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Scouter.com Slogan Contest

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We helpful scouter.com moderators were brainstorming marketing slogans to help a fellow scouting forum beset by unhappy members when we soon realized  that we too lacked a marketing slogan.

What to do? Hire a marketing firm? Not us, we shall have a contest of wit,  whimsy, and wisdom among us.

The Contest is to write a slogan for scouter.com.

Contestants will be any member or moderator of scouter.com

Rules: Follow Scout Oath and Law. Only one entry per post (for voting purposes), but you may submit as many entries as you wish. The more the merrier. 

The Winner will be determined by the most Like votes received by Nov 8, midnight PST. Other votes- Thanks , Up/Down arrows will not be counted. The winner will be named on Nov 9.

Prize: We will have a SurPrise .

Let the Contest begin

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Scouters, you're gonna "like" us!👍

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