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  1. All councils should have been more open with communication during the process. Some communicated well, but most were silent or gave a general statement with no details. Communication as a whole is not the BSA's strong point.
  2. As far as LC's contribution, if they would come up with a plan where each LC gets to keep ONE camp and 6 months operating funds where everything else goes to the settlement I think it would fly with no problem. Get rid of council offices too. With technology today a central office is not necessary. Some staff could work out of the camp or from home.
  3. I agree 100%. Knowledge is power. I was able to estimate my LC contribution within 10% after following this forum. The BSA does not communicate well, and that may be their downfall even if they survive bankruptcy.
  4. You are so right. My LC has 20 million in property and investments but they act like they do not have two dimes to rub together. I had no idea they had this much in reserves. I made a large donation for a camp project. Six months later they sold the camp. I was never able to get any reply where my money went. So yes it is all about $$$ for salaries.
  5. I do not know how I feel about scouting continuing. It was a very good program for me in my time, but I feel like I did not have any knowledge of all the horrors going on. As many posters have said home life in the past was not great. Mine was no different, not so great. Scouting was a fun time most of the time. I feel like the BSA needs to shut down and reboot maybe in the future. They are going to lose most of their assets in this proceeding. Scouting now is more about large paid staffs on councils. Maybe rebooting can get back to the roots of very few employees and focusing on
  6. Very well said, last paragraph. That sums it up in my opinion but we will see.
  7. I think there is still some money out there especially from LC's. Mine has 20 million in assets and is paying 6.5 million into the settlement. Not all LC's are like this but I was really surprised reading how much reserve funds some councils have. National still has HAB's and other small assets. I feel like it will take more of these assets if there is to be a settlement. While not fair, maybe the cash rich councils could contribute more to try to get a final deal with CO's covered. If the goal is to truly save scouting for the future, it might take this.
  8. If there is to be a settlement that covers CO's too, how can it not involve a large increase in contributions from National and LC's to the fund? Why would any organization have to contribute hundreds of millions to the settlement, stay in the BSA program, even just through a facilities use agreement? I just don't see how BSA can ask CO's for any money if they hope to retain them in the future.
  9. Lake Erie Council just announced they will contribute 6.5 million to the settlement. They have around 450 claims. They are using a line of credit to pay for it. They have 20 million in assets including two camps, they sold a third camp last year. Very interesting on a line of credit use to pay for this.
  10. The one thing I wonder about is the future abuse cases. We all know this will continue to occur if on a much smaller scale. But adding girls especially of the teen aged years I think abuse will continue, even between scouts too. Surely there will be lawsuits especially after this and past lawsuits set that lawsuits are successful. I think if BSA survives it is a matter of time before they are forced out of existence. A few weeks ago there was a assault that occurred at a scout camp in my county. Not sure the details, but the local sheriff was called and it was in the paper. Goes t
  11. On camp maintenance. If councils would devote 20% of what they spend on office staff salaries to camp maintenance and improvements, every camp in the BSA would be in good condition. I am not saying multi-million dollar pools, just routine maintenance and updates.
  12. And he has a Boy Scout T Shirt on in the mug shot. Good for PR. Priceless.....
  13. Simon Kenton Council in Ohio announced at a scouting forum that they will most likely sell Chief Logan Reservation and Camp Madison Lake. CLR is a main summer camp where this is the last summer for camping. Madison Lake is a very small camp, basically a single campsite on a state park lake. They also said they have to contribute 2.7 million to the settlement in cash and property. They said they were surprised that it was not more. This council has been very upfront with the bankruptcy for the past year.
  14. Camps in my experience get last chance at any funds the council has. Office staff salaries come first and always have for the past 30 years. It was a major event years ago when a camp in my council got a brand new dishwasher for the dining hall. There were pictures of all the staff next to it. They were so proud!!! That said I think from the early 90's on investment in camps has been very minimal in most councils. Then if summer camp stops there is no investment and the clock starts for the camp to be sold. I have seen this multiple times. They last an average of 10 years aft
  15. Very good summary. I agree with you 100%. Welcome to the forum!!!
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