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  1. Ooh! Good idea! Is there possibly some directory where I can contact people in someone's troop if I have a name? I don't have a contact off hand. Could work, but I know I would get suspicious if someone asked me about my area of expertise for secret Santa. Thanks! Will check that out! Completely forgot about that. Thanks!
  2. Hey, hopefully he doesn't see this, but I've gotten a boy scout leader as a "secret Santa recipient" on a website. The problem is that I don't have much of an interest in camping - or at least not enough to know what to get. My budget is around $100 - does anyone have any good gift ideas? Maybe something I can get someone who's into the wilderness that they can never have enough of? I was thinking maybe a $100 knife, but I don't know. I came to you guys because you seem like a nice bunch of people who may know about what a boy scout leader may want. Thanks in advance!
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