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  1. First of all, let me say a sincere “thank you” for all the feedback. Often, I’ll spend 10-20 minutes composing a thoughtful response on other forums only to be met with silence. I want to let you know I really, really appreciate they time you spent replying to my questions. I totally agree about Scouts BSA being scout-led. If our patrol was functioning as you [collectively] described, with the SM advising the SPL, the SPL advising the PL, and the PL leading the meetings and coming up with agendas with the SPL, I’d be totally satisfied, and I’d keep quiet and watch. Unfortunately, tha
  2. TLDR; besides the COR, who has the ultimate authority to decide patrol meeting agendas? The CC, the scoutmaster, or the committee? Does the committee have the authority to override the SM and/or the CC? Any official links/resources that spell this out? Backstory follows… I am having an issue with the troop we recently joined. The CC and SM are insisting that the new scout patrol completes certain tenderfoot requirements before the patrol has had a chance to earn Scout rank. Specifically, they want the patrol to complete cooking, first aid, and knots. It’s been 4 months since the first pat
  3. Den leader for 5 years, now ASM. 2 kids in scouts, one still in cubs, the other crossed to Scouts BSA last March. I'm pretty passionate about BSA scouting. I was somewhat active on the official BSA forums before they were deleted. Reddit is a mess. So I'm looking for a new home to debate discuss today's hot topics. Hopefully I'm in the right place. Nice to meet you.
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