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  1. It worked! She "helped aid the confusion"!
  2. Now I'm stuck on all the possible things that a Head Catheter is supposed to drain...
  3. Upon reading your prefacing arguments, I thought I knew where you were going; but I came to the opposite conclusion. Faith based organizations as COs have been a long and true friend to the BSA. What have 'certain external advocacy organizations' done for you lately?
  4. Sorry Tahawk; check the date. That headline on Fox was fully 2 weeks ago. That Fox outrage is partially responsible for the changes that enabled all of us to plant the flags that were allowed. Not that those underground would or could care.
  5. J-stroke, Draw, Pry, Bow-Rudder and Brace can probably be mastered in 15 minutes, right? Does it matter if the scouts can't get the boat to go straight enough to get back to the dock? Deep water self-rescue, assisted rescue, and re-entry might take half an hour. To demonstrate. But wait! Looks at the bottom of the schedule: *Must be present at the beginning of each scheduled program to complete badge * * Must be present during all blocks of program or badge to complete it * Dang fuddy-duddies interfering with our water fun.
  6. Boy Scouts banned from planting American flags on veterans' graves for Memorial Day due to coronavirus https://www.foxnews.com/us/boy-scouts-banned-memorial-day-coronavirus-veterans At least we're trying to do the right thing.
  7. Pretty sure that rafting is sunk. No way for 7 people to social-distance in an 18' Avon. Wearing an N95 mask is a drowning hazard; and I bet that you could inhale a wet procedure mask trying to catch your breath after an unexpected cold water dunking. And buddy-rescue... Well; never-mind.
  8. Two deep on all video conferences? Patently absurd. Unless we're trying to convince our boys that someone is always out to get them. How better to create paranoia? In the post-lawsuit BSA, which is better: a) adult scout leaders who can't be trusted; or b) adults who can't be trusted, ESPECIALLY not scout leaders. If you're going to require 2 adults on every video call, you may as well require 3 adults. And record the call. And send a certified copy to Irving for review. And file for a tour permit before you schedule the call. And...
  9. I was pleasantly surprised by these covered toe water shoes from BassPro: https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/world-wide-sportsman-lost-river-water-shoes-for-men The neoprene liner makes them very comfortable without socks. They dry out almost instantly. I wore thick poly socks for portages to resist pebbles and sand. The soles are thick enough that you don't feel every rock poking through when you've got a 17 foot canoe on your back; and they held to my foot well so that I wasn't slipping and sliding around in my wet shoes. No ankle support; but when I'm kneeling in the boat, that's a good thing. I'm still enjoying them as my go-to fishing shoes.
  10. I ask for Tomahawk missiles, and this is what I get:
  11. Tomahawk missiles. I need to buy at least two...
  12. Why do you assume that missing summer camp is a failure? Is that a requirement that I am not aware of? Can a scout not have a full and satisfying scouting experience through troop and patrol camping?
  13. I highly recommend a decent hammock. Check other threads for hammock camping tips. I sleep better in my hammock on a hillside than I sleep at home on our $2000 mattress. When the others retire early, I crawl in and read a book on my phone until I drift off. The little gear tie twists are great for hanging a small LED flashlight from your bug screen. The only challenge when Cub camping is late night latrine visits. Once you settle into your hammock, your really are reluctant to come out...
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