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  1. JoeBob

    Forum Updated - Feedback/Bugs/Errors?

    This old fart is just getting used to the new features. But I really like the feedback options and the 'recent posts' area. I'm able to stay current with much less hunting around. (Fewer CPU cycles on your end.) Now if I can figure out how to quote multiple selections from different pages, I'll become a verbal warrior from Hades. Thank you. JoeBob
  2. JoeBob

    Mike Rowe: Death of Boy Scouts?

    The punishment chant from Basic (as you ran laps around the parade field) : "This is my weapon; this is my gun; this is for fighting; this is for fun!"
  3. JoeBob

    Stepping aside

    @Mashmaster, I feel your pain. I had to stop going to troop meetings. Although having boys tell me that they missed me and would I come back was gratifying, I knew that it was undermining their respect for the new SM. A bit of MBC work is my only involvement now. If I thought for a minute that district would actually use me for outdoor work and woods-skills teaching, I might violate my maxim about 'Unit level Scouting'. I obviously miss it, or I wouldn't drop by this forum to stir up trouble.
  4. JoeBob

    Breaking Point

    Methinks you insult trees.
  5. JoeBob

    BSA Executive Salaries

    I'm wondering how large the National budget was in 1970. Not just the highest paid execs, but the whole bloody thing. Take the dollars spent by national, adjust for inflation, and divide by the membership for that year. How would that compare to today?
  6. There is a good number of non-LDS members here that would like to come with you. That our core beliefs have been devalued frustrates us. This topic has been a useful vent. Thanks.
  7. JoeBob

    NYLT for 13 year old

    I heard that. As SM, I endorsed NYLT techniques; but I was hoping that the scouts could convince their peers where I had failed. Boy led, and all that. One or two lazy patrol members can mess up a lot of good intentions.
  8. JoeBob

    Scout Dishonesty During an Eagle Project

    Lied to the committee? I'd ignore all the misdirection about who should and should not talk to the candidate. He didn't shade the truth to his best buddy about kissing a girl. He lied. About advancement. To the committee. For safety, he has to re-start the project to approved specs. But to escape further consequence for lying? I thought he was up for the highest honor in scouting...
  9. JoeBob

    NYLT for 13 year old

    The boys in my troop who came back from NYLT all fired up and educated, quickly learned how hard it is to translate patrol methods that work with elite motivated members into the average every day sorta patrol. They gave up after about 6 months...
  10. A flexible moral code? That's not a code. That's a wish-list for being undisciplined.
  11. Taurus Excretus. BSA had a moral code to be envied; until '"acting like a Boy Scout" became a pejorative. And some used that latitude to the extreme. "My moral code is to have no morals, but since that's my moral code; I can be an Eagle scout!" And BSA allowed it. The basic strength of a good morale code is that it doesn't change. Through good times and bad, whether popular or unpopular, these are my morals. Some things I will always do. Some things I will never do. You get strength and affirmation from others who have the same code that you do. BSA hasn't changed their fundamentals? You're right; BSA completely abandoned their fundamentals.
  12. Cut out the liner. Position the flash vertically over your left eye. Pull everything else down flat to your buzz cut so that there is a bit of overlap covering your right ear. At least that's how Rangers wore the black beret, back when it still meant something. (Shinseki can apply oral vacuum to my gluteus maximus.)
  13. I did not say that ALL progressives hate BSA. But since all the activist groups attacking BSA were progressives, I can understand why you're being sensitive. Multiple forum threads, Meritbadge Schools, and Eagle Mill troops prove that the rank of Eagle is no longer held in the same esteem. I know of one LIfe scout who used as an excuse to not finish Eagle that he did NOT WANT EAGLE on his college application because it would hurt his chances to get into a liberal arts school. (I'm sure there were other reasons, but I'd never heard that one.) Wasn't Trail Life a BSA defection based on religion? LDS, the Mormon Church, left because of differences in the implementation God's will for his people, His Scouts. Haven't there been EBORs where a candidate was passed using a belief in self or pantheism? With SOME progessive groups trying to take God off of our currency, Irving can't be far behind. I'm glad that you like the BSA the way it is today. You'd have loved it back in the day. Thank you for the courtesy of your reply.
  14. Hey @FireStone , is there a reason that you disagree with my last 2 posts on the LDS withdrawal? It's entirely within your rights to downvote from the shadows, but would you mind sharing your rationale? Thank you.
  15. 1- Stop driving their existing membership away with ridiculous changes to their core principles in order to be 'liked' by a fickle politically correct group of progressives who HATE what the BSA stood for. 2- Do what they say that they are going to do, and stop changing their 'written in stone' positions every six months. 3- Reduce the redundant CYA paperwork and useless training that drives away seasoned volunteers. 4- Push a program that goes back into the woods. BSA needs to compete against digital and social attractions, not try to emulate them. The outdoors and nature were a solid attraction that boys could find only in scouting. The wilderness is still there, waiting.