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Whats that??


I found this over at meritbadge.net


Theory: "Boy Scouts" (adults and youth) are not "skilled" in this particular method of communication. Netiquette is definitely NOT what I'd call a "Scoutcraft" skill.


FACT: Moderators try to look at it (every post) from both sides. It's easy to for a Moderator to step in and rebuke an outright "flame" or "troll." Really, it is.


OPINION: It is important to learn about and inculcate to others the use of netiquette. The Moderators on this board really do try to guide users in positive ways, of which, proper use of netiquette is only a part. If we don't, then some of our users whose online personalities are not as strong, will stop logging on; they would simply fade out or fall back, never bothering to post anything for fear of being misinterpreted, flamed, etc.


FACT: Moderators make mistakes, too. (Sorry.)


Bob's 10 Tips for Message-boarding, aka, MB-101:


1. Try to be thick-skinned about it. IOW, if you're "put off" by somebody's post, but there's the slightest inkling that you might've misinterpreted it... you did. So, let it go.


2. If you want to "show" (humorous) sarcasm, use a little "smiley face" or something. Then, everybody will see the humor, without question. "Emoticons" can be a good thing; I don't much care for them, but I must admit, a little " " goes a long, long way at preventing misunderstandings and even more so, hurt feelings.


3. Speaking of feelings, some people just don't have any. And worse yet, some just don't care about yours... and they never ain't gonna care neither. So, don't bother getting upset; it won't do ya' no good.




5.a. If you can "Spell Check" your work, do so. Otherwise, don't sweat it too much, especially if youre on the reading end.


5.b. A little slang is okay. But, doan git so fer n2it, da we cant rel8 cuz we ain ur peeps.


6. Tips "5.a" and "b" do not to imply, in anyway whatsoever, that... if you're a student in middle school, high school, college student, whatever... you don't have to worry about grammar, punctuation, etc.... you're dead wrong. If you don't know how to spell it, define it, or relate it to similar words, I have only one thing to say to you... GO LOOK IT UP!


7. Don't talk at us. Don't type at me. Talk to me. What do I mean by that? Type as if I am right there, listening to you. It may be grammatically incorrect, but the meaning will come across closer to what you actually want us to see (in our minds). After reading this comment, you will forevermore notice the striking "format" or "style" of words in a GOOD novel. It ain't nothin' like what we got in school when I was a kid. (See what I mean?)


8. If you really want to know about netiquette, go read the 10 tips on http://www.onlinenetiquette.com/netiquette_101.html Netiquette referenced above. I promise, it'll save a lot of grief, for lack of a better word.


9. No cursing. Nuff said. It simply ain't necessary (in here) to get your point across.


10. If you hurt somebody's feelings, apologize.


Please take these things in mind.

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I have a question for the moderators.


Since I have begun posting again two posters have taken the opportunity to post messages that had no bearing on the topic discussed, but simply took public personal shots at me.


I have no problem with people who want to discuss the merits of topic or view. But why are posts whose sole purpose is to insult another poster allowed to remain. What harm to the discussion would be caused if only posts that were germane to the topic were allowed on the forum?


Will these personal attacks be allowed to continue unimpeded by the forum administration?


I would appreciate a response either private or public to this question from Terry, OGE, or Hops.




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The pot calling the kettle black Bob White, What about all the insults and abuse you heap upon other posters in here that disagree with your viewpoints, are those going to be allowed to continue? You have called posters in here incompetent and not delivering scouting to their troops because their methods differ slightly from yours, and the abuse keeps going on and on. Bob you wrote in a post that you have not been affiliated with a troop for many years now, yet you have the nerve to attack those who are current scout leaders trying to discuss ideas they use in their units because they don't meet your ideology, how long will that continue to be allowed? So if this issue is to be discussed let it come full circle. People are not out to attack you Bob, rather to defend their right to their own opinions without being insulted by you at every turn. I ask the moderators to consider Bob's actions and posts as well.

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Guest OldGreyEagle

And a Happy Easter to you all


I don't know exactly where to start. At various times in the past when I have a point to make I usually think about for a few days to come up with someway of conveying my message without being too confrontational and to be as unbiased as possible. But this wont be one of those times.


Bob, I know it may be hard for other people to beleive but moderating this forum is not my full time vocation. Hops is a full time student and Terry does seem to be tied up a lot with other things, like running his business. Had you PMed me, I would have told you I had noticed the situation and was trying to formulate a response, should it be a post or a private E-Mail to the other person. And now of course you post this. Virtually guaranteeing that if either a post or e-mail is used to communicate with the other, anything that is done opens us up to be branded Bob White Toadies.


Backpacker, you havent covered yourself in glory in all this. I was trying to figure out a way to ask you to back off on Bob and do it in a way that still respected your contributions to the forum. But if Bob said the sky was blue, you would say it was azure.


I was hoping to handle this privately, but no, you guys want a public confrontation so here goes;


Bob, your knowledge of the Boy Scout program has tremoundous width and depth and your passion is beyond compare. You could phrase your answers at times better so the poster doesnt feel your have called them a scoundrel, rebrobate or cur. When people respond to such postings, yeah, they tend to get defensive.


Backpacker, if Bob is wrong say so, leave the editorial comments aside.


I have visited other fourms and in some, I see posters admonished for what I think are trivial reasons. I dont have the time or energy to read and read between the lines of all the posts. I figure if you post using agressive language, you had better be able to accept aggressive language in rebuttal.


Now, I would say you two shake hands and be friends, but living in the real world I will leave it with hey you guys knock it off!

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OGE, I have the greatest respect for what you guys do and I speak from experience, having been one of two moderators on a 1200 member board on international adoption. Since this topic has gone public, at the risk of stepping out of line here, I would add that when the flames start between, for example, BW, Backpacker and/or Ed (or other combinations) it puts a definite chill on at least that topic if not the board in general. Constructive discussion stops when the sniping starts and there are no innocents.



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I agree with Vicki that sometimes the warfare in these threads get to be a little much. Bob has pushed my buttons in the past, now I ignore him but he does seem to dish out abuse regularly and Backpacker does love to challenge him. Lately, though it seems to me that Backpacker tries to act as a buffer for Bobs attacks on others. However it is time for peace to be restored in the forum so we can talk scout stuff and try to help each other in the true spirit of scouting. OGE, keep up the good work. Bob and Backpacker you both have a lot to contribute here and I hope you will continue to do so in a friendly instead of a hostile way.

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