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  1. JoeBob

    Is this the new normal?

    I'll make sausage all day long; but I do NOT want to know how they collect that stuff...
  2. JoeBob

    Looking for some insight

    Sounds like extreme sour grapes to me. If mom was going to abscond with kid, she'd do it at 6pm Friday when the OP must give her the child. That mom has visitation shows that she is not a threat. What if mom signed up as a volunteer, passed her background check, and signed up to work daycamp? Would Camp Norse then be responsible for keeping the two apart? I'm sorry that mom had the time to be with son at daycamp and you didn't. Please don't ask volunteer scouters to enforce your pettiness.
  3. JoeBob

    Is this the new normal?

    In Georgia I have collected one whitetail with a 10mm Colt Delta Elite open sight semi-auto and several with a scoped 38-40 Ruger Blackhawk. Hunting with a pistol makes you up your game in stalking and scouting your prey. The shots must be closer. My 38-40 pistol groups tighter with handloads at 100 yards than my little brother's 30-06. Really hacks him off!
  4. JoeBob

    Adult going to residential summer camp

    Whatever you do, do NOT let the BF become a registered scout leader. Because then BF could not be at home alone with your son or drive him to meetings.....
  5. JoeBob

    Boys' needs

    My best successes (maybe only successes) with older scouts is when you get them to own modeling and mentoring. "Would you teach Youngscout how to ABC?" "How's Youngscout doing? Do you need any help?" "Thank you for working with Youngscout." Once you get them hooked on teaching skills; they realize that they now have the credibility to teach attitudes, manners, and morals. And the adult leaders are are at the top of this long line of good men teaching boys to be good men, because at some point in their youth, they were Youngscout. Some boys never get it. "Okay, Youngscout can tie a square knot now. I'm going back to throwing rocks in the river." *** Boys need a safe environment to take risks. If boys attempt only tasks that they know they can succeed at, they'll never fail, and their personal growth will be slower. Some boys won't take chances if the girls are watching...
  6. That line of storms blew through here earlier. https://www.ajc.com/news/local/breaking-deadly-incident-newton-county-boy-scouts-camp/tVwr8m3HqQE8KN7moES4DK/ Bert Adams was aggressively thinning the trees when I was last there. It's mostly towering pine trees 100's of feet tall. I can vouch for the fact that cutting 90% of the trees makes the remaining 10% of trees more susceptible to wind damage. Without the rest of the grove to dissipate some of the wind speed, the single trees get whipped around by the full force of the air. What's the solution? No trees? No shade? Dang, that's hot! Heartfelt prayers for the family of the 14 yo Texas scout and all involved.
  7. You know, I hope several girls sign up this week as boys. It's allowable: Irving can't question the gender selection on the application. It's strategic: why wait on BSA national to get off the stick? Everybody knows that co-ed is coming. Why should BSA penalize my daughter because they can't make up their mind? Why my cavalier attitude? I think that BSA National deserves some of their own medicine. No gays! Ummmm... No atheist Eagles! Well... Certainly no gay leaders for our children to role model. Well you see... No girls! I'd like to see lots of 'boys' with pigtails sign up immediately and change their minds 2 years from now after Irving changes their edict. How's it feel?
  8. I don't know. Did they have insurance?
  9. Who is going to be sued for the first pregnant 'Boy' Scout? STDs anyone?
  10. OMG! "Today everything is so different. Unquestionably one of the great problems of the modern day is the tendency toward soft living; too much heat; too much dress-up clothes; soft, highly seasoned food to tease the appetite. The curse of modern city life for all of us is softness; soft lights; soft easy chairs, soft music, and a passive type of entertainment." Ponder the import of those words for a moment. Before I reveal to you that they were written in 1923... Further: Teach nothing indoors that can be learned out-of-doors. Teach nothing from books that can be learned from nature. Teach nothing from dead nature which can be observed on the living. Nature is to be the schoolroom and the schoolbook, unless insuperable difficulties prevent. Thanks for the link @walk in the woods
  11. When I read the originating post; I thought the OP was asking how to handle a prospective member who is obviously a girl, but selected a blatantly false position as male in order to game the system. What I would do in the case of a tomboy wanting to be a scout is "Welcome to the troop. But we're going to have an issue with who shares a tent with you, so please recruit another 'boy' to be your buddy." And then we'd have no issues with getting enough female leaders on trips. Because we're all boys, right?
  12. JoeBob

    New troop, big problems

    Hopefully Summer Camp will provide enough distractions to keep your son interested for the short term. But I would definitely plan on finding a new troop. The situation you described is toxic and you are not in a position to change it. Leaving for a better troop is definitely preferable to dropping scouting because of aberrant adults. Consider letting your boy know that y'all will be troop shopping (keep it to himself) so that he'll have something to look forward to.
  13. An imaginary tally in my head of forum opinions of Would Badger would break down like this: 30% liked Wood Badge, thought it was worthwhile, and were glad that they were now part of the cool crowd. 30% were gray. It was okay. May have learned a few things. Did make new friends. 30% thought it was a waste of their time. Corporate dynamics are fine for adults who have a monetized interest to leverage, but hard to apply to boys when the adults are supposed to be 100 yards away. Wish they had spent the time with their troop instead. (Most of this group were either old-time scouters or Eagles in their youth.) 5% hated it and left after the Friday night WAYCW, aka - The Prisoners Dilemma. 5%..... I forget.