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  1. No He only needs to provide the information at the time of the application. Also on the letters for reference they only need to be asked for, but it is not a required. From the Guide to Advancement - A board of review must not be denied or postponed due to unresponsive references.
  2. Don't overthink that question. We advise to put the crossover date, or first meeting date. It can be a bit fuzzy with applications, processing, etc. Never had an issue
  3. Bandannas / Buffs / shemaghs are what's in..... Get with the times you "bunch of grumpy people"
  4. What others have said, need to spread the workload out. On the going to bed, no need to head to the tent at 8:30 just because others are. I too typically go to bed 11:30 or so nightly. On campouts (We are Boy Scouts maybe Scouts BSA or Whatever the over 11 year group is called now) so Scouts and leaders start turning in 9:30 - 10 or so. Some of us sit by the fire and enjoy the evening until time to hit the sleeping bag. For two night outings the boys tend to stay up later on Friday nights, then earlier on Saturday nights. Also - never underestimate the power of an afternoon nap in a hammock during the outing. Quite refreshing
  5. Cookies for the gang in Dallas...tons of cookies. Those Thin Mints and Samoas aren't eating themselves
  6. While it is (now) in Scoutbook or some other software, and likely you do sign the book, so there is a record. That being said, we encourage our Scouts to save the rank cards and the blue cards as THEIR own documentation. At times it does come in handy
  7. Our council charges $0 for use of our council facilities (there are 3 to choose from) As out of council we get charged $3 per night per attendee at the neighboring council. They have two great lake front properties (different large lakes), so it is worth the charge
  8. Good Lord this is the most confused element. They are vastly different and wholly unrelated, other than both should be observed. One leader of another unit at camp was concerned about how they could have Scouts at various troop activities as it would spread leaders to thin. We talked with them, tried to guide them on 2 deep at the camp, but no one on one. He could not grasp that if one leader went wandering to the camp store with 3 Scouts, that was not in fact one on one. We took his thinking down the rabbit hole and tried to show that using that thinking for a troop of 20 Scouts you would need a vast amount of leaders. I suggested personal autonomous drones for each Scout and a vast network of trail cameras to insure safety, but do not feel that my sarcasm was well received.
  9. Camps have been through this prior, will get through this, and there will be panics in the future Here is an article from 2009 on Swine Flu (remember this was going to kill us all at the time) and Scouts affected at summer camp https://www.ajc.com/news/local/scouts-may-have-been-exposed-swine-flu/ogtUqoAbFf0Az7pqJWPpHN/ Maybe some additional screening, but most have protocols on Scouts with temperatures. There will be hand wringing to be sure. Many "experts" will have opinions.
  10. The similar issue that has come up with YPT, but more as friends. You are a leader in the troop. Your child is in the troop. Another child in the troop lives nearby, they come over to play video games and other (maybe) school stuff on a Saturday. As you are the only adult there, and YPT specifies in and out of Scouting, you are in violation of YPT rules as there are two Scouts there and only one leader. Oh the horrors
  11. Not sure the Council is liable in this case. I would say unless they (The Council) had some prior knowledge to possible leaders past issues, and did nothing, then they are doing what needs be done. When they were made aware they removed him from Scouting, turned the investigation over to police, and advised the unit. Main issue with the past cases was (that by 2020 standards) they were not handled correctly. Also there were serial abusers and with the patchwork of notifications, they moved on to other councils and units.
  12. Large council, we seem to have 3 folks among the cast of thousands over to the office that have marketing in their title. Honestly have never seen anything out there in the local wide wild world about the BSA in our metro are that was in fact actually generated by the council office. Another 6 have "development" in their title. I am guessing that all of them are in fact involved solely with raising money so they, the SE, the Asst SE, the multitude of directors and specialists all can keep getting paychecks. When in doubt and to balance the numbers just add in some of those In School units. Gotta look good to the donors
  13. We put the crossover Scouts in New Scout Patrols, for the first few months. They work with older Scout Guides on Scout / TF / 2nd Class / 1st Class requirements. For summer camp they roll into mixed age patrols, helps them get to know all the other Scouts, moves them into the troop. First meeting of the fall they are rolled into our standing patrols. As noted we have the mixed age patrols so the new Scouts learn from the current Scouts.
  14. The BSA, for all of it's marketing and development folks, is absolutely the worst at any type of marketing. Basically it is non-existent. This is at both the National and Local levels. For them to be able to get out in front of something, they need to have a grasp of what that something may in fact be and UNDERSTAND why they need to get in front of said something. They need to be able to TELL the positive story, but they may not understand why the story needs to be told. Yes Scouting is local, but it's like any franchised business. The National office generates the buzz to drive consumers and the local shop delivers on the promise. With BSA is seems that the local shop has to source their own customers, tell the stories, generate the buzz; then pay the money up the chain. Think I saw that business model in Goodfellas. There should be marketing for the BSA that drives Youth to be interested in the program, to SELL the program. Then the local units close the deal. Sadly if you are not involved in Scouts chances are you will never be aware we are around. There are some units that have a presence on Social Media, but those are very few and most are not very good at posting regularly or putting out a good story. As for any traditional venues like billboards, popup posters, etc; non-existent
  15. Main question I would have is who is the beneficiary and is this log pile habitat core to their mission. How many of these are being constructed? I also question the purchase of food to support the beneficiary, not sure I've ever seen that in a project before Certainly feasible. Maybe have the Scout expand on how this supports the beneficiary
  16. For that reason I have some trouble with some of the cases being pursued as noted above and as stated in the new reports. Many were in fact never reported to family, police, councils. Sadly that is the truth. Did this happen, we have to believe the account of the abused. Is the Scout leader still alive? If so pursue criminal charges. Does the abused person deserve counseling and support, absolutely and that does appear to be happening if media reports and BSA National releases are accurate. Does this make the abused one eligible to get a large cash settlement? Not sure about that. Many factors are in play. If the BSA and the local council was aware and did not prosecute, maybe. But as many of these incidents show, some were reported but the authorities did not prosecute. It is incredibly hard to look back 40 to 50 years and make the case that it was handled incorrectly based on 2020 standards. There is the actual rub right there, one group wants nothing more than to dismantle and sell of the valuables of the 100+ year old organization for profit and one group really wants to continue the mission. As we have all noted, this will not and cannot end well.
  17. As an interim step, and to begin the process, what about a backpack and a duffel bag? The backpack can get your personal gear, food, small stove, tent, etc easily to and from the vehicle. Then your large duffel can have chair, sleeping bag, pad, etc. You have two bags and easy to transport and handle As you migrate and advance to more backpacking you go from say a normal camp chair to a backpacking chair; move to a more compressed sleeping bag, more of a backpack sleeping pad. Then suddenly everything fits in the backpack
  18. Speaking of DE's and the professionals. The local ones have had the bonus helping of BSA kool aid following the Chapter 11. Now the group is Dallas is "Our National Affiliate", let's distance ourselves from them guys. All is great, this Chapter 11 thingie is a good step, Council assets will not be part of this, they (assuming lawyers) will not come after local Councils, etc It's a tough sell, but really. Also if the discussion is membership and units, they all talk about how the year ended, adding girls, good growth..but no detail about how things shook out after recharter. God love them, but man, they remind me of candidates spokes staff hitting the positives after their candidate finished 6th in a 5 person race.
  19. Interesting Land - $121 million (how much is there like 10,000 acres??) - $12,000 per acre? Buildings - $136 million - Assuming a very generous $135 per SF for space - do we really have 1,000,000 SF of space there?? Leasehold Improvements - $108 million that seems like a lot for infrastructure Equipment - $13 million that is equivalent to 130 of the most expensive 2020 Corvettes (C8) Philmont must be undervalued
  20. That's insane - The Summit high adventure facility is in a separate legal entity, Arrow WV. BSA has a note receivable due from Arrow. The note due from Summit is $345M. Did I mention that's insane? The folks responsible (Professional BSA / Volunteers / Board Members / etc) they should be in court for being insane. No way on God's Green Earth that patch of WV is worth anywhere near that amount of money. So Bankruptcy is what happens when you throw all your money down a rathole
  21. Note due from Summit? Is that indicating that Arrow WV basically borrowed money from BSA and that is "due" at some point as retired debt from operations and donations? Thus BSA is listing that "receivable" from Summit (Arrow WV) as the asset for the site?
  22. Where and why exactly are they flying "a lot"? You have to be controlling of expenses. Running a business 101
  23. It's in the annual report, but too lazy to look it up. Way way down in the financials. Philmont is the main cash value. Summit only needs like 50,000 attendees annually to get out of the red
  24. Way Way back in the day we bought them for Fraternity fundraising. We had to buy like 200 dozen, and we paid $1 per dozen and sold them for $2 per dozen. Not sure we ever sold the entire 200 but we did sell about 175 or so, thus turning a pretty good profit Also if you leave the remainder in the chapter room for a couple of days they get hard and you can have an epic donut war....
  25. Interesting take from Philmont on the Bankruptcy...pretty much - yep BSA filed Chapter 11, but we have meals to pack for summer treks (and I expect they sort of implied that The woods are lovely dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep,) =============================================================== Today the Boy Scouts of America filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy (Learn more: www.BSARestructuring.org). At Philmont, we continue to prepare for 22,000 Scouts to hike our trails this summer. We are happy to report that our food packing team is hard at work packing more than 700,000 trail meals
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