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  1. Have the first claims involving girls even entered the actuarial tables?
  2. Glucosamine / Chondroitin along with ibuprofen are the only medication needed to keep this 69 year-old going up and down ladders all day at work, and moving about the woods without pain. If I forget the drugs, I feel it about noon. Inspecting fire dampers/fire-smoke-dampers involves lots of climbing and stretching to wriggle into tight spots. The work keeps me young. Don't stop moving.
  3. Update: Still no Covid vaccine for JoeBob. I had Covid for 3 weeks in its first August. Despite hundreds of exposures, I have not gotten Covid again. (I work in hospital renovation/construction - we get a wave of infections through our 1200 person jobsite about every 4 months.) Natural immunity seems to be working fairly well.
  4. When our troop did a week of rafting instead of summer camp, we offered 3 MBs: Wood carving - projects and supervised practice at each campsite. Wilderness survival - reading on the road, and 'build your own shelter and sleep in it' 20 yards into the woods from the vans. Nature - "Yes little Johnny, that is bear poop, know as 'scat'; and those are little bells in it."
  5. One of my favorite ways to string a tarp is a diamond. Run a ridgeline from tree to tree, use tautline hitches to pull opposite corners tight on the ridgeline, anchor one corner on or close to the ground, and the remaining corner high to another tree. In wet conditions, you can use the high corner to shelter your fire. Don't neglect the value of a tarp as a windbreak:
  6. Just an FYI: If you ignore the NESA solicitations for 30 years or so, they will eventually go away. I haven't seen one in at least five years. Has my wife started throwing them away? To whom it may concern: JoeBob is not my real name; I did not win the lottery this week; and my mailbox is screwed shut!
  7. Am I reading this correctly? No Scout has to be a family member? Any JoeBob off the street can bring his tribe to Scout camp, send a few rounds downrange, swim with the dolphins, and hang out at the waterfront?
  8. Careful, lest you reveal yourself as partisan on the other side. Well, nevermind...
  9. I'm pleased to observe that 'Paul Bunyan' has returned. http://www.usscouts.org/advance/ScoutsBSA/PaulBunyan.asp In the mid sixties this was a hands on course offered over a few days at Scout Camp. I learned the skills from a great teacher, and stepped up to fill the void when he left. Our award had a button hole in the end of the handle and dangled on your right pocket under the flap.
  10. But Statutes of Limitations don't mean anything...
  11. Really? How do you know? Where's your proof? For someone who demands proof, you sorta snatched that out of the ether. The insurance companies contend that that's an OVERCOUNT fueled by aggressive lawyers advertising on TV. Why should we credit your point of view? Thx.
  12. If Statutes of Limitations can be waived (look back windows), why can't Sovereign Immunity be bypassed? Lawyers will argue "BSA doesn't have enough money to reasonably compensate the thousands of victims. Only government can afford the amounts necessary to justly compensate the many poor abused victims..." And our 40% will be...
  13. I've been waiting on one of our lawyers to chime in about the National Charter; but it hasn't happened yet, so: If the Local Councils can be held liable, and pass some of that liability to the Chartering Organizations, who are acknowledged as being mostly ceremonial, why isn't the Ceremonial National Chartering Organization, the US Congress, also liable? Lawyers look for the deepest pockets, and the US Treasury is pretty deep. Ask Joe Biden.
  14. I am cackling! The 'Promise to Parents' perfectly distills the BSA Pro's attitude towards volunteers, does it not? In a nutshell: BSA to Volunteer (who has invested enough blood and sweat to be Key 3): "You work for us (for free). You will work harder (because of our national follies) to meet our expectations (of high executive salaries), or we will fire you (thereby increasing your compensation by the return of your free time)." In the past, when BSA was a prestigious outdoor character program, being a volunteer provided enough self-esteem and 'give-back' sat
  15. I've read of the studies that say six months. The early briefings over at Emory, where I was working to add capacity, initially said that anti-bodies should protect you for 4 months. My tax lady was hospitalized with Covid in February, before they really knew what it was. She tested positive for anti-bodies 8 months later in September. And now vaccines are good for a year? My curiosity is piqued when your body produces a longer lasting immune response from a sparring match against a fake virus (vaccine), than is developed from a nine round title match against the real Covid.
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