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  1. My first car was a 1989 Pontiac Bonneville. That thing was a tank! When we traded it in my junior year of high school, I think we got $1500 for it. Tires were old, one passenger door didn't even open, and the gas gauge did not work. And the CD player that my sister had put it in was taken out the day before it got traded in. Then I drove a 2001 or 2002 Chevy Malibu. Great car that was previously a rental vehicle. It lasted a few years before dying during my sophomore year of college. My brother was driving it in town the night after I got back from college for winter break. The radiator w
  2. I'm sure you've all seen this before. I still think it has some merit in the big picture.. I've grown up with both parents being teachers my whole life. My dad has coached which provides (a little) extra money on top of his regular salary and my mom works a part-time job from April-October. People would think that we should be living high, but we're definitely not. We're not downright poor, but we can't spend like people believe teachers are able to do.... ---------------------------------- Teachers' hefty salaries are driving up taxes, and they only work 9 or 10 months a year! It's
  3. Bando, I'm sure there's many reasons people at the Hill don't want him at the Arena in the next couple of weeks. Politics could definitely be one. But also some of them flat out just aren't interested because of the mess having the President creates. I was there in 2005. Yes, I WANTED to see President Bush speak. But the security fiasco that went along with it led to a less than desirable experience. For one thing, trying to get 75,000 through security just created havoc. And then the rules were different depending on the gate you were sent to. If I were to have attended Jamboree this ye
  4. Eamonn, how many time do I have to tell you speaking English is illegal in many places in the USA? ***The official language is AMERICAN:)***
  5. I would get a hydration pack-- Camelbak, Source, etc Trying to think what else.. I went as a staff member so things were a little different..
  6. I'll take some dump cake! Or pie. whatever you got
  7. Our troop uses the Eureka Timberline Outfitters as well. Then we have 6 backpacking tents of another brand as well I believe. We have a bunch of the Timberline 4 Outfitters-- they're great tents..
  8. E, those people that know they have to pass a budget wait until the last second because then THEY get paid more. Yeah, that makes sense... they can't find a way to responsibly spend money, but they get a raise every year. Or maybe that's just Illinois politicians at work? I want to say that in Illinois if the legislature has to come for a "special session" then they get like $100/day or more. If they are there during their "normal session" then they don't get that extra money. I love how California is giving out "IOU's" to everyone now. You think if you or I had a bill to pay to the stat
  9. I've got the Zephyr 2-man from Alps. It is just a tad small for two people. Another 6 inches wide would be great! My only other complaint is that the vestibules aren't quite big enough either. My pack (an Alps pack) doesn't quite fit in it along with my boots. Really great tent though and can't beat the price!
  10. Couple items you've included that may or not not be included in the budget.. --Ammo--> One camp I've been to you had to pay a fee to shoot. I don't know what ammunition costs, but I think we paid about $10 for rifle shooting.. Another camp I've been to, all the ammunition was donated. That council has one of the major rifle companies in their council. Also, the camp would then take the spent shells and sell the aluminum! --Merit Badge books--> Camps I've been to sure didn't provide these. They sold them in the trading post, but I would imagine they weren't losing much if anythi
  11. I joined Tiger Cubs way back in 1st grade I guess. Was in Cub Scouts, Webelos and then onto the Boy Scout troop. Stayed in the troop through my 18th birthday and ended with the Life Scout rank. I served as nearly every youth leadership possible available including SPL and JASM as well as serving on the 2005 National Scout Jamboree Youth Staff in Action Center D on the rappelling tower. As many here probably know, I wasn't much for advancement and merit badge stuff, but I love(d) Scouting and always enjoyed the camping and hiking stuff. Water not so much Now I am an ASM with the troop, bu
  12. I used my Alps tent and backpack for the first time this weekend. I have the Zephyr 2 and it is absolutely awesome. The only thing I would really say is that it could use to be just a tad bit bigger. Really for any price, I'd say this is a great tent for high adventure. Not something I'd want to share with another person for 3-4 days, but definitely a solid product!
  13. I was alerted to this and I am working to move the posts so we can ban the user. Thanks
  14. I typically carry between $20 and $40 in my wallet for little things at the gas station, fast food, vending machines, concession stands at games, etc. For gas, shopping, etc it's all debit card.
  15. BadenP, thanks for proving my point. Kahuna, I'm with you...
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