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  1. I really think a BSA only bankruptcy with LC's given the option of being included at a much higher contribution or to opt out and take their chances has the best chance of passing LC's vote. That way the LC controls their own destiny.
  2. That is progress. Now the ball is fully in the judges court. Time to make decisions and get this case moving forward.
  3. Here lies the problem. Summer camp is supposed to be the highlight of a scouts year and if the camp facilities are broken down not so much. Many of the items you mentioned being broken are not high dollar items and there is no reason for disrepair. It is about the details. Why does someone not go through all equipment over the winter and order supplies/parts? I agree 100% that good program will make scouting strong and get donations. One last thing, my LC does a camp donation drive for small project funding. They raise about $ 50k for each camp yearly. They put on the web
  4. So true. Think about how cheaply scouting could run if a council only had a few staff and a camp. No large staffs dedicated solely to fundraising(to pay large staff salaries) I truly believe in the elimination of the council office. Limited staff can work out of the camp or remotely. Much less overhead and cheaper to operate. Money could be spent to maintain the camp in good condition.
  5. Are there still a lot of units in limbo on charters?
  6. For wealth, I will use my LC. They are contributing 6 million currently. They have 20 million in assets. Some are restricted. But at least 13 million is not. So they could give a lot more. It would likely require selling a camp but they have two nice ones. If they lose the council office and a camp in addition to most of their endowment they still exist and have a camp and can continue on with liability released. By the way they have over 400 claims against them. This is what it will take in my opinion to get the plan passed. They survive in the end but with less assets.
  7. Wow and I thought my medium sized council was excessive at 250k for scout exec. and about 40 FT staff (30 FT now). I agree councils are hiding the true enrollment number currently. Many websites say data from 3-4 years ago before a 50-60% membership drop.
  8. I never paid much attention to council finances and salaries until the bankruptcy and my LC sold a camp I cared for. I could not believe what the SE salary and benefits cost my council. And for a medium sized council to have 40 FTE's and to spend over 3 million on wages seemed crazy to me. Maybe bankruptcy will result in streamlined LC costs and more focus on program. I know many councils survived off of investment earnings of large endowments. If they go away in bankruptcy they will have to really decide what is necessary staff wise. If LC's would lose their office buildings in
  9. My thoughts exactly. The SE's and other high up national execs have to realize the ship is likely sinking now. Especially after this next hearing if it goes as thought. They are paid very well for their job.(at the expense of camp maintenance and other needs but that is another whole thread) Why not get everything you can out of BSA and then find another less paying job when BSA dies? Most execs have decades of service to BSA and have moved around over time to get where they are now. The old guard will ride off into the sunset....
  10. This is a very good fair way to do things on the LC level. Each council decides and pays for their liability. Better chance of passing local boards if the payouts stay within the council.
  11. The BSA is going to have to be firm with local councils on any increased contribution. Many will likely fight it to the end. Getting them all on board not an easy task at all. If you look at if the SOL current cases are brought against LC, most will pay out a lot more. So it seems like no brainer to me. You survive with less assets and maybe only one camp, but you get to continue on.
  12. So I think at this point the BSA needs to ask one simple question. What will it take to get a plan passed and survive as an organization? Ask the TCC, DOJ, churches and all other hold outs. It will take an open checkbook for more money from LC and insurance companies for sure. Or do we continue to fight in court until we run out of money.
  13. 73% is a solid D grade in school. Is a D good enough? I was surprised it is this high.
  14. Has anyone heard anything from their LC expressing concern if the vote fails and the plan falls apart? I am sure SE talk amongst themselves and realize a failed plan would open up LC to lawsuits depending on state law windows. How worried are LC's? The ones around me do not show it if they are.
  15. I took my eagle certificate off the wall when this bankruptcy started and all the shady things BSA has done over the years to hide issues came out. No longer proud to display it. Then during bankruptcy my LC sold a camp I put a lot of effort in to and loved very much. I had a friend's of scouting framed picture on the wall, to the trash it went. I still have good memories of scouting as a scout and leader but do not feel support for National or LC.
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