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  1. First - rarely hear Summit / Lovely / Wonderful all in the same sentence...😀 That may be the one that BSA can kick to the curb and there will be little angst among the minions. You pour $750,000,000 into a BSA National Vanity project, you sort of reap what you sow. You lose Philmont, you've lost the legacy of 80 + years of multi-generational High Adventure. That would be a gut punch to the organization
  2. Well...you want to be comfy during the long lunches with the attorneys. You cannot put a price on that
  3. So....if all the Scouts in all areas (1.8 million) sold like 4 billion dollars worth of popcorn, the profits would put the BSA in the black. Each Scout just needs to sell (on average) about $2,500 worth of popcorn, and if all sold the $60 tins of chocolate covers popcorn that is really only 42 of these each. That's really only 67 million tins of chocolate covered popcorn....so LET'S GET SELLING 😁
  4. The optics are going to be the hard part. The group that BSA needs to sell (and continue to sell) is the new families that traditionally join as Cubs. Those of us in units that are functioning, this is sort of a non-event How do we (BSA as a whole) bring in new Scouts (Cubs / Scouts BSA / Etc) when the families not invested in the BSA see the Bankruptcy of the Boy Scouts and the driving reason for Chapter 11 is sex abuse cases. That is going to be a hard sell....just saying
  5. And that (the co-ed) factor is the reason. The endgame plan is co-ed. That will be denied by National folks, but that is the plan. With CO's running Boy and Girl units with the same number, the same number makes that so much easier.
  6. Pretty sure my first uniform (all green with garrison hat) came from Sears. In the movie "Follow Me Boys" the local hardware store has a Scout Section, becomes a big plot point.
  7. Now you are into National Supply which is another whole deal. My council has generated a CSP for the summer camp. I was at the office and went to the Scout store, but had to buy the CSP at the program desk. Seems that (in our council) the large Scout Shop is not the council's deal, but is National Supply run. The folks who work there are not part of the local council, but are National employees. My assumption is that National Supply pays rent to the local council for the footprint. Now, when I realized this, I wondered what the overhead for this must be for National. The footprint in my council is probably 2,000 SF. Assuming 2 staff for 8 hours - 6 days per week and rent, just the overhead would be easily $150K annually. Assuming a profit of 10% on sales, that would mean the store would need to generate $1,500,000 annually or $600 in sales per hour every hour the store is open (assuming 6 days per week and 8 hours per day) JUST TO COVER OVERHEAD. Also I am likely under estimating overhead and over estimating profit. National Supply should have everything on-line. With one DC you could greatly reduce inventory and have a higher fulfillment rate for scout uniforms ordered on-line. The local council could have 100 SF of shelving for the patches and awards.
  8. Our council has Program Specialists - 11 of them, they seem to be the ones paid to be Scout Leaders from what I can gather. Also the council has these 10 folks on staff Marketing Coordinator Director of Outreach Director of Development and Marketing Development Director Development Team Coordinator Major Gifts Director Senior Development Director Development Assistant Senior Marketing and Communications Executive Development Executive Seems to be a lot of Development going on..... Of the (on the website) 74 staff noted only 20 have District Executive in the their title (27%). There are many directors / ect - not sure what they all do
  9. We do not advise the other troop on a visit to meeting or outing. If they decide to join our troop, then we may reach out for transfer. We seem to get a couple per year from other troops.
  10. I would presume parents would need to be guarantors for payment at any medical facility. The hospital will likely not decline to treat, but they would be in contact with the parents on who is paying for the treatment. Maybe have your medical form person (if you have one) or CC have that conversation with the parents on what process they may want you to follow. I do not think we have run into that one before
  11. See...that eliminated the WHOLE data problem for the JTE scorecard and associated angst. Brilliant problem solving there. Next issue please?
  12. To think that bankruptcy at the National level will have an impact at the local council level is somewhat naive. They are separate financial entities. The only main overlap(s) would be National Supply, the professional Scouts medical and pensions, and the overall liability insurance. The remainder are in fact local. Camps, properties, and buildings are all owned by the local councils and in many cases run by their own fiefdoms. How National Bankruptcy may impact the assignment of professionals from council to council I am not 100% sure. They are credentialed BSA Executives, but paid by the local council. Honestly I expect very little to change and sadly not much upside to a bankruptcy by National. The press will be horrific, potential parents / families who are not familiar with BSA will assume that since BSA National is bankrupt ALL of BSA is gone under, let's go find other programs.
  13. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!! I am the great and powerful OZ DO NOT QUESTION THE DATA!!!
  14. We did a 35th anniversary Managed to get back 40 or so of the 125 Eagles (at that time). We recognized a log time SM, etc etc. Your list looks good. Tried to keep it relevant for the current Scouts while honoring the troop universal. We have a troop of +/- 80 Scouts
  15. The youth was 14 at the time and later in the article it stated he is now 37. That would I suppose indicate 23 years ago or about 1997. Reading the article it seems to be more damning of the LDS Church and less of the BSA. Clearly alleges that the LDS Church and Elders actively covered up the issues.
  16. Here is a three hammock stand...DIY https://theultimatehang.com/2013/04/02/3-person-hammock-stand/
  17. We have tried several homemade ones, but have not found one portable enough. We did build one with some tripods, but the Scouts ask (and good question) "We used all this wood that was from these trees, why not just hook up to the trees like we always do?" There are several commercial ones Youtube has some really poor made videos.....
  18. Careful....you will end up with a YPT time out imposed upon you
  19. Hammocks is the answer, hammocks. Now I guess if Scouts groups together in hammock pods and they are more than 2 years apart the YPT zealots may raise an alarm. While we're at it, don't forget staying on museum ships. You have Scouts of all ages bunking right beside each other and adults all in the same area. Horrors
  20. The BSA is undergoing a period of extraordinary change right now. What are your thoughts on the overall direction of the Boy Scouts of America? When you think about it, the Boy Scouts didn’t change much during the early years of the movement. After World War II, a lot of things changed in America, but Scouting didn’t always adapt to those changes in the nation. When the organization’s growth plateaued and eventually began to decline, it still didn’t adapt. No business or organization can operate that way and watch its numbers continue to decline. That requires you to make some changes. Very revealing and interesting. The plateaued growth and decline he speaks of (which was 1973 - 1980) was in fact a direct result of change within the organization, the "Improved Scouting Program". Really like the way that BSA's own part of that is sort of glossed over and the decline placed into the changes in America bucket. Those who do not fully understand history are doomed to repeat it......
  21. Honestly I have never heard of the naming of top Scouts for units and councils. Must be a local thing
  22. Good Lord we had one that went 45 minutes at a meeting. Worst.Meeting.Ever
  23. Not to make light of any real issues, but am I the only one that sees all the hoopla of the molester behind every tree, etc sort of smacks of the communist scares of the 50's? Were there and are there bad people out there, yes. Is it to the levels that our media and lawyers would make us feel there is...no. Follow the reasonable YPT guidelines, do not overthink or you will be scared of your own shadows and question every decision you are making.
  24. Dude it was the Summit...nobody likes the Summit apparently
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