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  1. If I'm 'waiting with baited breath', does that mean that I have to put worms in my mouth? Do Red Wrigglers taste better than Night Crawlers?
  2. Irrational posters? That's crazy! Oh.
  3. JoeBob

    Your problems with JTE

    JTE is an artificial adult measurement. I'd bet that less than 5% of Scouts can tell you what JTE stands for.
  4. I'll resist any ban of my semiautomatic butter knives. You'll have to pry them from my cold slippery fingers!
  5. JoeBob

    Wood splitting tips

    For crosscutting, we would make a 'Deadman' log sawhorse. It looked something like above, but we'd use 8 foot long green logs and auger holes to bury the ends. Lashing the two cross sections and one cross-brace gives you a very stable platform at waist height so that you can really get going with your two man crosscut.
  6. JoeBob

    Stonewall Jackson Area Council Changes Name

    I love the way the end of your sentence refutes beginning, honestly! Weak arguments that have little basis in fact or logic fail to stand against dispassionate analysis. http://slavenorth.com/slavenorth.htm On to climate change!
  7. JoeBob

    Stonewall Jackson Area Council Changes Name

    Eh... The War of Northern Aggression was not started over slavery. It was an economic move to force Southern states to support a fledgling Northern industrialization. The slavery issue was used as a crutch long after the war started to justify conscription of the unwilling. Read the newspaper editorials of the times and check your dates. (Conscription Riots) If slavery was the focus of the war, why did Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation free only the Southern slaves and not those remaining in Northern territories? To foster a slave rebellion that he hoped would siphon off troops. Southern generals were traitors? Not according to the Northern generals who recruited many of them to serve in the US Army after the war. I trust the judgement of military minds who fought as adversaries and then as allies, to be better informed of the character of their contemporary Southern generals than some armchair distortionist attempting to warp history to fit today's political correctness. I'm not a Southern apologist. The South doesn't have a damn thing to apologize for.
  8. JoeBob

    Stonewall Jackson Area Council Changes Name

    Or sold something for a profit...
  9. JoeBob

    Stonewall Jackson Area Council Changes Name

    Or never killed an Indian.
  10. JoeBob

    Stonewall Jackson Area Council Changes Name

    It's hard to find a Founding Father who never owned a slave.
  11. JoeBob

    Stonewall Jackson Area Council Changes Name

    Hiding history doesn't change history. It just makes you ignorant. And political correctness hasn't done Scouting much good so far.
  12. They want to sell the BSA mailing list. Just another fund-raiser to put more cash in their pockets before the bankruptcy judge fires them all. See the other topic about mortgaging Philmont to gain an enlightened view of Irving's trustworthy intents.
  13. JoeBob

    Wood splitting tips

    Taught Paul Bunyan. Heated our home with firewood for 35 years. Splitting: Aim for the checks in the log, where the grain has already started to naturally separate. Don't use an axe on anything bigger than 8 inches, use a maul or a wedge. If your axe becomes stuck in a log, turn it over and swing the combined axe/log down onto your stump, axehead first to get more penetration. (Does not work with double bladed axes...) Plan the arc of your swing to end at the top of your stump, not the top of your target log. (You were planning to split the log completely on half, right?) On really large diameter rounds (24 inches and up) don't start in the middle; split small pies out of the edges and work your way in. Avoid sweet gum, the grain is too twisted to split. Poplar is a very straight grained wood and flies apart when threatened with an axe. Oak makes the best firewood. Frozen wood is brittle and splits more easily. When chipping out notches or felling, start your notch at least as wide as the log diameter; angle your slices in at 45 degrees; and twist the embedded axe to flip out the plate sized chips. Don't waste your energy swinging directly into a log at 90 degrees. The wood fibers compress onto the blade and hinder penetration. Angling in at 45 degrees allows the wood fiber to expand out of the cut away from the blade, and results in a deeper cut. (A straight line is not the easiest distance through a log) A sharp axe cuts twice as deep as a dull hammer, and makes your work easier. Cutting on the ground results in rock gouges on your blade and turns a sharp axe into hammer. Section logs 24 inches on straight grain pieces; cut as close to major branches as possible to make splitting easier on gnarly grains. When using a crosscut saw, always PULL; never push. Work on your rhythm with you partner.
  14. JoeBob

    BSA Mortgages Philmont Scout Ranch

    That ought to cover exec salaries for another what, five years?
  15. I think that you have swallowed the bait. We Southerners have always used a slow speech pattern to deceive carpetbaggers into underestimating us while we separated them from their money and women...