 I think you may be reading the rules incorrectly. As of 9 years ago, paddle boats where allowed in the BWCA. They are no longer allowed because of the grease on the paddle wheels and bearings. When they talk about mechanical it means anything that has grease and such. I would bet my paddle that if an ranger saw canoes with a dining fly as a sail they would not say anything unless they where interfering with others canoeist.
  13. Here is the agenda for the troops OktoberFest in 2 weeks. With some details removed such as names and places. So yes other troops do this. This troop has been doing this October COH campout for as long as I can remember. WHO: All Troop scouts and their families Any interested Webelos and their families Alumni from Troop Camp with us for the weekend or just join us for Saturdays festivities. DETAILS: For camping meet at Church at 6:30pm for usual departure at 7pm. Families can join us for camping the whole weekend. You may use your own family tent or use a troo
  14. Make sure to put the bag in a watertight container. Even a heavy garbarge bag will work.
  15. I was at Mount Rushmore 3 weeks ago. I was there in 1992. What a difference! The parking garages where not there in 92! We walked down to the artist studio on the way back up, I found the old part of the observation deck, and thought this is what I remember. We got there early in the morning we left by noon and the place was packed. My wife got the parking ticket on line of 6 dollars, It is 10 dollars if you get the ticket there. Still a lot to see for 10 bucks! I really enjoyed talking to the Lakota Park Rangers as they gave a demonstration on cleaning a bison hide and how they used many of
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