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  1. I find it hard to believe if a deal is close it can include LC's. I bet it is just national and deal with insurance and LC later. There are so many variables in the LC matrix.
  2. So I am thinking there has to be some movement at the hearing this week. Either to let TCC file a plan or end LC protections. They would have to be very close to an agreement to continue negotiating, which I do not see. Hopefully the judge will decide some things so this can move forward.
  3. So any more news on council camps/offices being sold? I know there are some in the works where I live, just not announced yet.
  4. What if all donors stopped giving money to local councils and started a trust to buy one camp per council. Restart BSA and fix the issues.
  5. The BSA will lidicate their way out of existence. Mark my words. Unless there is some underground deal in the works, this is the end. The BSA needs to give up alot of assets if they wish to settle this. They do not appear to realize this.
  6. Some are leaving poor councils and moving to ones that can withstand the lawsuits. If it is SOL laws or just resources.
  7. I agree 100%. The ship is sinking.
  8. Local council staff are leaving in record numbers. I have been watching multiple LC and I think the staff realizes the end may be near.
  9. So how did the court hearing go? Hopefully some progress.
  10. Some councils are being somewhat upfront with information concerning the costs associated with the lawsuits but most are not. Very interested to see what the TCC releases to LC this week concerning what assets they can keep/sell and how much they are expected to contribute to the settlement.
  11. Agreed this is the only place to find out what is going on without reading thousands of pages of court documents.
  12. Also sell all council offices. Many are in desirable areas and will bring a good price. Work out of the council camps. Have a local retailer sell scout stuff and online. No need for dedicated scout stores outside of camps. Make the camps the center of everything.
  13. I think if they are able to save 3-4 camps per state spaced out evenly it will be fine. Try to make it a 2 1/2 hour drive at most. Today's roads are good allowing quick travel. Pick the best camps and do it.
  14. I think many people are leaving LC's as they see the future is not good for job security. A few councils in my area have many open positions but are not filling them due to all that is going on with BSA.
  15. So how many people think this will be the last summer for most BSA summer camps? I feel the lawsuits will reach LC's by 2022 and will be the end for most camps. I do not see an agreement ever passing to protect LC's from liability. Councils should go all out to have great camps this summer as it may be the last.
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